How IKEA gets you to impulsively buy more

čas přidán 17. 10. 2018
IKEA has mastered the “Gruen effect.”
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Researchers estimate that 50 percent of purchases are unplanned. These purchases, especially impulse buys, present an opportunity for retailers who can entice consumers to deviate from their shopping lists.
One of the most effective ways to influence this is through a store’s architecture. In the 20th century, the architect Victor Gruen, who pioneered the first American shopping malls, used light and space to dramatically stage goods in storefront windows. His designs were meant to capture the attention of passersby - and convert them into customers. This conversion became known as the “Gruen effect.”
Watch the video above to learn how Ikea has mastered the Gruen effect with a carefully designed store layout that gets customers to travel further distances… and buy more.
For the curious, here are a few links:
Read Jeffrey Inman’s research on unplanned spending:
Watch a video from University College London Professor Alan Penn, who breaks down Ms. Kazim’s research in greater detail:
And finally, I recommend reading Victor Gruen’s biography, “Mallmaker” by Jeffrey Hardwick. You can also learn more by listening to this 99% Invisible podcast episode that features Hardwick and details the history of the Gruen effect:
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  • Victor Gruen's early work was prolific. Some consider his indoor shopping mall the greatest building design of the 20th century. You can learn about the mall's history as a social space, and why Gruen ultimately turned against his grand vision in this video: _Carlos W.

  • Richard La Graauw sounds like a dutch guy

  • This is why I don't go to Ikea - I feel like I'm being led through a cattle chute and being in a warehouse that long makes me start to panic.

  • Hey everyone! Go check out my Get ready with me in Ikea!! It’s a quick simple look and the support is always appreciated ❤️❤️

  • I only go for meatballs and to sit in all the display rooms.

  • I went to Ikea once and I couldn’t find the damn exit.

  • IKEA is a cult

  • How SCP-3008 gets you to impulsively buy more

  • The meatballs are so good thoooo

  • IKEA also has those little playing corners for children which parents can leave them in, or as I called them “Child prisons”...

  • In my case, I use a cool trick that some people can benefit from, and that trick is: I'm poor. Works every time.

  • window shopping? I do that a lot bc I have no money

  • Why does this guy sound like Saul Khan from Khan Academy... I need answers

  • Ikea just makes me feel good though. It feels like home. I voluntarily and intentionally go through the longest path just because their exhibits are so nice to see.

  • It actually might be exactly about plants and [veggie] meatballs 😸

  • Oh I remember how annoyed I was as a child when my mom said “oh let’s pop in the store ‘cause we’re low on bread” and then we got stuck there for hour buying groceries... 🙈🙈

  • The meatballs are the best part of IKEA

  • On the Internet most people don’t normally speak a verbal response but when I saw this I said “oooh yes tell me” because I’m literally going there in a few days for a desk

  • "Think about the last time you went to IKEA" "ok, never, now what."

  • If you live in NY stew Lenard’s does the same thing

  • Ikea hack - park in loading zone, go through exit and buy your item. In and out in 5 mins

  • I always plan for Swedish meatballs ;P

  • As a Swede living in Barcelona for over two years, me and my Swedish fellas visit Ikea every quarter or so just to have ourself some meatballs and get away from all the tapas and lousy pizza we otherwise eat in this beautiful city.

  • Lol the meatballs

  • Vox, I regret to inform you that, you have been diagnosed with massive GAY.

  • At least they own up to it. Points for honesty.

  • I can vouch for this. I went from never having been to Ikea to buying every single piece of furniture I own from Ikea in a week.

  • Well hey, IKEA has good products.

  • Idiot! If you do not have better control over yourself, stay at home.

  • unless you're a man, you just buy what you need and gtfo asap

  • Pull up to IKEA in the Kia Flip phone, Nokia

  • 3:21 I was the victim of their bästis 😅

  • I've never been to Ikea :C

    • It looks like somewhere you would go in a dream. The showrooms seem to never end, and there are rooms upon rooms of things you can buy. The self-serve area (for big furniture) is quite the sight to behold.

  • I once went to ikea and bought a bed, A WHOLE BED I DONT EVEN NEED

  • Losing my mom in ikea is by far the scariest thing ever

  • lmao that dutch accent

  • Slant Ikea sell furniture?

  • I go to Ikea mostly for the meatballs though...

  • "How IKEA gets you to impulsively buy more" Challenge accepted.

  • Is It hard? I simple go and get what I want the faster I can and go back to my home

  • I say”IKEA” But some people says”IKEA” I don’t know which is right

  • I have never been to IKEA before

  • bring back borders

  • If you want to feel strange, walk through an Ikea backwards. It's strange going against the flow of people

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  • I spend hours at ikea and I love it!

  • I just got a ikea ad

  • That’s why I always want that wooden mannequin figure thing

  • I tend to put a lot of stuff in my cart implusively but, one way in which I prevent impluse purchases is by looking at my cart and thinking 'do I need all these things?' once before lining up for the cashier. I always take so much stuff out at the end. 😂😂

  • Thats true i just boght a lot of stuff and assembled.