Hollywood Undead - Heart Of A Champion feat. Papa Roach & Ice Nine Kills (Official Video)

čas přidán 15. 10. 2020
Hollywood Undead - Heart Of A Champion feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach & Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills (Official Video)
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🎥: Directed by Frankie Nasso
Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Johnny 3 Tears
Here we go again, comin' straight from the top from the belly of the beast cuz we’re straight off the block
Got ice in my veins and im never gonna stop, body bags, toe tag, yeah everybody drop
Yeah some people got it and some people don’t, somebody wins and somebody won’t Ice Nine, P Roach, Undead that’s all she wrote and everybody else, well welcome to the show
Yeah, compare me to none - cuz I’ve got the Heart of a Champion
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Charlie Scene
I’m absent minded mentally
Slaughtering all my enemies
I’m murdering recklessly
Bitch these streets and no sesame
Another notch on my felony
List, I’m not wasting energy
On this, im gonna win
I'll be honest, that’s something I fuckin promise
godless so I’ll take the charges
spotless is my fuckin conscious
god this is so fuckin pompous
like congress if I was in office
god I’m just so damn exhausted
novices making me nauseous
I’m gonna win that regardless
this ain’t no place for the heartless
cause and live for the pain
the fight the glory the game
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach)

Yeah I’ve been knocked down but I get right back up, uh
Yeah I put the work in cuz I cant rely on my luck, naw
Yeah I see you chasin’ you’re just basic, you’re just lame man
You don’t wild out, you don’t throw down so you better stay in your lane, man
I’m always ready for the right time strike hard, strike fast I explode like a landmine
I got you reaching for the lifeline, ima battle every devil till I die till I flatline
I won’t die till I get mine
Compare me to none x 4
I’ve got the heart of a champion
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  • that dead bite mask is dope af

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  • Thank God they brought the masks back. But bringing their old masks brings some nostalgia if you ask me. Danny wore his Notes From The Underground mask. Charlie wore his American Tragedy bandana J3T and J-Dog wore their gold and red V masks. But Funny Man's mask looks like a combination of his V and Swan Songs mask. Either way, dope as fuck and brings back memories.

  • Did not expect spencer to do a song with hu but its really good

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  • If the corona virus wouldn't have cancelled the rest of the tour, I bet they would have played this track on stage. And I would have been lucky enough to feel this incredible energy. But I am still more than thankful for this track and video. Those three bands are just incredible.

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  • Undead is way to underrated.

  • Я долго и настойчиво игнорировал этот клип в рекомендациях, но посмотрев - не пожалел. Съёмка - балдёж. Серьёзно, за весь клип ни разу не было желания выключить из-за качества как у школьников, нашедших фильтры. Я досмотрел, оценил всех, с кем они фитанулись и порадовался тому, насколько песня яркая и вызывающая множество эмоций

  • Remember the "Idol" music video? they burned pictures of themselves of then and the past, maybe in that fire, the ashes of their past, gave birth to Dead Bite, and now they are trying to fight Dead Bite(their past), and move onward to something new


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  • If I become wresler this be my theme song

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  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-Tr2uivY0zR0.html

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