Hong Kong’s $18BN Airport Expansion Explained

čas přidán 28. 04. 2021
Hong Kong's massive island airport is about to get a whole lot bigger. See better results, project after project, with Bluebeam Revu - bit.ly/3dXwNTC

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Dan Cortese
Video Editing and Graphics - Thomas Canton
Production Management - Clare Furlonger
Content Partnership - Liam Marsh

Special thanks to Airport Authority Hong Kong. Additional footage and images courtesy of Google Earth.

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    • Does that include the illegal drugs and illegal fake products they export? Hong Kong despite strenuous law enforcement efforts, faces difficult challenges in controlling transit of heroin and methamphetamine to regional and world markets; modern banking system provides conduit for money laundering; rising indigenous use of synthetic drugs, especially among young people

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    • @The B1M Compare 1961 East Berlin Vs 2021 Hong Kong IN YOUR NEXT VIDEO!!!!

  • Build a sea port next to it

  • So it was never finished

  • sad that the channel didn't mention the main problems of the new runway, airspace overlap and huge competitors airport less than 100 miles range, economically it just doesn't make sense...

  • Is hk or dubai more developed?

  • I never understood the term "reclaimed land". Its not reclaimed, its the first time they had that particular plot of land, if it were reclaimed, it would mean Hong Kong had it once, then it went under water, then they got it back again. The term makes no sense.

  • Was a great video. Shame this is now a waste of money. As air travel will be more expensive when the world gets back on track, if it ever does. So I doubt this will be needed for at least another 10 to 30 years from now.

  • The environmental impact of this project was skipped over in the video. The loss of marine habitat is irreplaceable. The existing Terminal 2 was not reconfigured it was demolished despite being only a decade old. Much of the existing platform has been given over to a mega shopping centre which you wonder will ever be used.

  • It´s the first time i recognize that the background at the end of the video is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul.

  • 🇬🇧B1M is the best channel for sure, it’s a high quality content. Thank you !

  • Hong Kong is fast loosing it's position as a financial center and transportation hub with it's harsh authoritarian rule. The city is dying actually. No additional runway needed what so ever. The project is only a means to transfering Hong Kong's reserve to China.

  • What a big chinese military base that will be now that communist party have it .

  • That is very impressive! One question though… are they not worried about rising sea levels?


  • In the US it would take 20 years to build this.

  • I was from Hong Kong but now I live in Australia

  • That taxi time will be absolute insane. 45min-1hour easily if traffic

  • I'm not a specialist, but in every news from decades they talking about "rising sea/ocean levels" and floods in coast areas across the globe. So why richest (country's) still making dozens of reclaimed land projects? Do they know something more then "normal food eaters", or they maybe know we will "win" with carbon emission and we stops melting the glaciers? Or maybe it's all eco oriented "bull****"? That's always courius me when I see new sea megaprojects.

  • All of these HK's upgrades but their people's houses.

  • FAKE. Moments 1:00 and 3:59 are Barcelona airport 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Learn to create videos decently and always double check mate 😂😂😂😂

  • who would like to visit this fouled city ruined by a totalitarian regime?

  • No more passenger anymore in hk , all finis

  • Time to expand this airport in FS2004. Thank you B1M.

  • not needed anymore... Hong Kong is not longer Hong Kong

    • Thanks to the rioters

  • Your presentation is highly interesting to watch. Thank you very much. 👍🛫✈️🛬

  • hong kong become china.no need the third runway anymore

  • Btw the airport is on Lantau

  • So nicely explained everything, loved this 😄☺️✌🏻❤️

  • As a Hong Kong citizen, it was not ideal at all. The construction was considered to be damaging nearby marine ecosystem, as the area was one of the habitat for Pink Dolphin (Endangered species). And the cost of it was skyrocketed from its proposed $8BN to $18BN.

    • You hk people always find ways to complain. So chona doesn't care

  • Beautiful

  • Opened in 1998..China’s first new toy , pay up where it pays..

  • China builds a huge new airport by 2024. Australia builds a new airport by 2050

  • I live in hk for 25years and I didn't even know about this. Thank you B1M.

  • airport lore

  • Sad that this magnificent city is been taken over by a brain-dead regime...

