How to cook SPAGHETTI

čas přidán 10. 01. 2023
Today is the day where we teach you the right way to make the spaghetti fit into a pot without breaking them.
Ps. Remember to make them “al dente.” 😉

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  • These guys really take “upsetti without spaghetti” to another level.

  • First time I see an Italian break spaghetti for an CS-tv video

    • your mother is Italian

    • ​@Mahthirah Azizi 😅

    • @Orin shit, you caught us He was paid in pasta water anywayd

    • Not real, the spaghetti is a paid actor

    • @Jacob Wong 🇵🇭 indeed after breaking the 500BC Italian act of not breaking the dayum spaghetti

  • I have seen a Italian break spaghetti... Now I can't die peacefully💀

  • Wait… did Matteo just…. Break spaghetti? Oh no, the apocalypse has begun!

  • I'm so happy that this video is among the most viewed on your channel.

  • number 2 would have been right if you just cracked them down so the small cracks go into the pan. the last way creates unevenly cooked pasta! but the smartest person in the world (me) would crack the pasta still in the box creating a less mess. or you could get a pot that fits your pasta.

  • Just staring deadpan into the camera like; "It's really not that hard."

  • If you apply for a visa in Italy you need to know this😆

  • He's a real Italian who never breaks pasta

    • @Irgend ein Name Yeah I don’t know, I’ve cooked it without breaking it but my parents get mad when I do it that way for some reason 🤨 also I’ve been learning German, planing to visit this summer.

    • @GAM lol i am from Germany and i never saw anyone doing that. I guess it's just an american thing. When they get soft they fit in the pot anyways there is no point in breaking them

    • @Irgend ein Name I mean yeah? Most people in the US break spaghetti. It’s so it can fit in the pot. It’s harder to cook it without breaking it, but I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. Both taste the same 😅

    • ​@CrystalloSaurus yes, we break it bc we have no patience

    • I'm not from Italy but I know no one that breaks spaghetti. Is that a normal thing in the US?


  • his face at the end went:"if I see bother broken spaghetti video,you have chosen then then my friend."

  • As an Italian my heart SANK when you broke that pasta 😭

  • Matteo breaking the Spaghetti. His Mom be like: You will never leave your mischief, am coming to whoop your ass. 😑😑😑

  • これは凄い発見だ!😳

  • Finally someone who knows how to cook spaghetti

  • I don’t get how Matteo was able to smile after breaking the spaghetti. I’d be in tears

  • I think one of my grand-grand-grandparents was Italian 🤣 I love spaghetti and cook it the right way 👍🏻😄

  • I'm not an Italian but i can relate to this bcuz if the top/bottom is not cooked it is hard to bite.

  • This is the second time Matteo has broken spaghetti for a video 😭 he is already in hell 😭

  • My poor little Italian heart just shattered into a million pieces

  • "use a bigger pot"

  • My half Italian stepdad taught us the right way to both cook and eat pasta 😂 good times

  • This is how I’ve always made spaghetti! My dad always broke it (gringo) and deep down inside I knew it was criminal… all this time the true Italian in me knew better

  • *Casually breaks the Spaghetti into multiple pieces, and eats it raw like Chips with the sauce*

  • a true Italian would NEVER OR EVER break the Italian spaghetti rule don't even break OR put something that's no capable in a spaghetti 👿

  • I’m not Italian but I do this 🤠

  • This is why the spaghetti and shampoo have instructions

  • this is how mama used to cook my spaghetti

  • *My 6am brain tells me im watching Nick and Joe Jonas. Took a few replays to realize it's not them. Hahaha i thought the JoBros are in Italy.*

  • ✝️ No don't break the spaghetti ✝️

  • the Waffle House has found it’s new host

  • I would be pissed with the spaghetti breaking part but I know that you'll make a minestrone soup with it.

  • I always cooked it the correct way without knowing it was the Italian way for so many years of my life because it made sense

    • There isn't really a correct way to cook it, it is just the way you cook It.


    • Breaking spaghetti will make Italy 🇮🇹 declare war on your country.

    • @Aspect851 that 21 inch long spaghetti tho

    • @hamnidads it softens while it’s long in the pot, and all falls in

    • @Da Videogamer it gets too short, and there’s no point to break it, some responses I get is “oh but then it sticks out the pot when you don’t break it”you just wait for it to soften and then it all falls in the pot

    • not a single person said why we shouldnt break it, yup its just a meme.

  • what ketchup do you recommend for spaghetti?

