How to Test and Replace a Bad Car Battery (COMPLETE Ultimate Guide)

čas přidán 6. 05. 2021
Is your car battery dead? Need a new car battery? Learn how to test if your car battery is bad and how to recharge a dead car battery. Also learn which car battery is best for your car. In this video I show you how to test your car battery with a multimeter, clean corrosion from the battery terminals, test your alternator, test for a parasitic draw, load test a battery, and replace a car battery properly. I also show the inside of a car battery with a bad cell and I show how batteries work with multiple grids and how they go bad with heat, vibration and corrosion. And finally I show you the main difference between the different grades of battery and which is right for you.

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  • I know this video is a little old, but a car that I have that has an awful battery location is a 2015 Ford Escape. It's tucked underneath the wiper cowl, behind the air filter assembly. You have to remove the entire air filter assembly and the front of the battery box to get at the battery. A truly horrific battery location.

  • Hi, Chris your videos are very good. I own a Nissan Altima 2005 3.5 litres V6, the high beams are not working, when I turn on the high beams the low beams starts, when I turn on the low beams and turn on the high beams nothing happens, I replaced the IPDM-ER but still the same, any ideas to try without spending 1000$ from some mechanic? Thanks

  • so what is a deep cycle battery compared to a regular battery and and can they be used on cars and trucks?? (thanks)

  • Can you change a side post battery so that it has a pregnant post on it instead

  • What brand of ratchet do you use?

  • you didn't clean the first battery properly. You really shouldn't use that type of replacement connector. Replace the old cable and connector.

  • This is for some people who don't know what battery is

  • Those thumb down, do ya’ll have a channel that can do better? Otherwise, removed it & thumb up. It is quite easy to criticize when you can’t even do it better. Chrisfix can start his own car company, but CS-tv might pay better with viewers & subscribers. That’s why he didn’t start one yet. Chrisfix is the best car 🚙 talk channel on CS-tv for car 🚗 repairs & maintenance.

  • Good tips, never saw the tip on replacement of battery to prevent resets.

  • Great Chris as always, the best

  • Dude you must be from central NC. Your radio stations are the same that I have in my vehicle. By the way Great video.

  • Just wanted to take a quick second and say thank you for all the videos/tutorials/instructional stuff that you post. I can’t tell you how much money in mechanic repair labor you’ve saved me but I know it’s substantial. I’m a general contractor by trade and know my way around a car in regards to being able to do minor repairs but since finding your channel, I’ve diagnosed and repaired/replaced multiple things on my 2003 F150 FX4 (393,000 miles btw) with confidence. Again, thanks for all the work you do to keep the vehicles of “hammer heads” like me on the road.

  • 14:38 a wooder soundtrack by the wooder legend: chrisfix

  • I forgot the car but the tire had to be removed to swap the battery and it was terrible. Was a friend's car years ago.

  • Hey chris, I was wondering if you could make a video on how to change battery fluid to reuse the same one because my dad bought a bosh 400$ battery in 2010 and it just died, it was in his 1998 durango and he sold it in 2013 and took the battery out and put it in another car. Can you make a video on how to change battery acid so we can reuse this??

  • I see you charge the battery with the cables connected. Any difference if you disconnect the cables first?

  • Those batteries are called diehard? I thought Bruce Willis jokes will start rolling in. Perhaps those movies have become way too old to be mentioned any longer. Anyway thanks to Chris, it's the first time I am seeing what's inside a lead acid battery.

  • You forgot to mention that old vehicles often have a separate voltage regulator

  • I just gonna buy DIEHARD, too much work for me hahaha

  • Basic but good info for sure 👍🏻

  • Chris FIX, hello, check this outI bought a used TAURUS it had 52 k, later needed a battery, went to SEARS GOT A DIEHARD GOLD, that was their best anyhow when I could not start a few times, but made It ok 450 k later went to my mechanic , that battery was 13 years old ! So whom sells DIE HARDS NOW?there are NO MORE SEARS STORES AROUND ! Thanks 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Dude thank you! I just bought a 97 ranger and watched your videos on how to replace the fluids so I can replace the motor complex ones.

  • Super video - great job!

  • in general with batteries, you PAY for what you get

  • Is it OK to touch the positive terminal by hand? I was afraid to get electrified.

    • @Adrianjayeonline how to know the current coming from 12V battery?

    • Voltage (V) = Current (I) * Resistance (R) Power (P) = Voltage (V) * Current (I)

    • yes, no problems, you can even touch + and negative together, your resistance is very high so NO current can flow. as per ohms law, 12volt battery, your dry resistance is around 1megohm, the current that can flow is 0.01mA.. or 0.00014 watts !. aka hardly anything

  • bold of you to assume i have multiple cars...

  • Google brought me here...

  • I literally just bought a Diehard Battery to put in my 08 Maxima and this came on my recommended 💀💀💀

  • Whats the difference between die hard red silver gold and platinum batteries?

