Here's the Scoop on ASMR | Wednesday Checkup

čas přidán 6. 12. 2018
If you've been on CS-tv for more than about 5 minutes, you know that ASMR videos are incredibly popular. This week I thought I'd dive into the research and see how much evidence is out there to support some common claims.
Research discussed and sources for further reading:
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  • this shirt is messing with my brain

  • HI BEAR 🐻😁❤️

  • all those sounds people call "asmr" freak me out. I don't like it. its really unsettling.

  • I watch animals because I love to hear them munch on food. It relaxes me. I know some men who like to hear women, in sexy outfits, talk to them with their soft voices.

  • It's cute watching you try to explain synesthesia like you just read it on Wikipedia

  • When i hear or feel things i can see color

  • Hi Doctor Mike, I love your channel and videos they're so cool ❤️. I'd love it if you could do a video talking about operations and what they might be like. I'm having an operation in the middle of August and I was wondering what it's like to be under local anaesthetics and general anaesthetic.

  • What breed is your dog? He's looks like a bear 🐻


  • I’m not against asmr but like it doesn’t affect me at all

  • Asmr has helped me a lot in my life, calmed me down and helped relieve my depression and anxiety so technically it stopped me from committing suicide for the 3 time (a lot of things helped me but it played a part)

  • I would say that ASMR is very similar to meditation (especially guided meditation). Most people will not benefit from it the first time. Some will, but most will have to keep practicing in order to get the sensations.

  • Can I request your ASMR video be a cranial nerve exam? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • I personally don’t get ASMR but I’ve trained myself to the point where when I hear ASMR my body immediately shuts down and NEEDS to lay down and sleep. I’ve gone from super hyper and high on adrenaline to knocked out within two minutes😂

  • that’s crazy! i attribute the following colors to such letters... A- red B- blue C- yellow D- green and so on 😅

  • Yeah all these asmr promising “tingles” but I’ve never once gotten that after the hundreds of videos

  • Wow You Say really good Facts. I am ASMR Sensitive. Every Time I listing to my favorite ASMRST I feel my Stronger an Lower with my last anxiety. 💛🤝💪✌️😎🍀😇🌎🌍🌏☮️🙏

  • I watch asmr everyday. It's like pills


  • I like watching ppl eat, but hate the sounds. It's weird. Also, I dont get a tingling feeling, I just like watching people do weird stuff. I hate slime though. I used to get tingling during soap cutting and crunching, but it went away

  • *HE'S* *A* *NICE* *TREE* Legends never truly die

  • Y’all we BETTER get this to 50k likes. I wanna see some real doctor ASMR

  • It's cool that a doctor is interested about the subject!

  • That really got out of hand fast. Perfect insertion.

  • This is the only way I can get to sleep sometimes. Now I can somewhat get it

  • This video really didn't add anything valuable. Feels fake. :(

  • Some ADMR vids actually make me want to gag like lip smacking and eating. Do you know why that is?

  • I want to like many times because I would love that video. I feel special to be part of the small community that actually experiences synesthesia. This was so informative. I am thrilled. Thank you.

  • “People love watching these videos and get great reactions from them” *It’s me. I’m people.*

  • As a med student, i would like to have a small topic about ASMR in our physiology textbook.

  • Ive never gotten tingles 🙃 but I love asmr, it's relaxing

  • What breed bear is?

  • I only like tapping and ice eating. I dont like whispering or eating noises or slimy mushy noises like the sound of eating or slime. It makes me feel sick hearing those noises. But Bob he is the only whispering type that I can stand to listen to.

  • Wouldn't a Dr in sound therapy be able to assist here? Didn't they all do ASMR for ages. I don't have ASMR but I was the audio tech in high school plays and EVERYBODY loved the sound effects hard drive in rehearsals. Humans love sound.

  • ASMR makes me that weird? 🤣

  • My autistic daughter watches a great deal of this kind of thing and it confounded me. Thank you for explaining it.

  • Just throwing this out there as an idea (I don't know enough about it to form an opinion) I wonder if there is a correlation between Glial cell health/function and ASMR sensitivity?

  • 2:14 YA JUST GOTTA BEAT THE DEVIL OUT OF IT. I miss Bob Ross....

  • I would totally volunteer to be a guinea pig in the research of ASMR :D I get tingles both from audio and visuals, and regarding physiological responses, my muscles get so relaxed that I can have a hard time using them after. My first memory of experiencing tingles was in school. I'd get tingles from my teacher showing the text book around the class, and so after the tingles I would have a hard time gripping my pen and writing! I would love to do an MRI or something similar to see how much it actually affects the body, but I don't know if those show muscles or not

  • hi i love u❤️

  • I fall asleep to ASMR videos nearly every night. I'm hoping you get enough likes to do a video. That would be amazing. BTW, I watch mainly to fall asleep. I only seldom get tingles.

  • Dr Mike ASMR videos would consist of him whispering "chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions"

  • I gotta tell you ... these "Mouth Sounds" or Chewing, gives me only one sensation, Nausea. To me it is akin to a Cow Chewing its Cud.

  • asmr is not only auditory there are also visual cues that can trigger response

  • dr. mike : being a doctor and knowing a lot about bacteria also dr. mike : let’s bear lick all over his face

  • You are a doctor you should understand this. ASMR is a feeling. ASMRtists induce ASMR they don’t make ASMR. And neither does Bob Ross.

  • The fluffy dog made me squeal. What kind of trigger is that?

  • Winnipeg, THAT'S in Canada 😂

  • I like your eyeshadow

  • I get better sleep with ASMR Barber. Yes please I’d like to experience ASMR done by you.