How Saudi Arabia Is Turning Desert into Huge Farmlands

čas přidán 20. 06. 2021
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When most of us think of the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, we think of scorching sun, endless ocean of sand dunes, and one of the inhospitable climates on Earth, that wasn’t the case in the not-so-distant past. About 10000 years ago and before it was a place of rolling grasslands, forests, and jungles watered by torrential monsoon rains just like in tropical southeast Asia. Thanks to huge water resources deep beneath, Saudi Arabia could be able to transform desert into farmlands.

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  • Ya I am also seen the circle flight travel

  • Elon Musk says that on the same area (south enough location as Saudi Arabia) of a nuclear plan (with security perimeter) but with solar panels equal or more electricity is generated. Better with solar panels instead of nuclear. They can be installed on buildings, dams etc to interfere the least. What do you think about this?

  • Idiot. Only an insane person thinks that the pollution of nuclear energy with radiation half life of a few thousand years is just fine. No it doesn't have a carbon footprint. It just makes your skin blister and you die a few days later. Nuclear power IS NOT GREEN! It's black as death.

    • Oh and central pivot irrigation is extremely wasteful means of irrigation. I grew up in NW Ohio. Plenty of rain fall most of the time. In the past 10 years farmers started putting in central pivot watering systems pumping out of the aquifer. Now the state is upset that the aquifer levels are suddenly dropping. Hmmmm i wonder why?

  • what a waste of space. if they are still using flat farmland they really should follow up with the technology of building indoor vertical farms instead. farmland is so outdated

  • Your voice is so fucking annoying

  • Its all a bit mumbled, cant understand a thing really

  • It's a brutal country.... Backwards

  • No comment

  • Tell people i Pripjat that nuclear are safe... if you find any. It's a ghost town due to radioactive radiation. Try agro voltaic where solar panels shade the crops and reduce the need for water, saving water and energy. Also the panels are producing electricity, witch people can sell when not using it for farming.

  • Im glad humans are doing this again maybe the African countries should forget their differences and start something like this in the Sahara

  • Thankfully they don’t have money problems selling their oil… they can built “ spend money” build circles on moon if they wanted😬

  • Water and fire = Aqua-fire... SMH... If you're going to post on CS-tv, common pronunciation should be considered.

  • spilling lots of water

  • So Saudi Arabia can only relay on digging Fossil fuel and Fossil water for their Fortune. If the oil run out saudi arabia will be a desert again 👌

  • I saw these dark circles from the airplane a few times and always wondered what they were. It Probably must have been at a season with no crops being cultivated but it always amazed me.

  • The day saudi Arabia becomes a greenland it's one of the signs it's the end of the world.god guide us

  • Using old reserves of water instead of working towards permaculture. Next generation’s get the bills…

  • If Arabia stop buying billions of dollars of arms and weapons from USA the greatest warmongers the world has ever seen and spent it on these projects then they wouldn’t need to be reliant on other nations for food etc….they spent $65 billion dollars on just one contract for weapons…….that’s money could have been used for these projects instead of massaging certain egos……

  • Subhanallah hence the prophecy of the Messenger of Allah Mohammed Rasool Sallallahu Alaiwasallim became true.

  • Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said : عن أبي هريرة حيث قال : ( لا تقوم الساعة حتى يكثر المال ويفيض ، حتى يخرج الرجل بزكاة ماله فلا يجد أحدا يقبلها منه ، وحتى تعود أرض العرب مروجا وأنهارا ) “Laa taqumu as-saa’atu hatta yaktsura al-maalu wa yafidha hatta yakhruja ar-rajulu bizakaati maalihi falaa yajidu ahadan yaqbaluha minhu wa hatta ta’udu ardhul-arabi murujan wa anhaaran.” The Day of Resurrection will not occur until wealth has been piled up and overflowing, until a man goes everywhere carrying his zakat assets but he does not find anyone who is willing to accept his zakat. And so that the land of Arabia becomes fertile (fruitful) and prosperous (green) again with meadows and rivers.

  • A couple gangsters from the Bronx turn the desert into a gambling oasis in a few years and these people have thousands of years and still working on it.

