HIGHLIGHTS | Norwich City 3-2 Manchester City | The Canaries Stun The Champions

čas přidán 14. 09. 2019
Norwich City beat Manchester City in a FIVE goal, Premier League classic at Carrow Road! Kenny McLean, Todd Cantwell and Teemu Pukki were on the scoresheet for Norwich while Sergio Aguero and Rodrigo got the goals for Man City.

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  • 1:54 Cantwell's goal celebration.

  • Gg fam

  • Screw you, Chelsea

  • 1:36 that's so disrespectful.

  • Liverpool fan here. Coming back to this after you guys made us work hard for the 3 points at Carrow Road on Saturday. Tough luck this season with all the injuries. You really deserve to be in the top flight. Harsh as it is, It seems relegation is inevitable now, but I really hope you make your way back to the PL right away. Your style of playing is a treat to watch.

  • Wake Up!!!

  • 1:36 Norwich, your football fans are farm bred cunts

  • Haha man city

  • In my opinion Norwich city is terrible and I prefer man city! (GOOD LOOK MAN CITY)

  • Norwich is so cruel they didn't even show mancity lineups

  • What a day

  • we love you Tim Krul... from Newcastle ♡

  • 1:56

  • Круто

  • 1:54 what we all came for

  • El campeón del Campeonato que vence al campeón de la Premier League. ¡Increíble!

  • Glory glory hallelujah. For. Norwich City.

  • Mantab


  • 1:54 defo my favourite celebration

  • 1:34 that cross eye kid that gave aguero the middle finger's gonna get belted

  • Pukki, dont go to southeast asia

  • When pukki shot went wide he was like VITTU

  • รักนอริชซิตี้

  • I miss those days...

  • Yes beat city, then lose to Burnley and the next 10. Shocking defence, going down regardless if we beat Bournemouth at the weekend

  • GG NORWICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D I'm a united fan and i'm happy to see that city lose against a climber in the premier league!!! But united have won the first game 3 - 1 against you and yesterday we've won 4 - 0! :D

  • Que tales cagadas de Otamendi xd

  • Just revisiting our old vids to see how far we’ve fallen😥

  • Cant well celebration is cringey af

    • @Margaret Goh having even slight originality is bad? everyone must celebrate the same way?

    • Yes someone gets me!!!!

    • michel Molekela Lol exactly, why can’t he just celebrate like a normal footballer does (look at Trent Alexander-Arnold’s goal celebration against Leicester, how cool was that?)

  • 1:38 🤙🤙🤙

  • 3 months later and it’s even more clear the Buendia is the best and will be moving soon to a big club , world class midfielder . 3rd top assister As of January 1 with a last position team , only one assist away from becoming 2nd, so only de Bruyne arguably the best midfield in the PL at the moment is ahead of buendia, not bad for a 22 year old .

  • Norwich tin pot Club Relegation certs.

    • A definite Rant, actually I knock him out while he`s standing, while he is falling I rip his head off - down to my superb Reflexes - and kick his head into the right corner of the goal. People already lying on the ground I don`t really notice to be honest. I walk over them as if they didn`t exist.

    • tin pot - no relegation certs - yes Still classier than you by a big margin. You're the sort of guy that when you see someone who's been punched and on the ground, you stick the cowardly boot in..

  • Serasa nton NBA

  • 🎉🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆Congratulations Norwich City beat the champions👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. From a Liverpool fan👍

  • Man city is very bad

  • Cantwell is such a G

  • Watford 2 Man united 0

  • These ppl don’t care if they are in like 15th place in the league. They just get happy if they score and that’s what I like about this club. Also I’m a LFC Red so I’m happy for Norwich. Good job especially the crowd.


  • this is a sellout game for syndicate betting

  • I thought that Manchester was going to win

  • The kid on the left at 1:36...haha - classic!

  • love this norwich team - they really put on the style for the big games (just drew with leicester). they just need to start doing it against the bottom half teams and they will be fine - the premier league absolutly NEEDS them, they bring the entertainment

  • 1:55 da fuq is that dance?

  • 1:43 🔥🔥🔥

  • at 1:36 look at the fans looking at aguero XD

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-cN4DX5aeejo.html Pukki goat

    • Aman Jhajharia Get a life you mug.

  • 3:45 Marco Stiepermann (#18) could have easily made it 4-2 had he made the run after passing the ball to Pukki. Sad that he left Pukki on a 4 v 1.

  • Cantwell’s goal was great!.

  • Did you guys realize, a guy with gray hoodie gives aguero middle finger on 1:36 😝

  • Norwich deserve something this season lfc fan ❤️ top 6 definitely

  • Norwich deserve something this season lfc fan ❤️ top 6 definitely

  • I love liverpool

  • The kids and adults that are laughing at aguero are $#@% they have no life

  • Ederson bad

  • the atmosphere at carrow road is just incredible...

  • Pukki is the best=Pukki on paras

  • love you so much cantwell

  • Man City are trash 🗑