How to Replace a Power Steering Pump

čas přidán 21. 05. 2021
Power steering pump making noise? Heavy steering? Power steering leak? Learn how to replace a power steering pump and leaking power steering lines to fix a steering wheel that is hard to turn or a noisy power steering pump. Replacing a power steering pump and power steering lines is really simple to do and can be done at home with common hand tools.

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  • Hope you guys learned something new! Next up I will be gutting the car for a roll cage. Time is super tight with the first race starting June 11th and finishing June 13th! I have a lot planned so lets see how it goes! Here are some videos to expect: -How much weight can you get out of your car (weight reduction) -How to install a quick release steering wheel -How to install a battery cutoff -How to install a fire suppression system -What is it like to race for your first time EVER!

    • Ok no

    • Great videos always enjoy Question would it be possible for my power steering pump be out but instead of stiff steering is super loose power steering fluid full makes sound as I turn wheel as if it’s low on fluid?

    • @ChrisFix okay. Thank you. I really appreciate your videos

    • @Neil Brown yes that’s fine

    • Hi Chris. Was it safe to turn the wheel while the car is still on the ramp?

  • Chris getting a new gf: out with the old, and in with the new.

  • The diagnostic portion is always as valuable as the actual repair! Well done.

  • I would definitely recommend to do the rear subframe reinforcement before that race. Those models had thin metal holding the subframe in. They make kits to weld in to stop it from cracking, tearing, ect.

  • Great video! I enjoy your style of instruction, and your videography is awesome. One question - not sure if it matters, but would it be better to bleed the pump manually with the engine off and wheels off the ground before starting the car?

  • As always nice video, well made, and simply explained! The only thing you might want to consider are self tightening springy hose clamps (don't know if there's a actual name for those) as screwing type clamps don't account for temperature changes during engine operation and different times of the year ...

  • I’m convinced that there simply do not exist any person who is better at explaining stuff than Chris.

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    • Zach Jobe from donut media is great at explaining too

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    • There was and he's no longer alive. It's Hitler.

  • I remember taking apart a lawnmower engine a few years ago in high school. This brings back memories. Amazing job Chris!

  • Excellent instruction Chris, you rock! The very detailed step-by-step walk through leaves nothing to chance, this video gave me useable information to replace the power steering pump and lines on my E90 335i.

  • Person buying a car off Chris: “Why wont any bolts break lose” Chris: “Now apply your medium strength thread locker”

  • Excellent video (again) and the only thing I might add is to life the car on jack stands in the front. That will lighten up the steering a bit compared to the tires compressing on the ground, under the weight of the car.

  • Time for me to watch something I’ll never do but since it’s Chris Fix we watch 😂

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    • Same I have electric power steering so there is no pump he’s just so entertaining

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  • Hey Chris, many thanks for this and a lot of great videos, saved me a lot $$$, stopped going to the mech, except for heavy stuff and lift, you really helped me get my 92 Crown Vic P71 Interceptor back in great shape. Retired DOD occasionally driven. The last video you saved me big was replacing the odometer gears, was told I could only get a whole odometer. You've encouraged me to keep it up and well maintained. Peace Bro, Good health and safety to your family and friends.

  • I’ve been watching your videos for years now, before having my license even. I’m so glad you bought an e46 and are making content with it, it helps to know I can come to your page instead of scrolling through 10 low quality videos demonstrating something simple.

  • Awesome tutorial! Best on CS-tv! Your shots were clear, well lit, and best of all your commentary is spot on. Definitely felt like you were assisting in person...THANKS!!!

  • I never thought someday I grow up and have the knowledge and ability to change out a power steering pump...this is insanely awesome!

  • The thing I like the most about Chris is that he actually takes time to read and respond to most comments. Doesn't seem like much, but when you're already a busy mechanic that films and edits his own videos all the time, taking even more time to read comments should be an afterthought... Not for Chris. Such a genuine and hardworking dude. Respect.

    • dude dont even talk about how he literally responds to video from all the way back in 2014 like damn bruh, there literally isnt enough respect in a single human being to give this guy as much as he deserves

    • You're not wrong. He's always on top of his comments.