  • Notice how only the parts that get watered only turn green and nothing around gets any greener.

  • They do realise the underground glacial lake will runout one day don’t they. From crazy Collectables

  • You know, California did this same thing and now they're facing water shortages since they're draining the aquafer. People just don't learn.

  • Prophet Muhammad said, "The Last Hour will not come… till the land of Arabia once again becomes meadows and rivers." Saheeh Muslim, Book # 05, Hadeeth # 2208

  • These countries will be soon dead... Pumping their reserves empty and having no money cause no more oil ... And as they can't do real work, cause only foreigners do that, nobody wants them

  • Lol nucelear power is the most expensiv and a lot will die or died from it. Evrything was fine but that is just nonesence

  • Wait till that oil money runs out. Back to desert.

  • This can’t be good for the environment

  • Why they don't build forest near the farmland If they grow trees Will be more benefits

  • With all that heat it would be crazy easy to distill salt water I don't get why they don't do it. It can be done passively.

  • With a shit ton of fertilizers?

  • That’s got to be the most irritating voice and accent ever. Awful. Find someone else to do your narration.

  • What a shit video starting with the robotic voice to the crappy whole thing.

  • I understand they are going to loose their water rights soon . The oil companies want to move in . From what I’ve been told .

  • Awful !

  • The world is ending. A prophet predicted this 1400 years ago saying “desserts will be turned into greenlands and have crops” that was an indication towards the signs of day of judgment. Pray to God people and stop doing bad deed and repent

  • Your video was very detailed, very informative and organized with facts needed to be presented at that point, Good Work

  • Is there any environmental impact from the waste materials of desalination?

  • But the fertilizerzz will go back into the ancient aquifer. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Here in the Philippines, farms are being converted into subdivision.

  • There is only so much water on and in this world. Now the dead sea is disappearing and people want to know why and where it's going. It really isn't difficult to work out. Humans keep making more land and the people keep asking why the icebergs are melting. Perhaps to compensate. 😏🙄

  • Why don’t they purchases rainwater from India and send it to Saudi Arabia.

  • Learn to speak properly and we wil listen to the end.

  • Good to watch!

  • do they have real soil there ? it just looks like sand all over

    • Sand all over . It’s like a big hydroponic system .

  • I wonder how long their ground water will last at current and future use levels.

  • No, nuclear power is neither the cheapest nor the safest form of energy. That is nonsense. Operating nuclear reactors on earth is also unethical towards future generations. Therefore thumb down.

  • Nuclear energy is not cheap safe energy! Loved the ideas of the land use but the conclusion that nuclear energy is the solution is total BS!

  • لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

  • Hmm .... no mention of how they had abandoned this farming method after they pumped up all the underground water to irritate the circles of crop. You can literally see these abandoned circles today. It's a failed experiment being repeated in the central valley of California, USA.

  • Israel was doing this decades ago.

  • I'm guessing 8 minutes of repetitive talking and 2 minutes of information. Guessing, because I couldn't finish.

  • Desert, desert, desert. Forget deserts. Look south. The Sahel of Africa and the watersheds to the south can feed Billions of people. The Saudis are already farming land in Sudan. With modern transportation and a lot of local cooperation great things are possible.

  • Using up ancient non-renewable water reserves for export of commodity crops. Sounds pretty dumb.

  • We dont even know exactly what happened 4000 years ago, so don't speak about millions of years ago, this is just thumb suck guessing without any evidence whatsoever. Speak about what you know for certain and if you are speculating or guessing which you are obviously entitled to do, then tell us it is merely speculation.

  • Why haven't they started pumping sea water into tanks across the desert and let the desert evaporate it into separate tanks to use for irrigation or even just filter it with the sand just simply pump it into the hills and let it flow down into the aquapher

  • I think the green energy for desalination should come from solar thermal energy, there’s basically limitless sun beaming at the desert and it’s being done now.

  • I had been saying this since middle school, and my stupid teachers would make me feel like I was an idiot.

  • they should start building domes or even better go underground and do aquaponics instead !!

  • Traitor MBs doing only one thing good..

