How Apple Builds Its Stores

čas přidán 3. 02. 2021
Apple’s stores have transformed retail unlike any other brand. Their runaway success has inspired copycats, seen the firm team-up with world-renowned architects and created new landmarks in our cities. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Narrated by Fred Mills. Additional footage and images courtesy of Apple, Foster + Partners, Tom Horden and McDonalds.

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  • This is what you're paying for when you buy that apple garbage.

  • 4:32 did anyone noticed the bottom right women

  • when I visit a city I do not know, I quite like these Apple store, but in my own city, when I saw a landmarks changed into an Apple store... I need to say, that I dislike the fact that his multinaitonal (that I love product) take over and appropriate the landmark of my city.

  • Store look nice: yes Store actually function: no

  • Apple controls how its products are sold. Uniform pricing and the staff are hired not based on a commission-based salary or meeting sales quotas but to educate and assist customers. A completely different retail experience back when it was first introduced. Now Tesla has adopted that model into the car industry, which was met with many difficulties due to the traditional dealership franchise laws. Direct selling and taking out the middleman worked very well for Apple, now Tesla is pushing through the red tape to make it work in other states in the U.S.

  • I would just like to go to an Apple store and sit there. It’s just so relaxing 😌

  • The cover picture is from Apple store in Bangkok, my location. Love it 🍎

  • Your editing better than apple stores

  • Still waiting for Apple Store in Malaysia that will open soon😕

  • One thing about apple, they’ve done unthinkable things with their brand. Everything about their brand echoes their underlying idea, simple, reliable, instantly recognizable.

  • Apple Zorlu center ❤️

  • Fun fact:the thumbnail is in bangkok central world I visited that store :)

  • The ossified watchmaker simulteneously educate because foam directly strengthen plus a evasive agenda. smelly, tasteless death

  • I don't like Apple, but I can't deny, I absolutely love their stores... They're so beautiful, modern and cozy. Definetly one of the best (IF NOT THE BEST) company to create retail stores (we'll have to see Google, they've also opened a store in NY)

  • I think it's white House next 😂

  • Apple stores are certainly beautiful, and while I may go into one for a "look", I don't buy the products as there are others that are better value for what I want.

  • an Apple-inspired showroom design

  • Love the guys in skinny jeans at Apple retail

  • 4:34 oh hey! is that the Hong Kong Central Apple Store?

  • The Apple store looks better than your house. Reminder: not all Apple store’s were better.

  • Why do isheep takes there macbook to starbucks stores? I think it is just to show off to other people I got macbook look at me. You don't see people who got HP, Dell, Asus or LG. It's just isheep with 🍎 book.

  • A great video

  • American Might lol 💪🏼🇺🇸

  • Isn't this video really just an Apple commercial?

  • Quality content once again. Thanks 🙏

  • I think it's overpriced, but you can't deny that those designs are just really good. They are also very aware that customers are willing to pay premium for a well-designed product, even if it's just way too overpriced.

  • the face masks really top off the mindless floating high tech masses look well

  • 🖤💖🖤💖🖤💖🖤💖👎👎

  • Beautiful video. The music and editing were so fluid and awesome.

  • Apple is trying (or if you ask someone they already are) to become a religion

  • Anyone know what the song in the BG is?

  • I hope 🤞 their is apple store here in the Philippines,😅🙃😅😐😔.

  • I want to live in one of those

  • lung kin shun sharon.自己的美國纽约市所有土地及房屋商場及物業及Apple公司

  • Nice video

  • I'm watched this video on a MacBook

  • 2:17 Now it's Starbucks.

  • And than you come in the apple shop in zuric whos fuckd up because the old location was to expensiv 😂

  • My local apple store is in a shopping center and was always packed. During the pandemic, once they got to open up again, they put the testing-products on hold (so you couldn't come in and play around on their products). Suddenly the store was pretty dead.

  • Apple are ahead of the wave - rejuvenation, redevelopment and regeneration are key to all public spaces survivability. Peoples adversity to Apple setting the expectation of business in the community, is proof some people have nothing better to do than complain for the sake of it. TLDR - Karens are everywhere 😂

  • Apple sucks


  • I wish you actually covered "how" they build their stores. The content centers a little too much on the end result

  • Apple just knows how to invest their money

  • I wonder if the people are Apple, Facebook and Google thank god everyday the Internet was invented. Otherwise we'd probably still be living in a Microsoft world.

  • They stole Jony Ive to build their monopoly. Evil company.

  • It's a design that works well for idiots. I just find it frustrating. I want to see labels and pricing, not talk to some kid with a liberal arts degree about what product to get.

  • Lol other stores might try to copy apple but they all just feel like cheap knockoffs. Its incredible how consistently excellent Apple's stores are.

  • Much like their stores, your data is also visibly transparent to outsiders

  • Well it doesnt where i live

  • 0:50 Actually did some work in this store, this one is in Paris. The electrical and IT is a fu**ing mess if you look beyond what the customers can see

  • What about the one in my local mall in an old t mobile store?

