How Volcanoes Froze the Earth (Twice)

čas přidán 17. 07. 2019
Over 600 million years ago, sheets of ice coated our planet on both land and sea. How did this happen? And most importantly for us, why did the planet eventually thaw again? The evidence for Snowball Earth is written on every continent today.
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  • Request for Eons - would like to see a segment about the geologic age when Earth became inundated with iron - some call the 'rusting of the planet'. - Thanks!

  • Volcanoes erupt and spew ash which blocks the sun. Google this: "1816 year without a summer."

  • I have a crush on the girl speaking in this video

  • I truly hate the geographical terms. They pick long and difficult names for who knows what reason.

  • The best narrator on this channel! I would pay you to read to me haha^^ Thank you :*

  • Goodness volcanoes are not erupting ATM .

  • "we still have glaciers today!" not for long were entering fireball earth era!!!

  • Who is Steve!

  • can you please also use the metric system, it broadens your material to the rest of the world and gives users of the imperial system reference and knowledge of the universal scale. There is no good reason to not use both scales.

  • thanks

  • Is it just me or does it feel like a lot of the terms she is using doesn't sound scientific enough?

  • Dammit vulcanoes you did it again!

  • Clear and concise explaining thanks

  • Finally PBS is on a platform that will pay them for their amazing work

  • Lasts 15 million years,what does that even mean

  • Why not tell the people the truth?

  • There was a tectonic plate movement,in witch caused masses amounts of volcanoes to erupt,putting a lot heat as well,causing the earth to heat up,in the center of our planet,causing the cold to go down to the poles & flash freeze the poles,just like in Antarctica is today,with frozen Tsunamis waves over it & all the sort in the sky,blanket the earth & cooled it down,causing the ice age & when the sort,cleared enough,to let the sun shine though,it started melting the ice back,just like what there doing now,there spraying the sky's around the world,in as many countries as they can,it cools down the center of our planet & causes the heat,to go to the poles & melt the poles,

    • Interesting. Now let's get back to the real science.

  • Are you ready kids? Aye-aye captain. I can't hear you... Aye-aye captain! Ohhhhhh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

  • WHY was the Sun 7% dimmer???

    • You have the question back to front. It should be - what has caused the sun to get brighter.

  • Isn't this supposed to be taught at universities? Reminds of me of TOEFL exams.

  • Man, scientists are dumb. Volcanos aren't cold.

    • @Bob Trenwith Nani?

    • @45 ACP Be careful dear. An uneducated, low-life conservative would take that as an invitation.

    • @Bob Trenwith I'm actually a 5 year old girl sir, and my parents aren't home

    • @45 ACP You seem to be about 6 years old. An adult actually says something when they speak. Perhaps you would care to point out where in the video they claimed that volcanoes are cold. Or are you going to keep playing kiddy games?

    • @Bob Trenwith wait, you commented?

  • I wonder what the shape the continents will take in 250 million years. Is continental shift fast or slow? or a mix?

  • Honestly to find out the truth it needs Chemistry, Biology, Astrophysics and Geology to come together. It's the only way to find out the truth. Space events could easily trigger an ice age and were believed to do so million or so years ago. Also, the equator is funny. Because it's very mixed. Sure it's warm but you also got large tropics. And the hottest place on earth is California. Which is the worst place to put a huge city. With unrestricted growth. No wonder it gets forest fires it's been stealing it's water from the land for decades. it ran the underground water dry I believe. And is stealing water from ranchers up north. transporting it to the city. Then you got Las Vegas another desert city.... That sun idea makes sense. Because in a billion years today it will be 10% brighter. and will be able to boil our oceans. And some think that it may be able to split the molecular bonds of h20. And the Hydrogen will escape into space. Kinda interesting.

  • Don't leave me hanging like that! How did the sponges do it!???

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  • "Snowball earth" don't you mean Hoth?

  • This made me appreciate how incredible it is for life to exist on earth

  • The real question is how earth defrost😜

    • She answers that from about 8:40.

    • The one way we're heating it today global warming.

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  • Hoth. They are naming Hoth not Earth

  • So can we just grind up a bunch of basalt and dump it into the ocean to sequester CO2 and undo climate change?

    • Sure if you're willing to wait a couple dozen million years.

  • I bet Icelanders would like it there.

  • What if human lead climate change leads to another snowball earth era hahahahaha

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  • I love love love this channel! It reminds me of just how special, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind our planet is. Thank you PSB Eons

  • C02 cools the earth .

    • @Wendell Clayton We are currently in an ice age. Did you mean "last glacial period" which ended about 10000 years ago, when CO2 levels were at about 180 ppm?

    • See last ice age .

    • Interesting. Now excuse me while I return to the *real* science.

  • Hmm so volcanoes are to blame for the ice age sequels. We must act on this to prevent more tragedies

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