Hermitcraft 8: Episode 19 - MY SCARIEST PROJECT

čas přidán 23. 09. 2021
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In this episode of Hermitcraft season 8, Mumbo Jumbo works on the Mumbo mega base, adding a Minecraft Mountain town to the huge minecraft terraforming project. This episode was a 12 hour Minecraft challenge, seeing how much I can do in 12 hours of playing. Mumbo also works on the giant batcave entrance in Minecraft, and the does some terraforming in the boatem village.

Philippines documentary: vimeo.com/299646043

William F Goodge and the 48/30 challenge.
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  • I think it's a losing battle trying to make you base look like it fits in next to that huge factory

  • Loe the lake, great video!

  • As someone livingg in Belgium I can confirm that it is not a real country

  • Eyow proud Filipino here

  • Well, as long as you consume enough energy and create an equal amount of antimatter, you can get water from "nothing". Where nothing is basically light

  • i never have seen mumbos real face wow ur good looking, better than me atleast

  • SHEERS will get the SEAGRASS 😄

  • water can not come out of nothing. it also goes back up water falls just a bit

  • Cool

  • Would be really cool if the lake at the top didn’t have a solid bottom so you could still fly up through the bottom

  • MUMBO i have a bit of a question. You said you spend 8-10 hours a play session. Do you just record the whole time? Or do you just record what you know you need to? I'm asking because i want to start my Minecraft channel on a server i play on with my friends. Thanks!

  • my love you video, thanks lovely you 😍😍

  • Some people are “toads” some people are “roads” I think you may be a toad, at least when it comes to MC. Toad is “task oriented achievement driven” and road is “relationship oriented achievement driven” I believe. When you have a set task in a set amount of time with an achievement at the end? That’s what gets you going.

  • What is going on with the water It is coming from a in side lake that is in the mountain. there are pleases like that in the world. Just like there are pleases where the water goes in to a hole & no one knows where it is going to.

  • WTF bro Belgium is a country and the most important of Europe in Belgium is the European Parliament

  • 1:56 did you kill some Mobs?? BTW You're the best.

  • 12 hours of playtime in 20 minutes. Poor guy.

  • I love your house soooo much

  • Don’t you think mossy cobble would have worked better than stone?


  • you should make a shop like a cargo plane dropping a care package and sell the esentials

  • What is your mouse mumbo?? Just a question

  • Mouse disconnect LOL 12:00

  • Your not a moron, just almost one. It couldv’e been a spring, meaning you could say it’s spontaneus. And, technically water can come from “nowhere” via hydrogen combustion, which merges hydrogen and oxygen into water. It’s not from nowhere, but you can’t see the source. So, there could be a special fire down there… but, mostly likley a spring or a lake. Also, using the mass-energy equivilence, matter can be made from energy, so you could make water from energy, but super unlikley. So, in other words, you where correct.

  • those rocks should be made howlow and into huts, like cave-man huts. Connected by tunnesls perhaps? Emergency entrances/ exits?

  • Forrest Gump IS the best movie of all time.. At least my favorite movie

  • Did everyone forget about S-aha-ra

  • As a belgian, yes it is a country hahahaha


  • I saw the number two next to his name at the top he killed

  • Anyone notice that in the thumbnail just above his head it says "no" from one of the scar build here sign's

  • 9:51

  • Me laughing on perpose because he said not to

  • 1:16 lookin killin sus

  • Slightly strange?!

  • Now you need to explain why the pond is infinite

  • Is it your Minecraft face you need to work on! :D

  • Thankyou!

  • But just it’s crazy how long I takes to make one video which means it just has to be a great quality video

  • How do you get the motivation to build such a huge base? I usually go into things like that and get bored or give up because it looks horrible.

  • Now you must do a 24 hour challenge on hermitcraft. “you won’t “

  • When he showed the rock at 10:30 it look weird but im sure with more rocks it'd look better.

  • There is this water that goes to the unknown,and then get out at a different places LMAO

  • Wait hold up does mumbo have 2 kills? Anyone else see that?

  • i would kill for mumbos house

  • water seemingly coming from nowhere is called a Spring. As in it springs up from the ground.

  • Water vapor 14:10

  • I know I'm a couple episodes behind at this point, but what about a "warning layer" around your lake? Put a one-deep layer of, I don't know, pink concrete on the underside of blocks where there's water, so that if you're digging around a month from now and forget where exactly your lake is, you see the blocks and know not to dig out any more blocks above them. That way, your redstone beneath it stays safe.

  • Mumbo, I love you. I hope your takeaway from this is that it's just as fun for us to watch you start and fail, as it is to wait and succeed. There were no failures here, but the content wouldn't be any worse if there were. You don't always have to blow us away with progress, we watch this series to see you exist on the server. If that existence includes missteps, it's all the more content we can relate to. Don't doubt yourself! We're here to watch you be you, not you trying to be perfect. As a side note, I love that you're still learning things. You're the main content creator that I can relate to the most, because you air your struggles with starting tasks and your self-doubt. Watching you realize that you can tackle things you were struggling with starting, and that you're often better than you worry you are, is really inspiring.

