čas přidán 4. 06. 2019
we all graduated dont worry
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-emma chamberlain


  • Thanks for forgetting me Emma Seriously no one ever thinks of North Dakota

  • 🙆‍♀️🙇‍♀️ 1:40 2:29 8:43 20:24 24:27 30:33 30:45

  • ,-_-,

  • I have exactly 2 hours left to study before my final maths exam that I need to pass with a merit in order to get into calc and I've been watching u guys all day. shit.

  • Wow.....youtubers are dumb

  • So dead they said theres 48 states lmao

  • I literally have anxiety just by watching this for less than 10 minutes 😂

  • 13:14 E: “OK looks like a foam finger” Me(from OK):” *sees it a as a pan cause the pan handle*”

    • Katelyn Melrose no

    • Allyson W ikr! Also, your name looks familiar. Are you online schooled?

  • Why Grayson saying Okurr is the most adorable thing i have ever seen omg love it

  • 27:50 this is really geography.... not history

  • sigh i wish they'd make more videos together:(

  • Everyone else: studies Me: watching this video counts as studying right?

  • bruh Emma why the fuck are you so mean with Grayson

  • I miss- :(

  • Emma is when you are over at your friends and they are fighting with there parents you are just watching, you know

  • Ethan feeling left out for 30 min

  • 3:06 Emma sounds like a white girl named Jessica who’s drunk

  • I kinda miss James... this video seems a little boring to me without James :(

  • The yelling, I am deceased

  • emma : no i think you guys wouldve bullied me ethan : what ? emma : like you wouldve picked on m-- grayson : ERRHHH

  • 4:21 🥺🥺🥺

  • Thinking about this rn

  • okay so idk if this is weird or not, but i remember kentucky becuse it lookes like a fried chicken and kfc is kentucky fried chicken yk

  • wait wait wait. history and memorizing a map. that is geography

  • Legit if you go to the Netherlands EVERYONE will have a bike even 5 year olds

  • This makes me SAD

  • if only finals were like this

  • Another thing you have in common white shirts and sweatpants

  • Their bullying ethan😂

  • This is an advertisement for why you should stay in school

  • Grayson, if I can't be your wife, will you take me as a daughter??? I will happily wear a red sun visor, on the forth of July, at the beach, riding in a wagon.❤❤

  • 0:10 Emma: I have neck sweats... you can’t touch my neck right now Me: 😳😳😳😳

  • did anyone see emmas hair 20:52 lmao

  • i missed them so much :'(

  • Wow how do you deal with those boys lol

  • bro when they looked at each other at 7:18 i can’t

  • “i didn’t even know maryland existed” me- *lives in maryland* me- oh- that’s- that hurt😂

  • 30:47 - 30:50 wtf😂😂

  • I think that Emma got history and geography mixed up...

  • i take history for igcse and im so offended that u use GEOGRAPHY material for history, emma, WHHYY WHHYYYFGYUDGIUFYGHEU

  • I’m confused is history geography or 😂 still funny af how am I only just seeing this video

  • Urghhh, history or geography 😂 I’m confused

  • Ethan is that one person that says things that no one actually cares about but we listen because he's Ethan lmao sorry buuut 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Lmfao I went to high school for 1 day then finished online. I finished high school at 16, so 2 years early.

  • omg i knew over half of those vocabulary words and im in 8th grade 😂 i love you guys still ❤️

  • They ignored Ethan so much 💀😂

  • anyone else here after the sister squad tea to get some hints?

  • How is no one noticing they were doing Geography instead of History 😂

  • they are my last three brain cells

  • 7:47 : Ethan to Grayson - your not supposed to f*ckin answer it! 8:26 : also Ethan - answers question himself 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I remember the multiplication tests in elementary literally it was the most stressful minute of my life 😂

  • When Grayson was talking about the 4th of July thing when I was little my mom and dad took me to the beach on 4th of July in a red wagon that can sit 2 people and I had a red hat on with a cute dress then I hear this and I am like wtf is going on btw I was born on 2008 well year

  • I am literally on my finals right now! 😭(Should probably learn now but... NAHH😴)

  • 12:41

  • Ok I am not trying to be mean since I love you people but I do algebra 3 and I am in 6th grade🐥

  • Be gone thot!!!

  • 8:26 Emma!!!!!! Sweetie what is happening there with your face?!?😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Dolan twins are so funny because they fight so much but also laugh so much!

  • y’all, i go to a school where your grades depend on what grade your in, and i’m 12 in tenth. i have finals tomorrow (my school is rlly weird), and if i do good, i’ll go to an online harvard education. i want to go to medical school. SO ILL BE 23 AND A PEDIATRICIAN!!! HELP MEEEE

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