  • It’s still weird to me that people break spaghetti noodles I’m not even Italian I’m African-American but it’s so weird to see my dad’s snap them in half because I have this weird obsession with pasta and I know that’s not how it’s supposed to be cooked 💀

  • Honestly I'm surprised more people never thought of doing this with spaghetti. Like you're not gonna mess it up if the top doesn't go into the water at the same time as the bottom.

  • I think im the only one who breaks spaggetti in half so i can cook it

  • The post right above this one featured a person BREAKING the pasta in half so seeing this video right after is hilarious 😂

  • "Don't forget the pasta gods are always watching" 🙂

  • An actual italian broke spaghetti This is unheard of

  • As an Italian who loves in Australia I’ve always wanted to not break the Pasta so this was really helpful thanks

    • @Xiao Ling m

    • I mean why would u break the pasta? I am Australian btw

    • But it's common sense tho

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    • This is the kind of info we don't get from most CS-tv channels . I'm definitely bouncing on this right away..... I'm really impressed

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    • _@soniakirkland_ 👆

  • I'm not Italian. But NEVER! NEVER break pasta in half. If you do your a demon.

    • Damn im a demon then 🤗


    • Why would you care?

    • You're

    • @•Lx_vi• no. There is no "oop" if you brake it your a demon.

  • I always use my standard nonstick pan if I just make spaghetti for myself. You can use very little water, drain most of it by just holding the spaghetti with kitchen tongues and boil of some of the left over water before adding your sauce. That way you get your starchy water super reduced and if you're making something like caccio e pepe you only need one pan. You'll still need a second pan if you want to fry up some garlic or boil your tomato sauce before, but pan is the best for smaller servings of long pasta IMO

    • jji

    • @Sintek KatKom Mama Mia I cooka da Pasta 😳🤌

    • @Julian Holl ma sei italiano che facciamo prima?? Certo che ci sono casi dove si può usare meno acqua, e come vedi fai sempre l'esempio di pasta aglio e olio, e non capisco perchè, visto che li non si risotta la pasta, che magari potresti usare meno acqua. Se sei italiano conosci la pentoia tipica italiana per cuocere la pasta, la cosidetta "callara" di alluminio, e notiziona, non è piccola, anche quella per due persone, ne contiene un bel pò di acqua. Secondo, persino sulle buste della pasta c'è scritta la stessa cosa, almeno prima c'era scritto, non controllo cosa c'è scritto li sopra da decenni oramai. Terzo, io non ti ho detto che non si cuoce la pasta mettendo meno acqua, sembrava chiaro, ma ti ho detto che mettendone di più, si cuoce meglio, nn devi starla sempre a girare, perchè non si rischia il mappazzone. E quarto, parli ancora di amido nella salsa, ma ti ricordo, che è una consuetudine, se sei italiano, aggiungere sempre un pò di acqua di cottura della pasta nella salsa che si cucina affianco, inserendo il tuo tanto amato amido! Prima di andare in escandescenza, impara a capire cosa scrivono le persone.... Bye bye...

    • @Sintek KatKom Che cazzo dici? Pasta doesn't cook unevenly in less water I use like half of the 1l/ 100g and never had that problem, specifically with long pasta in a wide pan. For penne or something I agree But with spaghetti aglio olio the sauce gets much thicker if you use less water to cook the pasta because your pasta water contains more starch.

    • @Julian Holl I'm italian. You can cook with less water, you're right, but you get the best result with about 1 liter per 100g. Sure, if you cook 1Kg of pasta you don't need 10 litres, but at least 5/6 litres. It's a matter of starch, not only cooking. You can also cook them with half a liter of water, but they will boil together and not uniformly. The pasta inside the water must move together with the water bubbles, so it is cooked homogeneously. And it only succeeds when there is plenty of water. For thickening the sauce, in Italy while we cook the pasta, we use its cooking water to stretch the sauce while it cooks, inserting a little starch directly into the sauce

  • Imagine having an Italian mom and breaking spaghetti in front of her

  • I think my soul is Italian bc i never liked half broken spaghetti since i was little omg. Always been arguing with mom about spaghetti. When I got older.. I make them fully drown in water. Russian with Italian soul haha

  • I cook mine in a wide fry pan. Does that make me bad?

  • "Matteo smiling after he broke the spaghetti" Me: He actually smiled after breaking his favourite food 😂😂😂😂

  • "how to cook spaghetti" how to crack an egg

  • I write it here to tell all those who find Matteo's expression strange: Matteo doesn't laugh when he breaks spaghetti. He makes an expression that says: "I'm doing everything very well, I'm a born chef" !! As everyone who breaks spaghetti thinks....

