Hiking Hut to Hut | Italian Dolomites | Alta Via 1

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Alta Via 1 is a famous through hike in the Dolomites in Italy. Typically done in 7 to 10 days, it is about 75 miles long with many mountain Rifugios (refuges) along the way. We hiked it all in 7 days, here are some of our tips!

We planned this trek just THREE weeks before we left! We got very lucky getting the Rifugios we wanted based on our timeline. It probably helped that we were doing this at the end of the season as some huts were already closed or closing. Everything worked out and we were blessed with PERFECT weather. It did not rain on us once! Can’t think of a better way to experience the Dolomites than to hike through it.

7 days
75 miles
23,000 ft elev gain
20 pounds of pasta and cheese 😉


🛖DO book your huts in advanced. Some got turned away. This gave us peace of mind knowing we had a secure place to sleep each night.

💶DO bring cash as some places don’t accept cards.

🧭DO download a gpx of the trail/have a map. It is pretty well signed throughout but always best to have this handy.

🗣️DO learn some basic Italian & German. We were surprised at how many spoke German more so in the northern half of the trail.

🏨DO stay at Lago di Braies the night before the trek. It’s a little spendy but it was worth it since the trail started right there! Plus I mean we’ve all seen views of the lake, it’s beautiful.

🍝DONT bring a lot of snacks, we didn’t eat one protein bar. Unless you have a specific diet to follow, there are Rifugios sprinkled along the trail to stop at for food.

🎒DONT overpack, you can wash & rewear clothes.

💤DONT forget to pack a sleeping bag liner, hut sandals & ear plugs

🖤 DONT rush. Take your time, soak it all in. Talk with other people at the huts and on the trail.

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  • It is a piece of art! These kind of videos have inspired myself to go and explore the nature instead of soulless cities. So, now I started to film the movies showing the beauty of the nature around the world. And tell the people a story about secluded placed.

  • This September I went with my little family to the Seceda in Dolomites. Words can’t express the intense beauty and the purity of the air. I want to return to spend several days. Your video has me in the grip of memory and inspiration.

    • The Sierras are here if thats closer to you. I'd stand them up against any place on the planet. Some places may be just as nice but NOTHINGS better.

  • Beauitful video guys! We absolutely love that area, only been there a few days for rock climbing. But after seeing this video we are def inspired to hike it in 2023! So thank you for creating this video ❤ Love, Deen and Alet

    • @John Albert Oh yes, the TMB was incredible 😍

    • Thank you, I saw on your channel you did TMB this year which is also one of our favorites! Have fun 😀

  • Excellent! Beautifully filmed, edited and narrated. As a regular visitor to the Dolomites I can say you have shown them at their absolute best and you will no doubt inspire others to walk these stunning mountains. New subscriber 🍻

    • @John Albert In the last days I have made Italy my adventure for 2024, alas the Dolomites, as well as many other sites and places of interest while there. I enjoyed you narration and filming of your adventure John....thank you.

    • Thank you! Already wanting to go back for more Dolomites. Subscribing to yours as well 😊

  • Really enjoyed watching your adventure. Not sure my wife and I could handle the verticle, but loved seeing you do it! Life long memories for you both!

    • Thanks! There are a few spots where you can take the gondolas 😉

  • What a gorgeous place! I'm hoping I can visit all those European mountains and film some hiking videos. Definitely not compelling, we have it all here in California, but just for the experience itself!

    • @John Albert yeah, I grew up in Poland a d Sweden, have spent som summers in Pokish mountains, I was little but remember the huts. Here we just have to use tents 😁

    • One thing the states is definitely missing out on though is mountain huts you can stay in with other hikers, not much of that here!

  • John, this is great work! Love it!

  • WOOOOOW! This is totally my kind of hike! About 10+km per day. Staying at simple but clean and comfortable hostels, meeting friends and locals...I am dead jealous! Google the Bugaboo spires in BC, Canada. We went there this past summer.

