How Ice Cube got arrested for performing F* Tha Police 😳🚨

čas přidán 14. 09. 2023
Ice Cube - F Tha Police
we had a song called f**k the police
they didn't like the song and the promoter
we were doing the shows for said
we'll put you on tour but you can't perform that song
cops everywhere, they ready to shoot you down
we agreed to that until we got mad at the promoter
we was like tonight we gonna do that song
we gon' tear this thing up
we started performing the song
f**k the police comin' straight from the underground
a young n***a got it bad cause i'm brown
the audience was looking a little rowdy and it was kinda getting out of hand and we was like what's going on
and then we saw the whole Detroit police department rushed the stage
they threw fireworks and stuff on stage
we took off running
some of the guys ran out the arena to the hotel
they corralled us, arrested us all
and all they wanted was damn autographs

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  • Those cops trolled tf out of them 🤣

    • dunkins clear down with shipleys

    • chill shipley lol Ur donuts tho😏😏

    • Bro i asked for a glazed donut hall gave me a strawberry tf

  • "The cops nah the opps" 💀💀💀

  • The crowd was like "this the best goddamn show ever"

    • I wanted to acknowledge u 🙇

    • Forever thankful that I have not gotten all 1.5k likes as notifications😂

    • 1.5k likes and 2 comments? Let me fix you

    • Well the police stopped the show as they selfishly wanted autographs, so probably not

    • @@angusarcher5773 I mean in the sence that it was hella cool to see.

  • This sounds straight out of a cartoon bro💀💀

    • straight out of Compton

    • ​@@zemn5558😂😂😂

    • ​@@zemn5558straight outta cartoon goofy fella named ice cube

    • ​@@Jacnoirawith midgets in multitude, I call off, I got a show mom

  • Ice cube's inmate: "hey man what you in for?" Ice cube: "oh i sang a song" 😂

    • Ice Cube's Inmate:That's not a crime. Which song was it? Ice Cube: F**k the Police Ice Cube's Inmate: Ohhhhh😮

    • ​@@jessicasmith5655 init, his inmate: " Oh yea, you fucked up" 😂😂

    • ​@@darkfalcon9like the police

    • The Police: "Actully, it's just cause we wanted autographs."

    • Damn you have to be a Bad Singer then If you got arrested for it... XD

  • They ran after them, arrested them.... only because they want an autograph 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 one of the best troll the police men did there 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • That "all they wanted was an autograph" was full of "ight you got me 😂" energy

  • I live in Detroit and we love y'all for doing that doe!!

    • Detroit is so heavenly now

    • @@ALex-yv8xw Umm, idk about that lol. Went last year, most of the city still looks like it's abandoned. And 3PM on a weekday afternoon, and the downtown was a ghost town. Which is crazy for a place with over 600k+ people. BUT, and a big but. It has still come a long way from the time I visited in 2009/2010. Like it's for sure noticeable, that they're at least trying to go into the right direction.

    • @@iTrinityPlaysas someone who lives downtown. I promise you it’s not abandoned people just don’t be outside downtown anymore. They go to lounges a lot now or bars that usually aren’t downtown there in other area of Detroit like 8 mile and stuff but it is starting to look better but crime is getting worse I’m assuming that’s why everybody just will rather stay in the house

  • “And all they wanted was damn autographs” 😂😂

  • The cops really took “Never let them know your next move” to a whole new level 😂😂😂

  • Ngl, I'd be getting tf outta there if i saw an ENTIRE POLICE FORCE rushing me

  • I'm from detroit, and we love you ice cube. Michigan Cops are relentless.

  • The fact that they scared his crew like that just to ask for an autograph is crazy 😂

    • I don't think they wanted autographs. I think they actually wanted to harm him, then when they caught him and cooled down enough to realize that would have repercussions, they asked for autographs to save face.

    • ​@@A-likBro ice cube would've said that if it was true he aint scared of no cops, stop theorizing

    • @@danialrafidfr it’s literally not that deep-


    • @barkingallegationsmad that other have brain and you don’t?

  • I would never forget that concert talking about something was right oh my god when they hit that the arena was wild I never forget that that night I have never been to a concert ever since 😭😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • "sir get over here" "I DIDNT MEAN TO KILL THOSE CHILDREN IT WAS A MISUNDERSTA-" "nah bro i need your autograph" "oh mb"

  • They really said. "Put your hands in the air!... and move them like you don't care" 😂😂😂

  • That they all wanted an autograph cracked me up😂

  • Cube is a Legend...much respect 👑

  • Detroit police really pulled out a damn uno reverse card on Ice cube's whole music crew😂

    • music crew? fuckin NWA?

