Here's the Scoop on ASMR | Wednesday Checkup

čas přidán 6. 12. 2018
If you've been on CS-tv for more than about 5 minutes, you know that ASMR videos are incredibly popular. This week I thought I'd dive into the research and see how much evidence is out there to support some common claims.
Research discussed and sources for further reading:
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  • Speaking of tingling sensations, I get pins and needles with numbness in my left thigh. Especially when I'm laying on my back. I'm not diabetic so I don't think it's neuropathy. However one vascular doctor told me it's probably because I wear my belt too tight. Can u plz explain what's going on with my thigh??? 😊

  • ASMR isnt my thing. It annoys me so much.

  • You are just too stinking cute

  • Could you do a collab with Shane Dawson please? Doctor Mike binge 2019 :-)

  • Me encanta, amo que tenga subtitulos en español Tanks Doctor Mike love u

  • lol

  • This has been known about for a long time, the word ASMR is new. The reports of women orgasming when having their hair washed, people from head massages, and so on. It used to be reffered to as an orgasm before ASMR was invented. It is a response to arousal in a similar way, just not involving the genitals per se. Problem is women think they are being called a pervert or something if it is refereed to that, they start to think of it as a type of masturbation. It is self pleasure, after all. Reminds me of when doctors gave women orgasms as a treatment for their Hysteria. Do you treat Hysteria Doctor Mike? XD

  • Dr. Mike's shirt is giving me an aneurysm

  • I like ASMR!

  • There is one sound that I can't stand (well, two): ice scraping against itself in the freezer and loud chewing.... Sorry future partner if you watch Dr Mike....

  • i get the asmr tingles but it doesn't relax me at all XD

  • My favorite type of ASMR is soap cutting. :D

  • Release the full video of the dog ASMR please

  • No one is talking about the crazy shirt

  • Was telling my boyfriend how cool it would be to observe people's brains when they experienced ASMR. He just thought I was weird. It's fascinating!

  • Im not really fan of ASMR, I like quiet, I can't sleep if I can hear even a single sound.

  • Doctor mike: I just only found out a few years ago Me:just found out but a FEW YEARS AGO

  • recently is two years ago? damn

  • I get the feeling from light touches and head rubs, butttt the ASMR on CS-tv gives me cringes and horrible icky feelings/rage. I have misophonia, would have never known this without ASMR becoming mainstream!

  • Most ASMR makes me really angry, but some of it is tolerable. Whispering, I CAN listen to but I won’t choose to listen to it. Chewing sounds into a microphone make me wanna vomit.

  • Before ASMR, my brain would get really active the moment I went to bed. Because of all the thoughts racing through my mind, I often found it difficult to fall asleep. Listening to ASMR makes me focus on the sounds. So my stress level doesn't go up from all those thoughts, and I have an easier time falling asleep

  • How can you do an ASMR test while in an MRI? The scanner is so loud! How is the patient able to hear the ASMR at the right frequency?

  • Does anyone else feel tingly but in a very uncomfortable way?

  • For me, I always thought it was odd that I got 'tingles' growing up. Certain accents/voices/ways certain individuals talk. Rummaging through things. Brushing hair, especially if my hair is being played with. Some water sounds. I don't really have specific or definitive 'triggers' (aside from my hair being manipulated or breath on my neck/ear) but I've always found random things elicit a pleasant tingle in the back of my head and neck. Any dang ways, thanks for covering this topic. I have always been curious about it once I stumbled upon the term and the community. I would definitely watch an ASMR video if you made another

  • To me the most effective ASMR trigger is when a barber cuts my hair around my ear.

  • Misophonia next?

  • I listen to it every night to help my body relax and fall asleep fast. If I try to fall asleep on my own I get restless and it takes me almost an hour to fall asleep on my own

  • Guys come on like the video already ! We're so close to the goal

  • Also de aiden blunt I believe has amazing asmr videos without intention, her medical series is fantastic and knowledge enhancing

  • Do not know why but it get huge triggers from watching a bank teller just write lol pen sounds make my senses go crazy

  • I want to ask !! From where I you have the time ?? Being a doctor and carrying a CS-tv channel !!! Does your day has 24h or more?

