[HOONIGAN] Gymkhana 2020: Travis Pastrana Takeover; Ultimate Hometown Shred in an 862hp Subaru STI

čas přidán 8. 12. 2020
More than a decade-long rivalry between friends and rally drivers Travis Pastrana and Ken Block has culminated in a passing of the torch. Travis Pastrana is trying his hand at his own Gymkhana film, shot and edited by the same crew that makes all the Gymkhana films: Hoonigan Media Machine. Who’s the real winner here? You!

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  • The Extended Cut is here! Check it out for new angles, more Street Bike Tommy, and a different take on the dock slide that we didn't show you last time... cs-tv.org/tv/video-Ydc5uv-5kXY.html

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  • That's what we call insane...WoW

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  • T.Pastrana was the man!...he is the man!. much love from Pakistan.

  • This is honestly the worst one they have made I prefer my good old Ken block

  • what kind of Forza Horizon is this?

  • Coolest moment is jumping the river or donuts under the semi

  • SUBARU! SUBARU! LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Now I want to buy a wrx

  • and he can drive a car too!!

  • i have never seen a car preform a proper grind with no crash untill now

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  • amazing action and very entertaining 👍👍

  • The ultimate control god and the scared face as the same, dunno, looks like he is playing some kind of racing game, trynna not hit something or get out of the road, but hella lit.

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  • 7:20 song name please ?

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  • I’m sorry. Ken block has nothing on what THIS man can do with 4 or 2 wheels….

  • Best video ive seen on CS-tv

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  • How I feel driving to school in the morning:

  • how my parents tell me they went to school when they were young

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  • Never been a huge car enthusiast, but holy shit does Travis make me want to spend my life savings building a winged demon and learn how to drive stick.

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  • Looks like an advertisement for crew 2. Pastrana is a helluva driver.

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  • one of kind,great adventure on the road,outstanding driving way ,i like to have a seme experience some day ,but with Volvo sedan.great work.

  • That car is a fking beast

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  • Can you tell me upgrades done to the car so I can make the same thing in forza horizon 4 or 5

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  • me playing forza:

  • These men are fucking Goats and you can see in they're express that's it's genuine. As Dom said I live my life a quarter mile at a time hahaha

  • He looks so shocked but the stuff he does

  • was it just me or at 1:58 someone through there hands up in background

  • Mehh, not impressed, nothing beats a real thing, Farmkhana | The Grand Tour!!! Impressive jump at 150 mph

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  • I couldn’t help but notice that his car has DRS…is that normal or just for the stunt

  • being able to drive like that is so sick oml this was so entertaining

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  • Travis looked like he was taking the longed shit ever throughout the entire video! Lmao😂 This was SICK, definitely worth watching again, and then maybe a few more times after that!

  • when she says she’s home alone

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  • Forza Horizon IRL

  • His driving was perfect man but his facial expressions were making me nervous 😆 it was like his mind & body wasn’t connected lol.

  • His girl: babe my parent's gone shopping they'll be back in 5 minutes Him:

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  • Whatever these tyres are, they are fucking impressive. Multiple large jumps, and when the wheels were on the ground they were pluming smoke a large chunk of the time...

  • 2:15 how is nobody talking about how there is a mini version of the Subaru in the lobster tank

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