  • Don't know why I can't stop watching these

  • OOPS...GREAT JOB>>> but ya got a few errors. First, Wipe down battery areas with backing soda/water to neutralize any battery acid...then soapy water. Di-electric grease goes on battery terminals to keep them from producing that blue corrosion..or even white lithium grease...not really silicone. And it goes inside between the lead post & the well as the outside surfaces.

  • Hi Chris,quick question my dad always tells me to never put batteries on concrete because it will drain the battery is this a myth or is it true?Love the vids man

  • Interessting about the AGM battery and stop and go functions in cars. I left my car at a Ford workshop because my battery kept dying. They said it was a bad generator. They fixed that. But I later noticed that the cars Stop & Go function no longer worked... The car is now totalled from a crash so I cant check if they replaced the battery with a non AGM or something.. Dang, I was really curious.. :/

  • I'm 12 but i know so much about engines

  • He can open a chrisfix garage

  • As always Chris, great job. The production level is so high! You put a ton of work into all your videos and it shows.

  • 05 Buick Lesabre has the battery under the back seat

  • 14:38 nice touch on the radio, its a pity though that the performer and the album is unknown 😎

  • I love Chris. He has saved my butt a few times already.

  • This video really helped me. 👍👍

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  • 07' Range Rover - Against passenger side firewall - Pain in the A**

  • This was very helpful man, 😊

  • Chris could you please help me! After I had a flat battery I had to jump start it and recharge, got the battery to full again and checked it, everything is fine. But every engine warning lights are on and the car works normal. What could be the issue?

  • Perfect experience with Chrisfix, again!!! Keep it up, Chrisfix!!!

  • Good video

  • Chris I love every single one of your videos, I recommend them to everyone whenever we start talking about vehicles.

  • Which is post battery or side terminal battery? Have never seen corrosion on a side terminal.

    • Also do NOT place a good battery on the ground. Doing this will discharge the battery and no one wants a discharged battery. If you have to place a good battery on the ground, place it on a 2x6 piece of wood which will shield it from grounding.

  • I spray some wd40 on the terminals of the battery, to prevent dirt and rust.

  • Great video, very well explained

  • Good job

  • Chris can you answer why a special charger is needed to charge AGM batteries even though they are charged in car by the same source that charges all types of batteries without issue? So why is a special charger needed?

  • Just a quick question do I take off the positive first or the negative because everything online says first then positive then reverse that??? Because in the video you put on the first and then the positive?

  • and always check if the positive and negative are on the same place as on the old battery

  • His daily! 😆

  • As a mechanic one of the common things I've seen is when someone has a bad battery they always buy the smallest battery most commonly on suvs or big trucks lol.

  • A Super Plus...!

  • Chris does a good job in his presentations, but there are a number of problems that were not addressed. The one glaring issue was on the vehicle that had a "TEMPRARY" connector. These terminals are the worst things you can use if you desire reliability. For this to be a proper video, Chris should have gone through the process of either replacing this with a correct repair terminal and cleaning the bare cable end, or replacing the cable with a factory replacement. This was poorest cleaning of a terminal displayed in this video. On another car, the terminal had been tightened down to the point there was no gap left at the clamp end. This distorts the clamping action of the terminal and results inn a very poor connection. In every instance where you installed a new better you never cleaned the battery posts with your battery terminal cleaner brush. This should always be done on any new battery. It should always be done anytime you break the connections on any battery. I could go on, but that's enough. I work with batteries in my job. I take care of automotive and industrial batteries, 6 to 80 volts. The battery is the most neglected component in a vehicles electrical system, yet this is the heart of that vehicle! If you don't take care of it, it will leave you at a very bad time. Learn how to take care of it, and it won't fail you. Thanks for your videos Chris.

  • So I'm not supposed to throw car battery in the ocean?

  • Very good succinct video. Another little tip… I’ve found that on many cars, the factory clamp terminals on the car’s battery cables cannot be adequately tightened to the (battery) posts, especially if someone has previously over tightened them. In these cases I purchase round lead shims that are made specifically designed to fit between the post and the clamp terminal. (This occurs more often on the negative, smaller diameter post.) You can purchase these at any auto parts store.

  • How many cars do you have lol

  • My Dad has a Ford Fiesta Xr4 He dosent Drive it much And the Battery Dies It might be Because it just been sitting for a 5 Weeks For some reason we used to leak Brake fluid Now we are Leaking Engine Oil

  • Great video as always! Sorry if I missed it but any reason you didn't mention using a KAM device to keep a car from losing its settings?

  • chris can you put a platnum ibattery in any vehicle or does the bigger/stronger do in the trucks or like does size matter

  • Excellent video

  • Just a heads up, newer cars with smart charging may not charge at all when the battery is charged and around 15v can be seen when charging a low battery. This is normal operation.

  • Excellent as always Chris 😎🇬🇧👍 Highly recommend to all so don’t forget subscribe @👍

  • 2015 Ford Escape is a tough job for the battery. Need to take off the wipers, and two covers that span the entire firewall. A pain in the butt. Cant imagine having to do it in the pouring rain at the side of a highway. Thanks Ford engineers!

