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#ati teas #nursingschool entrance exams #studying for the ati teas #lpn to rn student #how I got into nursing school Hey Everyone! This video is about how I passed my ATI TEAS test and got into my RN program. The ati teas covers areas in science, reading English and math! Hope you all pass!
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  • I just wana say you da goattttttttttttt you really broke things down and i love you you are going straight to heavennnnnnnn thank yu amazing i love you

    • Lol thank you so much boo!!❤🙂🙂🙂

  • Hey guys first time I took my teas test I used the Ati book and didn’t get a good score so I ordered the yellow book and I take my test next month so hope this books helps!!

    • Yayyy!! Congrats!! Happy studying!

  • Hi guys. I take my test November 4,2019. I’m really nervous,I’m studying,and praying. Kimmy, I love your videos,it is very inspirational. I will let you guys know once I pass!

    • Thank you.🙏🏽

    • Yeeeeah!!!! I know you will pass!! Go gettem!!!

  • Hey girl I’m taking my teas for nursing in November I’m studying my brains off but I’m studying every single thing well I’m trying but are there any questions regarding the cranial nerves?

    • @Rosalyn Jordan yesss

    • KimmyDTV :

    • Hmmm i honestly dont remember sorry but it sounds like you are waaaaaay more prepared than I was!!! You got this!!!💪💪💪💪

  • I have to take the ati teas to get into the lpn program. Science is my worst subject tho 😬

    • wow! I didn't know that you can do it! Science is all about memorizing and you can memorize by taking ALOT Of questions and watching youtube videos

  • for the teas test is it on a walk in basis? Or do you have a specific date they give you to take the test

    • @KimmyDTVis it on the website? b/c my school told me it was on a walk in basis

    • I had to schedule a specific date

  • Hey, were you able to use a calculator for the math section ?

    • Hey!! Yes we were provided with a 4 functioning calculator on the interface!

  • How is it scored? At the end of every subject it gives you a score when you submit? Then they go by your overall ? I have the book I’ve been reading it for about a week in a half. I’m testing Sep 6th (if I’m ready for it) 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

    • how did it go, Lima?

    • Good luck on your.exam!!!

    • Heyy at the end of the test i had to wait until a certain time to receive my grade for each section my school choose to reveal it this way

  • How was the English section? Would you say it was hard and hard questions?

    • KimmyDTV were they simple questions?

    • Ummm i would say dont underestimate it there are less questions therefore less chances to pass so definitely practice!!

  • Thank you for the tips. Congratulations for passing the Teas!!

    • Thank you! And yourwelcome!!

  • Hi Kimmy, do you have videos regarding the state surveyors visiting your work facility? Any tips of handling them as a first year nurse or what was your experiences like when they followed you or so?😮

  • Thanks for sharing I'm taking it in August

    • please how did it go ?

    • Toya, how did it go?

    • Yourwelcome!! Good luck!!😁😁

  • Hi KimmyDTV, I bought couple TEASbooks to study from. regards to the Science portion, there are sections with Physics, ChemiStry, Biology, Now my question is : does it really have all this or is it only Anat and Physio??? thanks

    • Heyy it is MOSTLY a and p!!! 2nd most biology, some chem but very basic i cant even remember physics being om it but i would review just in case but definitely know A and P for sure

  • Thanks for the video.Also, here is a practice question

  • I like to study at my school library because there’s-less distraction and seeing other students study gives me motivation LOL. I hope to pass 🤧

    • Study question for the ATI Tease 6

  • Hey! Just seen your video! How long did you study for and if so how often?

  • Honest review, girlfriend. This is probably the most honest TEAS review I’ve come across on CS-tv. You’re real and I appreciate that. Thank you! 😃 Congrats on passing and your acceptance to the bridge program! 🎉🎉🎉

    • Awww thank you so much!!❤❤❤

  • I just did it today and failed,i.was missing two marks to make i.going to get the same exact test next time

    • Kerlyn Jorliff . I’m sorry you failed, you are awesome, you probably was nervous. Good luck next time.

