how to be in stranger things season 4 as a lead or extra (from someone who was actually in the show)

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how to be in stranger things season 4 as a lead or extra (from someone who was actually in the show)
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a: 15
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a: Final Cut Pro
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a: yes
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  • i really hope this helped ily guys💗

    • Mackenzie it is possible to go I think but you would have to pay for the flight and where your living I’m from Australia to

    • coolbro_Ronnie Hahaha that's not how it works, she was just an extra. She isn't affiliated with the show.

    • audrey hope so it’s a face book page called casting taylor made..?

    • I am a kid can I still do this

    • audrey hope thx

  • what it you live in a small town in Michigan

  • I live in India sadly 😥 and can't afford to go America :( Edit: I have a big siblings group (cousins)

  • I’m not sure if I missed this part or if you mentioned it but when I signed up for taylormade they wanted my social security number? I decided to not put it in due to ya’know it being a social security number on a website I don’t know, 😂 did u have to put yours in?

  • Do you have to be a certain age? :)❤️

  • Other people: I live so far away Me: I'm a few blocks away from stranger things

  • I can not find Casting Tailor made on Facebook. Can anyone comment a link?

  • Being an aspiring actress,I would really love to be in Stranger Things.I love acting and being able to act in this would be a big dream of mine.Unfortunately,I live in Texas so it would be very hard to go to Atlanta.For me,I’d love to be a lead,but it would probably be hard to get.So I’d also love to be an extra.

  • I want to be a lead,I love the show!

  • How do you get an agency?

  • omg ur eyes are so pretty! what mascara do u use? lol

  • Signed up hoping it’ll work!!

  • Wait so how do I send them an audition or get in touch with them about being a lead or extra x

  • 2:30 *i don’t know what was that guys, and I didn’t do that! im scared!*

  • What if you live in Australia

  • my question: can i audition younger than 16?

  • your amazing!! thanks for your help!!

  • where do i submit to join?

  • i wanna be like part of mike's friendship please oh my god i really need this thank you.

  • do you want to be in my movie

  • I live in New York which is only a few states away so idk 🤷‍♀️ Do you think I could do it?

  • Am so sad I live far away 😢 I didn’t copy

  • Girl this was so helpful! Thank you for your honesty and getting straight to the point. Exactly what I needed

  • How much notice do they give you? Like will they post it a few months before

  • So, Casting Taylor Made will post it on their Facebook? Would it be a good idea to make an account with them prior or just wait for the specific casting call?:)

  • season 4 prison is going to be filmed in my country!! i wish to become an extra but i'm 16 so i don't think it's going to be possible:/


  • Oh shoot I already sign in my mom is goin to be mad at me because i can’t miss school.

  • Hi Audrey, i wanted to ask you if it's possible to get a casting on the internet, because i live in austria and i think its really hard to get a casting from here?

  • Hi

  • I want to be in it but I'm broke

  • I would die if I get a lead and extra role in stranger things

  • im 11 and i rwally want to do it but cant go on face book......

  • Do you have to pay to act? Also, do you have to pay the agencies? Just wondering I sound weird but lol

    • Oh also, for the auditioning script video, do you have to memorize the lines?

  • I was in stranger things I played as the trash cans

  • cool

  • What if I told you I was a big fan and I was looking for acting opportunities

  • This helped me so much thank you I am an actress and was wondering how these things worked this helped not just with stranger things but auctions in general thank you so much!!!

  • also do u have to have an agent to be a main character on the show??

  • what was the name of the acc u said to go to on facebook?? thanks!

  • I just saw a video on how there may be more numbers not just 011 and 008

  • If we haven't Agent it's realy Impossible ? Because I dream to be Actor from I was 13 ( I'm 18 ) and I don't have any agent and my biggest dream is to be in Stranger Things ( or to see a shooting/ behind the Scenes )

  • Fans only want to be in the show so they can meet the cast. I want to be in the show because of acting

  • I’m a good actor my school said that I will be a actress one day they just know it my family said the same thing........ I live in Australia ........:((((((

  • iM aSiAn GoDdAmNiT! :((((

  • Thank you so much! I really want to get into the acting business and this would be a great start! Since you were used as an extra we’re you in multiple scenes or just one?

  • as much as i love stranger things i wouldn't do it because i'm not trying to become an actress and i would just fangirl but if you're reading this and want to follow your dreams go for it

  • Omg I didn’t even know it was in Atlanta I live in Georgia!

  • That moment when you fit all the requirements but live the other side of the world...

  • My little sis was an extra in season 2

  • Bro you met my crush finn wolfhard wtf you do damn luckyyyy

  • I’ve always wanted to be in stranger things but I don’t think I’ll be cast because I live in Texas

  • Imagine wanting to be an extra *but getting a lead role*

  • I wanna be in ST4 but i live far away

  • so basically i was wondering if you could tell me how you can find a good agent? I've been wanting to be an actor since i was like 7 or 8 and i was wondering how that works.

  • i of course i would want to meet the leed roles but if i saw them from the distance then im good

  • people are so lucky thast they can travel to a diffrent country my parents will not let me at allll

  • This was so so helpful thank you

  • The fact that I don't even live close to Georgia......

  • i live 2 hours away from atlanta but my strict mom and school could never😗✌️