How Singapore Solved Housing

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  • It’s impt that leader rule for the benefit of citizens and not for political gains, depends people being sceptical about it

  • It obviously has its flaws, but overall much better than say the UK where a small flat in a city like Bristol costs upwards of £100000.

  • 7:06 you don’t look at that and tell me you don’t want to live there. It’s beautiful

  • Alternate title: How Hong Kong should solve housing

  • In my country, almost all of people who became rich invests their money to real estate and increase the value of estates so because of that younger generations can not buy even a single house.

  • It's amazing how so much can be said about anything while telling so little.

  • Essential needs such as air, water, food, and shelter should not be a entitiy in a free market for speculation.....housing is a need for an individual to raise family not a tool to store the value of money or a tool for investment...

  • By giving people the death penalty

  • You don’t actually own your public flat in Singapore. You’re merely renting it from the venerable government for 99 years. It’s hardly an asset on a balance sheet; merely a constantly depreciating liability.

  • The United States could learn so much from Singapore in terms of housing. God knows housing in many major US cities are extremely unaffordable and we are talking the so called 'liberal' cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, San Fransisco, and New York City.

  • only Henry Kissinger could have webbed this complex underwear

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  • So basically forced land acquisition, can't own more than one hous at a time and elimination of private sector.............. While I do support the last one, first two are only possible unde a dictatorial government.

  • ….. why do I want to move there?

  • poly Singapore sounds great till you find out what they really need to keep they're economy going like it is, poor uneducated people or immigrants are needed just check the average pay for a labour intensive job under 10 Australian per hour

  • This would not have worked anywhere else in the world as nobody in government can be trusted with that much power. I am in awe of the feat Singapore has achieved here.

  • Fuck the free market

  • In the 1970s , polytechnic students called it MATCH BOXES , thereafter known as PIGEON HOLES , later & now is HDB or most common Govt House .My 8 yr old daughter called it PHOTOCOPY HOUSES. An Australian architect said , TOO MANY HDB destroys the emvironment .🌈🌈

  • So all they did is manipulate statistics calculating children living with parents as ownership

  • Of the approximately dozen nations I've been to, Singapore would be very last on the list of places I'd ever want to live. I found a combination of the tiny apartments; huge taxes on car ownership; and little things like bans on chewing gum resulted in an unpleasant sense of repression unlike anywhere else I've been.

  • Actually craze how public housing and the extreme management of land has affected Singaporean culture as it is today. This ruthlessness...

  • Just remember that some guy create Semi open space office layout and mass adoption turn it into shitty cubicle system you know today

  • Interesting and now I wonder for housing for mixed race couple or mixed race individual.

  • so the ccp has power in singapore and full control. thats to bad.

  • It's funny how everyone is completely ignoring the fact at the end of the video he said it would very difficult to transfer this kind of system to other countries.

  • Bruh first Japan, then Korea, and now everyone wants to be a Singaboo. I mean, I'm down, but it's just a funny trend.

  • high rise and comprehensive redevelopment generally don't work they don't foster a community like even the most disease ridden slums of old glasgow ( or the slums of mumbai such as dharavi ( and generally end up with everyone unhappy. this probably only works with a population of desperate people where most people even in slums are not desperate

  • Singapore: can walk outside at 3am America: cant go to school without fearing of a school shooter

  • Please make a video about the HDB. I want to understand HOW a government owned 'company' or better called 'department', that is NOT capitalistic, can run so good so smart and so non-corrupt. In soviet russia and other dictatorships things would never've been ran that great. I really want to know how they managed that. because as we know only private capitalistic companies can run effiency and smart. so it's really very interesting how the HDB runs.

  • *#PolyMatter** do not exceed 10Min Barrier in all videos*

  • Interesting video ! But I think measuring home ownership alone as a measure of success or prosperity is not completly fair. Afterall I would prefer to rent a nice place out of choice, then live in one these towers with tiny flats (even if i then 'own' the flat). The towers give me claustrophobia just by looking at them.

  • Yep , im from malaysia but my grandparents are living there , we have a couple of our relatives residing in singapore and half of them scattered around malaysia , i really love Singapore's housing , and the fact that they repaint their colors every 5 years makes me excited when im going back to visit my relatives .

  • So, where 80% of a population lives in apartments surrounded by a sea of other people doing the same thing is what we call a success?

  • Hi! at 9:25 you mentioned that govt will upgrading public apartments free of charge, however that is not true. For upgrading of public apartments, residents or confirmed buyers will have pay a portioned of the upgrading fees, such as lift upgrades and such. Also cleaning/rubbish disposal of public housings estates is paid for in the form of miscellaneous fees to the local GRC. Other than that, great video as usual!

  • Can a nerdy Chinese guy have a chance with desi Indian girl under these conditions?