    • Kerlyn Jorliff I take mine Saturday. What section did you struggle with ? It’s not a pass or fail score but are you saying that you didn’t meet your program requirements? Thank you.

  • I’m taking my 2nd attempt on 5/21.. so nervous.. 😔 The mistake for the first attempt was because I only used the ATI teas manual and so I bought the ATI TEAS secrets book to study from! It’s super helpful!

    • Leah Thorpe There were definitely some in depth questions about certain hormones and functions of the body. I can’t remember too much now. There was a question on how to translate a DNA sequence too that I was stuck on.

    • @Monica Sananikone how was the science portion? what do you feel like you should've payed more attention to? I go next week to take mines and I have the secrets book as well.

    • Nosylla 77.3% ☹️ The yellow book helped but ugh.. I feel I need more materials.

    • Monica San hey how did it go?

    • Nosylla It got rescheduled to 5/28, but I’ll let you know! 😪😓

  • you're the best!

  • Would you be able to tell exactly what you scored in each section? For Ex. Did you get 40/53 in Reading, 25/38 in Math...etc.

    • Yes!! They reveal it to you on the ati website!

  • Sometiems Starbucks is not a great place to study.. a lot of noise.. 😭 But your video was very helpful and honest. Thank you, if you post more update and tips about nursing, I subscribed!

    • Yes!! I agree sometimes it is too much! Lol and thank you!!❤

  • Which higher math did you took?

    • In highschool the last higher math i took was trigonmoetry but that was YEARS AGO

  • Congratulations

  • Which city are you in ? Are you taking any pre course? Which school ? Thank you 😘

    • KimmyDTV My course of lpn starts at the beginning of June, but my goal is RN, so I want to know what I should do after LPN. For example, when I applied for the LPN course, I had already taken the ATI exam. Do I have to take an exam to get into RN? I am also in New York , but I don’t know where I can apply for the bridge course of lpn-rn , so I would like to hear your suggestions. Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

    • I am in new york! And stay tuned i will be letting you know about my program in a future video! However i cannot say the name of the school due to safety reasons

  • Great advice, I always tell people that... study on where you struggle. I honestly only used that yellow ATI book. I used to feel like I was the worst in Math but I did exactly what you did, I went right on CS-tv and taught myself then started taking practice test online... giiiirrrrllll, I’m actually good at Math now. I used the yellow ATI book strictly for science. I’m also a bookworm, I’m always reading and writing but mostly reading. I love learning! I love teaching and sharing what I know. I struggled with science but I still passed the test HOWEVER, I barely passed on the science part (wow, you just said that lol). What I’m doing now is studying with My A&P textbook so I can score higher on that part. I struggle with retaining information so I’ve been watching videos on how to do that. I’m huge on grammar lol punctuation and spelling... wheeew chilllleee!!! I am one of those people who want it to be perfect! Also, if you aren’t the greatest with grammar you can add grammarlily (I think that’s what it’s called) to your computer and it will correct your grammar and explain why. Thank you for sharing this!!! I love to learn how other people studied.

    • I have one question. how come some schools only focus on the average score of the teas but some focus on passing all the sections which makes students have to retake the test. I know a student who took the teas and failed reading by 2 points the first time and 3 points the second time. She got so upset and is at the moment deciding to transfer. Cant mention the colleges' name. I keep hearing just focus on the subjects which you're strong at and it will boost up the score. Im confused by this.

    • @Shannon Angelique g good morning!!! And thank you!!❤

    • KimmyDTV GM & thank you for sharing as well... you are a doll!!!

    • Wow!! You are a grammar natzi!!! Lol yes that is a great skill and quality to have! I am going to try to use grammarly and yess on the book worm!- i am the same exact way. I do think an a and p textbook will help with exam-its so detailed! Can you believe it?! CS-tv teaching math! YES! I am so grateful for it to! Thanks for sharing your experience as well!❤❤❤

  • Thank u kimmy😃

    • Yourwelcome!!❤❤❤

  • You're so helpful I love your videos!

    • Thank you!! And yourwelcome!!!🙂

  • Yes this is what I need!!!!!!! 👏🏼