  • Best company on earth 🍎

  • Was wondering if you'd mention the Federation Square store in Melbourne As a local, havent seen bigger backlash to a company than when Starbucks first entered the scene

  • The stores are really cool but the brand itself is so overrated

  • If you're leading sheep, you might as well make it interesting for them!

    • @Retro Jack How can you be so oblivious? That was a sarcastic QUESTION. I wasn’t “calling” you one. Jesus…

    • @Dasani Salt Water If you can lie to me that easily, I'm not even going to bother with you. Dasani Salt Water 5 days ago “If you use a product from this specific company, you’re a sheep.” Got it, *_android user._* Dasani Salt Water 4 days ago @Retro Jack Oh, you're an *_Android user?_* Shocker 😱

    • @Retro Jack There was no second time. And this is most likely not the first time you've called people sheep for using different phones - So what's _your_ point?

    • @Dasani Salt Water That's the second time you've called me an Android user - what's your point?

    • @Retro Jack Oh, you're an Android user? Shocker 😱

  • I see you locked lips with Apple here, by using their verbiage practically verbatim.

  • I love how they use structural glass!

  • Exactly why I hate Apple: style over substance. That is why you pay so much for your Apple products - they have to pay the rent for their ridiculously placed stores + the design of them. It is all about appearing elegant and sophisticated and elite. Yeah, no thanks. I don't need pretentious stores or products, I need things that work well, do what I want them to do, and don't bankrupt me to purchase them.

  • the apple stores in australia are nothing special. Just normal shops in malls

  • I live in melbourne and wished the federation square Apple Store was built

  • 3:12 Shanghai

  • wow! apple is using too much windows in their store. you heard it right Microsoft!

  • And the employees so as stakeholders primitive not matching the building look ruins the entire project

  • i first visited an Apple Store in Sydney in 2009, it was unlike any other stores I'd had visited before. It was a very unique shopping experience, way way ahead of its' time.

  • How do they build their stores. Is it through paying zero tax anywhere?? Damn it was the bones of poor people.

  • No Apple store in Indonesia, is the most worst thing Apple have ever done

  • They canceled the federation square Apple store??? Why that building was ugly to begin with, an apple store would make it look better…

  • its still a cult...

    • might as well call every other company a cult then i guess 🤷‍♂️

  • Fun Fact: The Thumbnail is Thailand Apple Store

  • I went to the one in Grand Central Station and it was very cool

  • I’d really like to know which tech company who has retail floor set their stuff like if it was a clothing store

  • แกรร ปกคลิปเป็น Apple store สาขาเราด้วยอะ ✨😭

  • All these words sound very strange to me: Apple, re-tail, store. But looks nice on the pictures.

  • 3:19 that's the Apple Store, Mexico City. 🍏

  • 5:22 typical Melbourne. They hold protests every weekend, and complain about everything. Apple store would have been amazing in fed square

  • Apple Explained x The B1M

  • Shamesung and Huawei ripoff apple products and they also ripoff their store design.

  • 1:00 Bangkok Apple Store at its best location

  • Apple store munich has left the Chat

  • Apple architecture is unprecedented. I can not imagine their stores to be any different.

  • 4:40 apple is not a "private" company, it is publicly traded

  • Who the fuc* keeps those glasses so clean

  • Everybody first criticize apple Then they copy the same thing 🙄😒😑

  • Grand Central Terminal, not station.

  • one word, iCrane

  • The least expensive things in an Apple Store are the products.

  • So, where are the apple haters?

  • Is the narrator coaster bot?

  • Tbh yes we should be worried about companies doing this, but Apple has proven itself to care

  • Yet they can’t include a power block with the phone

  • Melbourne’s federation square is chaotic by its current design. It’s actually occupied by several commercial buildings that arguably carry no historical meanings. But anyways apples proposed design for fed square store was really a disappointment.

  • 1:03 5:56 The Second Apple Store in Thailand. 3:16 The First Apple Store in Thailand at Icon Siam.

  • The openness attracts customers. Placing their stores in prime retail locations will not overcome the quality of their products.

  • I support stunning modern architecture ... therefore I have only Apple electronic devices ...

  • Apple is 'the brand' of our generation! Every other brands learn from Apple in some way. Again 'thank you Steve'.

  • In Singapore, the shopper experience in Apple Marina Bay have greatly enhanced during the pandemic times. All shoppers will have to book for a 1-1 shopping slot with specialist of the product u are looking at. So no overcrowding and you are best attend to by the expert, you will have good space and photo taking of the scene experience too.

  • Apple is a Public company. You can buy their stock 4:40

  • The reason they're busy is because they have a trapped customer base. Why people pay five times the price for a Apple computer is beyond me. They have the the same components made in the same places buy Chinese labor which are also trapped in a communist country. Anyone who buys one of their products is promoting communist enslaved labor.

  • I have to admit, apple stores are damn sexy...