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[HIGHLIGHT] Chiefs DESTROYS Colts 31-13; Mahomes: 27-41, 278 Yds, Rush TD; Luck: 19-36, 203 Yds, TD

čas přidán 13. 01. 2019
[HIGHLIGHT] Chiefs DESTROYS Colts 31-13; Mahomes: 27-41, 278 Yds, Rush TD; Luck: 19-36, 203 Yds, TD


  • When the Colts scored and made it 13-24, there wasn't a Chiefs fan in the nation that didn't worry that Andy was going to goto the "3 and out offense" The Chiefs did that all during the Alex Smith era and he's done it in most of the games this year and was successful 4 times with the help of Bob Suttons defense...successful, meaning that the Chiefs had the game won and Andy snatched a defeat in the last few minutes of the game. It's almost as if he's trying to get "coach of the year" for the other team.

  • That was such a good game! Defense finally showed up.

    • About time for the defense like that to see without Berry if he doesn't play next week we need to just let him go and keep the money for a New player

  • Yall need your plate of CROW for Doubting the Chiefs !

  • Mahomes Win The Superbowl Now Because I Say This

  • My chiefs finally did it, I finally get to see the chiefs play in an afc championship... Mahomes is our savior

  • Can you think of a better way for the Chiefs to win the Lamar Hunt Trophy?

  • That's Right P Ostrich

  • Honestly the colts got exposed. They padded their stats playing bad teams and beat a struggling Houston team. I just am laughing at all those hosts of the nfl shows who were talking up the colts all week 😂

    • Bro the colts the youngest team in the league playing with rookies stop it lmao if you think there not going to be good your stupid they were predicted tell me when two games this year they want 11 and a playoff game stop hating don't be a bitch winner I respect the opposing team the young opposing team and believe they have a dynasty in the making!

    • They looked young which they are, they played on house money not shocked 😂, Pat's or Chargers next , 2 extremely balanced battle tested teams TBH the Chiefs went against a team that didn't touch snow almost the whole season not the case next game 😒😑

  • Everybody doubted us. Because we was 0-6 in the divisional round. Curse whatever you want to call it. This is a different breed of animal. Patrick Mahomes the true MVP this year. Such poise and finesse and he doesn't get rattled. And that defense played like a championship defense. And you know what that means wins championships. AFC Championship game next week first time ever in Arrowhead . Hopefully my team will be hosting the Lamar Hunt trophy first time ever. A trophy named after the original owner on the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's eat

    • +Brandon Dixon they have never hosted the Lamar Hunt trophy. When they won the Super Bowl and didn't exist. And and the current Lombardi Trophy we have never hosted it. A lot has changed and I want to see it happen

    • They have hoisted the trophy once already..... Been waiting my whole life for them to hold up a 2nd one

  • Colts fans are quiet tonight lol.


  • 2 more games chiefs just do your job!!!!

  • Amen! Thank you GOD!

  • OMG!!! My heart's still beating like a hummingbird's for JOY !!! Let's GO CHIEFS we're almost there !!! WE CAN DO IT !!! GO for the RING !!!🙋🏈🏆 . MAHOMES MVP !!!

    • +jhumenik97 I respect your opinion but mine is the opposite. I'm optimistic with our KC CHIEFS ...everytime. 😊

    • As happy as I am I feel like we will make it to the superbowl and lose to the saints. I like both teams and I think Brees gets his 2nd ring.

  • Go Chiefs!!!

  • Go K C