How to Master the Monaco GP - Special Edition! | Nico Rosberg

čas přidán 21. 05. 2021
F1 is back in Monaco!! Time for the 2021 Monaco GP - here's my analysis and all you need to know about the Monaco F1 Track and how to master the whole Monaco GP Weekend! Subscribe to my channel for my Koenigsegg vlog coming next:

What is your most memorable Monaco Grand Prix moment of all time? Comment below - top comments wins a special gift from me :) It's awesome to see F1 being back on Monaco - and even better to see at least some of the fans in the grandstands! Monaco is always THE RACE of the F1 race calendar - knowing that we've got a tough battle in grid makes me even more excited to the race weekend! Looking forward to your comments, enjoy the Monaco F1 Track Guide and Monaco GP Highlights!

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  • What is your most memorable Monaco Grand Prix moment of all time? Comment below - top comment wins a special gift from me :) Subscribe to my channel for my upcoming Koenigsgegg vlog from Monaco:

    • Michael Schumacher overtaking in 2007

    • Nico, if you don't warn Max about the forces he needs to face if he threatens Lewis for the title, you ARE accessory to potential murder.

    • Most memorable Monaco GP moment was Ayrton Senna winning against Nigel Mansell with a clearly slower car. There was a lot of tension in that race.

    • I don't like you Nico.

    • Mansell v Senna 1992 Monaco GP

  • These tips are awesome love this video series, but this one especially seams very based on real world does anyone know if these little changes are worth it on the game is the game that good at knowing????

  • Why does the game look like you are playing it on Casio calculator?

  • Monaco s*est sa maison. Merci d*avoir partager avec moi nous tous ses explications qui nous manques souvent pendant les courses F1 TV. Toujours avec ma passion loyale et fidèle. 2021. Même avec des replays de Silverstone 2021 mes nerfs n*auraient pas pu supporter l*accident . En Replay le choque est amorti. A fleur de peau. Felicitation au constructeur Mercedes et au World champion qui a hesitait le cote droit ou gauche. Oui verstappen aurait pu lui laisser la place a HAM merci a toutes ses vidéos. C*est grâce a vous que je peux mieux comprendre. Merci et restez cool thanks .

  • Nico, is the best way to master it to go off at Mirabeau to bring out a red flag during qually? Asking for a friend.

  • I love how passionate Nico is about all this really nice videos

  • What is your best memory of Monaco

  • My best memory of Monaco when Nico Rosberg won the race and then my second favourite Monaco Grand Daniel Ricardo held off Sebastian Vettel with an engine failure my favourite driver was Sebastian Vettel at that time now I am coming to like the Red Bull up Max verstappen my third best Monaco Grand Prix is when is when Ayrton Senna had a commanding lead and then is engineers told him slow down slow down your you are a lap in front everybody and in the barrier

  • My best memory of Monaco if when you when your first Monaco Grand Prix

  • I like this track beacuse the tunnel is most important of drivers to overtake and breaking in chicane and i know that tunnel is very easy for the drivers

  • Blob

  • Its gotta be the senna one hander

  • Comeback to F1 Nico u are missed:)

  • 08:20 Can someone explain the logic behind this turn please? Is it there for safety purposes? Because, as a viewer, I find it irritating.

  • Where's Hot lap bro

  • when daniel ricardo won the monoco gp.

  • I thought that Bentley was going to hit you at 8:13

  • which race simulator does he use

  • can u give the car skin yes

  • "And its goes slower slower and slower, careful not to hit the arm core there" Stroll : got u mate

  • Dude, I love the Keke haircut. So epic!

  • Amazing!! It's a really pleasant experience to 'see' the inner pilot vision from your analysis, far more treating the most beautiful track in the F1 championship! Great job Nico in and outside the tracks!!

  • i wouldn’t be mature enough to drive around monaco

  • Ayrton beating Nigel Mansell in Monaco. He was the best.

  • Someone have the track link?

  • Link of the map?

  • Best moment was Senna drifting on the curve out of the tunnel while holding off an insane Nigel Mansell over the last laps with his worn out McLaren, that was epic af

  • Did your mom ever just floor it around the course to get you to school on time? 🏎

  • Many History in this Circuit.. I always watch aryton senna when race in this sircuit

  • So awesome to watch this channel

  • pit stop of valterri bottas

  • You have to leave the space. All the time you have to leave the space

  • I was playing free practice Monaco gp on iPad with Lewis Hamilton. I turned car damage to none but I still ragequitted. It’s so hard on iPad, especially when your device is turned to the maximum and you still hit the wall.

  • who was dat dude on Bentley?

  • I never know there are ghost feature or mod in assetto corsa... 2:37 But now i am

  • Low hairpin I never get that right in any game\sim play ☺

  • Can you do from cockpit view from exact driver position I can't tell which exactly is you will no

  • Best Monaco moment - Daniel Ricciardo's redemption win and the pure joy on his face while drinking his Shoei. Especially after what happened the year before with the botched pitstop that cost him the race that he had dominated up to that point.

