čas přidán 2. 04. 2017
Learn basic Czech phrases with Janek and Honza! :) And even though or language is really difficult to learn, Czechs will really appreciate if you try :)
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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš
Prague Based Journalists


  • English: this was amazing Czech: this was horrible ????? Is this one of those false friends, because in Croatian, užasan means horrible?

  • 😂

  • už jste někdy někde řekli "Dal bych si vaše tradiční jídlo"? ;-)

  • Great job and funny! 😂 😂

  • Czech people are secretly pirates, because they say "Ahoy!"

  • They are a married couple

  • sounds like russian..

  • I have till July to learn the most of Czech I can... it sounds so cool

  • Pěkný. Mám přítele, který se z tohoto videa naučil česky a nyní může se mnou komunikovat.

  • you two are so cute and your Czech is always so nice and polite -- I'd just say diky mockrat!!! But then again I learned my Czech from friends, so it can be really slangy and very much Prague Czech!

  • Jako Slovan rozumím vašemu jazyku, koncentrace je nutná, najdeme se asi v 70% všech našich jazyků. Obzvláště pokud vás zajímají i další slovanské jazyky, díky nimž je dojem kompletní.

  • I ship you guys

  • I love u 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • And for those who don't know it, "ano" means "anus" in Spanish. This is gonna be fun

  • Isn’t jak se mas what they say in borat ? So borat is not Kazakh at all?

  • “Extremely difficult” It’s really not that difficult if you want to learn it.

  • Too fast

  • это очень круто!

  • Mission Impossible - Learning Czech - Učení češtiny

  • You're the funniest gays ever! Gratings for Mexico!

  • I'm in love with the Czech language and Prag because of Janek and Honza :)

  • Děkuju za video :)

  • It's kinda like Ukrainian. Broken Russian

  • Brilliant!

  • Wow! I'm a native Dutch speaker myself and I see and hear this and the other video's and i'm just really amazed by this (to me) extremely difficult language😂 It looks so impossible to read and impossible to pronounce, all those things on the letters and lots of consonants behind each other. Y'all got my respect xD

  • Does "prosím, pomálu" really means "pleas, slowly"? When I sed that to a person behind the dest, she started speaking louder and fasted! Lady, tha fact you are speaking czech faster wont change the fact I (still) can't speak it!!!

  • The more I learn Czech, the more I realize how much Czech Borat used, like Dekuji and Jak Se Mas

  • Ahoj, dál bych si teď pivko.

  • господи, какой же милый момент на 2:48, умираю :_) ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Sledovat tohle jako češka mi dělá strašnou radost a nemám tušení proč :DD

  • Are you gays?

  • Ahoj, realy nice video

  • Spisovně je to ,,děkuji".


  • Now without the music

  • Croatian here. To me listening to chech is a bit weird because when written it is similar to Croatian in a lotvof ways but when spoken it sound different. Almost an uncanny walley effect. Also kudos to anyone trsing to learn ANY slavic language espetially if you are not from some other slavic country. Our grammar is HARD. And I can only imagine how it feels to switch from no cases to 5 or 7 of them.

  • Greetings from Poland :) I'm so happy I can talk in the most difficult language

  • Shit sounds like Hobnob

  • Alles gute Česká verze

  • Ano, Ne, Dobry den atd...aha and don't forget "333"...It's easy to speak Czech, isn't it?

  • Polish Numbers: Jeden / One / Jeden Dwa / Two /dva Trzy / Three / Tři Cztery/ Four / Čtyři Pięć / Five / Pět Sześć / Six / Šest Siedem / Seven / Sedm Osiem / Eight/ Osm Dziewięć / Nine / Devět Dziesięć / Ten / Deset ** the Si makes a ši sound and the Ci makes a či sound and ŚĆ makes a ŠČ Sound and the Cz makes a Č sound and the Sz makes a Š Sound and the Ó Makes a Ů Sound and the Ą makes a Au Sound and the Ę makes a Ä Sound and the Ń makes a N Sound and the Ż Makes a Ž sound and the Ź makes a deeper Ž sound and the Ł makes a Wy sound AĄBCĆDEĘFGHIJKLŁMNŃOÓPRSŚTUWYŻŹ EDIT:*** RZ makes a Ř Sound

  • 3:20 ...

  • Vítejte u naší lekce němčiny s názvem Alles gutte.

  • The Whole Czech Language Is Copyright!

  • Do another one PROSÍM!

  • 1:41 captions are kinda wrong

  • Good lesson, but too long. To make it more "learnable", make it short and with repetitions, as we learn by repeating. Thanks!

  • 🤡 payasos

  • Prosím zrychli:-)))

  • I'm learning this amazing language!... It's actually hard, but funny and cool language! :D

  • :D

  • Czech is a very difficult language, easier to learn Polish or russian

  • I will need to play this on repeat in my sleep for the next 6 months :p

  • BEAR!! We're bear contry!! YAY.. but srsly in our contry one man will drink About 145Liters In only one year 😂😅

  • Where did you learn English ? How old were you ? Great pronunciation !!!!

    • According to my Czech friend, most Czechs start learning English as young children and have English classes all throughout their school years.

  • Your guys videos are great and super helpful. I've been learning Czech ahead of my trip to Prague

  • Well well well And i thought that that is going to be some lame shit. But it was quite funny. I am impressed 😉

  • Mam rad maso!!!! (I like meat)

  • Ahoj Im from CZECH Republic=Hello ja jsem z České Republiky

  • Learn Czech in 5 minutes, hilarious.