    • Wow, that is a cool spot, and even close to home for us. We will have to make a trip to BC 😀

  • Wow! Another excellent video and an incredible place! I’ve never considered hut to hut in the Dolomites but I’ll have to look into it now!

  • Beautiful videos. I would love to hike there.

  • Great video(view capture, editing, calm music)! I was in Dolomites this year autumn. It was great. Thanks for showing me more of it. I wish I could go back and hike more. You are inspiring me to do so some time in the future :) I see you ate alot of crossaints. Did you see any options for gluten free people, as I cannot eat wheat? :)

    • Thank you, I want to go back too! The rufugios are very accommodating, so I'm sure if you emailed or called before hand to the ones you are staying at, they would be happy to help!

  • Oh, for another lifetime to see it all! Thanks for taking us along for your hike!

  • Absolutely amazing video. Those sights were breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m subscribing now.

    • Thank you so much! I hope you get the chance to explore the Dolomites 😀

  • Thanks for your preview of Alta Via 1, which I hope to make my second 8 day trek in the Dolomites. How difficult did you find the ferrata sections? Could it be done without hooking in with carabiners to the safety cables? What dates in September?....I might switch from June.

    • Absolutely, you don’t need any carabiners or safety cables at all for Alta Via 1. We started our trek September 20. There was some snow the week before we started, so just be aware of that. Most of the huts closed the last weekend of September.

  • My kind of hikers...beautiful scenery and food! I live here in northern Italy but the Dolomites have yet to dirty my hiking boots. There are many trails in the Lake Como area but the Dolomites...well they are in a league of their own. Subscribed!

    • You are so blessed to live there! We already want to come back 😀

  • Beautiful footage and great capturing! I'm planning to do Alta Via 1 in this coming July, it's great to see the rifugios in your video. How is water availability? I did the hut-to-hut in Switzerland the past summer, I had hard time finding potable water, and it was hot all 10 days. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

    • @John Albert That's what I'm concerned about... I hope water won't too expensive. It was nearly $10 a large bottle in Switzerland. Did you mention you two are from WA?

    • That’s a great question about water. We only passed a few streams to fill up, so we had to purchase water a lot of the time at Rufugios along the way. It was the end of summer, so most things were dried up.

  • Loved it! Thanks so much. When is the end of the season? Also, is the trek you did the ‘main’ multi day hike or are there many other multi day hikes you can do in the Dolomites?

    • Thank you. That’s very helpful.

    • We finished our hike the last week of September, and almost all the rifugios we stayed at closed that week. I would say last week of the season is end of September. We did the full Alta Via 1 trail, but certainly you can do smaller sections of the trail.

  • Splendid images of lovers of hiking, heights and nature in general, which are shown in this video!

  • Loved the video man what a beautiful trip... Keep it up!

  • Majestic, outstanding cinematography my friend! Simply touching and beautiful shots!

  • We were there in September. You had our room in San Sebastiáno. Never before had I seen a bunk room with its own bathroom! Love this.

    • That’s so cool! The host there was also so nice, one of our favorite spots on the trip 😊

  • Thank you very much ! Extremely interesting…I am very impressed by your long walks ! All the best to you.

  • Dolomites are my favorite place in Europe. Scenery blows Yosemite out of the water. If only John Muir had seen it!

  • Is there any opportunity for via ferrata on the route? What was the avarage distance between beddown huts? We are planning to go on mid june ‘23, group of 4, average physical fitness. For me it is hard to plan ahead all the stops, not very long one day hikes and either too short :)

    • We didn't pass any via ferrata on our route. The average distance between huts that we stayed at was about 7-12 miles, but the nearest hut was never more than 4 miles away.

