how i got RICH in ROBLOX!!

čas přidán 19. 08. 2019
Bob and Wade join me in Roblox and we discover that getting rich in this game completely ruins the entire experience...
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  • there is a game markiplier with boobs but roblox banned it 5 days ago it had vape it had humbing actions naked girls and i did not like the look of the game it was called a cute party but roblox banned it and some pervs where piss and there still MAKING FUCKING GAMES NO MATTER WHAT IF THERE ACCOUNT GET BAN

  • I’m a virgin

  • Clickbait

  • Perition to make mark a roblox youtuber

  • Legend has it he never uploaded a Roblox video again

  • the cpu usage is very high for roblox because its game logic is made in lua which is not very epic

  • 1:40 LOL UR SKINNY AS!! 3:26 how it feels to die

  • Now play roblox with Jack and pewds

  • Guys who’s joe

  • When you/your friend makes an awkward joke and no one laughs: 19:44

  • You Can Go To The Avatar And Change Ur Look Or You Can Buy Clothes With Robux Just Saying

  • Markiplier try games like flee the facility murder mystery or Hunted it's fun to watch you play Roblox

  • 21:00 tf2 sentry

  • Pls play more

  • On behalf of everyone, please make more

  • I like how the actual dev was like hey I'm right in front of you mark! And mark just walked away and ended the stream.

  • Im a tower defense pro and- why- Wh- How is he crawling?

  • 9:44 wait... thats illigal how is there 4 snipers now?

  • A

  • Hey mark do u mind friending me?

  • Btw the reason roblox is so cpu intensive is because it is super old and for some reason it only runs on one core, so it runs like trash

  • Play Strucid it’s a good game in roblox and also play phantom forces

  • also im 4500 steagth in wls3

  • my cpu is crapy but i play roblox easily

  • You should get robux 😂 lol

  • mark be careful while making a video about playing roblox by swearing, the creator of roblox is looking at roblox video, but if someone swears, he will warn them.

  • Razuatix is a developer for Tower Defense Simulator, he gave mark 10m cash when he was in the server with him

  • de89743487

  • Pls more ROBLOX

    • @Pranav why not?

    • MIckey no plz

  • Plz more roblox Mark

    • Kimberly Meendering god no

  • mark: **starts play roblox** roblox kids: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Hey mark! I found a game called "bloxing over it" its like getting over it but its fun

  • MORE

    • Jessica Hemsworth NO

  • Mark I am going super Saiyan or ultra instinct my head that's kaioken

  • This video is basically mark moaning while walking into a bush

  • More roblox

    • play time play time no roblox bad

  • Most of the front page games aren’t that good. Try Hexaria or Super Cube Cavern.

  • More roblox pls!!,

    • Hey look i’m a cat no

  • Play arsenal man

  • *Felix, Jack/Sean and Ken : Wanna play some Minecraft boi?* *Mark: I'd rather play Roblox.* *Felix: Eww, I hate Roblox!* *Mark: 0mae Wa, Mou Shindeiru.* *Felix: NANI?!* *Also Felix: (GETS FRICKIN' REKT BY MARK!)*

  • OOOHHH!!!!! So that's how I'm supposed to get robux

  • We need a replacement series for Drunk Minecraft What about Drunk Roblox

  • I looked through some comments, I couldn’t find anyone who said this. You can turn down your graphics by pressing “esc” then go to the setting tab, turn off automatic graphics and from there you should be able to turn down your graphics.

  • Be my friends plz Shinena2011

  • Do more Roblox!!!

  • try neo warfare

  • I feel bad ;-; I got around 3 million strength

  • Markiplier if you don,t know I am 2160 strength in that game friend me plz😂

  • when markiplier joins alberts group chat= O_O


  • This is the best late birthday present ever (by a day) (and I'm late by a year)

  • I wish markiplier plays more roblox

  • markipiler can you add me on roblox my user name is teegdog2

  • Bruh I love Roblox play more

  • Can you add me in roblox my user name is joseannihilator

  • Never knew weight lifting gives the avatar constant orgasms

  • In weight lifting sim the biggest people are nerds cause they know what’s best

  • The game developer recognizes you Marki

  • Mark just saying that tower defense game copied the old tower battles in roblox

  • *Them who struggle running Roblox from some kind of client they downloaded* *Me who plays from the browser and gets 65 FPS and runs smooth as butter* : 0_0

    • You can play from the browser? I thought you had to download it?