  • Hi Chris, Thanks for all the amazing content you put out! A request: how to diagnose and deal with a car where the steering wheel shakes when braking. I'm a simple dude, so I've googled and have figured its either has to do with alignment, brake pads/rotors, calipers, or tires. If you choose to record or not, again, thank you so much for the content and education you put out, and making the world a better place.

    • Good idea for a video! I had a same problem in my E39 520i (2003). Changing the front brake rotors cured it.

  • Thanks Chris, that was fascinating! i had that problem in my old Elantra last summer, i didn't tackle it myself, but now i know how my mecanic repaired it, and like G.I.Joe always said knowing is half the battle !

  • Im going through this rn, fixing my car tomorrow but I had a crazy arm workout for a min 😭thank u for all the tips💗love watching your vids!

  • 16:03 don't worry about hitting your mass flow sensor many times in the process if you're thinking about replacing it 🙂

  • Your channel is basically a UNESCO world heritage site now. It’s like a virtual dictionary on all things car maintenance. Thanks Chris :)

    • I'm starting my automotive service technician apprenticeship in about a year and a half and this channel has really helped expand my knowledge on automotive maintenance

    • Haha that’s the goal!

  • You really know your stuff man, excellent video. This video inspires me to get back into working on cars. I took an auto mechanic class in 11th grade. It was a lot of fun and I did pretty well. Working on cars is fun and interesting. I love Snap-On tools.

  • I'm no mechanic at all, just love watching and love to knows how things works. How do you measure the torque strength sir?

  • 20:25 He got very excited over the mass airflow sensor being SECURED and I absolutely love it

  • 21:35 When I was young we didn't have power steering but the steering wheels are designed so you can turn the wheel easier than the modern versions like this one.

  • I’d like to take a minute to appreciate just how difficult it must be to get a camera angle on just about everything inside an engine. It really is a skill all on its own.

    • @fanosoX but hiz early video there is a bad 1 there is a video dat he mostly film dA bumper but dan he apologized on da video

    • @E was a joke

    • I've always wondered how he does this! He must be using small cameras like gopro's, but then how is he monitoring their output?

    • @StealthK He face revealed (probably didn't want to) quite a few times now

    • @ChrisFix The shot of tightening the bolt of the low pressure line was a beaut!

  • Awesome video!!! Very Clear and easy to understand. One of the best i have seen online .Thank you.

  • I think when you add something like a crows foot to your torque wrench, it changes the torque. You may have extra leverage from the crow's foot, so it might not be tight enough.

  • Been educated on cars so much by Chris's good quality videos! THANK YOU!

  • You are so awesome Chris so inspirational. You are not only very knowledgeable and intelligent but interesting. It's so exciting watching your videos. You are my favorite CS-tv mechanic by far. No one does it better or comes close. I have learnt a bunch. Thanks.

  • it’s crazy to think there’s chris’s generation where the car enthusiasts were inspired by magazines and their families being car geeks, and there’s this generation where everyone is inspired by chris fix and donut

    • @watts300 them saying mad is an Australian thing just hard to get used to

    • beg to differ. im of the younger generation but i never was “inspired” by these people. in fact ive only found out about them maybe two years ago. i just seen the cars and realized that i really love them. so i started educating myself on them. if thats what you meant

    • Mighty car mods is too glam for me. Over produced videos and budgets that I could never relate to. And they never stop saying “mad” so that’s annoying too. My top 3 would be chrixfix, donut, and ericthecarguy

    • What about top gear/the grand tour or am i just old now

    • And Chris’s grandparents generation where everyone, not just mechanics knew cars and maintenance. Cars were simpler and folks had to take care of their own car more

  • Someone would feel like the luckiest person in the world if Chris bought the same car they had

    • I actually have a 2003 Mazda B 3000 and looking up repair videos is how I found Chris fix’s Channel 😎

    • Bro I got a 2000 Ford ranger and every video he’s working on his Mazda, I’m loving life!

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  • Hey Chris! Serious question, how do you get specific info, like knowing how much each nut needs to be torqued?

  • Hello! Great video, but I have a question: How do you know how much is the recommended force to tight each bolt? Thank you!

  • Nice video! Do have to mention that when the car is actually in motion then its pretty easy to steer. It only gets tough when the wheels are stationary like if youre trying to parallel park, etc.