    • did you just call the fucking NWA "ice cube's crew"?

    • @@adnavvv___9214I knew this would piss people off 😂😂

  • That was the good - ol days when music ment something .

    • As if it doesn't now? Boomers act like music no longer exists

    • ​@anthonytorres348 It doesn't. No fake auto-tune, or real lyrics, and you can understand what they sing. These new songs are trash. You'll find 1 good song out of 20 nowadays.

    • ​@@liss8595ok boomer. Sounds like a you problem.

    • @@liss8595pop isnt the only music around…

    • ​@@anthonytorres348who tf are u? And how do u know that current music is better?!

  • Those cops trolled tf out of them😂

  • Cop: "Sir, I need you to sign this ticket!" IC: "But... thats the entrance ticket to my concert...?" Cop: "Damn right, it is, homeboy!"

  • this man makes top tier edits tbh

  • My personal anthem imo

  • "Tonight we goin do that song" I love that bit bruh.

    • Damn

    • Just two comments? 💀

    • @@JPTfor6xd stop.

    • @@Vihloah now four

    • Bro I read this comment as it played in the short

  • Oh-em lord, I was not expecting the ending.

  • I want to hear some of those cops tell their side of the story. 😂😂

  • "Fuck the police" The police: "promise?" 😳

    • Nobody like this no more, we got 69 in the bag.

    • @@duxkface sorry. I'm just too funny

    • @@westlethegreat6388 damn they broke it..anyways!..

    • 369????? let’s do it

  • That's one hell of a story 😂😂😂😂

  • I love this song it held the true in it’s works I just wished N.W.A can return once again

  • If you get arrested by police for a autograph you know you made it in life.

  • That was one off your best songs ice cube

  • This is Amazing. The Police Department IS Awrsome😂

  • "All they wanted were autographs"😂


  • Ice cube is too good to even make music

  • Thats a memory that will never be forgotten both you guys and the Detroit police them are good memories and worth telling to your grandkids

  • Ice Cube gotta be the realest OG in gangsta history, no fucking doubt


  • Honestly arresting them just to get autographs is possibly the funniest possible fib they could have done😂

    • Fib bro?

    • @@foolzardy3778fib means a lie specifically an unimportant one

    • ​@@foolzardy3778I swearr.😂😂 I was like "wtf??"😂

    • FBI* and also its not the FBI its the police they are different in some sort of way that i don’t really know or care about

    • @@slidingpenguinsonicsbergs they meant what they said, fib is slang for lie.

  • Thryll be legends forever for that

  • Detroit hard ASF!!😂😂😂

  • Cops really pulled the never let em know your next move💀

  • They to getting extreme for something to whole new level, arresting him then asking for autographs 😂 best police story ever heard 😂

  • Not everyone that puts you in sht is you’re enemy

  • As a Drug task force officer I don’t give two shits that song goes hard.

  • The second I heard it was the Detroit cops I knew it wasn't gonna be a big deal they chill asf

  • Yes, I can see this happening with Detroit police for sure!!!

  • Plot Twist : The Promoter and the Cops were working together......

  • Always gotta respect the husstle

  • The entire police force did the biggest maneuver for riot gear just so they can get our autographs I’m dead😂😂😂

  • Ice cube is a badass 😭

  • Ice Cube: They ready to (SHUT) you down. Subtitles: They ready to (SHOOT) you down. 😂😂😂


  • Best fuckin plottwist ever! Big up those police that trolled icecube!💯😂😂

  • "And they just wanted da## autograph's " had me screeching like a dinasour

    • Nah you already screeching like a dinosaur before the video

    • Damn isn’t a bad word

    • @JeraldineYabut you have to be an american if you think damn is a swear word. Fuck me what's the world coming to?

    • Nah even Americans don’t think that@@crapitoutjim

    • @@crapitoutjim you’re pressed over what though. It literally does not affect you that they censored it.

  • Some people in the world suck this is the people we need ice cube

  • Ice Cube is Awesome. Saw him with Korn, Family Values

  • Even though the show got cut short, that must have been a legendary concert. It even ended on a wholesome note. Can’t ask for more.

    • How is that wholesome? Their show got interrupted. Throwing fireworks at people is attempted assault. Arresting people. Causing what was surely a stampede among the crowd. At best, it was an abuse of power.

    • ​@@allieharmon3926They threw fireworks onto the stage not into people, the arrests were to fuck with them, and the crowd probably remembers that concert as being the craziest concert they've ever been to.

