How China Will Infiltrate Europe (Using the Czech Republic) | China Uncensored & VisualPolitik

čas přidán 3. 07. 2017
The CCP wants to infiltrate Europe. And it's starting with small countries like the Czech Republic. Will it succeed? Chris Chappell and Simon Whistler from VisualPolitik give you the scoop.
Watch Chris Chappell and Simon Whistler on VisualPolitik here:
And for our Spanish-speaking viewers, watch this version:
¿Por qué CHINA quiere romper con COREA DEL NORTE?

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  • The government of Czech really loves China! I hope they dont get trapped by the Chinese debt trap...

  • LOL , China is the Nazi when compared to Dalai Lama. It is laughable hypocrisy for China to call anyone else a Nazi while holding Uyghurs in concentration camps.

  • Well, things have got off to a bad start. Prague mayor Zdenek Hrib has just told China to fuck off after Prague was asked to sign an agreement to “speak out against the independence of Tibet and Taiwan”. Prague's new sister city will now be Taipei, after Beijing proved to be an 'unreliable' sibling. In other news, Chinese president Xi Jinping has been reported to be listening to Beatles music. The song in question is understood to be 'Can't buy me love'.

  • Stupid people ruin everything!

  • 1968 not 1958 !

  • Hi Chris and the whole team of China Uncensored! Thanks for your excellent work on explaining modern China. Just for the record, the country shown on your map of Europe (7min 26sec) was not The Czech Republic... but ... Switzerland! As I am learning from you: only the perfect CCP never makes mistakes and... that's why you're all forgiven. Thanks a bunch - Krishna-Dasa, Belgium

  • Czech this Update: We now have decent Mayor in Prague that severed (technicaly China severed the contract coz they mad) cultural contract that also had the clause to support "one china" policy. And china cannot somehow get over fact there is person that is not their puppet and Zeman is pissed as well. There is hope.

  • FUCK THIS GUY.....

  • Communist china has no future. Collapsing from inside. Bunch of losers.

  • All the countries should isolate this bitch communists, and China.... It had border disputes with almost of the neighborhood nations, even in the sea... Always Hungry greedy nation for land and natural resources........

  • Dude I didn't know you guys ever collaborated with visual politik that's awesome!

  • I mean....🇹🇼🇨🇿 :)

  • I wish China comes to Europe before Islam.

  • Shrek Republic Shrekia

  • China: Czcech please!

  • No! Not the slavs!

  • Get it through your head. ..China is trying to conquer the world....they lie like the Muslim. ..the road is to bring troops

  • China really is the enemy of our age

  • Everyone in the world complains about how to get earn money and jobs right now???? Why? First, because we always buy imported products made in China ... How come? Second, Most entrepreneurs/CEO all over the world are interesting to invest and setting up factories in china ... look at almost all modern and traditional market always selling products made in China. That means all money "runs" and spins only in China #HowStupidWeAre *I understand why Trump had to trade war agains China

  • Instead of "China's human rights abuses", "The CCP's human rights abuses". The perpetrators are the CCP and the Chinese people are at their mercy.

  • China is not Europe

  • Can you do uncensored news about Europe aswell, you are the matrix decoder

  • dalai lama speaks about compassion but eats meat every day no wonder chinese kicked his ass

  • Woop! China Uncensored & Simon Whister... YAAAS!

  • The first few seconds of this video are really offensive, like yes Czech split away from Slovakia but it doesn't mean we hate them. We take them as our sibling. Very rude and if you don't study before you say something about someone or something then don't even try talking about it without saying your not from the or your not to sure.

  • Zuckerburg.....why don't u just pull Ole' Xi Xi's shlong out and start milkin it. You give everyone douche chills you weirdo. Take your 60 billion dollars and shove it directly up your bung hole. Asking China's president for a baby name. GOD , your so freakin creepy.

  • It is Zeman not Žeman pls repair the subtitles😀

  • Czech power 👿😡💪💪👊👊.

