Hopsin - Lowkey

čas přidán 21. 12. 2018
Low-Key Available Everywhere
Apple Music: itunes.apple.com/album/id/1447383964?ls=1
Itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/id1447383964?ls=1&app=itunes
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/0iaxZKCfjNS0ReR4y8CRSj
Director: Hopsin
Production Company: Bandwidth Bros.
Condor Entertainment
Producers: Moses Israel
Daniel Malek
Cinematographer: Russ Fraser
Production Designer: Day Hernandez
Color: Ntropic
Follow Hopsin:
Facebook: facebook.com/hellohopsin
Instagram: @hopsin
Twitter: @hopsin
Website: www.undercoverprodigy.com


  • Yea there we go bro missed you haha spit it raw.

  • I go everywhere on a board all the time, to and from work, the store, etc. I figured everyone thought I was crazy. Cool👍

  • Keep making vids like that....👏👌


  • This guy is sick asf I can’t wait to the next one comes out

  • Never give up 💯💯💯

  • Hi dad

  • Nice hop is fire can not wait for the new album have them all

  • I been listen to him since funk volume he just getting better and better

  • How Hopsin raps is lyrical; about something he experienced or a message he wants to convey. What people seem to forget is that's how rap started, someone wanted to say something and get attention to it. Then they go around callin themselves true rap fans, and somehow say Hopsin is trash for bein preachy. Wtf? Hopsin spits true fire, so much to the point where even Eminem acknowledged him.

  • James Woolfe- Preach, Check it out, like, subscribe

  • Hopsin Is Underrated As Fuck

  • nice 👍🏽🔥👍🏽!!!!

  • Who else is low key for all the social media drama

  • he should collaborate with Snow 🔥👏

  • Hopsin evolved for sure. What baffles me is how people seem to have the bit where he admits money is loaned to artists fly over their heads.

  • Me Trying To Become A Battle Rapper 😂 LoL.... GO HARD Ring Thee Alarm Ask God Who's Hard He Has A Tattoo Of Me On His Arm Your Just A Non Leprechaun With No Charm How Can I Be Harmed Your Not Even Armed Looking Hungry And Starved Here's Some Swiss Chard Fucking Retard You Need To Quit Smoking That Shard The Bowl Is Looking Burnt And Charred Still Looking Square Playing With Your Pokemon Training Card Chihuahua Lookin Ass Cujo, I'm That Saint Bernard Should I Fix Crucifix G.I. Joe Crew Broke Your Arms Disengaged Ligaments Nothing Sentimental To Repent De-Cuffing The Devil Is My Recompense Where's Your Common Sense Shattered Ribs Do To No Self Defense Calm Your Jets And Temperament Not A Good Samaritan Uncle Tom, So Prejudiced Give Me Back My Cigarettes Fucking Nicotine And Nicorette A Misfit Not A Catholic Have I Sinned Fuck Your Feelings Here's A Sample Juggle These On Your Chin It's My Balls Feel The Sweat Use Your Tongue And Taste The Stench

  • God danm his voise changed hella

  • Hopsin i love your music soooo much, please dont change when you reach at the top...

  • Hop this gonna be ur year 🙏💯

  • Lowkey you look pretty lonely, remake FV

  • Random comment but who else can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3?

  • Stop wishing him to be famous and appreciated I don’t want the media to take him away

  • Good job hops

  • Keep it up dude never getting bored of what your mind creates

  • Is eye color real?

  • This man is Underrated

  • noluyo aq

  • I’ve been waiting patiently

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Anyone else wanna see hopsin take Joyner Lucas off the rap map , id love to see them go at it. My money on hopsin anyday vs anyone

  • Really hope 2019 is this guys year to become big by far my favourite rapper

  • Always straight up!!

  • He got a shout out on eminems recent album. Id say he's very much not slept on lol

  • really love the voice shit in the beat.. dunno if it's hop on the vocals or a vocalish synth.. dope.. Tupp tup

  • Hopsin has been my go to music throughout depression, still rock bottom but I’ll make it to a better me soon.

  • is he using autotune?

  • How you diss lil gnar then wear the off brand version of his pants

    • Cuz its "off brand" and not lil gnars Lmfao duh. Use that magical thing inside your skull maybe you wouldnt have to ask dumb questions😂😂😂😂💯

  • gettin strong The Game vibes from this track and I love it

  • @Hopsintv you inspire tf out of me bru

  • HES BACK!!!

