how i got RICH in ROBLOX!!

čas přidán 19. 08. 2019
Bob and Wade join me in Roblox and we discover that getting rich in this game completely ruins the entire experience...
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  • Play robio

  • After: Hi; MarkiBrain! You have 23M Friend Request! Markiplier:omg what

  • Mark you can buy robux and get markiplier clothing on the catalog

  • Says went super sayain Me: it’s a kaioken

  • my speed is at 9973.9374 XDDDDD

  • You should look up light bulb on ROBLOX

  • Felix: minecraft is awesome Jack: minecraft is beautiful Mark: ROBLOX IS F%&KING AMAZING!!! SCR&W YOU MINEBUILDDIEMOANRAGECRAFT!!! heh heh.... Im so lonely....

  • My notifications don't work

  • I don't like how minecraft people treating us, fuck you guy jist go and play your game we don't care.

  • Just saw this on Twitch, and I feel so bad for Mark, Bob, and Wade. Like, I think the Devs had good intentions with the money, but it's unfortunate that a bunch of fans (?) ruined the game for them. Like... if you really respect/like someone like that, what makes you think that swarming them and keeping them from playing with his friends is a good idea? That leaves a negative influence on you AND a bad taste in the game for the players (Mark, Bob, and Wade in this case). I understand people wanting to play with them, but c'mon. Please try to take their own fun into consideration. Especially with how difficult it is for them to have fun in games where they won't have unwanted trouble (like in Fortnite where everyone targets Mark (or popular player) BECAUSE of that. It ruins the game for them... Please try to be kind to others.

  • I didnt notice the added background music until almost 5 minutes in, when i suddenly thought the ep was ending hahaha

  • play Project lazarus

  • Now i'm gonna play this weight lifting game because of you XD

  • Everyone on CS-tv: "MINECRAFT!!!"✊👌👌 Mark: *plays Roblox*

  • how to get rich

  • but even a fucking game developer knows you

  • I played roblox since 2012 my picture is even my avatar

  • i am sad because i only have a handful of subs 🙁🙁🙁

  • Everyone: play Minecraft Me: play minecraft Mark: *plays roblox* [Everyone liked that] Me: what the fuuuu-

  • Well say goodbye to roblox next year

    • Dude That news is fake!!!!! WHY DO YOU BELIEVE IT, ITS FAKE

  • play phantom forces and bad business on roblox

  • You should play Broken Bones 4. It's pretty funny. I think you'd like it.

  • please play tower of hell(roblox)

  • When you question Wade he turns into Jerry seinfeld

  • XD please do more of these!

  • I volunteer to protect you during videos in weight lifting 3. I have the second most powerful rank. Also I can one punch most people. Reply to this comment if yes. Also like this so mark can see this

  • cuz larry sucs

  • whyyyyyy

  • Play the other tower battle game plase

  • u should play bloxburg

  • Anyone else spot 69k likes?

  • Who thinks he should play plane crazy in roblox?

  • you mean 178mill not 100mil

  • Well, this is a I guess..

  • You should play blocks berg

  • *markiplier should play phantom forces*

  • He went kioken

  • I wonder if he'll ever delve into the multitude of "quality" rp games.

  • Cool

  • he plays roblox??

  • I know for a fact that theres gonna be like 200 thousand 10 year olds here looking to get free robux.

  • I'm so sad he stopped

  • why do you guys always do this to every game

  • Please play more!

  • the new horror myth of roblox...MARKIBRIAN

  • Hello Mark, this is a recommendation of Roblox games sorted out by video game genres. I love your new Roblox vids, you are playing Roblox while everyone is playing Minecraft First up is an FPS game that was one of my favorites, It's called Phantom Forces. It has a lot of different guns and is widely considered to be one of the best Roblox shooter games of all time, with realistic blood graphics, weapon skins and classes, this game is sure to be fun for any person who enjoys FPS games. Next up for FPS is Strucid, It's basically Fortnite but you stay in an arena, I think it has really good graphics and it strays away from classic Roblox figures Now onto the adventure Mario like platformer, Adventure Forward 2, in this game you play as the second star savior on a quest to get trust from beings know as Points, as you jump and use power ups to collect stars you get to know the characters and the different worlds, the areas are also open world, meaning that you can go wherever you want the game play difficulty also scales and the last star in the last level took me hours. Now onto one of my all time favorite games, Booga Booga, Booga Booga is a survival game in which you must collect resources in order to survive and progress your power, and by power I mean how strong you are against other players, there are different recipes that can be unlocked by leveling up and different materials that can be collected, there's a lot to do in Booga Booga. If you like tower defense/ strategy games this one is for you, The Conquerors 3 is a strategy game in which you team up with random people online or friends to battle to be the last empire standing, once inside a game you send your troops to a power crystal and you make a generator to start getting cash flow, then you use your money to make more troops to attack, then you start getting vehicles like, tanks, planes, boats, spaceships, etc. Then you kill all your enemies. I also would like to quickly mention some story games, in which you go through a story and you must survive, often times they are horror games, games such as, the original Camping game made by SamsonXVI which started it all followed by Camping 2 and then Hotel, The prequel, and then the first fan inspired game Sleepover/ Overnight, the name was changed to Overnight because of name rules in Roblox, and don't forget about Airplane, almost all of these games have a pretty self explanatory name. And finally Isle, in Isle you are stuck on an island after your boat crashes you can escape of by a numerous amount of different ways. And in all of these games, if you die you must go back to the beginning, and all of the people you are playing with are real, so if they die you probably won't see them again. I have a few games which are copies of real non roblox games, which are.... Roblox Non-Roblox Typical colors 2 = Team Fortress 2 Notoriety = Payday Glass = 2D Superhot And finally my number one favorite roblox game... Urbis Urbis is a Urban city life simulation game, I love this game because of the people and the fun adventure we always have. I'm also the richest guy is the server every time, this game is also dwindling on player rates, nobody plays it anymore which is kinda sad, no plays Adventure Forward 2 anymore as well. I honestly don't know why nobody plays these games anymore. If you wanna play with my my username is ShadowForceYTReal I love you vids Mark

  • mark play with me i will help you

  • 25:40 Lol has not even scratched the surface of the Servers

  • My 9yro plays Roblox, it's her jam

  • (^._.^)ノ Roblox Prop Hunt, please please PLEASE. You guys will freakin looove it (^._.^)ノ

  • If mark likes playing games with episodes then he should play camping

  • Literally every other youtuber: plays Minecraft Mark: plays roblox

  • Yes, I would like to Leeeave microtransactions please.

  • 25:29 roadkiller39 is juses confirmed

  • Nother vet of tower defence

  • Mark Mark Mark I hate to disappoint you I'm literally crying right now you don't have Robux that's just money on that certain game that you're playing on Roblox I'm sorry

  • If you like tower defense try Tower Defenders on roblox :/

  • I like how these grown men are fighting over ROBLOX

  • I like how Mark just does his own thing

  • Marki try Natural disaster