How to Replace a Power Steering Pump

čas přidán 22. 05. 2021
Power steering pump making noise? Heavy steering? Power steering leak? Learn how to replace a power steering pump and leaking power steering lines to fix a steering wheel that is hard to turn or a noisy power steering pump. Replacing a power steering pump and power steering lines is really simple to do and can be done at home with common hand tools.

How to Flush Your Power Steering Pump:
How to Buy a Budget Friendly Project Car

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  • Hope you guys learned something new! Next up I will be gutting the car for a roll cage. Time is super tight with the first race starting June 11th and finishing June 13th! I have a lot planned so lets see how it goes! Here are some videos to expect: -How much weight can you get out of your car (weight reduction) -How to install a quick release steering wheel -How to install a battery cutoff -How to install a fire suppression system -What is it like to race for your first time EVER!

    • What about the door panels, couldn’t you sell them ?

    • Can you fix my nanas 1995 Ford areostar it won’t start and it has no air conditioning and needs the bumpers fixed and it needs a lot more done to it

    • Very good class on replacing the power steering pump I thought I had a problem with mine but Aguada de fluid I drain the fluid from the top you have to put the correct fluid I did it about five times so it cleared up a little bit the car Gods only 22 thousand miles on it but the power steering fluid looks black as the night so I changed it just because I want you to nothing what's wrong with it but it's a good idea to use the correct fluid don't use anything else because it will not work right it's not that easy job replacing a power steering pump thank you very much for showing us how to replace a steering power steering pump of cause I do not have a BMW on my vehicle it's much easier to take out the power steering pump all you do is loosen the alternator collusion v-belts the rest is very simple you have to take your time while you're doing this and don't mess up because it is a very very serious operation Ridgid power steering pump make sure you do it right the first time and it'll be a okay thank you very much that was a very good instructor I am on Mechanic only on my cars I worked on Portia's I whipped on XKE Jaguar so I know what I am doing be careful take your time while you doing it so you don't mess up do it right the first time it's pretty simple but you have to be very careful because you don't want to go through it again thank you very much

    • Sell the interior lights to bring cost to under or at 500

    • Sell the side pillars bro

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  • This is perfect for me I just got a 2003 e46 hell yeah!

  • why you dont raise the front so you can turn the steering easily?

  • in my chevy the power steering pump the send and return lines needed to be replaced it was a 2007 chevy trail blazer ss I got for $500. it had a combination pump reservoir and needed a special pulley removal tool I ended up just buying for the future just incase I need to do it again at some point.

  • You're the best. You're my idol. I've watched every single video you have made. I have also been doing my own work on my vehicles instead of taking it to a mechanic and saved a lot. Thank you so much for everything you've taught me. You're the reason I want to work on cars. The first video I watched that you made was the one where you completely gutted a car I believe it was a Jaguar.

  • Is that car going to be a race car?

  • I love watching ChrisFix When I go to bed I learn a lot about cars

  • Didnt mention a bad rack. Sure it couldve bedn the lines but on an 03 cavalier idk if thatd be the best option if its hard 1 way n not the other. N if it is the rack. I got news for ya. Open up a day n a half of ur schedule. Bc u gotta lossen the back of the crossmember of ur engine n drop it a couple inches. Then loosen all the rack components like the steering shaft and the lines from the pump. Then u gotta slide it. Turn it n slide it out more. Then do the reverse for the new 1. On top of that u gotta make sure the pinions are right. I found a secret for mine n it saved a bit of time but the fact that u gotta lower the engine on that car is insane. Not long after that it got totaled. So if anyone comes across an 03 cavalier in Columbus ohio with jegs stickers on the windshield most of the front end parts are near brand new. Check the junkyards.

    • On the plus side the cavi pump is connected to the camshaft and not the bdlt so its easier to replace.

  • Bro in pakistani cars doesnt have any power sterriing and we daliy it

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  • car repair called me today it will cost me 200euros they are doing exactly this but im zero experience as mechanic :D

  • You mean power steering pump

  • Just got myself a used car, I’ve been subscribed for a long time ‘cause I know this is the only channel I trust when it comes to cars (Unless yall have any channel to suggest I’d be happy to check and subscribe!!)

