How Do Italians Drink Coffee?

čas přidán 28. 06. 2019
ITALY. This great country gave the espresso culture to our world.
But what is the situation in the Apennines now?
Is coffee still held in high respect there?
How much coffee does an average Italian drink per day?
On this subject, we have very fresh data.
So, let’s hear some news from Rome...


  • American, but live in Abruzzo, Adriatic side of the Apennine. True, every region takes their coffee slightly differently. Here it's mostly a smooth medium roast caffe' normale (espresso) in the bars, Moka at home, and cappuccino only for breakfast. I love the macchiatone from other regions like Lucca in NW Tuscany, basically a macchiato with a bit more milk, but not as much as a cappuccino. Don't order it in Rome, they'll get mad. The caffe' in ghiaccio from Puglia is fantastic....a shot of espresso over ice with sugar. Again, don't order it in Rome, they'll think you're crazy. The Shakerato is popular all over in the summer. The bicerin with the chocolate in Torino is fun and different. And in Napoli the straight shots of espresso (caffe' normale) with or without sugar, and a small (mignon) sfogliatella hot out of the oven is heaven. To me, the best coffee is in Napoli as I like it dark and powerful, but everyone will argue about it which is the fun thing in Italy. As the French say....chacun à son goût!

  • Ah italian classic, the americano 🤣

  • Thanks for sharing Im a coffee lover 😀

  • As an Italian, I can confirm this is how we drink coffee.

  • Moka pot ftw.