  • I really would still prefer this system to the so called capitalist myth of HK where the conglomerates and developers control everything and you end up with mass unaffordability and living in poorly maintained and so called caged homes. This is a lesser of two evils and you hardly see homeless people here as even the poor are accorded the dignity of a one room flat rather than living in cages which is inhumane. Show this to HK and see where the average person would rather live.

    • HK's housing system isn't a market system. The government restricts the supply of land.

  • The govt being your landlord gives them a lot of leverage.

  • 0:16 This is ridiculous. Calling Soviet apartment blocks ''urban hell'' is pure propaganda. While these blocks are not very pretty, they are very cheap, very fast to build, relatively comfortable, and they create a neighborhood that is quiet, peaceful and even allows kids to go to school without even crossing a road because schools are typically in the center of the block and are 10-15 minutes away from the furthest house in the block. I walk around such Soviet blocks every day and they are not hell. The real hell is the Americanized-type urban sprawl where a pedestrian is threatened by cars. Each meter I go I feel like I could be hit by cars, and when one is on a bike, this stress gets amplified tenfold.

  • So they deregulated housing and took land from landowners thats not ok but aight.

  • Compare how Singapore is different to that disastrous situation created by the British colonial administration in Hong Kong! PAP's purpose was to create a cohesive society...

  • Singapore model proves free market is not the only way to success. If fact free market housing only leads to instabilities.

  • The buildings still looks boring.

  • Excellent.

  • Bruh they haven't solved shit

  • Yes, I agree that the Singapore government did an amazing job solving the housing crisis. However, buying a condo in Singapore might not be a wise "investment".

  • "The government is always the true owner." So basically the same as anywhere on Earth then?

  • This is what happens when your government gives a shit about you

  • Man, this infrastructure is unbelievable! I’m from Canada and we have a housing market crisis

  • Stinks like commie bs

    • Singapore purged its communist party before it became independent lmao

    • @natalie khanyola ayo spitting facts??!! 😳😳

    • If this is communism then I want it.

    • Cry about it

  • Meanwhile Canada...

  • Super expensive to live, small boxes like house and their prices are super high. Not even 500 sq fts still the rent is super high even in this horrible covid condition moreover interior n furniture is super old n outdated.🤦🏻‍♀️

  • We have the future city right here

  • Much respect to Singapore from the U.S.

  • The program displaces original land owners and inhabitant to make way of a "clean slate" society with unfair laws as the government took over land ownership forcefully from the original citizens. If the same policies are implemented today, it will be considered as soft genocide....

    • Those original inhabitants lived in slums while only the richest lived comfortably. This plan was excellent and addressed a pressing issue, homelessness and slums. It brought the idea of housing as a right not as an investment, to the forefront.

  • These efforts cannot be duplicated due to high corruption everywhere else around the world. Singapore politicians are, in general, serving public interests more than any country in the world. Singapore is the only country in the world that the government manage project is as effective as the publicly manage.

  • Singapore has a lot of issues, manly over human rights. But when it comes to infrastructure planning, they might be the best in the world.

  • "Soviet era copy-paste" Have you seen an american suburb?? All line up same lookin houses that expand for miles and km alike, and if you paint your house different that your 8900 neighbours, a binchass anoying white woman that drives a hummer will come and hand you an eviction notice if you dont come in line with the neighbourhood same-house policy

  • They got a neat system but I can never see myself living a densely packed area after covid tho lol

  • This report is misleading. Statistic are 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing. It never was said there is 100% or even 90% home ownership rate. The goal public housing is for Singaporeans to own their homes.. As there are rental flats also offered. If anything, its that most of the flats that are sold. This video is misrepresenting flats with people. This is another anti-Singapore video click bait.

    • learn abt. "public housing ".. HDB.. which is govt. subsidised housing 4 citizens n permanent residents.. "home ownership " is 99 years lease...which hdb owners enjoy..hdb also rents 2 non owners of hdb at very low rent of sg$45.00 per month...principally 2 the poor ..govt. make sure flats r NOT 4 speculation...2 make money like in other places.

  • 0:10 HELLOU EVERYNYAN how are you? fine thank you

  • So the government took over 90% of the land by force?

    • Yup! And it worked for the people that voted for the governments policies.

    • Yes and it worked

  • Sounds great! Where do the public beatings take place?

  • The ugly salesman culturally stamp because mint interspecifically battle worth a obese halibut. didactic, brash beast

  • Wow this is an amazingly nuanced and considered piece of analysis. Great stuff. Usually these videos abt Singapore are woefully biased - either as a cheerleader for current policies or to play up authoritarian tropes. But this has such a fine level of nuance and understanding of local sociopolitical and cultural dynamics. Really great stuff.

  • If a world war breaks out I'm heading to Singapore immediately

  • Can this be replicated elsewhere? Heck no, Singapore is so tiny you cant even see it on a map. Any statistic cant be extrapolated because the variables would drastically change. Its easier to manage a classroom of 30 pupil than a classroom of 300 or 3000.