  • Awesome 👍🏻

  • 2:52 Why did the speedo raise up?

  • I have škoda 1000mb and the battery is under rear seats

  • An absolutely FANTASTIC video with VERY valuable information my man ! 😎

  • Chris, love the video but your truck has one of those crappy clamp on adapters that is on the big wire leaving the wire. You neglected to clean it or at least on camera. When you clean the battery posts, you have to take apart that adapter and clean the wires and the adapter. Those adapters are used when the original clamp gets too bad to be used on the battery post and then the cable is cut as long as possible and the adapter attached.

  • Very detail instruction specially the instructions on not losing the clock after replacing the battery.

  • Can we talk about the fact that Chris loaded up a song called "wooder" just for it to appear for 2 seconds on the radio at 14:38 ?? The amount of detail that goes into these videos is insane and that's why these videos are so bingeable 😍

  • Hei Chris I had side mirrow shifted on my Mercedes b klasse, After one week window wiper motor went off, i replaced it for $ 800 now is less than two weeks the dynamo went off...$ 2000 to replace it here in Norway, I wonder if there is electric problem in the car or bad battery affecting those things..? The car have 217000KM.. Thank you for video.

  • Chris is the only guy who can make a 30 minute video out of changing a battery

  • I love how you explain the why. Thank you sir!

  • Good info, but no mention of side mount terminals or post with neg. and pos. on different sides then your charging system layout.

  • Fantastic video. Your memory trick is very cool. But does it change the system from 12v to 24volts. By wiring the batteries like this? At the last point w the load tester. Could you try to recharge them before replacement? Or are they absolutely toasted?

  • Use original battery, aftermarket batteries need always that pad.

  • perfect details , i like it ...

  • I used to own a 2008 Chrysler Sebring and the battery is in the most ridiculous spot I’ve ever seen. You have to Jack the car up, put it on stands, remover the front driver side tire and and it’s behind the god damn fender!!! Why?! That’s the worst spot I’ve seen a battery placement.

  • Two things. Measuring voltage in a car with a multimeter is fairly safe and easy. Measuring current (Amps), is fraught with danger. The fact that to measure current, requires you to connect your multimeter in series opens up a multitude of risks. The biggest of them is NEVER try to start the car with the multimeter connected in series with the charging circuit.

  • Sponsored from Die Hard/Advance? It's quite irritating. Advance used to have some great 40% off coupons on the Autocraft batteries, I used to buy all my batteries there. Then Advance got a little cheap, Only 20-25% off batteries, but I still bought them anyways. Then they bought the Die Hard brand from Sears, and about 2 months after the rollout, batteries became excluded from coupons entirely. I used to pay about $100-110 with tax for an Autocraft Silver. Now a Die Hard Silver is $170 with tax. I broke down and got a costco membership. They have Interstate batteries for $80 each. Never buying another battery from Advance again. Is this where all that extra markup is going? To sponsoring videos? Not your fault Chris, you're still the man. Just what Advance did is maddening to me.

  • I have a 2017 Ford Escape and my battery is near the back of my hood. I wouldn’t even be able to get to the negative terminal.

  • I will never close my eyes on any video

  • I wish this was a 5 minute job hahaha My 2001 Dodge Intrepid has it in the wheel well so its a total pain to replace. Luckily they give you terminals at a higher level so you can still check voltage and load test and all that.

  • Excellent video and very thorough and informative description.....Awesome! Chris

  • Hey Chris long time no see. Gotta question. If you want an AGM battery in your doesn't that means that you need 18V alternator to charge it? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought it's necessary?

  • Hi,....the only problem I have is the battery as a red light sign, appears and disappeared on dash board while driving? The battery looks good and alternator too.... What do you think the cause?

  • When cleaning the battery with the metal brush do I take both the black and red when cleaning one or the other or can I just plug it back in

  • Omg takes one minute to test a battery and a hour watching a video

  • Is it safe to charge the battery with an external charger, inside the car without removing a terminal?

  • Any video in which you show how to refill them like with distilled water?

  • My dad used to have an old Land Rover Defender and the battery was under the driver's seat!

  • One caveat -- many newer cars should be programmed to match the actual battery installed, in order to optimize the charging and lifetime. So, if you change from a flooded to an AGM battery, there is something to be coded. There is sometimes a QR code on the battery that can give the correct parameter to set. Might be a dealer thing, unless you have a scanner like an OBD11, VagCom, or similar for your car make.

  • My battery in my 2009 Honda Accord read 11.7 volts 3 weeks ago and I had no problems starting my car but my lights were dim at times. Now I almost got stuck at a restaurant while DoorDashing today. Omg on the 3rd start it started up

  • Why aren’t you drifting anymore you worked so hard 😭

  • my dads battery is literaly in the passenger floor and its a 2014 Renult trafic sport