    • It's the people dead

  • Bal

  • If the destination is mainland China, and more and bigger mainland airports are built, there is no economic reason to expand the H.K. airport. Hong Kong becomes less attractive after the recent political turmoil.

  • As long as the U K aren’t paying for it good luck.

  • Busses already come 24/7 and take you to HKG proper and mainland China.

  • Hong Kong is one of the most pleasant airports I've ever been in.

  • I desperately want to go back to Hong Kong, my all-time favourite city in the world!

  • In other word, expanding our carbon output and speeding our suicide.

  • cs-tv.org/ch/UCw6OwN2sHBrMipxvdnAiezQ 👍👍👍

  • That's why sea level are rising😔🙄 no to xi jinping

  • There's not an actual land shortage in Hong Kong. Only half of the three points it sits on is developed. There's also a few of counties across the Straits on the Mainland, were there are actually farming and fishing villages. The surrounding mountains can be built on. I never knew why Hong Kong city was always so compact, I guess everyone just wants to be hip and be downtown. The Chinese in particular are funny that way anyway, it's either hyper-settlement, or living on a cliff or a collection of shacks on a paved ox cart path basically. Most Asians actually like living in apartment blocks of 50 story flats with 35,000 people on one street clogged with markets and vendors.... I mean, nothing wrong with that I guess..... The Russians and Eastern Europeans are kinda like that too.

    • the core problem is the megacorps in hong kong own a lot of land themselves, and they just let them rot. in fact, by flat numbers, theres a serious surplus, not shortage.

  • 3:02 that poor motorcyclist got cut off so bad lol

  • Hongkong adoptability market products best for Hongkong economy would be food sector only based from history of their country.Investors must invest in food exploration programs market suitability and make Hongkong site of exotic food hub in Asia.

  • Sonia 💌👆

  • Living in a big city is too convenient

  • Having an extra runway & terminal might solve the problems of slot & parking bay availability and handle more passengers. But that doesn't solve the congestion of the airspace at all, if not worsens it. Considering how small the HK's airspace is and how close it is to other airports in Macau and Mainland China, that makes me wonder how they are going to change the approach & departure paths (as the Mainland China airspace is controlled by PLA & they are definitely not going to hand over the control to HK ATC).

  • Every infrastructure project in hong kong is insanely overpriced. You know what? Look at who is the general contractor of these projects and where do they come from.

  • It's one of the most nicest airports in the world but the environment destruction also amazes me.

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-AgYAGxIyi8A.html

  • In india?

  • Now I understand why my dad boasts about the HK airport all the time. He went there in 2019, lucky guy.

  • Hong kong is a place where the citizens feel normal but tourists feel absolutely amazed

  • ENUNCIATE. Don’t swallow letters.

  • Instead of increasing capacity, why not try reducing demand? They're already moving some demand and improving connectivity to Shen Zhen Airports. But the environmentalists in Hk won't even consider this cuz they're also Anti-China.

    • they are not anti-China. they are anti-Hongkong. They support extra trash tax when the economy aint even good.

  • I like Hong Kong International Airport. The dining and shopping options are amazing. The airport is big but it is very efficient. From landing to express train to city center within an hour is not impossible

  • v good

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  • I thought the original airport was sinking were they able to stop that from happening.........

  • I like this channel. But I wish they talk about some of Canada's mega projects.

  • Damn, Hong Kong government is running out of money to destroy the environment

    • Rioters burning rubbish bin polluting air

  • I wonder how they feel about airports during and most likely AFTER this pandemic? Will flying remain a frivolous activity? Or how will airports and countries discriminate vaccinated vs unvaccinated people. Recipe for disaster...

  • Unfortunately, the China government has destroyed this fascinating airport, even the whole city

    • And it's the hk rioters destroyed hk not china

    • The airport is made by china duh

  • Very good

  • This airport alone can be regard as the bigger country than Vatican City

  • Hong Kong legislative failed in securing Hong Kong independent.

  • Hong Kong will be china by 2030. China is a country not to be travel

  • good extension #HKG Norman Foster designed air hub connecting Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge into mainland China with high-speed rail networks, ease air traffic off China southern region along upcoming coastal Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport #TAO that mini Beijing Daxing airport #PKX

  • Thank you for you video here.