  • Thank you so much for this video . I always thought that I had to put the spaghetti next to the pan

  • that's me, who always cook pasta/noodle like Italian

  • Matteo is betraying his own kind, by breaking Pasta 💀.

  • 69 mil views meanwhile me: 🗿✨let's slide in this shit.

  • OHHHH I never knew how you cook long noodles in a small pot this video actually helped thank you!

  • My Italian ancestors are crying rn😳💀

  • Seeing him split the spaghetti physically hurt

  • bro just solved a universal problem

  • the waffle house has found its new host

    • @Dem hes just simpin let him be

    • Igh how many times have u commented this on random posts😭

  • 20 ans de prison pour avoir couper des spagetits

  • Instructions unclear, Fried a pan in my pasta

  • I’m british but I didn’t even know people snapped spaghetti in half I cook it the Italian way

    • @Calabria yea that’s what I thought until I saw Americans

    • there is no italian way. this is just the right way to cook spaghetti.

  • Im sure they did a rock paper scissor to decide who will break the spaghetti

  • I’m still gonna break it sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️ weather it whole or in pieces ima still eat it 😂

  • Even me, a non Italian person seeing spaghetti breaking makes my heart break


  • If you do it the last way you end up with unevenly cooked pasta. The actual answer is just get a bigger pot

  • My son learned how to cook pasta through your Italian spirit. No direct tutorial, just you yelling at pinnaple on pizza cured him. Thank you so much. Now my cousin Luciano will eat his pasta. 😄😄😄

    • What. Sorry i'm a bit too old to understand. Does that by any chance mean "perfect?"

    • P


  • how much pain did he have to endure to break pasta

  • I don't even use a wooden spoon. I just stir by holding the pasta. 👌

  • The third method is perfection ❤

  • Now we need those two react to the vid and then beak spaghetti........ wait!

  • Matteo was clearly holding back tears 😂

  • I’m not even Italian and I still got pissed off

  • The rule DBP : Don't Break Pasta

  • Breaking the spaghetti is like mushing up the lasagna before you eat it.

    • @David Yangbut that changes consistency, this just changes size.

    • @J mashing lasagna literally just makes the bits smaller lmao

    • It literally just makes the spaghetti shorter lmao💀

    • غ

  • Whyyyyyyyyy Mattéo 😭😭😭

  • The first one was confused at how he made such betrayal.

  • I must convince my dad to no longer break spaghetti (we’re American)

  • I’ve set the spaghetti tips on fire more than a couple times. 😢

  • THAT'S HOW I DO IT!! i sometimes put the fire on too high and burn the dry spaghetti though

  • for us Italians knowing how to make pasta is an art

    • Si

    • I thought it was complaing about everything not being authentic.

    • don't look at my nickname 😄

    • @Keiran Marley yeah nobody said that, please go let pasta offend you somewhere else lmao

    • @Topann it's cringe when you act like making Italian food is like sending a rocket to space.

  • The second guy must have been in so much pain

  • When i told with my fried from sicily that I always break pasta and use microwave to boil them because bothering to wash dishes, she disagreed and got fury

  • I do this every time Im a true Italian 🥺🥺

  • Chuck Norris can put pasta in a bowl to uncook it.

  • notice how he got his friend to break the pasta instead of himself

  • My Italian grandpa always makes spaghetti with me, and i used to break it in half not knowing thats a big no no. He would always yell at me in Italian, then apologize while we were eating 😂😂😂😂

  • Being Italian and seeing the pasta dropping leaves my soul away

  • I’m definitely the last one, I would never break my spaghetti!

  • Never let them know your next move, takes the tallest pot I can find


  • Me who has 43 % Italian in me: approved!

  • Being an Italian myself seeing him break the pasta sent chills down my spine.

    • Fr

    • Does it really bother italians? This is a genuine question, because I see Rosie Maio's italian grandma breaking spaghettis while cooking and she doesn't seem to bothered by it.

    • no przecież kurwa odkrycie kurwa

    • I’m not even Italian and I was triggered

  • That smile after exploding the 9383839392929292 time the italian pasta comunity

  • No spaghetti were harmed in the making of this video

  • congrats on making a video about something your mother taught you as a child? really changing the media landscape with amazing content like this. will you show us how to make a cup of tea next? i can't wait

  • As a person who cooks pasta like this.. I never new it was the correct way