  • To all my ASMR enthusiast, who's your favorite ASMR artist?? My go to girl is Latte!!

    • (Fe)MaleASMR. This in particular is my favorite:

  • Dr Mike!!! I'm sooo addicted to ASMR videos! Could you come to my house and treat my addiction please????

  • I got tingles at the beginning of this video. I listen to ASMR every night. They should use me for the study because it’s truly life changing let me tell ya!

  • Asmr relaxes the shit out of me, catplant fluffy mics ....sooo chill, melts my body and brain considering im noise sensitive among other shit lol, lip smacking and chewing needs nuked from orbit

  • The sound of you using the air can into the microphone at the 0:26 mark made me jump and nearly pull my headphones out since it was kind of loud😅 But I do like some ASMRs, but I don't like the whispering or smacking, that really drives me nuts.I just prefer low voices and quiet noises. But this is super interesting to watch, keep up the good work, Dr. Mike! 😊

  • Yes! Finally I know I'm not the only one who sees each letter and number as a colour 😊

  • over worked? Tired? Long day at work doc?

  • I have a Bob Ross keychain and I was showing it to my coworker. I said, “He’s the original ASMR artist!” The same day I found this video of yours...coincidence? Nope. #happylittletree

  • I don't get tingles however I watch whisper videos every day. I used to have panic attacks as a kid and my mom would whisper to me to calm me down and although I no longer get these attacks, whispering still calms me down. As a kid I used to rewind the tv to keep listening to whisper scenes and then I started looking on youtube probably 8+ years ago when you really really had to search for these videos. Now its hugely popular. Although I don't get tingles, whisper videos put me to sleep and calm me down.

  • Visual ASMR is also a thing too. I get ASMR from certain hand movements aaaaalllll the time. I'm also on the autism spectrum, have major depressive disorder, C-PTSD, general anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder and insomnia...ASMR has helped me a lot with ALL of these issues, it hasn't cured them, but it has helped a lot.


  • I'm so sorry but I just keep staring at his tiddies.

  • I didn't know what asmr is until now

  • Hot Doctor 😍

  • Me: I see doctor Mike I definitely feel the tingles😉😉🤫🤭

  • I love asmr but esp when you do them Dr. Mike :-)

  • ASMR changed my life. I can sleep now.

  • The only risk is aquardness. Almost happened to me the other day.

    • The only thing that's awkward here is how you spelled awkward :)

  • Generally I literally cannot go to sleep without ASMR in my ears but it’s more towards the role-play ASMR‘s that have a story behind them and not just the different sounds like lipsmacking and such

  • Do a total lumbar disc replacement surgery ASMR video. Going in from the front...movin' all those guts around...tapping those cobalt chromium molybdenum plates into place... 😁

  • I indeed listen to ASMR to help me fall asleep because I really struggle sleeping (thanks to insomnia) 🙏🏼🙏🏼 or even listening to people speaking with a not very loud to low volume when they're focusing or relaxed, but not whispering (I actually hate people whispering 😂😅)

  • I hate asmr. The sounds really irritate me.. Anyone else?

    • @A CoM:I Player if you can read you can see that I said soundS with an S at the end. I don't like al the sounds of asmr like whispering or bubble wrap of people chewing on food. I just can't stand it and that is my opinion. I am glad that you enjoy asmr and I wish you lost of asmr quality time.

    • Lotte Bloemendal there isn’t just one sound you moron. There are multiple. You get to pick which one pleases you. 🤦‍♂️

  • I don't get that tingly stuff, it's just relaxing - which helps with my insomnia

  • The only time my scalp tingles is when ghosts or spirits are about...

  • I LOVE doctor mike what a good man

  • Didn’t even apologize for his sandwich breath

  • Bob Ross didn’t works his ass off and brought art closer to thousands to people, to be called „the painter guy“

  • I feel like there is a filter on this video. Like the one from the old Star Trek series when an older actress was on the camera

  • If I listen to is too much it becomes unconfortable in my lower back. A lot of triggers causes me to have that sensation in my lower back close to the spine. Is that a common thing?