How Much Coffee Is Too Much? | Responding to Your Comments #10

čas přidán 6. 01. 2019
We're back at it responding to comments! Keep them coming!

- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Lollypops, or sucking candy helps clogged ears as well. It just prevents it, I'm personally loving it and amazed by it

  • I have had constant ringing in my left ear for 2 days now. Please help.

  • Dunno if this has been asked or already discussed, but how do you feel as a doctor about the current US healthcare system and do you feel increased access would be a benefit not just for patients but for medical staff? and in what ways would it [universal/single payer healthcare] possibly be a hindrance for the medical community?

  • Where do we send him the comments

  • 7:02 I get this! It fits the exact description of "Precordial Catch Syndrome" (on wikipedia or physio-pedia) to a T. It was infrequent in school (a couple times a year in high school, remember it earlier but not how frequent), and it's only become less frequent since (once a year, maybe less, at 29). I was an idiot and never got it checked, luckily turns out it does no harm so doesn't really matter anyway.

  • came for the content; left in disgust at the female thirst.

  • 😲🤤🤤when he pulls up that ab pic

  • I was drinking coffee since I was a small child. Approved by my pediatrician. I was so ADHD that I never slept. The coffee helped me to sleep at night and slow down during the day. The one time I was prescribed meds, the dose was too high and pretty much knocked me out. So my mother opted to keep me on the coffee. I drank it like water until my 50's when I decided to treat my ADHD. The day I took my first ADHD medication, I lost all my taste for coffee (like it tasted bad). I haven't had even a cup in 4 years now. TLDR, I self medicated with caffeine from when I was a child until I got on a medication that addressed the need, and now, no more caffeine.

    • @Rebecca White the best way to know for sure is to be evaluated by a professional who specializes in seeing ADHD characteristics and making a diagnosis. There are psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners (overseen by a psychiatrist) who can make those kind of diagnoses and counselors who can assist with behavior modifications to learn to live with and make it a tool for you to use. Get a diagnosis and if it's bad enough that it affects your work and personal life, look at meds. I compensated for, gosh, almost 40 years. It's not worth it, lol. I was my own worst enemy. The meds make a world of difference and help make your life a little easier. Knowing I was diagnosed as a child...I should have always been in meds. I wonder where my life would have led if I had better control of my ADHD.

    • I think I have ADHD, un-diagnosed... I drink lots of coffee all day long. Maybe that is why I do? Feel better when I have it, more normal.

  • About a week ago I passed out in class. It was only for a second and I felt fine afterwards, and I couldn't isolate any action I did that morning that could have caused it. What are some common causes of blacking out? Do I need to watch for specific actions or something? Thanks

  • Chandler talking🤔

  • I'm a guy viewer and came here because I was looking for keyword (key sentence) "how much coffee is too much"? :) I did not get answer. :) Will keep searching. My lady will probably like the guy, I search for content. :D I did click subscribe thos. Many other usefull info.

  • 7:35 ... I had this same problem. I seem a cardiologist and got tests and an ultrasound pretty much on my heart and they told me it was just my anxiety pretty much 🤦‍♀️ guess I know now though

  • Remembering: in high school Biology complaining with other students about the pains of heartburn. My ears pop no matter where I am. Should I be worried? I have this problem for years. I have a theory that people with strict sleep schedules are more likely to get jet leged than people with flexible sleep schedules. Could this be plausible or not plausible? If a person has a strict sleep schedule any change even if necessary could cause a person to be jet legged. This I think could also apply to people who have other strict schedules besides sleep schedules. Because of the strictness of the schedule a person is use to it may be harder to adapt to new or different schedules. If a person has a flexible sleep schedule they may be able to adjust to a different schedule which may reduce the symptoms of jet leg. I think this could apply to people who have other flexible schedules besides flexible sleep schedules. Because of the flexibility of the person schedule they may be able to adapt to a new or different schedule.

  • I wore 2 watches and was attacked by a crocodile i am sooo sueing you

  • Too much coffee gave my mom AFib. We almost lost her.

  • Looks like real life JD from scrubs

  • As an 8th grader, I don't believe in that high schoolers or 8th graders have any energy. I think this may be because of the school i go to and their workload, but I thinks this is true for many others. My whole class drinks coffee and so do the high schoolers. Everyone comes in with a cup in their hand. idk just me?

    • @Erick-Emil Szelitzky no im serious we CANT get enough sleep no matter how early we try to get our work done

    • Just cuz you thinks it's cool. Sleep better , eat better and you'll never need coffee, not even as an adult.

  • I was diagnosed with migraines since I was 9 and am almost 14, I just wanted to make sure that long term migraines won’t cause a permanent effect on my life style. Thank you

  • 2:30 😍😘😍 Thanks to that my life is now almost complete! Just missing the backside. 😓😭😢

  • I drank a little cup of coffee the other night. I was up until 1 am.

  • Experiment with drugs - Doctor Mike, 2019.

  • I can attest to the chewing gum. Chewing gum used to help me prevent car sickness as a child together with looking out far instead of close by. Also the Chewing gum when going over the mountains helps your ears unblock.

