How Japanese Castella (Jiggly Sponge Cake) are Made // TANEYA, Japanese Wagashi Company

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Taneya's castella are something that the current chairman (Tokuji Yamamoto) has always cherished. The ingredient is so simple and cannot be baked without extraordinary effort and skills. It is one of the important sweets of Taneya that has inherited the manufacturing method and technology from generation to generation.

This time, we will introduce "栗百本 (Kuri Hyappon) ( which means a hundred chestnuts)" in La Collina Omihachiman. It is a castella specialty store that uses more than 100 chestnut trees, which designed by architect 藤森照信(Terunobu Fujimori).

You can see the castella being manufactured from inside the store through the glass windows, but we will give you a look inside the factory this time.

La Collina Ohmihachiman

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- table of contents -
0:00  Castella from TANEYA
0:11  Crack Eggs
0:34  Separate Eggs into Yolk and White
0:59  Mix Egg Yolk and Strain it
1:31  Whisk Egg White and Sugar
2:24  Add other Ingredients and Mix them Well
3:56  Put the batter into a Wooden Frame and Bake it
4:43  Special Skills! The Batter "Cutting the bubbles"
6:32  Steam it
7:43  Take it out from the Oven and Frames
9:03  Cut and Wrap
11:38  This is Japanese Castella!

- music -

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