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Today we show you a little trick that we learned from our nonna to open the spaghetti in the most egfectige way. Go out and speead the knowledge. 🇮🇹🤓
🇬🇧 Ciao! We are Matteo and Emiliano. We are two Italian best friends, musicians, and content creators! Follow us for more content! :)
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  • How do you open your spaghetti?

    • I cut the half of it so the pasta multiplies ^^

    • quangus

    • In Somalia we do the last one😂😂

    • Like Matteo

    • Vi prego notatemi o visto un tik tok dove insegnano come rompere i spaghetti dallo stesso ragazzo che ha fatto i spagetti rotolati al bacon!!!!!!

  • *italians worst fears* 1.pineapple on pizza 2.ketchup on spaghetti 3.someone breaking spaghetti 4.someone opening spaghetti wrong

  • Person: doesn't open pasta correctly *angry italian noises*

  • The last time I did that, every stick of spaghetti broke. Trusty scissors.

    • how tho

    • Perhaps depends from the spaghetti because it never happened to me...

    • Devi metterli tutti perpendicolari al piano (|||||) e dare un colpo secco e deciso e veloce

    • @@passaggidistato8294 Qualcuno traduca in Inglese così che tutti aprano gli spaghetti come si deve

    • @@Nexedail io non posso Che li aprano come vogliono 😁 Per me questo doveva restare un segreto

  • Obstacle: some of them break and then you have angry italians outside

    • Nothing a fully loaded semi-auto can't fix.

    • ​@@OniLordMiki Not everyone lives in the USA, where its easier to get a bullet than an aspirine

    • @@meyer6891 I mean if you can will a bunch of people outside your house by breaking some pasta then surely you can will a weapon into your hands.

    • ​@@OniLordMiki We have highly trained Police officers who can be there in 5 minutes, deescalate and most important not empty mag in your head. But Thank you. Crazy Yanks 😆

    • This stereotype is kinda getting crazy. I have never seen a gun or bullet in my entire 30 years of life. No one I know has one nor encountered gun violence. There are places where it is bad but I think it's been incredibly exaggerated. I used to think people knew that but I'm starting to wonder if people truly believe the average American is ready to shoot at any moment 😂

  • Love how Emiliano changes into his Italian football shirt to do it the correct way ❤🇮🇹🤌🏽

  • I love your video. You are the best. I love you ❤️ 🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Y'all are soo amazing ❤️

  • that's the only way I've ever opened spaghetti for as long as I remember.

  • I didn't know spaghetti was that sturdy

  • The power of spaghetti ! 😌❤️🇮🇹

  • Just real Italians can do it! 🇮🇹

    • fr

    • What kind of remedial classes do you have to take to know how to bang a package of pasta on a table? Pathetic.

    • @@OniLordMiki excuse me?

    • ​@@gtt390 Did I stutter?

    • @@OniLordMiki you are being rude :((

  • Wooaahh I use all techniques, well it depends on my mood😌

  • I love Italians!🥰

  • Things to never do: Don’t ask a man his salary Don’t ask for a woman’s name in public Never open pasta the wrong way

  • Sois unos grandes, saludos desde España 🇪🇸

  • Italians are the only people who are so strict about this kinda stuff

    • That's a peaceful country, they need some drama 😂

  • Externally: this is my daily routine Internally: SIIIIII IT DID THE OPENING THING

    • I wonder if your mother regrets having birthed you.

  • Yes, all these years of doing the 3rd method, I feel vindicated.

  • Case 1 Opens Spaghetti, Case 2 Opens Spaghetti, Case 3 Opens Spaghetti with violence... They All Open Spaghetti All The Same 💀💀💀💀💀💀🫡

  • As not an Italian I can confirm that’s how I open my spaghetti 🍝

  • Best to asks your mother to open it for you. Mother knows best.

  • This pasta in the video, I tried it, fantastically delicious👌🇮🇹🍝

  • Grazie per il consiglio 👍

  • Man you can open spaghetti even with a chainsaw, as long as you don't break it.

  • Is that the reason why pasta bags are so "crispy"? They tear quite easily. The pasta I bought got attacked by weevils that somehow managed to break through the plastic packaging.

  • So thats where my Noddles and scissors went

  • Thanks for the trick😊😊😊!

