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Higher Brothers & 03 Greedo - Swimming Pool // 88RISING

čas přidán 25. 07. 2018
GUE88? soon?
Higher Brothers & 03 Greedo - Swimming Pool
Head In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, OUT NOW:
Edited by Sofia Dieck
88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park
88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour
Higher Brothers
03 Greedo
88 is double happiness


  • クゥゥゥゥ〜

  • This song is fire why its so underrated like fck off

  • 2019 👍🏿

  • fuck unpretty girls

  • areyoukitty looks soooo beautiful

  • 需要小姐姐的ins很急在线等:)

  • 我的新歌

  • 0:13: Listen to this part of the song. Now listen to this part of J-Duce ft. Dee Gomes - Savages

  • whom is the girl with white hair??? Anyone knows name?

  • This song is sooooooooooo good supporting you guys from Japan!

  • 海尔兄die

  • We are friend now

  • “I’m the Chinese Biggie who got beef with me” -DzKnow

  • The instrumental strong as fuck

  • This song is hard.

  • Who gt the instagram of these hot chicks 😍😍😍

  • underrated

  • Why this song sounds like The Hills ???

  • 海爾兄弟加油,來自馬來西亞👍👍👍

  • tbh I miss the old higher brothers, the Sichuan higher brothers

  • which way? money way

  • anyone else thought this sounds like black beatles?

  • Ma$iWei

  • LAhillrecords com


  • Dz's voice on that chorus is godly. Fucking love this song

  • 来来来 介绍些国内像样的些rappers听听

  • Ohhhhhhh they speaking a different language this whole time 😂😂😂😂 I didn't notice

  • Welcome to the jungle 💸💸

  • Dylan Wang tho

  • I miss the old higher brothers,,,, please please please, stop rapping in English and back to do what you guys are really good at. I really love the old DZ and Masiwei in the black cab album.

    • yeah,I miss to

  • A lil bit sounds like 24hrs' What you like

  • One day higher brothers will feature american rappers as good as they are, although I loved the famous dex cameo

  • Sounds like a skype call lmao

  • Higher brothers 😍😍😍😍

  • 200k views? Extremely underrated song right now.

  • That shout out to Toronto tho...

  • 歌好聽,但那白色頭的人妖真的是不行。

    • 多有特色啊,我很喜欢

  • fav song

  • .10 DZKnow misses the yellow striped shirt memo XD

  • GUE88 ? 88會玩喔

  • dream

  • Free 03 Gredo, jk keep him

  • Gang Gang Gang

  • 03 killed this jesus

  • RMB

  • Higher Brother lost all their 808s

  • beautiful girls

  • F I R E !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 好听的

  • 垃圾东西

  • Unexpected collab. Love 03 tho.

  • 怎么好听的歌怎么只有18万点播 ,希望马上过百万

  • 海爾 👍👍👍

  • Intro: DZ] 你拿什麼塞滿你的bankroll? 整天弄得這些都是peso, dollar, 你有RMB嗎? 你怎麼跳進swimming pool啊? [Chorus: MaSiWei & DZ] Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo [Verse 1: MaSiWei & DZ] Back to LA 美女say "hey" 把貨全都搬進Airbnb 用orange juice 研製TNT Im Chinese biggie who got beef with me? GMC like Transformers 繞過downtown像支裝甲部隊 My diamond dance double cup milly rock 招搖過市他們覺得可怕 I don’t give a-, 寫你的理由 我是船長你是水手 Young Chinese jewelry 全部 bustdown Im so classic just like 可口可樂 我的studio練功像在dojo 屁股貼著屁股全是漂亮妞妞 We get higher but y’all get low low We get higher but y’all get low low I need move to Hollywood My money green like Sprite In the kitchen whipping french fries Haters make me famous I came wit the chopper 再帶一個du-rag Whole lot gang shit like boonk gang 中國人這麼酷, who that? You don’t like me you are a fool man [Chorus: MaSiWei & DZ] Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo [Verse 2: Melo & Psy.P] Yeah good trip magic city LA A class 睡 宿醉, which way? Money way 2K Dollars 裝在我的LV皮包裡當作我的路費 Back to back 演出下一個Tuesday City to city 身價不止翻了五倍 最後一杆輕鬆打中8 ball 把冠軍給我 又買了兩條金項鍊送爸爸媽媽 我繼續揮霍 幾萬塊的演出給我我不如旅遊 這樣的把戲也只能騙未成年 Cash比臉皮還厚, oh why you so poor? I don’t know Living my life pick up the mic look at my eyes 說好要一起發大財 誰有困難就給幫助 誰難過就讓他開心 My ice like cold Toronto my life, 就像no tomorrow 用舌頭舔自己傷口沒有武器只有雙手 Welcome to the jungle [Chorus: MaSiWei & DZ] Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo [Verse 3: 03 Greedo] Gucci on my pants, I spend bands at the Gucci store Louis on my boots, met Buscemi, get your hoe I don’t give a fuck, I just want the dough I gon’ run it up, I was selling dope Straight up out the projects, bitch I’m with the nonsense Ima get the chopper and you know it was a process Trappin’ cross the map and we never double-cross shit Triple cross (yeah) 103 that’s where I’m from, bitch Three times, bitch All I know, Ima make money off a crime, bitch Crime pay (ay), ain’t no dimes laid We ain’t telling shit, I’m a felon thing [Chorus: MaSiWei & DZ] Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo [Outro] My daddy, you know My father and mother looked [at] my video before they are online So they cried and they [are] proud of me Amazing, thank you [for] giving me everything