  • BMW really is trash. You pay all that money for a bunch of plastic to be used, meanwhile a cheaper honda or toyota is actually built well 😂 ive worked on a couple, the amount of plastic is unreal.

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  • why power steering fluid goes into the cooler?

  • I dont think buying a 1100 car for a 500 limit is fair, and selling parts to make it even is definatly not fair, i mean u could probably strip a 5k car and sell its parts not needed for the race to brake even with the 500 limit.

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  • Sell your hood doors headlights taillights grill glass bumpers bers and the Trunk

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  • I had my Ford Mondeo Mk4 steering rack repaired, and my servo pump and reservoir replaced, but because the Lauber aftermarket pump was starved of servo liquid, they concluded that the new reservoir was at fault and they put back my old reservoir which they said had no filter, and now the pump runs fine... But is it right to have a reservoir with no filter? Did the old one really had no filter?

  • 19:02 what are you doing step-hose?

  • Quick tip, put a jack under the front of the vehicle and take the pressure off the wheels. It's a lot easier to turn that way. Also, if you get some air trapped in there, like the Dodge/Chrysler setups like to do(particularly the old Cummins trucks), you may have to turn the wheel lock to lock without the engine running first to push some of that air out. Good luck all! Thanks Chris! Another great video!

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  • This thing is out of my scope, I only be able to top up the power steering fluid

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  • Might want to drain and fill the power steering fluid 1 or two more times to flush the rack of the old residue from previous worn fluid.

  • Replaced many power steering pumps. Just love watching the videos

  • Hey, on my Honda owners manual it says “turning the steering wheel to full left/right lock will damage the power steering pump” can I do this while changing out my fluid ?

  • Clean the engine bay please

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  • I know you did a coolant flush video, but can you do a video of a coolant pressure test video? I’ve just been wondering how to tell the difference of the different parts of my coolant system breaking down. I drive a 05 Buick LaCrosse and the elbow pipes were originally made of plastic and those failed and I replaced them with the new aluminum ones, but now my car thermostat rises when my car idles, so I don’t know if it’s my radiator leaking/evaporating or maybe it’s my coolant temperature sensor. I know it’s just my problem but I feel like it might make a good video.

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  • Incorrect, wheels should be off the ground and engine off when going from lock to lock to bleed the rack and lines otherwise you risk damaging the new pump, the same applies for engine and transmission, at no point do you want air being sucked up and the pump running dry..

    • Thanks for the tip, what I did was taken straight from the bmw service manual .

  • 21:35 Maybe it will be easier to steer when the wheels off the ground ?

  • I Drift a C8 Corvette And Race A Lamborghini Mercielago Roadster

  • Have a question for Chris or anyone in the know. I have a Lexus that the manual says requires ATF for the power steering fluid. But it looks like someone put regular clear power steering fluid in the system rather than the ATF fluid the manufacture recommends. I was going to drain and replace it with ATF. Will there be any issues caused if I do not get every bit of the PS fluid out of the system and little remains mixed with the new ATF? Is it possible the clear fluid in the PS res is actually some kind of clear no color ATF?

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  • Sigh... power steering... I have got rid of perfectly fine cars (save the power steering) over the money I have dumped into power steering repairs that DO not hold. THEY always leak.

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  • Gotta love BMW. BMW owners should replace the radio with a money slot. Every 1000k miles just slide five hundred dollar bills into the slot to make it easier for the car to take your money. The only brand that is worse than BMW is Range Rover. If you like having your car in the shop and helping your mechanic pay for his new summer house then I recommend you buy a used BMW or Range Rover.

  • My power steering fluid reservoir keeps going empty but I can’t find a leak anywhere. I took out the reservoir and the hoses and checked them for cracks and leaks and couldn’t find anything. Any ideas?

  • Please do a power steering rack next, most rack and pinion should be the same.

  • I searched the comments for what Im about to say but never found it. I always jack up the front wheels then with the cap off engine off turn the wheel lock to lock. Replace the fluid and cap then start the car turn wheel lock to lock again until the whine stops.

  • I wonder if you lifted the front on jacks would be safe when bleeding the lines?

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