  • I have never seen that man smile

  • I didnt know that was the official way to open it. Dont worry, i’ve been doing it before i found the channel

  • the first two are if youre doing it at night and dont want to wake anyone up and the last one is for when you cant be asked XD

  • Why is it Soo satisfying to watch

  • Italy is the best!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • I will keep this in mind

  • You just did it and my mind is exploding right now.

  • So satisfying!!

  • I'm here after seeing chefkoudy's spaghetti opening video

  • 君の優しいその笑顔が好き

  • Complimenti, avete scoperto l’acqua calda 👏👏

  • Works every time

  • Remember It only works while listening to the Anthem🇮🇹

  • No way i need to try that lol😂

  • My favorite thing about opening spaghetti this way, is the tensile strength of the noodle. when you put force on it horizontally it breaks, but when you put force on it vertically it is very strong

  • *Italians Worst Fears* 1. World People Breaks Spaghetti 2. Pineapple On Pizza 3. Zach Choi Broke Spaghetti

  • Also make a video of how to break it 😂

  • I do this every time and it works

  • As a Macedonian, I can confirm we have the same spaghetti brand

  • what if pasta breaks? then we'll be committing a war crime

  • Ah yes, the straw opening way.

  • Our spaghetti packaging is too strong

  • Italians can let mafias be there but not Italian food offenders😂

  • bravi!!!! siete i figli di Italia!!!!!

  • I cut it open hotdog style, so then it’s inconvenient to take out and can’t be put back without being wrapped

  • Him showing the right way to open pasta Me:"I have tried that method and the spaghetti broke💀

  • Approved ✨

  • Didn't know raw spaghetti is that strong

  • Me:never cook Spaghetti Also me: Only do this to Straw

  • Wait wait lemme do the line for you The line : in Italy we don’t use man made objects to open bags we use brute force

  • Since I saw you, the third one. Thanks❤

  • Pov: spaghetti in your country comes in a box

    • Not authentic and therefore, not approved! 😆❌

  • Thanks never seen that!

  • Last time i tried 2 things happened 1 my table broke 2 the spaghetti broke 3 the bag didn't open as well

  • A simple way to open!!!😊

  • I usually just hit the packet with my knee because I'm too busy watching the sauce to search an open surface.

  • Approved😂

  • our spaghetti is in the box *HOW?*

  • I never knew you could do that with spaghetti packages I always would cut it open with scissors.

  • It works I subscribe!

  • That's how I done it when I made spaghetti and meatballs by doing Emiliano did by hitting the spaghetti packet on the bench.

  • Bad ending: the pasta broke instead of the plastic😭😭

  • Gracias me sirvió que vivía italia

  • Im in America and I've yet to find spaghetti in a bag.

  • usually we cut it and then boil it in hot water, usually my family prefers to eat pizza and macaroni, I also don't like pasta because it's a bit limp and quickly stale if left for a long time, because a lot of microorganisms accumulate especially if left to become a problem

  • if not the wrapper gets opened it will crush the saga spaghetti

  • The Italian army (Ca...ri) taught me to open spaghetti like this, and I still do it today. Best.

  • My stepmom literally breaks the pasta in half 😭😭I literally almost cried

  • I use the second method because im scared that many will break when i use the third method

  • i love italy

  • I Knew They Would Open A Spaghetti Packet Like That.


  • OK, now, lets broken the spagheti

  • I thought Italy don’t break spaghetti because this guy broke it

  • We have witnessed greater sins than opening spaghetti the wrong way😅

  • As a Somali I can say that’s how we do it too

  • Desde que ví a Pino Prestanizzi abrir los spaghetti así, se volvió la única forma en abrir los empaques de spaghettis. MALA OSTIAAA CAZZZO

  • Lionfield i suggest watch chefkouldy video the "how breaking the spaghetti was invented" 🙂


  • IQ 1000% 😂😂😂

  • Bro the second one I said "Don't break it or else.." Not from Italian but I still like Italian

  • Wait, does that also work for angels hair pasta?

  • Please make this video again and actually open the pack on the top

  • I cracked the spaghetti 😂

  • Bravo così si fa ✌️

  • In Spain we open that like you.

  • Wow when are you getting awards to teach these?

  • I got a lot of spaghetti to eat today😅

  • Matteo looks like the Italian Joe Jonas from 2009

  • Things that keep Italians up at night Pineapple on pizza Using mayo or ketchup on pasta Breaking spaghetti

  • 4. Holybaam, apre la confezione di spaghetti colpendo la confezione sul suo lodogne.

  • Mama Mia!! ❤❤