  • It’s so satisfying to see the old rusty parts get replaced with the new ones.

  • He makes it look so easy. It took me and my buddy all afternoon to replace the high pressure line on my old minivan a couple years back. Hooray for Canadian winters rust welding everything in place. lol

  • You're the best. You're my idol. I've watched every single video you have made. I have also been doing my own work on my vehicles instead of taking it to a mechanic and saved a lot. Thank you so much for everything you've taught me. You're the reason I want to work on cars. The first video I watched that you made was the one where you completely gutted a car I believe it was a Jaguar.

  • hey chris, nice job on the replacement but, shouldn't you have flushed out the rest of the system to remove any old fluid and metal bits? i know this is an older video but any trash left behind might cause the pump to fail prematurely. i did watch your video on the race, great job!

  • I took my driving licens on a car without a steering pump. It's a paint to turn steering wheel when stationary but when car starts moving (even on slow speeds) it's MUCH easier to steer. So even if your steering pump is not working it's not as dramatic as Chris showed.

  • You made this video specifically to turn the wheel and show you’ve been working out, don’t lie.

    • @ChrisFix lmao

    • @ChrisFix not only dudes (ehem ehem)

    • lol

    • @ChrisFix limau

    • @ChrisFix You are right. Girls don't need to fix their car. Because whenever they mess something, there is always a dude who fix it for her.

  • I just want to thank you for being here on this Earth. You are Teaching me a lot of things and is giving me the potential to be a mechanic in the future and is pushing me not to give up. Thanks again, Keep the videos coming much love and God Bless You 🙏🏾.

  • This guy is amazing.. I really like him alot and have so much respect for him... God bless you Chris

  • Great video! Just what I need for my e90 m3. Just one thing, be careful using the screw on hose clamp vs the one time use clamp. It’s there for a reason. CS-tv it to find out why

  • Your videos help start doing work on my car I've changed diesel filter, oil filter etc basics but also changed drive shaft, wheel bub bearing plus much more 😊💯

  • Quick tip: Jack your car up and use jack stands for this job. When bleeding the system its easier to turn the wheels when they are off the ground, and second reason: don't dry steer which can damage the tires.

  • Quick tip: Jack your car up and use jack stands for this job. When bleeding the system its easier to turn the wheels when they are off the ground, and second reason: don't dry steer which can damage the tires.

  • Thank you very much for valuable videos ,definitely helps us save money on labor cost . I have a question about my nissan frontier 2003 v6 which doesnt shift past 2nd gear and gets hot under under short distance , and rpm is high but the car just cant go any faster than 30 miles an hour . Cat converter sounds clogged too . Any info would help thanks in advance

  • When doing the bleeding, can you just put the front end up in the air to make it easier?? Seems like that would still work, wouldn't it?? Or do you need the resistance of the tires on the ground to force the fluid through the system?? UPDATE: I just finished installing a new PS Pump on my 1992 Toyota Pickup and lifted the front end before bleeding. It worked just fine and was much easier than it seemed for Chris.

  • One small tip I want to add. If you work on either brakes or power steering, don't go on any joyrides immediately afterwards. Spend about 15 or 20 minutes just driving slowly around your neighborhood, making sure nothing is wrong; it's much safer for you and everyone else if you discover something is still broken when you're driving 30mph down the street from your house, rather than 70mph on the highway 20miles from your house.

  • Could you do a how-to for rack and pinion replacement please! I’m trying to replace it on my Toyota Camry 1995. And your videos are the best to show everything!!

  • Thanks man I appreciate all the work you put into your videos. I'm a new subscriber but I've already learned that it's not as hard as you think just get after it. So Thanks again and all the best from Northern California

  • The rotten underside can be mitigated with a protective floor beneath the engine bay, that some modern cars have. Mine was missing which caused the starter motor to corrode and fail. This is why it can make sense every now and again to go back to main dealer, as they can set your car back to factory spec. Nobody else I took it too noticed that the under floor was missing, which was causing all this corrosion under the car.

