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Today we show you a little trick that we learned from our nonna to open the spaghetti in the most egfectige way. Go out and speead the knowledge. 🇮🇹🤓

🇬🇧 Ciao! We are Matteo and Emiliano. We are two Italian best friends, musicians, and content creators! Follow us for more content! :)

🇮🇹 Ciao! Siamo Emiliano e Matteo. Siamo due migliori amici, musicisti, e content creators di Roma. Iscriviti al canale per nuovi video ogni giorno :)

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  • How do you open your spaghetti?

  • *italians worst fears* 1.pineapple on pizza 2.ketchup on spaghetti 3.someone breaking spaghetti 4.someone opening spaghetti wrong

  • Obstacle: some of them break and then you have angry italians outside

    • ​@OniLordMiki We have highly trained Police officers who can be there in 5 minutes, deescalate and most important not empty mag in your head. But Thank you. Crazy Yanks 😆

    • @Meyer I mean if you can will a bunch of people outside your house by breaking some pasta then surely you can will a weapon into your hands.

    • ​@OniLordMiki Not everyone lives in the USA, where its easier to get a bullet than an aspirine

    • Nothing a fully loaded semi-auto can't fix.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Person: doesn't open pasta correctly *angry italian noises*

    • ​@ß no, it's not. It's pretty bad actually.

    • @ß agreed

    • That's a good meme right there

  • The last time I did that, every stick of spaghetti broke. Trusty scissors.

    • @Aragorn probably. As a student, I don't buy the fanciest of pastas.

    • That must've been Fake Spaghetti then. Not approved! ❌

    • @Passaggi di stato there is option for me to translate

    • @Nexedail io non posso Che li aprano come vogliono 😁 Per me questo doveva restare un segreto

    • @Passaggi di stato Qualcuno traduca in Inglese così che tutti aprano gli spaghetti come si deve

  • Love how Emiliano changes into his Italian football shirt to do it the correct way ❤🇮🇹🤌🏽

  • that's the only way I've ever opened spaghetti for as long as I remember.

  • Me while cutting the Sapagetti with the packet🤫

  • I didn't know spaghetti was that sturdy

  • Just real Italians can do it! 🇮🇹

    • Mama Mia! Im real Italian now. Now I change my name into Giovanni Auditore.

    • @OniLordMiki I hope Internet can be a safe place

    • ​@Gtt ♡ Welcome to the internet.

    • @OniLordMiki you are being rude :((

    • ​@Gtt ♡ Did I stutter?

  • Wooaahh I use all techniques, well it depends on my mood😌

  • I usually just hit the packet with my knee because I'm too busy watching the sauce to search an open surface.

  • I love Italians!🥰

  • Y'all are soo amazing ❤️

  • from the first video iv seen yall open it the final way, is the only method iv been using

  • Is that the reason why pasta bags are so "crispy"? They tear quite easily. The pasta I bought got attacked by weevils that somehow managed to break through the plastic packaging.

  • Yes, all these years of doing the 3rd method, I feel vindicated.

  • This is all nice and stuff, but isn’t aggressively slamming spaghetti on a table a sin?

  • This pasta in the video, I tried it, fantastically delicious👌🇮🇹🍝

  • I remember one time using this hack. Only my glasses saved me from killing myself with pasta by piercing my eyes and brain with spaghetti. True and sad story. I would have gotten a Darwin Award for sure 👌

  • Things to never do: Don’t ask a man his salary Don’t ask for a woman’s name in public Never open pasta the wrong way

  • You just did it and my mind is exploding right now.

  • 君の優しいその笑顔が好き

  • The power of spaghetti ! 😌❤️🇮🇹

  • my spaghetti is in a box. please advise.

  • Wow when are you getting awards to teach these?

  • I'm sorry for offending you. When I slam the pack of spaghetti on the counter to open it, a few of them broke.

  • Best to asks your mother to open it for you. Mother knows best.

  • Man you can open spaghetti even with a chainsaw, as long as you don't break it.

  • I have never seen that man smile

  • I love your video. You are the best. I love you ❤️ 🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • In this video we can learn that spaghetti noodles are pretty hard when gathered

  • But mine comes in a freaking box...😭

  • Didn't know raw spaghetti is that strong

  • Thanks never seen that!

  • Things that keep Italians up at night Pineapple on pizza Using mayo or ketchup on pasta Breaking spaghetti

  • I didn't even know that Thank you sir

  • Hi can I ask how many cheese we should put on pasta

    • If you dont want diabetis, just a little parmesan. Im Not Italian, so this statement is not approved 😂❌

  • These guys always get mad when people break spaghetti in half. Yet, they promote an action that will likely lead to a lot of broken smashed pasta? I don't trust myself. I'm confident , if I do that, it's a mess 😂

  • Ah yes, the straw opening way.

