how to be in stranger things season 4 as a lead or extra (from someone who was actually in the show)

čas přidán 23. 08. 2019
how to be in stranger things season 4 as a lead or extra (from someone who was actually in the show)
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a: 15
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a: Final Cut Pro
q: are you homeschooled?
a: yes
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  • i really hope this helped ily guys💗

    • Where can I sign up to be an actor??? I really want to be one

    • Hey! My dream is to be an actress but I am shy and have social anxiety. Do you have any tips on how to overcome that, and if you were shy before too?

    • Could I still go if I'm under the age of 12?

    • audrey hope I think my parents will let me for acting classes or homeschooling!!! Yes! Wish me luck pls

    • What is your agent's name I would love to now and would love to be stranger things 4

  • I want to be in it so much 😩

  • Why am i watching this, i live in Europe

  • In wich Agency are u?❤️

  • I’m actually looking into a college in Georgia, so maybe they’ll see me during season 4😏

  • Dang I got my check list all filled WeLp iMa SigN Up fOr SeAsOn 5 Lmao

  • this girl really annoys me

  • Can you addition if your not from the

  • skskskskskssksksksk and i oop is that a scrunchie :)))

  • "they film ST in Atlanta Georgia, so they mainly cast people in or around that area* Me, lives only 2 and a half hours away from the set Also me: *nows my chance*

  • Do you think I could try? I'm 12, and an actress (definitely not famous) and I love doing it, but I don't know.. What do you think?

  • she: I do not live there. me: lol I live on another continent 😭

  • How do you know it’s for stranger things

  • To be in stranger things can you have your hair dyed?

  • Oh I thought they were going to start filming in October

  • what agency are you with?

  • I know this is going to sound kinda nosy ( sorry ) but i'm looking for an agent and i just want to see if anyone has any recommendations?!? also i'm so sorry for this random comment ;)

  • I would love to do this just like you, but I lived soo far..😫 It would be perfect because I have red hair just like Sadie and I think I’m the same height as well! 💘

  • MOST IMPORTANT: LIVE IN AMERICA . In Europe we don't get half of these opportunities, if they don't cast someone that doesn't live in Atlanta they would sure cast someone that lives in Europe :( I know Millie is british but she has been living in the US since she was 8 .I once auditioned for this Netflix movie "Tall Girl" ,I'm super tall so I felt that the role for me and then I see they casted this already famous girl, it was the first time I had hope because they said the casting is international ,they still casted a famous girl living in the us thought :)

  • So is it okay to submit for an agency somewhere that you don’t live?

  • should i wait to find an agent cause i’m jus trying to build my resume with student films etc.. ?? or get one now

  • how did they ask u/u ask them to get in?

  • Awwww thank you! I really want to be in stranger things but I need an acting class. 🤧🤗🤗

  • I’ve been battling with myself and what I want to do with my life for a long time. And I’ve always had this love of film and acting since I was little but never had the opportunity to try because my parents wanted me to be an athlete. But now that I’m older, 21, I think I want to try this out. I’ve been submitting like crazy and I’ve already gotten a few emails back about roles. Hopefully it goes well.

  • Where do you get the information to fill out all of this height weight etc. from

  • But do you think extra job well help actor career

  • When u live in Australia ages away from atlanta

  • Could you possibly make a video about your experience and process of having/getting an agent out of state? like did you have to travel there a lot? is it mostly self taping? would you recommend it?

  • Hey Audrey! Your info has been so helpful. I checked out casting TaylorMade and I found an audition for “Netflix series set in the 1980’s” I have applied my information and I am so excited for the results! Much love ♥️❤️♥️❤️

  • Hey I was just wondering if u can have a nose piercing in your headshots? Should I take mine out or leave it in? Help

  • What’s the name of your agency?

  • The truth has been told.. *There's a season 4*

  • OMG I got a main character on stranger things thanks so much I just met Millie and gaston I'm so happy

  • i would really want to be in stranger things im a huge fan even if i am a extra i still would want to btw i am a tiny youtuber who also wants love

  • What agency do you have?♥️

  • Thank you my mum said that we might actually move America I have a house that I could live in already so thanks a bunch

  • I am a big fan of it but I just want to be a acter and I think it would be really cool

  • Wow the pay for extra work kinda sucks there. Chicago is $150 for 8hrs plus time and a half.

  • How Much Time Did You Spend There? (How Much Time Did The Filming Take?)

  • can I be an extra on stranger things even if I don't speak well English

  • It’s called thunder force on casting taylormade

  • What would be your advice for somebody who doesn’t have any acting experience, yet you as an actor ( me) don’t have any acting experience?

  • Interesting and thank you ✨ I’m sure they needed lots of extras of all ages for the Starcourt Mall scenes.

  • My hairs pretty short so probably not a problem

  • same i cant tell anyone im an actress because all it means to them is being famous

  • That moment when you live in a whole different continent as the set and have parents who won't even take a second look at an opportunity if it costs money 😭😭😭.

  • HOL UP! They said Stranger Things season 4 will come out on Dec 2020 right? And you said Antlanta,Georgia is where they film right? I live in Philippines and i will be moving to Atlanta, Georgia this 2020 or something. Hopefully, i would see them casting there again.

  • 👍👍

  • I want to be a extra idk why

  • Bruh it’s funny bc no one even knows who she is like she really played an extra with like zero significance to the show or even scene and she’s acting like she’s a whole main character and the show couldn’t be complete without her lmao aight

  • OMG helllo! L o t my baby girl really please don't take this bad at making fun of I'm laughing with you really believe it or not I grew up in the 80sand I don't know what you're talkin about that we had shorter hair that is not trueif anything a lot of the girls had long hair and would curl back our bangs if anything a lot of the girls what are longer than ours todaycan I have to comment on one thing to that people always say that the age was such an innocent timebut really it wasn't just because they are parents allowed us to go out it was because a lot of mentally ill we're locked away in insane asylums in about 91 92 when I was 17 in Vancouver Canada did you decide to close down a big mental institution called riverview and started releasing these people by the school bus full downtown Vancouver on so when that happens a lot of parents got very paranoid and that's why we are so strict with our children

  • I’m 10 and I’m pretty tall and I have short brown hair wow!!!!

  • What is your agent I would love to know and I would love to be in stranger things 4

  • I wanted to audition to be an extra for the season but sadly I don't have time because I'm studying animation and film. Someday I would love to cast the entire cast from Stranger Things in a movie I make one day.

  • Please what's your talent agency??

  • Comgrats on 30k Audrey!♡༄

  • I can’t care less about the cast i just want to get experience :/

  • I have braces, do you think that would effect my chances of getting casted?

  • omg loved this video!!!!!!! i want to be an actress one day!!

  • I like how she thinks she’s the shit but she was only an extra