  • I picked up a couple hitchhikers in Mammoth, Ca. They'd been walking for 3 weeks through the Sierra Nevadas. As we chatted about their remarkable trip (they were Germans) I remarked that "didn't they have the Alps...don't you have the same thing in Europe?" They said definitely not....after seeing your beautiful video I see why. They said they had walked 3 weeks and crossed no roads, no vehicles, and only a handful of backpackers. It seems theres a hut at virtually every mountain and a road to bring supplies to it. They said they couldn't walk 3 days in Europe without running into civilization. Just too many that lived there for all time. Stunning nonetheless and a cool experience I'm sure. We just joke about the McDonalds at the top of Mt Whitney....itd be pretty cool if it was there just once...and if they served beer.

    • These are Dolomites, too much infrastructure, too many people. It sometimes looks more like a theme park rather than mountains.

    • Very true, is a different type of hiking from what we are used to in the states! We joked that the WWI service roads in Italy have all been replaced by ski service roads. Almost half of the Alta Via 1 walk was actually on roads.

  • Mamma mia ragazzi! Che bel video mi sono emozionato ,ogni estate anch’io frequento alta via Dolomiti 1 e 2❤.👍💪

  • I want to do this solo for around 7 days in march, I am a capable hiker. Do you recommend booking onto any tours or can I just plan a hike trail via huts and book in when I arrive?

    • We hiked in the summer, I don’t think all huts are open in March. 7 days is very doable, but I strongly recommend booking your huts in advance. There were some people that were turned away because of no availability! We went without a tour, but just had the huts booked

  • Wow such a beautiful place to hike thanks for sharing new friend here 👋👋😊

  • Lovely video, and as with all mountain walks / climbs in Europe - make sure you have the proper insurance - mountain rescue is expensive and not free like it is in the UK.

    • That’s very good advice, thank you! We saw someone being rescued, it can happen to anyone. Also not free in the US.

  • nice trekking and the Dolomiti are always spectacular.....

  • Loved this. I’ve hiked the last part of the Alta via 1 (from Lago coldai) as part of my thruhike from Munich to venice in 2021. Loved the southern part of the Dolomites and will definitely come back. I‘m always a bit scared of overcrowded trails and huts especially in the touristy parts of the Dolomites like Lago du Braies and Tre Cime, so I’ve never been there. How was it end of September?

    • @John Albert so you took refuge in the shelter building I would guess.

    • @Dana Nolan same for us! When we did Mount Whitney, it started hailing with lightning 10 minutes after reaching the summit 😒

    • @John Albert Nice, timing is everything. I found this to be true when hiking Mt Whitney.

    • @Dana Nolan It was perfect for us, but around Sept 15, before we went, other hikers told us there was a big snow storm. I guess we got lucky because all the snow melted for us.

    • @John Albert So mid sept is good weather wise?

  • Most beautiful mountains.

  • Super cool! I’d love to do that, not sure if I’m physically up to it. Probably have to work up to that.

    • You can do it! Just ten miles of hiking per day.

  • Beautiful video. When did you go there? It seems less crowded than I expected. :))

    • Thank you, we started Sept 22. There was a snow storm about three days before we started, so a lot fewer people :)

  • Wow ! Thank you for wonderful video. I traveled passo giau in July 2019. Happy New Year 2023 !

  • Il Passo Giau è fantastico, ci son stato l'anno scorso. Ma sulle dolomiti è pieno di mete meravigliose

  • Very good, very nice movie, I hope it stays in your heart! Greetings from Italy and my Dolomites.

    • Thank you, we were so blessed to visit and want to come back soon.

  • Beautiful. In which month was this video recorded? I want to pack accordingly

    • This was end of September, we got lucky with the weather!

  • Such a nice video, watched it twice. Assuming you leave your car at the start, how to get there after the tour is over?

    • Thanks! We actually flew in Venice, and took a shuttle and two busses from Venice to Lago Di Braies. The travel time was about 3 hours, and went through some beautiful countryside. For the return to Venice, we were planning to take a train, but instead met another couple and split a 200 euro taxi fare back to Venice. If you choose to drive, there is a bus stop at the end of the trail and you can take a few different busses back to the start.