    • I’m sure it made the groups hype even larger. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was planned by their PR team. A little dangerous in my opinion buuuut 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Ice Cube has said this story many times in the last 30 years. Every interview.

  • They had us on the 1st half. Not gonna lie 😆

  • That’s crazy the 90s seem fun that’s why I’m a big fan

  • Lol 😂 cops: “Johnson, we’ve been waiting five years for ice cubes autograph, tonight, we have a plan to take it” 😂

    • I am sure that was what happened

    • This, is the most donut in the car and coffee at the office shit i've ever heard, i fucking love it

  • 😂😂😂 hope god protects ice cube 🙏🏽💯

  • If that aint respect at its finest idk what is

  • All they wanted was damn autographs 😂

  • It was ok until the end 😂😂😂 i be laughing

  • Mad respect for the cops 😂

  • Shipley Donuts Be commenting every 2 Seconds

  • Respect to those cops since they actyally didnt hate it but just wanted autographs.

  • Shout out to my hometown DETROIT

  • I love that his son plays him! This movie is one of my all-time favourites 👌

    • name of the movie

    • ​@@ryuletsgoStraight Outta Compton

    • Yeah

    • The movie absolutely sucked. Storyline is ass. It could have been good but its a bunch of random scenes strung together without love.

  • Ice Cude is The Goat 🐐in my book love his music and his movies

  • Bros were not gonna wait in line lmao

  • " And all they wanted was autographs " bro wtf 😂😂😭😭 EDIT: I don't wanna be that person, but thanks for all the likes!

    • It's called sarcasm comedy, off course they did not want autographs.

    • ​@miri669 why would he be sarcastic about it if everyone already knew the truth then. It would be on the news.

    • ​@@miri669He's not a comedian tho. He's just naturally funny. He's what you call funny without even trying. He can be serious and still make you laugh. There's plenty of guys like that. Being funny does not mean you're lying.

    • Autographs he means like they signature 😂😂😂

  • Ice cube is a legend for that

  • It's a song and it can be motivational 😅

  • Best story I ever heard about N.W.A.

    • Ain't no story.its history

    • It was all true.aint no story bro. It was historical times. West coast was unstable af back then.especially when the po po beat Rodney kings ass .that was the fuel on the fire

    • This is all fiction, I was at the show! The only thing that actually happened was someone threw a M-80 into the crowd during the first song. Them cowards dropped and rolled off stage and never came back. Never even got to see Eazy.

  • Lmao Bro Is A Legend 😆 😭 💀

  • Cubo de hielo : Ice Cube Ice Cube : Cubo de hielo

  • Cops can't even ask for an autograph without escalating

    • Man fuck that. Wish I had an autograph

    • you gotta admit it was funny af

    • @guyonabus no

    • @@dangdudedan8756 maybe not for ice cube but for everyone else, he’ll yeah

    • Honestly, I think this is kinda funny. Maybe not the most well thought out joke, but I'd assume they had a green light from someone.


  • That’s some good cops there

  • Now THAT, is a story you tell your grandchildren. 😂

    • I'm the founding member of the world's most dangerous group, my song is sung to every police force in the world, and to this day I hate pork...

    • ​@@lordcarnage5199Ice Cube founded the British Empire?

  • I don't like much rap but that was one of the best tapes of my childhood.

  • "Chill bro it's just a prank" The prank:

  • Thats actually really funny and wholesome 🤣 sucks the show got cut short but im sure the promoter was gonna cancel it anyways after that song played

    • How is it wholesome that cops did what was basically a terrorist act to censor a song they didn't like?

    • @@Alverantnigga is getting offended for ice cube 😭😭 he doesn’t know you pal

    • ​@@Alverantwas probably staged foo lol

    • It would of been at the very end anyway

  • Life was real back then

  • Lol, ok that is a story worth telling through the years 😂

  • The cops played the part perfectly 👌

    • They stopped the show and made a good excuse

  • I love how it actual showed them running

  • Thats really wholesome

  • “Can I have an autograph?” “Hell nah” “Are you resisting arrest now?”

    • 😅😅😅

    • “Can I get your autograph?” “I’d rather not.” *_”HE’S RESISTING!”_* *BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG*

  • Now That’s Funny Cube😂


  • Cops said: “so now that I got you here.. can you sign this for me bro”

  • That’s actually insane 😂

  • Legend!!!

  • "tonight we gon' do that song" best ice cube quote of all time.

  • Your one handsome man I love that story!

  • My uncle was a cop when this was out. he used to play this in his patrol car with the windows down.