How I Won A Lamborghini From MrBeast

čas přidán 14. 04. 2022
Thanks @MrBeast!!
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  • MrBeast screaming for his life while Fidias tries to hug him in pure joy was the funniest thing I've ever seen

  • It was so much harder than it looked! We all knew you were gonna win ngl

  • This video appeared in my recommendations yesterday. I've watched about 20 of his videos since then. I rarely subscribe to any channel, but the amount of effort Fidias puts into his videos and the pain he has endured is incredible. It's well worth subscribing to his channel.

  • Hahah congratulations my friend! 😀

  • The love Fidias has for MrBeast is what makes him the person to win and participate in a MrBeast video. Congratulations Fidias!!!

  • I don't understand how fidias just pushes himself and gets what he wants done it is amazing well done fidias keep up the good work

  • After all that, he definitely deserved the Lamborghini 😂

  • Fidias, truthfully at the time of seeing Mr Beasts vid I wasn’t routing for you because of your determination and how I’d knew you’d win. After watching your channel the last few months there is no other person I’d rather have win that car. Hope that money helped you with your YT career!!

  • The pure energy of this guy is so entertaining, which I love. And the pure risks too.

  • Much respect that Fidias hold to his word and shared the win with Noah

  • Hey Fidias, I just wanna say that you make me so happy and the same goes for millions of others. You should be so proud that you have 639 THOUSAND subs you deserve each and every single one of them and keep doing what your doing

  • If I had even 0.1% of this man’s energy I would be unstoppable.😂👍

  • I saw this video when it came out and was cheering for you the whole time. I appreciate that you and Noah made the video's ending climatic instead of just splitting the money in the original video.

  • Fidias CS-tv strategies really helped me grow from 20k subs to over 300k in the last year

  • Man what you're doing is simply commendable

  • The fact this bloke actually stuck to his word and the fact the other bloke trusted him is awesome

  • The time he spends on these videos are insane, I think we need to appreciate him more!

  • Lets all appreciate the amount of effort this man puts in his videos, amazing. Keep grinding bro, I love the videos

  • Your level of energy when you win or just acchive something is amazing