Hollywood Stuntmen Light VFX Artist on Fire

čas přidán 23. 08. 2019
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Eric Linden and his Stunt Team set Clint on fire! Multiple times! Huge thanks to Eric and his Stunt team for making this video possible! @ericlinden @OmidZader @josh.tessier
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  • 8:50 what's the music pls

  • You’re on fire man, nice job

  • Did you go to Ben Lippen?

  • At first I thought the face stuff was wax then I realized that would burn and when they light him on fire it would burn him lol🤣

  • Instructions unclear, started the Chicago Fire all over again

  • It looks like a titanoboa had spit him out

  • The testing of the fire extinguishers alone shows that those are professionals :D Would be an awkward situation when the guy done the shot, falls on the floor, a guy runs up with extinguisher and... click... erm, oops, hey, guys does anyone have another one? This one's jammed. Yeah? What? You have another one in room 304? Which floor is that? Okay, burning guy, wait here, I'll go get a new one, brb!

  • I've watched weird porn but this is weirder

  • Plot twist: The white stuff are their cums

  • Man, Eric is such a professional.

  • this tumbnail ughhhh yeah

  • I love how Steve is just an older version of all of them

  • LMAO, they just used the clip of Clint on fire in a mexican TV show to talk about professional stuntmen

  • Something goes wrong 0:44

  • I'd love to see a video comparing practical fx vs their cgi counterparts, like blood squibs vs cgi blood.

  • Man, I really wanna try this at home.

  • Steve the Landlord is awesome.

  • The audio in this video is, marvelous

  • steve: "I'm just here to prep for the fire inspector making a visit." Niko: "Oh well I'm about to set one of my employees on fire." steve: suprised pikachu

  • This video reminded me the reason I love this channel so much is because it gives me the myth busters vibes

  • why would anyone watch this? "Some people just want to see the Clint burn"

  • So all he needs is to get is arms and legs cut off and he's officaly a Skywalker

  • Imagine if the building inspector showed up that day to make sure everything was in order and the first thing he sees is a guy running down the street on fire 😂

  • What a legend!

  • I have never heard anyone say "lit on fire". It's always been "set on fire". I noticed this in the video about the building that caught fire a few blocks from them. They all say "lit" or "lite on fire" when I've always heard it and said it as "the building caught fire" or "the building was set on fire". It's such an odd way to say it. I'm going to be lit on fire? No, you're going to be set on fire. I can't be alone here.

  • College prank be like

  • I don't know why they didn't use fire resistance potion SMH 😒

  • That's so fucking insane man!

  • Dude Clint could rock that hairstyle.

  • Dude looks like Adam Levine cum covered edition.

  • When he was walking down the ramp

  • I was laughing so hard during the first goop suit

  • cudo's for putting clint on fire, if I where to do similar with simulations my GPU would burn just as much.

  • I tried this at home and am now not living. Huh.

  • Mom: Donn play with fire. Me: 14:38

  • nice vfx


  • Why they liting up pewdiepie

  • Basically , You're 'LIT' 💥

  • Them: don’t try this at home Me at school: imma bout to end this mans whole career

  • Boy, if there's one thing I want when doing literal deadly stunts its a bunch of jokesters who lie about the safety precautions. Honestly, most of those dudes helping with the stunt ought to find different jobs. For real, the joking around about his safety is fucking disgusting. They really need to fucking not act like that.

  • 6:17 the guy in the backgrounds face

  • They call him the Booger Bro. Also known as Snot Lord, Mucus Man, and the Phlegm Pal.

  • Clint’s only ptsd is the gooing of the crotch

  • title should've been 'Clint Becomes the Human Torch for a Day'.

  • Where’s steves hawian shirt

  • When clint hits puberty

  • “No PTSD that I can see” Thank you Steve for the analysis😂 (He’s the coolest landlord btw)

  • "I feel like freakin Chungo." -Clint

  • The sequence between 14:18-15:10 was stunning and almost tear jerkingly beautiful.

  • Why does Clint look like pewdiepie

  • there's something about a military uniform running in slow motion on fire that makes me cry

  • shoulda used some of those computer generated effects to make clint look like charman in the first teaser

  • Alright soo... If on fire and feel heat Problem

  • "I'd hug you, but FUCK THAT" Legit bro right there. (not being sarcastic)

  • I don’t really like Clint as much as the others in corridor but I gotta say he has massive balls for doing this stuff which I respect

  • This was a really fun, educational, epic looking and yet quite serious video. I really liked everybody´s attitude in this!! Also, Steve is amazing...

  • I think Moto Moto likes Clint

  • Yeah! I'm going to try this at home right now. BRB

  • Damn, that's lit bro.