  • Love this video. Fan From india. Great work

  • Good video 🐬🐬Thank you for the beautiful scenery, have nice day,,

  • Ahh so strange! We met a couple in your group photo in Rifugio Nuvalou - the guys that lived in Alaska! Must have been visiting the dolomites at the same time as you

    • That’s so cool, one of the best parts of the trek was meeting people from all over the world 😀

  • Hiking hut to hut!! Amazing Italian Dolomites mountain🗻🗻🗻 wonderful video🌈🌈 greetings dear friend💐👍💐🤝🤝🤝

  • Beautiful!

  • Hi, thanks for the brilliant video!! May I ask what size backpacks (litres) did you and you partner use and which gps are you using?

    • @John Albert thank you 😊

    • Thanks! My backpack is the Hyperlite 3400 Junction, which holds 55 liters, and Erin’s was 50 liters. Some people carried far less than us, we had a lot of camera gear. As for GPS, we just downloaded the route on our phones using Gaia and AllTrails apps, but had the Garmin InReach as backup.

  • I hadn't decided on next years trip so thank you 😁

  • Lovely pictures - thank you!

  • did you book the hike by yourself or through an agency?

    • My wife booked it all by herself, using travel blogs. We also used the Alta Via 1 book as a reference.

  • Loved the video, what month was this? Looks a little colder than I expected, judging by your puffy coats.

    • It was September 20th when we started. Very cold in the mornings, especially at Cinque Torri. No snow though!

  • Thanks for sharing 👍👍👍

  • Thank you for this great video, such a beauty, could you please tell me what month/time was it? And do you recommend that period of time, merci!

    • @John Albert Thank you so much for the information! :)

    • We went at the end of September, and spent 8 days hiking. Because it was the end of the season, there were fewer hikers on the trail and in the rifugios.

  • Wow great video my friend ❤️🥰❤️🥰 Nice dolomites ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wonderful

  • Beautiful video, in what month did you go?

    • Thank you, we were there September 20-27 😀

  • Fantastico video👍👏🎄🧑‍🎄🎅🤸🤸‍♀️🙋‍♂️🌈💚

  • Nice video

  • Hey! Do you have a map of your travels?

    • @John Albert awesome, thank you!!

    • I do! It’s on AllTrails: www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/alpine-path-1-dolomites-alta-via-1-dolomiti-lake-braies-belluno-a6869a3?p=-1

  • 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • 用什么品牌摄像拍的,好清晰呀

  • Hello can you share all gpx trail

    • Sure, we used AllTrails to track our route - here is the link. You can download the gpx from there: www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/alpine-path-1-dolomites-alta-via-1-dolomiti-lake-braies-belluno-a6869a3?u=i

  • What Pack do you recommend?

    • I used a 55 Liter Hyperlite Mountain Gear backpack and would certainly use it again for this hike. There were some trail runners doing the same trail with only a 15 Liter backpack, so it’s totally up to you how many comfort items you want to bring.

  • Did you ever find the PIZZA hut?

    • Ha, nope I think that one was in another country

  • Video molto bello. Per favore attenzione ai nomi storpiati, è un vero peccato: "dolimites, peduru, scoiatolli: names wrong..." Ciao

    • @John Albert No problem: I've seen many video about Altaviadolomiti1, but yours is very wonderful "per le riprese, il montaggio e le musiche, davvero molto gradevole". Ciao, alla prossima...

    • You are correct, thank you! I realized after it was too late.

  • Peccato che appena svolti l'angolo,ci sia il parcheggio macchine.......al Fanes!!! Dopo tanto camminare e stata una delusione!!!

    • 🤣True, much of the hike was on roads!

  • amazing video i like it I m abadat Ali from Pakistan lahore shalamar hospital

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