  • And maybe like an arc bridge over the edge of the waterfall to travel from one side to the other without getting swept away , and some moss around rhe edges of the dam

  • You should a little dock on top of the mountain for the villagers to fish

  • 5:19 Not looking good for Boatem...

  • 11:13 woah, England has its own terry fox now??

  • Anyone else think mumbo is Elon Musks long lost son

  • Mombo should add a rock in the lake and the floats from last season!

  • I just realized the merlin origin from the origins mod would benefit like hell from this waterfall

  • Oooooooooooooooo Monkey...

  • Mumbo Pichu

  • Nice to like Philippines. From Philippines. That kinde of house that you say called Kubo

  • I love how he describes bad or not well looking as pants

  • Could you make a giant stone generator farm? By the looks of it. You guys look like you would need it in this season. I also would like to see it myself. I am working on mega farms under my castle and also a stone castle.

  • Wait until Mumbo finds out about Condensation…. 👀

  • Yo mumbo can you make the bridge be an arch like how it goes up and comes back down like a mini hill

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • the bottom of the water falls is a little bit awkward, maybe its nice to be a little bit wider =)

  • 5:17 I live there

  • Discovered you a couple of days ago, came for the crazy builds, the humor, the kids-friendly language (my kid is gonna love to learn both english and minecraft thanks to you! :) ) Stayed for the person. Really cool of you to plug in inspiring people! Long live you and this channel! Time well spent on youtube :) Cheers :)

  • 12:11 Mumbo: it's made it 10x better Mumbo's mouse: aiight I'm out LOL xD

  • Have no one really thought this? But Mumbo's house looks really comfortable to live in, its messy but organized mess. Idk.

  • "Is Belgium actually a country?" No.

  • mumbo i’m sorry. i snickered at ur little rock at the bottom D:

  • You can have an artesian well that pumps water from an aquifer that feeds your waterfall. It's like a natural spring.

  • I'm a Filipino fan♥️

  • But will there be pool floaties?

  • Proud to be a Filipino here! 🇵🇭 It's more fun in the Philippines.


  • It might be difficult to see the red outlines over the green moss for red-blind people X)

  • Anybody else notice the teabagging witch at 11:45? Bottom left

  • The donate link is there, so if you have any money spare, feel free to share... Mumbo, that was a missed opportunity.

  • I mean, it's the UK, you probably should get out while you can anyway

  • Terry fox be like:

  • Ultra endurance athletes are insane theres an American athlete who they call the iron cowboy a couple years ago he completed 50 full ironman triathlons in 50 days in 50 seperate us states and this past spring he completed 101 ironmans in 101 days however he stayed near home for that one but yeah people are crazy

  • 18:00 just use bone meal! Underwater

  • the law of conservation of mass states that matter cannot be created or destroyed, so mumbo i think it is safe to say youre not the moron and water doesnt come from nowhere (although it may seem like it) in minecraft however,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

  • Damn, Mumbo is starting to become good at building. You're a multi-skill Minecrafter!

  • 10:21 hAh

  • Wait, the yellow number in the leaderboard says 2. Does that mean Mumbo has killed something two times? HMMMMMMM...

  • Dude. Your house is amazing.


  • Everyone else at Boatem: Amazing looking mountain structures Impulse: Extraordinary Industrial Revolution build

  • I think the Lava Bucket is Mumbos new favorite way of Natural Death

  • Mumbo you didn't christen the waterfall by riding down it in a boat

  • entertainment. Keep up the good work!

  • Omg he’s hot! Wasn’t expecting that from a Minecraft CS-tvr. This is the first time I have seen him, also… NICE HOUSE!

  • I can see the headline: Local Potato Man Builds Incan Citadel on top of Stone Armchair

    • Frankly relieved that you have trouble figuring out what to build, too. I get so creatively blocked.

  • "I'm not a geologist, but I know that water can't come from nowhere." Geology is the study of rocks or minerals.

    • Geology also encompasses the study of Earth's topography and geologic structures! So the formation of lakes and rivers and waterfalls do also fall into the jurisdiction of geology!

  • In the thumbnail, no is on top of his head.

  • My kids learned in science of Conservation of Matter, i.e. no matter can be created or destroyed. So water cannot be spontaneously generated. Sorry to burst your bubble, Mumbo...

    • Except in Minecraft.... why doesn't all the water drain out of the lake. LOL.

  • You should put axolotls in the lake and try to get blue ones.

  • I get more Mesa Verde vibes tbh it's in colorado if you don't know :P