  • ...Laughs in Czech...

  • 🇨🇿🇨🇳

  • maybe china is part of bohemian grove (czech grove)

  • Golden Communism

  • Oh crap...

  • it seems more and more bad news to this chanel about China

  • One communst out in with another.

  • There was an interesting story with president Zeman's chinese advisor (yes, he had one). One day he disappeared and noone from public knows where he is now. Also there was another scandal regarding the CEFC company. And many more.

  • Remember the good old days when the Europeans used to invade everywhere.

  • Chinese manuveurs prove that all this is done in cooperation with the GLOBAL nazi/socialist/(inter)nationalist/communist/feudalist/whatever-ist government. China could have EASILY caused a worldwide COLLAPSE of the US dollar, but it would not have done this country and world GLOBAL economy as much good as USING the WORTHLESS USD that China has hoarded to buy itself the upper hand worldwide and crash the system based on printed money. Where haa China not offered some investments or loans of the worthless USD? Nations take loans. Some day the dollar will collapse (it is already worth close to zero!) and they will be left with a debt to pay and a load of useless debt money that one can no longer invest. You cannot make investments with toilet paper. So China, and with it the GLOBALISTS, is literally killing many birds with the USD stone.

  • Mаn, FUCK the PRC аnd FUCK the EU with its majority voting BS. V4 for life!

  • Infiltration completed.

  • They already did. ALL the chinese in EU are sleepers of the PLA/CCP Overmind.

  • Well Done China! 👏....👏.....👏 Never budge down to Western Hegemony.

    • So by being a authoritian imperialist dictatorship... It is somehow fighting against imperialism?

    • the ccp loves to create CS-tv accounts with Asian , European or American sounding names , part of their billion - dollars - a - day worldwide propaganda war

    • What about Chinese Hegemony?

  • For someone who lives in Prague, calling Zeman Zeeman makes Seeemon another mediocre talking head, in my opinion. I don't like Zeman, but Czechs are smart to go with the next exmpire...'cause it looks like the ol' empire (once so worshipped after 1989) is being dragged into hell by an illiterate white supremacist,

  • Does this Mean Czechslovakia will be destroyed By China? I Hope not... Or my life Will end

  • Wait.. I've always tot Simon Whistler is a British man living in America...

  • China promised Czech it can be its bitch but they lied.

  • Typical Old white man

  • On Chech Republic is not enough... Could you make an episode on Hungary, too? I have my worries on our government's relations with China. :-(

  • Russia will be like, yes that's my boy !!!!!


  • Czech here. China can choke on their stupid pandas. We remember.

  • Traitors to their countries.

  • I'm Half Vietemese and half Czech. Welp...

  • call him president simon and his career is ruined .

  • We have idiots everywhere. Unfortunately.

  • not just by Czech Republic it already has found foot hold through muslim refugees to Europe. This is the area where EU is turning blind eye. It takes to dig deep to find the "ore".

    • How exactly is the china that is religiously persecuting muslims doing that exactly? Are they using the organs they harvest from them to mindcontrol europeans?

  • All 4 microphones because they are Made in China.

  • Ah fuck... communists again.

  • My tinfoil hat is wondering if China's enjoying, encouraging (and possibly influencing) the European Migrant Crisis, as that's one thing currently fracturing the EU via the Visigrad 4. The Dalai Lama also said to great controversy that Europe must remain for the Europeans and the refugees must return to their lands to rebuild them when war has ended. Meanwhile Brussels demands higher refugee counts, and the Visigrad 4 thumb their middle fingers at the EU while other grumbling nations talk of their own exits.

  • "And now our friend, Simon Whistler, from Prague" OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! SIMON WHISTLER! I *_LOVE_* SIMON WHISTLER! TODAY I FOUND OUT IS AMAZING! AND VISUALPOLITIK IS BALANCED AND INFORMATIVE! OH MY *_GOD_* I LOVE YOU SIMON!!!!! (Regains composure). Excellent video. Carry on.