How Much Coffee Is Too Much? | Responding to Your Comments #10

čas přidán 6. 01. 2019
We're back at it responding to comments! Keep them coming!

- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Hey :) so I have some weird issues. No matter what I eat, almost everytime I eat (once-twice a day) my stomach knots up and cramps and it’s rather painful. Everything also gives me heart burn and I can out burp a grown man. If I don’t burp sometimes it hurts and burns. It just feels like so much pressure. Also sometime the heart burn wakes me up and makes me vomit or burp a lot long loud burps in a row for like an hour. Is this normal? Does it sound like something I should ignore or should I see a doctor?

  • Doc can you do a video of the Zoster shot and maybe one on statins

  • Hey Doctor Mike Can someone by allergic to contact lenses? My ophthalmologist says that I am and tells me to add eye drops to my eyes every night for 3 months

  • I heard a vegan say that ever since they stopped eating animal products and drinking coffee they have stopped having b.o. Could that be true?

    • B.o is mostly bacteria feeding on your sweat ...unless it is Adrenalin or stress sweat, that has bad b.o. I do not see that changing because of not eating meat or coffee, and just because they do not smell it that does not mean others can not ....

  • Each to their own for pre-workout. You wanna know what makes them sell so much? Convenience. If I am on the go and I want a quick boost of energy, I am not gonna wait for my cup of coffee to brew. For one, I do not believe in their blends or anything, I simply take them for the caffeine. Also 1 scoop of the pre-workout usually has less or equal to the amount of daily recommended dose if you are wondering.

  • Hey Dr Mike, what do you think about taking "fat loss" pills while working out specifically CLA pills as they are marketed to be more "natural"

  • Me = *drinking my Starbucks Mango dragonfruit Refresher*

  • Damm doctor mike is ripped

  • You wearing makeup?

  • I chew a lot of gum and eventually got TMJ dysfunction

  • What’s wrong with his eyes?

  • Why do I get dizzy when I stand up

  • Me: Trying to focus on what he's saying Dr. Mike: 2:28

    • Biljana Radivojević 😂😂😂😂

  • Ive been having back pain for months now, i did crossfit for a while and I feel like it made the pain worst. However, every time I take a breath when im laying down my back hurts, what do you think could be causing this pain?

  • Dr. Mike, I was born w/Spina Bifida. Also, I have a smaller kidney. I used 2 have no problem drinking coffee or tea but now that I'm older... I guess... I have 2 use the bathroom a few minutes after I drink my beverage. Also, 1 of the pills I take is called Oxybutitan. This expands my bladder so I can hold more B4 I reach a restroom. Anything alternative I can take 4 a pick me up in the morning?

    • Some vitamin D

  • Love your passion for using media to benefit many of the common good! Blessings over you, friend. Love the educational intake from these videos!

  • Dr. Mike without a SHIRT?! *shook*

  • does your analytics show how many of your male viewers are straight ?! hahaha

  • Thank you Dr for your precious content and taking the time to answer ❤

  • Doctor mike, would you date a man?

  • was that his body in 2:30 ?

  • You should do a collaboration with Mama Doctor Jones!

  • Can you do a video about endometriosis and similar conditions like symptoms and when to see a doctor?

  • The first time I drank coffee was when i was 4 and 90% was milk I'm 13 know i drink black coffee know what do you think about this . And also all my friends think I bleed alote on my period it's a healthy color but its alote my mom never bleeds this much do you have and answer and also if you read all of this who are scrolling tell me if you have an answer

  • I can have 1 cup of coffee a week or I get indigestion. Coffee is bitter and so am I.

  • I just yawn to unclog my ears

  • Please talk about ADHD in women. I'm not into taking medication, so is there ANYTHING we can do to help our brains to focus? (diet, exercise, etc)? I can't figure out what's helpful and what's just nonsense.

  • That body!!!

  • What are your thoughts on L-theanine for anxiety, have you observed any positive results? If not what can help with anxiety?

  • Pharmacy tech here. Loved the advice you gave on the advil/Tylenol question. We get that one a lot!!

  • 2:28 You can see his dick.

  • Hi Doc!!! Is it ok to sneeze about 6-7 times in a row every morning? Does that equate to something wrong? By the way, LOVE the channel

  • Hey Doctor Mike, I've had chronic cough for months already ever since I worked in cold environment. I've had this checked by our company doctor and had xray but it came negative, still my cough did not completely go away. I still have occasional cough everyday. What could be wrong with this? Thanks

  • "I wonder if I can get sued for that..." The Legal Eagle/Dr. Mike crossover I've been waiting for

  • Idk if you have much info on this, but I have been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome a few years ago. It affects my neck and arms a lot, making frequent trips to the chiropractor a must, and work difficult to do, I try to keep up in the medical field for new information for managing Tourettes, but do you have any recommendations? BTW, love the channel!

  • my doc told me that to only have up to four coffees a day because i love it so much and couldnt live without it. i am fairly good about other thins but that is not something I will ever kick. is that good? my cups are actual mugs not that shite that starbucks calls coffee.

  • Best pre-workout: coffee+grapefruit juice!

  • Sometimes I get a pain deep in my head and it feels like a needle in my brain, is this bad?

  • 2:28 shirtless pic🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sometimes i get a short stinging feeling on one side of my chest that goes away pretty quickly, but is scary everytime. What can this be?

  • Bebu noise you make at the start of the show meant to sound like an ambulance?

  • These are the top three things Dr Mike says in every video 1.Chest Compressions, Chest Compressions, Chest Compressions 2. Peewoop 3. Go see your doctor

  • *Definitely get headaches checked!* You could have massive brain swelling often caused by ADEM. Though it is EXTREMELY uncommon outside of Africa, I had it when I was 9. It was a life or death situation for me. SO GET HEADACHES CHECKED!

  • 0:34 *swallows whole bottle*

  • My dude teenagers do not have any energy

  • nice stethoscope

  • When you realize that this kind of talking is also the ones you get from doctors in real life

  • "Go see your doctor " Here I'm doctor

  • Doctor Mike is so fit

  • Do you drink coffee or energydrinks