  • So underrated. Yet we got dumbasses comparing fake ass “artists” like lil Peep to 2Pac. Shiiiiiiit.

  • This and ill mind 5

  • portuguese lyrics?

  • Dudes got a Challenger in the background Hop knows what's up He's the valedictorian of the class of 2018 Fuck D12 - I want hop to join up and make D13🤪

  • When ill mind 10 coming out

  • Only 2.9mil views. That’s ridiculous

  • Hop always been dope

  • fire department anywhere to be found? no, its ok this is the good kinda fire anyways.

  • Just wanted to say i never heard of you b4 Upchurch said that what a great rapper you are. He was right.

  • Mmm now I want some baja fresh!

  • Fire. Thank you.

  • Still aint heared the word 'Mütevazi'

  • Hopsin's soul will leave his body and come back when he and em collab..... I have a feeling it will happen soon

  • Eminem, rittz, hopsin, joyner lucas, boogie, nf, token, yelawolf, therealak, a boogie wit da hoodie, mercules, tech9, jelly roll, trapp tarell, jonathon turn Hopkins (american goku), justin yj Cochran(young j) so many under rated rappers, why we have these ignorant wanna be mumble rappers making it but not real mofos... With real ass lyrics? Huh? PlEase someone answer that... Never have i heard a,good explanation for that yet.

  • Hopsin is in the top 5 at least top 10 rappers. Lyrically top 5 i think....

  • The dislikes from the the dudes who are still standing in line at the club

  • Fuck y’all for ignoring hopsin. Literally don’t understand why he isn’t one of the top rappers portrayed by the media OH YEAH dumb blind sheep listen to mumble fuckery! Makes no sense never did.

  • Hes not selling out hes using the sane styles as the newer rappers but hes actually saying something.


  • It’s weird how this song gets better the more I play it

  • Hopsin ft Token, NF. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

  • Im to high Key for this

  • Every time you listen to Hopsin, Life kinda seems unfair; I dont know anyone else who could take him on

  • "That ain't a bag from yo talent that's a label's allowance" 🚨 whoa

  • I remember bumping hopsin in 6th grade and still bumping today in 11th

  • This might sound dumb but I dont think hopsin needs anymore fans. I want his shit to be real and when rappers get any bigger then what he is then they just get fake and their music turns to shit

  • Damnnnnn

  • Hopsin and autotune. Nice.

  • best raper alive love your music Hopsin i feel like you raping for me and all the people who feel like us

  • 2019 is the year of Hop? I think so, if he keeps dropping this fire.

  • awww shit my niggaaaaaaaaa

  • I sincerly hope that you will be much BIGGER than now! You are the most underrated rapper. You are the only one that i wish the best and they way you are is great man! You are humble and just trying to enjoy life! Just know that a lot of people love your music man and keep grinding! LETS GO HOPSIN 😇🙌


  • Looks like gucci mane from angles

  • Mmmmmmm good rap

  • This Song is FIRE!!!

  • This is so fucking good

  • Came here because Upchurch said hes a hopsin fan and figured I'd check out his music. Worth a sub for sure

  • We need Hopsin now more than ever!!!

  • i wanna hear a hopsin eminem song

  • Thank good he's back. Love you hop no homo lol. I am not homophobic by the the way.

  • 133k Are Awake

  • This is real fucking rap!

  • Good stuff!

  • Killed it bro

  • I love you hop, but you leave us completely in the dark for months and then drop one song. It’s hard for me to be a fan when you disappear for months with no word. :( Interact with us more in between albums.

  • YES

  • Türkçe mütevazi wowww.

  • Woop woop good shit hop

  • Cheaa! Keep it going Hop

  • so funny I had to look up these expensive labels and didn't like their styles roflmao...

  • This is why you focus on yourself so a vampire no need to drain your happiness unless you wanna help and complain, problem on you

  • This is the first time I listen to your music, and I know I'm in love with your music now. Big thanks to Em to shout you out on his music. I scrolled to your Instagram page, I watch you on your Creative Zone, and man. You are so doooppee ! Keep making music, people love you, and so do I, Hopsin.


  • Naw I'd rather bang Screw

  • Hi Hop!! If you want to kill my last beat, it's for you : cs-tv.org/tv/video-a0YdS9tdXiA.html

  • If I became a rapper, I wanta be like Hop. Lowkey af just stacking cash for the squad and fam.

  • I really love that piano.

  • He must be on something.