House of the Dragon: The Main Plot Explained - The Dance of Dragons! Game of Thrones Prequel Series

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon video. In this video, I will be explaining the main plot, in the House of the Dragon Prequel Series. In my opinion, the Game of Thrones Prequel Series will mostly cover The Dance of Dragons. These are some of the greatest events in Westeros' history. Let's take a look at some of the rich history of House Targaryen. House of the Dragon will release in 2022, on HBO Max. Watch the Official Teaser Trailer on the HBO Max CS-tv Channel now!

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George R.R. Martin: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels
George R.R. Martin: Fire and Blood
George R.R. Martin: A World of Ice and Fire

A Wiki of Ice and Fire:

The Dance of Dragons: History & Lore


Viserys I Targaryen: Amok

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  • My apologies if you're watching this video for the second time today. CS-tv deleted it, because they said it was inappropriate content. I had to make some changes then re-upload it again. Thank you for watching!

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    • @kgf I have a feeling we will hear tales of the white walkers briefly mentioned and we will see someone killed by a faceless man and maybe see someone take a contract out with the faceless men during the civil war.

    • I wonder how the FACELESS MEN and story of the origins of the Night King will factor into this series if at all

    • @Verrottesok I am no fan of fascism. Big Government is not good and neither is censorship..that is not nonsense

  • The Targaryens is that family you stay away from because they have too much drama going on

  • Why does the illustration of Viserys look like Bill Clinton?

  • I dont think I can watch this ' new one ' too awful.'

  • Do you think each season of this show could be a different time in history during the Targaryen reign? There’s so much rich history with that family they could flesh out a lot of stories over 10 episodes of each season!

  • Ahhhh Dany's theme that originally played when her and Khal Drogo were together morphed into a theme we relate with the Targaryens in general.

  • I’m pretty excited about this new series. I really enjoy the Game of Thrones till the end and understood why it should have ended the way it did. Listen people John Snow (Kit) has moved on to bigger things.

  • Thank you for this!! I appreciate the overview. I haven't read the books yet.

  • Wow awesome 👏

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  • Mind blowing depth in the mental

  • Needs ruin tv shows 😒 stop

  • 8

  • I don't know, by knowing the ending and that no prophecy will be fulfilled, what's the point of watching? I think this series will not be as famous as the other one - beginning season. They should have consulted you Talking Thrones when they wrote the last season of the GOT.

  • Viserys had no dragon, only an egg.

  • Only thing I would of changed is tormund and Brienne ending up together and danni ending up having jons baby and new dragon eggs

  • The reign of jaeherys I would have been better than the dance

  • Well done, man...this show is gonna be 🔥...pun intended

  • dracarys

  • Dance of the dragons is proof of how silly War is. They like both won but like really didn’t in the end. So unnecessary.

  • The names makes my head spin😂sounds the same....

  • So, who sits on the throne after this war ??

  • Imagination is such a powerful tool... who even come up with such detailed intricate fables

  • Am i the only one thinking who else understands took me time to understand Game Of Thrones, ama need me a 3 year course to understand this one.

  • Happy to be back on this page! It has been some time.

  • The thumnail changed 😂 i was like how is this video 10 months old when the new pic of the throne just came out

  • Atleast two dragon survived.

  • I hope to be alive to see this next year

  • So it was basically one on one and vhagar was just jumping in smh

  • that new thumbnail xd but damn that new throne looks sick

  • This is the exact story we will see and I could be halpier

  • Ahh , ok let me say for me "dance of the dragon' is best title for it, its like dragon dancing while their fighting 😊 just saying

  • When u think about it, Ser Otto Hightower caused all this...

  • I watched the trailer and instantly remembered of your chanel Somehow my sub was gone But here it goes again, can't wait to see you dissecting the episodes Thanks for you content man

  • I love how Vhagar is Veigar now

  • Who is watching after House of the Dragon teaser???

  • We might see Anthony Hopkins.

  • thank you for sharing this story

  • 😎☝️💥

  • So only targeriyans would be in the show ? i hoped to see white walker and shadow of ashahi origin and some houses history like Starks, lanisters and barratheons 😅

  • All I heard was 'Dragons' nothing else matters

  • This sounds incredible

  • The funniest is Joffrey who rode the Dragon and got outbalanced and died falling. Joffreys in Westeros are made of funny stuff.

  • So complicated… I wonder if the writer ever got confused themselves

  • History does repeat itself

  • We heard of ballerion all throughout the show it’ll be a shame if we don’t see the dragon that forged the iron throne.

    • Balerion was dead by this period of time, sadly. Out of the three dragons that helped the Targaryens during the conquest, only Vhagar is alive.

  • I thought this series will start with aegon's conquest...but certainly not 😑

  • so not all targaryan immune to 🔥?

  • All of that power with dragons and they killed each other! What a damn shame and tragic story but I will watch.

  • No need to watch it now.

  • Any other history buffs noticing some striking similarities to real world history? The ending especially where the two enemy houses wed... it's the bloody War of the Roses dragon edition. 😂

  • Aemma = Emma

  • Daemon = "day-min"

  • I am dying to see the furious battle between prince daemon targeryon vs aemond the one eye with great CGI and spectacular visuals 🔥🔥🔥

  • Oh man "Pick a kid", and kill the other one tell him his mother chose him for dead.