  • Pspy什麼時後要退團阿破壞每首歌

  • knowknow别整天说你是chinese biggie你跟biggie像的也只有身材

  • Higher squad!

  • ya'll gotta credit these models seriously. At this rate idk if ya'll even paid them

  • I wish i can understand :((

  • Another banger by 88rising

  • The outro freal made me cry. These boys might think they "made it" but it's only beginning. KEEP SWIMMING

    • higher all the way!

  • this is my favorite hype song so far tbh even if its repetitive

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • msw和dz 带两个秤砣不容易

    • 哈哈哈哈

  • this a bop

  • 什么时候回国啊 knowknow都你🐎瘦了,回国兄弟带你们耍风骚的妹儿

  • Philippine Peso or Spanish Peso? :D

  • Where are the views? They went off, even though I do not know what they are saying, That shit is hard. Lol

  • That Staryu necklace on my boi Snorlax

  • This Song is My Jam!!! This Song is Flowin'! Higher Broz Keep makin' Music!!! :) I Wanna Go Swimming with The Higher Broz in My Sexy Bikini! Psy. P and Melo are Soo Fine!!! Both Very Hott and Handsome!!! -Love from America!

  • That girl is too fking ugly

    • +lol ok ok,u got a special taste mate

    • +Archie Liu im asian

    • American's might be like that kind of style asian girls, but that face and body in asian, we call they are ugly monkey, too fking ugly, what's wrong with u guys eyes?

    • both

    • they are specially pretty...l love their slanted eyes

  • I saw that “GUE88” lol 👌💯💯

  • Ha! LOL :) That's what it does sound like they are saying! Gucci Pants on my Watermelon! That's Funny! Still Love Ya Higher Broz!! -Love from America!

  • Aye higher!

  • 吴亦凡要看了又要skr skr的停不下来😂

  • 노래 좋네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한국인ㅅ

  • This is so Dope

  • 郫县的马仔已经横行美利坚,长沙的大傻还在原地打转

  • only higher brothers can make a song about swimming pools so emotional

  • Hot damn! This is probably the best of Higher Brothers by far to me, the beats the flows, the vibe, it’s one word, perfect

  • Take local language to the whole world,海尔牛逼

  • Wanna Go Swimmin' now! Luv from USA

  • I'm Feelin' The Flow in this Song! Lovin' It!! - I Wanna Go Swimmin' With The Higher Broz!!! Melo and Psy. P are Fine! Very Handsome!! Keep makin' Songz Higher Broz!! Love From USA!

  • 海尔大赞👍

  • Oooooh my God some baaad fkin Asian girls in this video. Love it. Song is good too, hahaha

  • 썸네일 여자 브베닮음

  • I just want 88 merch!!!!

  • This channel never disappoints banger after banger 🔥🔥

  • the chorus is the only good thing here. and tbh stop talking half chinese half english it's so stupid… at 88 they(higher brothers) are the worst

    • Marcelo Bastos completely agree. It's probably just easier to rhythm. They need to improve the ability of mastering Chinese actually

  • This shit goes fucking HARD when the verse comes in.

  • high high high brother

  • Swimming pool and midsummer madness same day.

  • 国内的raper们酸的已经不行了别回来了。回来很可能被。。。。

  • actual good release from the higher brothers since made in china


    • +DΞADSΞAИ wudidong was bad

    • NSITF MCPE you clearly didn’t listen to Wudidong then

    • DankRobin um yeah that’s exactly what it says

    • NSITF MCPE so you're saying there isn't a good song between made in china and swimming pools?!?


  • d r o p s u m m e r c h p l s

  • disgusiting

  • CDC 🇨🇳

  • cool