  • Just watching Ayrton Senna drive around the Monaco race track!

  • My most memorable moment is probably you winning so many times in monaco

  • Are you doing the analysis of the other raceways? Baku?

  • 🥰😇😀🤣

  • Dude you look old AF. what happened to you.

  • Odlično

  • the most memorable moment in Monaco was Ayrton Senna and his McLaren roaring through the streets of Monaco handling the car beautifully in every single way.

  • no esta tan bueno

  • Best memory is seeing nico in this video and realising his skin looks like a patinad leather seat. Smash that mf like button.

  • I visited Monaco only once, back in 2010. My very best memory is the walk I had from the exit of corner n. 1 up to the casino. Looking at pictures and videos you can't really understand how steep that pice of tarmac is, just amazing, and the view over the port you get once near the Casino is just fantastic. I'd love to be back in Monaco once more.

  • Best memory: ur mom

  • Micheal Schumacers crash in the tunnel 2003 DURING A SAFTY CAR

  • When i completed the Monaco GP without hitting a wall and just grazing the corners!

  • Ros>Ham

  • Great video. Thank you so much.

  • Accept its time change of generation no more lewis but max norris sains

  • Every car company try do someting with wings why toto want go in court with red bull rear wibg while mercedes has all them tricks to better wings

  • Why u not hornest said all company from mercedes to red bull to haas they all try play with the back wings for years

  • For me Monaco is like the Palio races in Sienna because of so much atmosphere in town and build up of so much energy towards the start of the race and then the release of that energy once the race has started.

  • R we having a review on Azerbaijani circuit 😉

  • How can i get this f1 game type ? The sounds are soo realistic !!!

  • Senna is the King of Monaco! 🤴 🏎

  • Nico? Yeah Nico, 1 of the best 🥰

  • 5:50 ‘this is one of the most difficult braking’..... Q3 ??

  • video in short, basically ‘misjudge’ your braking at the end of Q3 when you’re on provisional pole and your faster team mate hasn’t put his final lap time in. yellow flags come out then boom you’re pole

  • Daniel Ricciardo winning

  • For me the most memorable moment is when Ayrton Senna was in his training lap, reaching almost perfection and talking about his mystic moment he had in the track.

  • Best memory si you in 2014

    • David Coulthard's win, Dany Ricciardo win:)

  • Ahh that track that breaking

  • The Iceman heading to his yatch

  • Mansell v Senna 1992 Monaco GP

  • My first Monaco GP in 1992. Seeing AYRTON SENNA drive under me at the start. We were at an appartement at the start. So emotional thinking about it.

  • Monaco 1992 battle between the best driver (Senna) against the best car (Mansell). Perfect instruction of defensive driving and working under pressure+ Murray Walker commentating makes this even better.

  • nico and lewis

  • which simulator software was the one used for the lap?

  • Bianchi P9 2014

  • That’s amazing evening in video game he doesn’t hit any walls. I would’ve bounced off like a pinball

  • Sorry to hear they changed the road to benefit the other driver

  • The most special moment for me was this weekend. Finally we have the battle we are all hoping for. Finally a Mercedes in troubled. Its go8ng to be an incredible year.

  • Boot

    • @soiung toiue ?

    • Graham Hill’s Moustache after finishing his race....As Mr Monaco...

  • Best moment is when max won this year to smack Lewis and Toto alongside Norris dragging his sweaty oil all over Saintz

  • 1950's

  • Get back in F1, Nico :))

  • David Coulthard's win, Dany Ricciardo win:)

  • Olivier panis victory in 1996....

  • I still remember you parking the bus at Mirabeau Haute in the 2014 qualifications. 😜😉

  • Last 3 laps battle between senna and mansell at 1992

  • Best memory is seeing people seeing the race from their yatchs..❤️❤️

  • Yo Nico ☺️ tu n’es pas sur iRacing ? Tu devrais essayer 😉

  • To me Senna after crash walking home...

  • waiting for baku city circuit analysis

  • authentic and iconic persons in F1 history.

  • When you were fight lewis

  • Hamilton P7 in Monaco.. definitely a race to forget but it was memorable for me as I am a red bull fan

    • max winning was really something

  • What game is this

  • Graham Hill’s Moustache after finishing his race....As Mr Monaco...

  • for me it was driving around 10s of times in gran turismo 4 on my ps3 with gt force 3 whell. 6 shift gear, semi-automatic or manual. clutch/heavy. I miss it so much.

  • when ricardo took a long tie of pit and liwis won him

  • Pls stop doing this and come back!!!

  • Best memory : When Mazepin finished the Monaco gp 2021. Insane

  • 3:47 god dammmm

  • We need a Baku analysis

    • Best moment is daniel winning