  • Thank you, Chris. Honestly, thank you so much. In no small part, you are responsible for me methodically and slowly fixing small issues in my cars that only a few years ago I would have definitely paid a mechanic to fix. There are still bigger issues I go to a mechanic for. But that line is slowly moving up. Just literally yesterday I decided to check the vacume lines for my turbo before I sent the car to a mechanic to fix the turbo. Sure enough, there was a leak and all it took were two tubes of shrinkwrap over a small cut. (I'll change the line if it becomes a problem again.) I know for a fact that even half a year ago, I didn't have the courage, know how or self trust required to even attempt to check what could be wrong with a turbo. I know that, because the turbo has been acting funky for half a year before I finally gathered the courage to actually check it myself, thanks to youtubers like you, showing that fixing a car doesn't require years of experience or all specialty tools.

  • Chris, I just bought my dream car today. It is a 309,700-mile 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Thank you so much for all of your help! 💙 It would be so much harder to restore this Jeep without your videos.

  • The amount of knowledge you have is insane, such a good channel, love from uk 🇬🇧 ❤️

  • Pro tip from dealing with fluids in cramped german cars. If you need to catch the fluid before it hits the ground for some reason (like protecting the alternator), one trick I like to do is use a zip lock bag underneath where fluid will come out. The bag can go into any shape you need to catch fluids and can reuse the fluid if you needed/wanted to. Especially nice with some brake master cylinders that have a drain hole instead of a removable filter so you don't mess up the paint.

  • Hey love your videos you are the biggest inspiration for me taking on all my own as well as friends and family's car/truck troubles. Just thought I'd throw in my weird volvo knowledge if anyone has a P2 volvo which covers s60 80 v70 xc90 from about 2000-2012 steering problem where steering wheel turns smooth a little but gets tight in certain places it could be a rusted lower steering coupler not to bad of a repair a little uncomfortable and awkward like most volvo work but absolutely do able if you know what you're doing and worth checking first if nothing is noticeably wrong with the power steering pump/hoses/reservoir

  • Thanks for keeping things like the stuck pully at 10:00 in the video. It makes the video last longer, but shows that's I'm not the only one that always has these kinds of problems when trying to fix my car.

  • I love these videos you put out, I spent 3k at a dealership to get my car fixed and felt like I got ripped off. Now I can do these myself

  • Yo, this video helped me a ton. Freaking out about my E46 losing power steering & replaced the pump & man, i couldn’t be more thankful!

  • Hi Chris! I just started watching your vids and I have probably binged most of them. And to think you live so close to where I m (New Brunswick)is unreal . I got my first car like 8 months back... it’s a 2016 golf r.... kindly consider making some videos on a golf... the way you explain things is nothing short of amazing.. thank you

  • Was able to replace my power steering thanks to you first time ever working on a car…. It was fun might have to learn more and buy a project car to toy around with.

  • It amazes me the production quality on his videos and for so many years he still keeps up with doing it all by himself pretty impressive

  • You are motivating me to fix my vehicle and get one that I can fix up!

  • Loved the video! satisfying like always but could you sometime do EPS (electrical power steering)? The steering on my car is kinda stiff and I'm not sure what the problem is or if it should be replaced. Thanks!

  • Quick tip, put a jack under the front of the vehicle and take the pressure off the wheels. It's a lot easier to turn that way. Also, if you get some air trapped in there, like the Dodge/Chrysler setups like to do(particularly the old Cummins trucks), you may have to turn the wheel lock to lock without the engine running first to push some of that air out. Good luck all! Thanks Chris! Another great video!

  • Hey Chris, very well explained in this video, least i got some knowledge from you, thanks for this video upload, God bless you and your family.

  • Chrix fix makes everything simple... :)

  • as a word of caution, always fill the pump with a bit of fluid before connecting the lines, to not run it dry and help it prime itself!

  • Enthusiasm combined with excellent teaching quality. Very satisfying

  • If fixing cars was a class, chrisFix would get A++++

  • I would probably recommend matching the fluids by looking up what fluid specs you need for your exact submodel rather than just using one because it says bmw on the bottle. Different sub models have different specs and also different year models have different specs. So you might run into compatibility issues.

    • ^ Noticed this in the new video and had to point it out here

    • @ChrisFix E46 specifically uses ATF in the power steering system in this case

    • I def agree

  • Chrisfix: “get a pry bar” Also Chrisfix: *whips out a screwdriver*

    • The “prydriver”

    • On a "real" (metal) pulley you would need one (at least)...