  • Peewoop

  • Dr.Mike- "I generally discourage those in high school to ingest caffeine." Me- Slowly puts down cup of coffee

  • Hey dr mike. My grandma has severe neck pain pretty much every day. All the doctors she has been to are not exactly sure what is going on. One said maybe the something with the muscles. One said maybe something with the nerves. One even said maybe something with her jaw. She says the pain is only on her right side. She can’t turn her head and she says sometimes she will stand up and want to walk one way but she will walk another. Are these symptoms related to something?? She has also had a few nerve blocks but they only help for a few days and sometimes less. Please answer my question we have no idea what is going on. And besides this and arthritis she is very healthy. She is 87. Please if you have an answer please help

  • I've overdosed on caffeine. That's why I clicked.

  • Sadly I started drinking coffee at the age of 13 (And no, I don't suggest it. When I have a kid or kids. I don't want them drinking coffee until they're 18 or older) so I've been drinking coffee for 22 years now. However I normally only have one cup a day and sometimes I don't even finish that one cup. I find I only need a handful of sips to ward off the caffeine withdrawals.

  • Hi doctor, How many hours of studying should I do everyday??

  • I recently went on a holiday to tunisia and at every meal I was drinking about 1 litre of cola and throughout the day I was drinking loads and now I get tired really easily and I’m gaining weight. Do I have diabetes or something?

  • ok but when the video was at 2:30, i think i might or might not have panicked

  • Whats worse nicotine or caffeine

  • It's so funny, I used to get a lot of these things he talked about. Like heartburn/acid reflux, the tightening of the chest, and constant, persistent headaches. I recently got out of a pretty stressful situation with my ex boyfriend and suddenly I do not experience any of these anymore. Could that stress really have been causing all of that?

  • Re sore throat: Another factor might be sleep apnea. In my personal experience, before I got my CPAP, I often woke with a sore throat (but it faded as the day went on). Also, when I get lazy and don’t refill the water chamber on my CPAP, I can wake with an uncomfortably dry throat. Maybe consider asking your doc about this. I was in my late 40s before being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.

  • Aye, thanks to this video, I spoke to my doctor about my migraines that were messing with my speech and turning my face numb etc. Found out it was caused by using nuvarings The human body is mad weird my guy

  • Coffee Question: 4:17

  • My school literally serves coffee as a breakfast choice (obviously you have to buy it but still)

  • I am glad that pain in my rib area isn't serious :) stupid muscle cramps

  • As someone who drank a cup of coffee every morning before school/work for ADHD (with my medication) because I read online somewhere that It can help with ADHD is this true?

  • I laughed out loud when he said high schoolers have a lot of energy.... Oh hell to the no i could fall asleep wherever I go

  • 0:55 i just sit and push a pair of headphones so close to my head that it doesn’t have any gaps until the plane has landed/taken off

  • I have a question, love your content by the way! What would you recommend to someone to give an energy boost with a ton of allergies, as well as a caffeine and lactose sensitivity, so options are limited? Allergies: Peas, Coconut, Grains (Wheat, Rice, Oats, etc.) All meats except fish and tofu. (Yes, my doctors and I all joke about my immune system demanding a healthy diet whenever we bring it up.)

  • Omg the photo of him topless I’m dead

  • I've been having sharp, stabbing headaches radiating up my neck and into the bottom of my skull for a couple of months(which was exacerbated when I went on a vacation and did lots of hiking). they do tend to come on with physical exertion. However, when I brought it up with my doctor she said it was probably anxiety and to do breathing exercises :( that always feels so dismissive to me. I know that obviously mental and emotional states can alter our physical state, but it is frustrating to me when I feel very real and very painful things but it's just "anxiety", even though this is the least anxious I have been in literally years.

  • I’ve been drinking a pot of coffee a day for years, prolly over two decades, maybe closer to three. Some days I had two. No soda pop for even longer. Until recently...and only non-caffeine/calorie. No medical issues to complain or question about. Just putting it out there.

  • Why do I get a sharp pain in my side when I breath deep? please help

  • Okay, so this is a question I've had forever, and my biology teachers never could really explain it to me. Is there a reason why if the mom has no rhesu, let's say A neg, but the baby is B pos, why does that cause a problem, but the A and B bloodtype difference isn't a problem? There's antibodies for the B-blood as well in the mother, so why doesn't it cause the same issues you do with a negative-positive bloodtype difference?

  • I was going to say laryngoeosophageal reflux , and DR.Mike said it . It's very common these days, especially in India. Even more than post nasal drip. Due to life style and dietary factors

  • Or do a Valsalva maneuver for the plane ears

  • You should get a titanium watch

  • Sometimes after grueling exercise, my limbs twitch or spasm, idk why.

  • So my eyelid twitches sometimes, it usually seems random, sometimes during physical activities like marching band, or sometimes just in class. Sometimes it lasts a long time, then goes away, or it lasts for short, repetitive bursts.

  • Man this person is insanely handsome and clever at the same time


  • Bruh I’m a minority now.

  • I know someone who is not even in high school and drinks coffee every day..... I love coffee

  • (drinks 5 cups of coffee a day) *and I oop-*

  • Sometimes after I get up in the morning if I pull my shoulders forward I feel a tightness and aching in my chest that lasts a minute or so is this normal

  • funny because at least in the case of period cramps advil helps me but tylenol does jack shit

  • That post nasal drip thing happens to me literally 24/7 and it's so fucking annoying. I'm constantly trying to get rid of the mucus in throat, even in public, and to other people it looks fucking gross but I just can't help it.

  • Why are my nails bending so easily and flaking? And they itch under the nail a lot. Why is this?