  • So the Center Pivot Irrigation Method is cool and all, but it doesn't work if all your lands rainfall is blocked by a mountain range. They then go on to state they are the largest agricultural buyers overseas. So they produce the most wheat of any other country, but none of it is produced in Saudi Arabia. It's about as smart as growing water intensive crops in California.

  • Great. Really sustainable.

  • About time!🤨

  • So another kind of fossil fuel

  • That one battlefield 2042 map

  • Offcourse nuclear power isn't safe. Even if it is just a bit - the nuclear waist is last for many thousands of years- longer than the modern human excist. Can you oversee this amount of time? I know I can't.

  • Very cool and awesome

  • How the Saudis future will look when their water is full of fertilizer and in short supply. As in California who thinks growing crops where they should not grow. Is progressive.

  • Center pivot irrigation uses and wastes, copious amounts of water especially, as is often the case, its done during daylight hours; meaning that large amounts of that water is lost to evaporation. If the Al Baydha project was replicated right along the area proposed in this video, in addition to the soil carbon sequestration, Saudi Arabia would further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions via reduced need to import food.

  • Oh geez making themselves non dependent on other countries for supplies, America did that with oil, but then someone changed that 😡

  • Nuclear energy nearly destroyed Tokyo after the tsunami. It’s far from safe. Chernobyl?

    • bozo couldnt even get hes geography right smh my head

    • I don’t thing you got your facts right. Fukushima is up north and Tokyo is in enclaved area. Only 1 person died from radiation in throughout that whole Fukushima incident.

  • Want to find where civilization first started? Find the oldest desert.

  • How do they keep sand out of the green circles?

  • When the day of resurrection day is near desert will turn into garden sign of doomsday

  • and what about Africa? the African nations could really use this . why is the church not funding it?

  • Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW Predicted about Greenery , Tall buildings of Arabs and Day of Judgement 1450 years ago :1)Our Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) predicted that one of the signs of Judgment Day would be that the land of Arabia would return to greenery and rivers, as it once was. 2)When you see tunnels/canals being dug in Makkah Mukarramah and the buildings (of Makkah Mukarramah) higher than the peak of the mountains then know that Qiyamah is close.” (Musannaf ibn Abi Shaybah, Hadith: 14306)

  • You know its so funny if they just left the nomadic herd people go they would not have overgrazed? just keep moving naturally as wild herds do.

  • I always wondered why the rich oil countries dont just use solarpower to distill and remineralize water to irrigate the land. I mean they have the sun, dont they?

  • Talk about unsustainable agriculture. What about all the power to run these irrigation systems.

  • « Endless ocean of sand dunes »

  • And some say the Red sea has no impact on the land ! Most of the rain comev from west winds getting moisture from Red sea.

  • That's totally gotta be good for this closed ecological system we live in. Won't affect weather or climate at all.

  • Look at GOD 🤙🏾

  • How much aquifer water is there though?

  • And we wonder why water is a shortage. Stop planting tings where they do not grow.

  • over grazing is false, it has already been debunked that it actually does the opposite effect.

  • hahaha nobody givesafxck cos its saudi fxcking arabia 🤣🤣🤣 bunch of hypocrites

  • When the solar flare hits nuclear plant will crash and poison the earth you idiot! Oil and natural gas are the only safe future we have.

  • They are doing what they do best...abusing fossile reservoirs and doing irreversible harm to earth for profite.

  • Saudi growing wheat is a waste of wealth…it’s wealth destruction.

  • That was job of environment ministry i guess !

  • I was there between 1983and 1986. HADCO near Hail & By Al jabal (Mountain farm) near Buredah.Good life,making the desert green. We only grow wheath ,with centerpivot irrigation.Brand new maschinery mostly from usa.

  • America turns farmlands into desert

  • Nuclear safe? Have you learned nothing? Saudi Arabia can harness sun, solar power, that would do much better and be a lot safer.

  • not a good video.

  • you have no pictures of these farms, because .....they don't exist

    • He literally showed them

  • This is The signs of last day As informed.Deserts turning into greens

  • they have money.. why not build a artificial river?

  • What is funny that part of this is Israeli farming tech from the 80's.