    • Isn't Singapore top 5 in the worlds most dense populated areas?

  • Communist propaganda gtfo

  • I would say it is better to be controlled by the government than by the top 1%

  • Shoutout to void decks

  • Flats in Singapore are also allegedly designed in such a way that encourages community surveillance, e.g. when a back alley can be seen by an entire flat 24/7, it’s quite difficult to conduct any illegal activities there

  • God I work 55hours a week and can’t find a house I can afford. Damn sad

  • This makes a lot of sense to me.

  • Reasons to move out of the United States, number 1,000,0000.

  • Great video - thanks! Unfortunately I personally think more emphasis needs to be placed on wealth inequality. Check out this video on housing made by Gary Stevenson of @garyseconomics (based on global cities)

  • Enjoyed by the rich and poor alike? Please define.

  • 12.3% population with 12% limits? Seems like no leeway there, not too mention the 0.3% delta

  • This sounds really shit

  • So they took away privately owned land unfairly, that's terrible

    • @Og Astorga freedom is most important, yes

    • @Og Astorga Especially in a country where land is scarce?

    • Is land ownership more important than population happiness and sense of community?

  • As a singaporean i agree with everything. However, in Singapore, housing is unaffordable. The price of housing in Singapore is literally equal to the US's college school fees. Its not uncommon that many singaporean's live with their parents until they are like 40+years old.

  • Indian quotas 🤣

  • yea solved it or made it coensive & real obvious on who has the money & who does not . I dont like singa a place like LA.

  • How Singapore Solved Housing: Socialism.

  • whoa whoa whoa bro the line colours dont match our mrt. btw green is east west red is north south blue is downtown purple is northeast yellow/orange is circle brown is thomson-east coast line and its called lrt, not ltr. stands for light rail transit. not light transit rail. tonks lots. and yes, thanks for changing that in 11:37

  • Of course they have ambitious public housing they are literally living on Marx Face. (Look at the map)

  • Concrete cancer could become a big problem for these high rise properties!

  • now do a video on how they "solved" freedom

  • To clarify something, Singapore is the FREEST MARKET OF THE WORLD, but the super strict and authoritarian government (from a western perspective) applies controls in certain markets. It works with a small population, sg culture, and transparent and competent government.

  • Solution?? I suppose so if your ‘country’ is a city. In most countries, we have large populations of people living in the countryside for essential work with natural resources.(Singapore can exploit its neighbors with no direct political reproductions). ‘The process went rather smooth.’ Yes when you use military force to force people to take away their lands below market value. It is like a delicious roasted pig, but if you cut it open, you will find it rotting from the inside. Forced ethnic diversity: hummm. Lived there for several years. I speak Chinese and 5 other languages. But I still saw a clear division in ethnicity. My neighbors were all different races and were on the surface nice to each other. But when there was a family issue, they were as cold as ice. As a foreigner, I didn’t know these unwritten rules and just supported everyone. I loved living in Singapore, but it has so many issues that are glossed over as perfection.

  • Fun fact: Most houses in Singapore that people own are 50k-800k

  • Singapore: Yeah this is big brain time

  • Its like I dislike that the choice of housing becomes so limited, and yet at the same time.. these benefits cannot be ignored

  • I feel like the "one house per person law" could definitely be implemented without being authoritarian. All the current home owners keep their houses, but only people without a house can inherit, the rest get compensation at market price. It would only affect people who own literal streets which we want to get rid of anyway

  • "can take land without compensation" and if red bells aren't rising then you're not paying attention.

  • Satisfaction rates are not an objective standard by which to measure anything. Use objective measures like features, upkeep, prices, or convenience.

  • One additional information to add, although the lease of an HDB is 99 years, a clause in HDB terms and conditions stated that if the flat owner live beyond the years of the lease, he/she will be able to live in the flat until he/she pass on, even if the lease has expired.

  • How lucky that the name of the trust wasn't Singapore HOME Improvement Trust.

  • Scary

  • Wait wait wait wait. So they burned peoples houses, passed a law that said the government can take burned land. Than they flat out passed a law that said they can just take any land without compensation. That is asinine considering they had no budget.

    • Many houses back then were mostly constructed out of wood and leaves as roof, a type of makeshift shelter, a kampong village as can be said. Just like the great London fire, no one deliberately planted the fire nor forsaw the disaster, accompanied with favourable wind conditions, the presence of flammable construction materials used by kampong residents to construct their makeshift houses and the presence of oil and petrol in homes caused the fire to spread quickly. The government just saw the opportunity and jumped in to reclaim the land that was unfortunately freed instead of sulking and crying like many do. Though it may seem crude in some ways, it is because of such an iron fist ruling of our Late former PM that Singapore is able to rising to the top in literally less than half a century.

  • Oof that is a ruff system i couldn't imagine having to live near peasants!