Hollywood Stuntmen Light VFX Artist on Fire

čas přidán 23. 08. 2019
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Eric Linden and his Stunt Team set Clint on fire! Multiple times! Huge thanks to Eric and his Stunt team for making this video possible! @ericlinden @OmidZader @josh.tessier
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  • Some people are normal and others just wanna watch Clint burn

  • Amazing how you make fire so peaceful

  • Amazing his team very professional no pressure its if he wanted to.do it and once he did the safety of it was wow even tho he was fine they made sure he was and not just saying he was fine

  • the crew: Land on one knee. Clint: like a superhero? The crew: yes Clint: lands face first. Imagine superman facepalming the ground when he landed

  • I WILL try this at home

  • Man, what a great team. The focus and care put in to keeping him safe at all times as the priority and never pressuring him to go bigger. Top lads.

  • I tried it at home and it was really fun I think y'all should try this too

  • yo I want Eric's shirt

  • That must be so cool to do

  • I had a 2nd degree burn.

  • best mid-episode promo so far

  • How the flash should really run

  • Great team to keep everyone safe and what a brave Clint for doing this!

  • Home? Let me go to the park then

  • Clint is turning into Wren, he's tasting everything.

  • Blue fire is the coldest Trust me it's safe to touch

  • We need more Steve.

  • 16:35 “I’d hug you but fuck that” lol

  • 0:45 16:45 girl after hentai

  • He’s got bigger balls than I’ll ever hope to have!


  • Охренеть!!!! Вот это смелость и доверие в команде профессионалов! Вы лучшие мужики, я ваш на всегда!))) 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  • Next Stuntman Reacts video: Act of Valor

  • How to safely burn down a building 101

  • Hey Darrel watch this

  • Clint is a GADDAM beast! I would have shit my pants! So dope! Nice going man

  • This is awesome! I've been in shows with some fire-eater/fire-spinner friends of mine, and I've had fire trails run directly across my skin which is very different from this but also really fun. I agree with Clint that knowing there is literal fire on your body is definitely exhilarating! This is on an entirely different level from what I've experienced, mad respect for going through with it. Fire is beautiful and fun but also dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, and I think this video showed that pretty well.

  • Respect dude!

  • He kinda looks like felix

  • I like the “G O O P S U I T”

  • Now that is Awesome!

  • Took a lot of guts to do that. Amazing experience. Real pros working there.👍

  • 16:50 THE MONEY SHOT!!!!

  • it is so cool to watch videos like this.. keep up the good work.. and i have the deepest respect for stuntmen and woman for the work they do.

  • Stuntman: Put the Gel inside your pants Stuntman Yells: crotch Gel Guy!!!!

  • Those stunt men sound like they smoke weed, and they have convinced people to do it as well

  • isnt vfxs purpose meant to be for those situations???

    • It probably looks more realistic with an actual person on fire

  • Scratch that off the bucket list Clint!

  • 16:46 lookin like a newborn baby xD

  • Watching them dress Clint in the full body suit was like trying to stuff Clint into a giant sausage casing lol

  • Life is short. When you’re given the opportunity to do something that few people have done, you say yes, yes win both hands in the air. Good job Clint

  • That guy Christian literally works for EVERYONE. Lol. Props to him.

  • Maybe Clint can try being in a martial art choreography. Should be interesting what sort of fight scene you can come up with.,

  • Such a high level of expertise and carefulness. Amazing! Super safe and super pro!!!

  • Can I just say Good on ya Clint for actually going through with it because I know I probably wouldn't be able to

  • Damn that’s so cool to watch slow mo running on fire

  • Love the trust, passion... everything

  • God I just want Eric Linden to calmly and gently guide me through getting set on fire

  • I hope people believe Steve when he's telling all these crazy stories about his super interesting tenants.

  • Damn madmen. This is SO crazy. You’d never find me doing this. This gives me a WHOLE new respect for stuntmen. Not that I didn’t before.

  • I thought niko had a wicked face scar its just a bandaid..False alarm

  • That was awesome in the truest sense of the word. Beautiful shots as well!

  • Man, I've never done anything with visual effects and now I want The Battle Box! 😅

  • Johnny Storm approves this

  • If I tried to set one of my friends on fire my landlord would not be anywhere near as collected and okay with it

  • Do people just do thumbs down for attention? That was great guys!!!

  • Steve the Landlord was hilarious

  • Fire aspect 1

  • 8:39 :/

  • You guys are making me fall in love with Clint. he baby:)