  • Lionfield i suggest watch chefkouldy video the "how breaking the spaghetti was invented" 🙂

  • Externally: this is my daily routine Internally: SIIIIII IT DID THE OPENING THING

  • Didn't you guys learn that one recently? 😂

  • My stepmom literally breaks the pasta in half 😭😭I literally almost cried

  • I do number 1, #3 can break the spaghetti from the bottom through friction and I like the spaghetti long

    • If it breaks its not authentic pasta. And not approved! ❌

  • Wait you have bags? I have boxes.

  • The Italian army (Ca...ri) taught me to open spaghetti like this, and I still do it today. Best.

  • *Italians Worst Fears* 1. World People Breaks Spaghetti 2. Pineapple On Pizza 3. Zach Choi Broke Spaghetti

  • But all of the pasta available to me is in a box! THEN what do I do?

  • Im in America and I've yet to find spaghetti in a bag.

  • Its divella? I tried it once , it was a very good spaghetti

  • I open my bucatini pasta using the third option........... Always happen.......

  • I would gladly break this rule if it means less to no risk of breaking my spaghetti

  • I cut it open hotdog style, so then it’s inconvenient to take out and can’t be put back without being wrapped

  • Russian Lazerson chef say wat about my link maaaan 😂

  • Approved ✨

  • Does that actually work? Let's find out!

  • Everything reminds me of him

  • Also make a video of how to break it 😂

  • The Napoli way! 🤩

  • Sois unos grandes, saludos desde España 🇪🇸

  • I watch a youtube channel named Shehr mein dehat who are from Pakistan and make animal videos and they are 2 brothers who in my opinion look alot like you both

    • I dont think they will Take it as a compliment

    • 😂☠️

  • Opción 1

  • I Knew They Would Open A Spaghetti Packet Like That.

  • In Spain we open that like you.

  • Yo joginder, thaara bhai joginder..?

  • Last time i tried 2 things happened 1 my table broke 2 the spaghetti broke 3 the bag didn't open as well

  • I cracked the spaghetti 😂

  • Our spaghetti packaging is too strong

  • if not the wrapper gets opened it will crush the saga spaghetti

  • Case 1 Opens Spaghetti, Case 2 Opens Spaghetti, Case 3 Opens Spaghetti with violence... They All Open Spaghetti All The Same 💀💀💀💀💀💀🫡

  • Foodball t shirt is clever and iq 10000

  • *snaps package in half*

  • Why are all men open the pasta pack upside down?🤣

  • It works I subscribe!

  • What if the spaghetti is weak and it breaks by just pushing the plastic? "Not approved"

  • Just say "open" to spaghetti

  • I'm here after seeing chefkoudy's spaghetti opening video

  • I do this every time and it works

  • I thought Italy don’t break spaghetti because this guy broke it

  • bravi!!!! siete i figli di Italia!!!!!

  • As a Somali I can say that’s how we do it too

    • @Sabir Mohamed ❤️ (nohomo)

    • @Aragorn let’s do it😭

    • Lets board some ships with the clan! Yo

  • Not seen is the 3 or 4 packages of attempting to open it the correct way, that definitely have broken strands of pasta now.

    • @OniLordMiki nope I just know that kind of package, I know and often eat that specific brand of pasta (gotta be Divella) and even when I was 8 yo I could do it one it it impossible to miss that shot or break the pasta. Just buy one of them and try it out.

    • ​@Francesco Falcone were you in the room with them? How do you know?

    • Nope, the last method needs only one shot with 99% of success. No pasta has been broken in this video.

  • Mama Mia!! ❤❤

  • Approved!!!

  • I use my quadricep.

  • I trying to do this but it doesn't work maybe I do incorrect or I need more force

  • Lionfield did you know in North Korea?

  • Wait so you use the entire spaghetti?

  • Yeah, everyone buys the boxes stuff dude

  • So thats where my Noddles and scissors went

  • Pov: spaghetti in your country comes in a box

    • Not authentic and therefore, not approved! 😆❌

  • the third is the best one 0:07

  • Go test 🤩👍🏿.

  • I opened it like that and it shattered my spaghetti noodles

  • I like the way but it risks breaking at least 3 spaghetti noodles so I don’t recommend this method

  • Мне всегда не хватает сил так открыть😭

  • So satisfying!!

  • Why do Italians hate when you break spaghetti

  • Tried this Apparently you aren’t supposed to do it with wagon wheels