How Long to Cook an EGG in 120 Degree Weather? (Test) 🍳

čas přidán 7. 09. 2022


  • 100 degrees

  • -How do you want your egg cooked?

  • Someone need to show this man what overcooked eggs look like 💀

  • “It’s so hot today, it’s 118 degrees Fahrenheit.”

  • It's 118 degrees

  • Celcius be like:Dies*

  • “It’s so hot today, it’s 118 degrees.”

  • " it's so hot my gopro camera and iPhone shut down"

  • “118 degrees-“

  • South Asia: Perfectly Fine Day 👍

  • “It’s so hot, 118 degrees”

  • I wore a hoodie to school on a 115 day this egg needs to get on my level

  • Me who lives in Australia: those are what we call rookie numbers

  • Me sitting here only 15-20 degree AHHHHHHHH ITS SO WARM

  • “Everything decided to shut off, even my camera”

  • Him: Its the hottest day with the temperature of 118 degree.

  • Me in Arizona be like

  • Me if i went to Nothern California that day:

  • Him at 47°C : holy sh!t it's hot AF here

  • "You mama so hot she went to North california for fresh air"