  • What about the hour of the Wolf. And the second battle of Tumbleton. Not even talking about the diplomatic situation in the reach

  • please do an update video

  • loved your breakdown and explanation cant wait to watch the show

    • Thanks Sam. I'm glad you liked it. I hope the show follows closely to the events.

  • Well they are going to have to rewrite on Amon because he is still alive on the wall haven taken the black in g. O. T?

  • how many dragons they had in total ?

  • When you begin look into the history of it, you end up just hating everyone...

  • I could barely see two dragons dying... now this will be too much.

  • The question is which team are you going to support? Green or red?

  • can I watch this video without getting spoiled for the show?

  • They cast Corliss as black. And I'm not sure how is going to work.

  • I honestly feel bad for the fantasy dragons. Imagine to fight against your own species for no reason lol

  • I am team Targ all day HOWEVER i wanted the prequel the Long Night More than House of Dragons. We already know the entire HOD storyline. We dont know what really occurred during the Long night. I rather we had those questions answered

  • I just hope HBO knows this has to be very good from start to finish following the awful desaster that was season 8

  • What I hate there is that dragons had to kill each other in order of their master being able to seat on throne. Like Targaryens did destroy the strongest unit in their army by their ambitions to be thhe "one".

  • What source material would you recommend for the House of Dragons?

  • I want to see what happens when Drogon finally lands.......somewhere.

  • So most of them not immune to fire?

  • Dance of Dragons sounds way better than Dying of Dragons. It’s poetic

  • This has become my favorite channel for all things GOT. Can not wait for House of the Dragon!!!!!!

  • There are way too many names with "ae" in the spelling in these books!😀

  • Damn I want to watch this so bad but I don't want to spoil myself haha

  • Barned

  • I wish we could have seen more of the Targaryen

  • I need an explanation of persons ages. If the king was about 30 and his daughter had 5 sons, how old is she??

  • Whats the point watching a series when you already know the whole story ?

  • I'm insanely excited about this prequel! PLZ HBO take your time and research and do the story and Production right and make this an extremely epic masterpiece!! DoNT fuk it up!!!!

  • i'll pass on this . i'll wait until the last season has aired ( in years probably , unless it gets canned first ) then i'll check the fandom reaction , i'll follow the fan opinion that makes the most sense . I am black myself but i HATE identity politics . it's politic for weak people without any character ( which is why they depend on their skin color / racial identity to exist )

  • This sounds like a story from the English Royal/Crown History’s.


    • Aegon the 5th is maester aemon's brother and the grandfather of the mad king. He is the guy known as egg in the dunk and egg novellas. He ascended the throne in his 30's and him being king was very unlikely as he was the fourth son of a fourth son. He is therefore known as aegon the unlikely. He died in the tragedy of summerhall.

  • The Dance of the Dragons is such an epic story with so many incredible badass characters: Daemon Targaryen, Aemond Targaryen, Cregan Stark, the winter wolves, the two Blackwoods, Benjicot and Alysanne, Baela Targaryen, Corlys Velaryon as well as his two sons, Alyn and Addam. I hope they do the story justice. They could do at least three seasons. The first one beginning with the Great Council declaring Viserys the heir, then jumping a few years to the scene when Lucerys cuts Aemonds ear, and ending the season with Aemond killing Lucerys. Then the second season ending with Daerons death and Aemonds and Daemons fight. And the last season ending with Cregan Stark riding north. There is a lot of potential and I hope they can do this incredible story justice

    • I'm not sure how I would structure each season, but you're right. There is a lot of potential, and good story, for them to make a great mini-esque series.

  • The silky continent diagnostically harass because herring provisionally stain among a glib apartment. alert, meaty tendency

  • We shouldn't forget about Prince Daeron the Daring, he is a big part of the Tumblestone battles and he also has a dragon

    • Exactly. There were three sons of Alicent. Though Daeron was not as fierce as Aemond he did own a dragon Tessarion.

  • awesome breakdown, thankyou for this!

  • Love this channel, keep it up!

  • I can't wait

  • It was mysaria tho who influenced rhaenyra to the decision to the supposed execution of nettles tho

  • This was sssssoooo much easier and clearer to follow than what HBO had put out. And thank you for matching up the actual people with their animation. God bless you! lol!!

  • This sequel looks better than the original GOT and GG is writing all the complete books and the ending of GOT was really bad so I hope they get better directors and screenwriters to make this work!! GOT should of had more than 7 episodes and make this great series come to a great end..very dispointing and I hope they do this series right!!

  • I think the first season starts with Alicent and Rhaenyra feuding.

  • D&D are not part of it so already HoD will be better.

  • It’s probably going to be season 8 all over again

  • In the original series people knew about giants north of the wall, and dragons that lived only 300 years ago, knew house Stark found dire wolves again but when they heard about White Walkers they were like "seems a bit far-fetched doesn't it..."

  • There's a word for both factions of the Targaryens, and it is aptly named M.A.D or Mutually Assured Destruction

  • Not sure I'm going to be able handle all these dragon deaths 😭😭

    • I know, I balled in GOT. Then my friend was like omg are you ok?! I was like “Shh stop talking during the show!” Lol

    • Actually, there will be a lot more dragon deaths then shown in this video

    • That and the whole blood and cheese saga. Will definitely be watching through my fingers.

    • This sounds horrifying 😭 Jesus the people slaughtered the dragons in the dragon pit just death death death 😭

  • “The blacks” not sitting right with me