  • Thanks Chris! I bought a '98 Subaru Legacy GT and it had a new steering rack installed but they left the old pump in.

  • Literally just swapped my ps pump in my 325i easy peazy because of this video, thanks Chris 🤙🤙

    • Awesome! That is what I like to hear!

  • man, what fantastic picture quality. This is the best vid about power steering pump removal I´ve ever seen-and I saw alot before I started the job...again-this picture quality is absolutely awesome. Thanx alot for your work in any detail!!!

  • mom : “why does the turkey taste like power steering fluid?”

    • @TheQuilava96 Yeah it's all about legs 😂 . Control and Speed . No failure only fast and furious 😂 .

    • Y does it tastes like mom's spaghetti 🤔🤔😂😅

    • you always taste any fluid you put into your car first to make sure its safe for the car

    • @The PVZBloverFan's Vlogs 1: Missed joke. 2: Why do you capitalize the beginning letter of every word?

    • ChrisFix: "How to make a DIY turkey with common hand tools!"

  • Chris, I have been playing with mechanics for about 60 years and I would just like to compliment you on your informative videos. You try to cover most problems people encounter with the best solutions. Well done lad and keep up the good work.

  • Excellent demonstration very nice and clear,thank you very much!!

  • Love you Chris. Informative and straight to the point

  • Chris, what would you recommend to have when getting your first car, in terms of oils and tools and cleaning products, etc. To keep your car clean and up and running in the best condition.

  • Thank you for the lesson, but wouldn't be better to use some of the new power steering fluid to wash off the old murky fluid?, like 1/4 to 1/2 the bottle?

  • Chris fix ive been watching you since the beginning of the channel.. thankfully i found this channel.. so great to see you again.. you come a long way

  • I've learned more from Chris fix than my shifty teacher in mechanic school

  • Just out of curiosity : could you jack the front of the car to ease the turning at the end ? I'm thinking at least you don't fight the tires against the ground ?

  • For the life of me, I can never understand how these videos manage to get any dislikes. 😕 HOW?

  • I am a mechanic apprentice and I am learning a lot from your videos! Go on! You are the best!

  • Im a 14 yr old boy that just fixed my dads suzuki grand vitara and I learned everything from you thank you man

  • Shop: How much medium strength thread locker do you want? Chris: Yes

  • You never realize how strong you are until you have to drive 30+ miles home with no power steering

  • Another great video Chris. My serpentine belt on my 96 Yukon SLE keeps snapping lanes. I changed the tensioner and AC doesn't run so what do you think is the cause?

  • How on earth Chris managed to get all these camera angles and work on the car at the same time is beyond me

    • It takes a lot of time but I do it so you guys can actually see what’s going on!

  • Could this video be also used as a guide to installing power steering into a car that didn’t come from the factory with one? I have a 1986 mercury lynx that did not come with power steering from the factory where other models of the car do.

  • Should cover the MAF sensor with a bag or something when you remove your airbox

  • I had this issue 10 years ago on my first car ('04 G35 Coupe) - turned out it was the Rack & Pinion.

  • We always her for getting perfect lessons about servicing our cars.good Mr keep it up

  • I see that you used synthetic power steering fluid. BMW recommends using an automatic transmission oil. It even says so on top of the reservoir: "atf oil only". Is there any difference in those fluids?

    • @ChrisFix I know on older BMW's somewhere it states that "Use Castrol Oil Only". I do recommend using Castrol oil and the specs that they were ment to be only on BMW's. BMW's are little bit delicate when it comes to using upgraded oil specs. Was a big difference with the e46 316i when workshop swapped from BMW spec Castrol oil to unknown spec Motul Oil. Engine sounds more rough now. BTW Love the channel, everytime i need to do something on my car I check if you have a video about it, so I know what I am getting myself into :D

    • I spoke to PEAK about this and they said that their fluid is the same as ATF but it has anti-foaming additives to prevent cavitation which is what probably caused this pump to fail. They also said their fluid meets/exceeds bmws specs. That’s why I used it. I always like to use the correct stuff so I decided to use my contacts to make a call! Great question!

  • Pretty cool!! Always learning new things from you, Loving that Hummer!!