How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

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  • Can someone explain me why chrome is so intensive???

  • But is that dedotated wam?

  • But How many valorant twitch streams can you open with 2tb ram.


  • vine por vicio

  • I thought this video was made out of 6 thousands of Apple ads

  • Bruh I was watching your video and a ad came and you was in it its caled pulse wave Did you do a ad on that?

  • he should use his ram as a boot drive lol

  • Kevin Hart and The Rock went Viral...

  • windows 10 pro has 2 terabytes of storage and i have one

    • i have the computer he has

    • an operating system cant give you 2 terabytes

  • ....wait thats illegal

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="187">3:07</a> ...we come together 'cause opposites attract

  • And I'm sitting here with 6 windows open and about 80 tabs lol

  • Minecraft at 1000fps with ultra shaders....sign me in

  • watching on my 4 gb ram laptop

  • where do i buy 1 stick of that ram dudue

  • Chrome : Three. Take it or leave it

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="614">10:14</a> When the computer hits the limit

  • Omg 2T pf RAM when i saw the title i thought he must have done a mistake he have put ram instead of space

  • Linus: I opened 6000 chrome tabs. Me: Struggles to open one instance of Visual Studio Code on my 4GB RAM

  • Plot twist : He reaches the limit because of the cache on his ssd/hdd

  • -me crying with only 4gb of ram-

  • Linus asking the real questions

  • wait 2TB of ram? why tf do our pc's only. have 8,16 and 32 then?

    • @PatTheRanga Are you trying to build a Data center or something ? No one needs that much Ram right now

    • -RandomUserName- true true, what about like say 50 or 100gb ram?

    • because 2TB is hella expensive, and most people don't even need it

  • Finally a RAM defeats Google Chrome

  • Now that's a lot of deditated wam for the serber

  • My computer has 2tb memory

  • slide one of those ram my way pls lol

  • Does he know about the meme???

  • Me sat here with my 8gb of ram -_-

  • Now I can chronically masterbate without having to worry!

  • How Create A CyberAtacck

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="526">8:46</a> nice

  • On my school computer I open 20 tabs and my computer just crashes

  • Only for this. OKFG

  • I actually have a 2TB Ram

  • Can it play Minecraft?

  • who lives in a pinapple under the sea? Chrome browser development team

  • Answer is 6000

  • can i have one?

  • I need 2 terrabytes of ram to open up the Chrome Settings menu...

  • I have 2 gb ram and its ddr2

  • this guy maxed out the mac pro's 1.5 tb ram with 6000 chrome tabs

  • oh wow it's the dissapointed guy from the meme

  • 27GB of idle memory use

  • pls next video say „Wait a minute , who are you?”

  • Lol my computer has a fit from opening chrome and Minecraft at the same time

  • Repeat that on Linux.

  • This still can’t run brawl stars

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="593">9:53</a> what ur brothers doing on the internet when ur in a 5v1 clutch in cs:go

  • 2tb ram play gta 10000000

  • Linus:How many tabs can I open on my computer? *opens two taps* Computer: I'm gonna stop you right there

  • When you have money and dont know what to do with it, mmmnn.. let me check how many google taps can I open with 2 tb ram

  • Hi I am one of the developer of the Chromium open source project. well, I think one of our coded if-statements just didnt work right. i should fix it righty then: if (ram>2000 && os_name=="windows") { try { fix_allocation(); } catch( e as BUGS_BUNNY) { exit("Bug: "+e); } }

    • after a few hours of troubleshooting, we have found out that these errors happen when cosmic rays from the sun flips some boolean value. it is therefore apparent that sun shields are required before turning on your computer. furthermore, we also think that the heat from your system (plus the heat of the sun) may have also contributed to the error that happened, we suggest that you install something to cool the system like: a pair of sun glasses, awesome slippers, and some nice haircut.

  • maybe i can get 1?

  • me: you dont need more than 8 gb of ram unless you're planning on running a server or doing some intense gaming linus: *how bout we stuff more than your hard drive worth of ram into it instead?*

  • Our school computer took at least 2-3 min to open chrome

  • Can you giveaway those

  • This is how you "officialy" hack games... 😂😂🤔🤔

  • Linus S3x Tips

  • for mid level CPU , high ram is a bottleneck ,i got ryzen 5 and 24gb ram, never go more than 10 gigs lol

  • My Computer Has 120 GB, And My Brain Has 1 KB.

  • One stick of ram can store the same amount as my MacBooks SSD

  • Only my windows eats 20% 😂😂😂

  • me: i have to click on chrome 5 times to open it, and it still lags in the home page Linus: 6000 Tabs baby

  • i got ad presented by him before this video starts..😅

  • I had 2g ram :(

  • WTF? even my system only have 1TB of SSD How on earth you can have 2TB RAM?


  • 3, take it or leave it

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  • That was fun to watch

  • I W A N T T H A T I N M Y P C

  • Just think about all the desktop geese you could have

  • Neopets oh my good, lots of 2005 memories

  • This dude has more ram tham my ram and hard drive comboned


  • me when running 50 or so tabs with rocket league running on the background with only 16 gb of ram

  • Chrome:IM AT MY LIMIT PLEASE STOP! Computer:I'm only using 10% of my power!

  • Like 4.