  • One has to wonder with the crack down by the Chinese government diminish the desirability of HKG airport longer term

  • If only the US invested in infrastructure like other countries

  • Nice! If only the British Government got behing the Heathrow Expansion project

  • without political freedom and good supporting policies from the government, even how enormous the project is, which is meaningless......

  • So impressive

  • I am from Hong Kong (originally anyway). This project is sorely needed! The existing airport is great. It was clearly the world's best when it opened, and even now, after more than 20 years, it is still routinely ranked among the world's top airport (it has the best food selection in my opinion). However, HK International Airport is severely congested. The satellite terminals are nothing more than a band aid solution. Like everything else, HK's government is slow (compared with the Mainland). It took far too many years of public consultation to start building. But I'm glad the pro-developers eventually won out. HK is going to be part of the Greater Pearl River Delta (PRD) region. By expanding our airport, and as a gateway to the PRD, HK won't just be totally eclipsed by Shenzhen, but can continue to be an important node in the PRD long after 2047.

  • Wow! That will be great idea!!

  • There is going to be no point extending or building any new or existing airports whatsover. Airtraffic for the masses is over. Part of the Agenda 2030 layout will see the vast majority of airlines go under, leaving the very few who are either State controlled or invested wisely pre 2020 in the ultra low carbon airliners surviving. The halcyon days of flying are over!

  • Singapore pales in comparison with Hong Kong.

    • I'm from HK originally. The two cities used to be fierce competitors in the 1980s-2000. I've got to say Singapore has won, hands down. Its GDP per capita is much higher because it is strategically located. The Port of Singapore overtook Port of HK in cargo volume long ago. As for the airport, Changi is actually ranked #1, even though I haven't been to Singapore for many years (I'll just trust the rankings). Singapore's government is quite a bit more efficient too, e.g., at providing affordable housing to its people. The expansion of HK's airport is a project needed just to keep up with the rest of Asia. HK is losing its status as the most important entry point into China due to the inexorable growth of Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc. (There is no land to grow outwards in HK) However, Singapore has no competitors in its region.

  • Love China Hong Kong. Lee Basy 11 ▪ 30 ● 80 :) much ♡ FT WORTH TEXAS U $ A ! ! Can't wait to be there, seen a lots of changes.

  • Rip pink dolphins ;(

  • Continuing expanding island will soon connect with Tuen Mun Pier.

  • Thanks to China

  • I miss Kai Tak Airport... Definitely one of the worlds gnarliest fairground rides :)

  • The Chinese Government is the best government ever

  • When flying in Asia their airport so large and beautiful but when landing in US holy this is the real shit airport

    • Difference is you have a major big airport in every state in the U.S. and in those countries they have one big nice one!

  • Welcome To Uzbekistan Tashkent City 1🇺🇿🇺🇿

  • I have always loved HK international airport. I travel to/from there at least 24 times per year...(pre-pandemic)

  • Couldn't pay me to visit Hong Kong now. Before the take over it looked like one of the most interesting cities to visit

  • So... the CCP/CPC's authoritarian colonial occupation of HK means that western airlines will be looking for other Asian hubs in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

  • And now Beijing is just going to steal this and the rest of HK, breaking the agreement like a bunch of liars.

  • Not like they will be getting more passengers thanks the the Chinese communist parties national security law to stop democracy

  • yes.

  • And all to be a huge waste of money until the CCP is removed from power as the world moves away from doing business with CCP lead China.

    • Meanwhile, China's trade jumped by 30% in H1 2021. Oh your sweet tears! China is now the biggest trading partner of 130 countries. At least the Mainland is well governed (not so much HK, because it's running a British system). And BTW, I'm from HK, born in British HK in the 1980s, seen life before and after the handover, and also what's on the Mainland side, so I know what I am talking about.

  • As a Hong Konger seeing the project just being a pile of dirt so far has really pulled the expectations down along with a small feel of a waste of money but I hope with the land reclamation part done, construction above ground could bring the excitement back again. Also never knew our airport was this amazing 🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰

  • Wonder how The Wright Brothers would think about this, barely a century later.

  • Орро

  • This is not Hong Kong that I know right now. China is my country, I put China as my motherland. And Canada is my Second Motherland.