Humans VS Robots: 100 Experiments

čas přidán 22. 05. 2022
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  • Just want to say I love you guys and thank you for everything♥️ mafia strong

  • No one questioning how the romba got on top of the couch? 😂

    • if you look back they actually put a few on there to begin with

    • more than half or the replies are bots.

    • vlog ;)

    • wondering the exact same thing bro

    • YOOO WUNBA massive fan of ur channel

  • I'm convinced that Beans is the funniest person alive 🤣

  • I wanna see you hire out like 20 AirBNBs and order a pizza to each one from the same pizza place to see how the delivery man reacts to seeing you at every house 😂

  • 2:50 Roomba: hey guys lets go charge Roomba: *falls down stairs for the charger*

  • I love it when Sam always runs and he’s always so funny and terrified. Give him a raise. Also, I like it when he ran at the end out of nowhere that we can’t even see him anymore LOL

  • I still can’t get over the fact he used mecha Godzilla’s sound effects from GvK for all the robots… absolutely amazing

  • i freaking love Sam. He's great and super entertaining, i hope he makes another appearance.

    • BEANSSSS!!!!

    • Sam wise gumchie..

    • @@DAANBRO Lord if the rings!! Yess

    • @@miriroo6298 No not lord of the rings lord of the beans

    • Can't stand him tbh way too over acting is so stupid.

  • Just so you know beans painting is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • 7:25 is just amen and then they were about to kiss😭✋

  • “ Knowing Eric he’s probably taking a nap on his drive” shows Eric partying like crazy 😂

  • The 100 challenges were actually just a few with 100 robots included in the total, but he put probably in so many hours that it's almost irrelevant. He's probably going to hit 20m 2 years later if he keeps making bangers

  • 14:26 Robot suitcase: “Destroy all humans” Me: Guess I’ll die.

  • "I can't even fit this in the frame, it's so big" had me dead🤣🤣

  • I find it so cool to see when beans first joined the crew

  • I love how at the end of the video beans just runs in to the darkness 😂😂😂


  • For anyone curious the robot golf ball is called a Sphero mini. They are $50 plus the golf ball shell if you want that.

  • I hope the bartender doesn’t see this video

  • Sam is literally the funniest person ever lol 😂 he needs to be in more videos

  • I kinda feel sorry for the little delivery robots, they looked very defenceless and the little beep it made was so cute

    • I just hope they paid money for destroying the delivery robots,it was not necessary for him to kick and turn him upside down... If you lose you lose bro.

  • Beans your an honorary Canadian now with how you were drinking that maple syrup

  • Airrack's definitely my favorite youtuber, and it's awesome seeing him getting the attention he deserves. The videos he's been pumping out have been great, but I low key miss the authenticity of his old ones. I'd love to see more skating-type videos, or "breaking in" 's, it'd be a great throwback. Also, dude we're so close to 7 mil guys, that's so exciting


    • @@r3ddo. No you don't. It's really bad and poorly made videos maybe if you stopped spamming this in comments and actually worked on your content you would have more of a chance to succeed.

    • @@FullMetalAtheist it’s a bot

  • at 7:06 mack has a rockband drum and they are playing guitar hero 3 (which doesn't even support drums/mic) and playing through the fire and flames while singing mississippi queen. this is literally a fever dream

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that the bartender drank the drink that they spit into 💀

  • Man, Airrack content never fails to make us smile and laugh, his content is just amazing.


  • Beans calling maple syrup “The sweet nectar of Canada” really offends me since me myself am Canadian.

  • 7:47 brooo that's crazy I just had a dream when I was in an uber with no driver but the car is moving...

  • I laughed a lot more than I thought I would have on this one. Keep it up man!

  • 7:18 RIP robot

  • For anybody who enjoys robots…. These robots are difficult looking to the untrained eye, but to someone who has studied robotics, and electrical engineering, the fundamentals of these robot is simple. If you’re interested in robots i recommend learning about it.

  • Mack and Tyler in maid costumes are hilarious

  • -"Is that maple sirup?" -"No, it's the sweet nectar of Canada"

  • The way Beans just takes off running at the end 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @11:55Bro! lol you literally taken a point off robots...because you couldnt keep it recharge? who fault was that! LOL 😂

  • Literally one of the best channels ever to binge on 💛💛

  • It was such a blast working with Eric and his crew. Solid bunch of dudes! (Jonathan - mech inventor)

  • as a canadian i find it hilarious how he said “NO,Its the sweet nectar of CANADA

  • gotta appreciate mack's editing skills

  • I died at the robot randomly speaking in Japanese at the tennis court lol

  • I really liked the addition of your childhood friend. He brings some craziness to the already crazy mafia

  • 9:04 Non-Cubers: ok 👍🏻 Cubers: DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE A GAN IS?!?!

  • No matter how much better robots are than man, robots can never replicate the amount of entertainment we get from Airrack's videos

  • as a cuber seeing you smash that gan cube like that made me die inside

  • "A foolish man cries about a hole in his pocket, while a wise man uses it to scratch his balls." -Sun Tzu (art of war)


    • Lamo who is gonna believe that😂 LOL bots

  • The look on that man’s face when Beans said the robots are missing one key ingredient: 10:03

  • I went from not knowing Airrack a couple weeks ago to realizing the mafia is going to be the future of this platform. Keep making the best vids ever man, ill see yall at the pizza party

  • Airrack, I appreciate all the time and effort your put into your videos. Your my favorite CS-tvr! ❤️

  • 5:14 that was so funny when he pushed the robot over lol because some person food was in there XD

  • Beans: “Knowing Eric he’s probably sleeping.” Meanwhile Eric’s just dancing🤪🤪🤪

  • The fact that the robot at the end said destroy all humans and they were so shocked 💀💀

  • Who knew that Airrack was Friends with Daniel Radcliffe?!

  • That was so good. I've seen you for the first time in one of Mr. Beast video, and I loved your personality. I didn't know you had such a great CS-tv channel. I love the content, so original. Keep it up!

  • I live 30 minutes to an hour away from the 'Robo World' or Carnagie Science Center and when you go through the entire building it is HUGE and so much fun. Best part is that they have a retired submarine you can go on. Honestly the coolest place you might have been to in the state if not the most scientific and fun place.

    • Two bots replying to each other

  • 4:20 I love how you can just see beans in the background

  • Nice to see Eric and Daniel Radcliffe working together to save humanity

  • the fact that the robot giant got a smaller car and airrack's friend got a bigger car was unfair to be honest

  • 9:58 the dread and despair on that poor mans face😂

  • Morbius is honestly the best movie, and has changedmy life. Infact everyone's lives. Infact REALITY. I simply can't get enough of this movie. I have watched it 337 times and I keep loving it even more. My favorite part was when Michael Morbius said "It's Morbin' time!" and Morbed all over the bad guys, ending with a witty one liner saying "You just got Morbed by the Morbster, baby!". Truly a masterpiece. I am demanding more morbing morbius movies. I will sell my soul for it. I love morbius. Morbius is life. Morbius is what holds the universe together. Morbius is what made Marvel 1000 times better than DC. I love Morbius. Repent to Morbius,

  • Now we need a rematch Professionals vs Robots 👀

  • I need to know what that sound is called on 8:14

  • Are you just going to ignore the facts that this man spent so much money to get this video ready for us.. Let's get Airrack to 10M as fast as possible so we all can get a free slice of worlds biggest pizza!

  • quality vid man so cool that you got this sick access man big love forever just enjoy yourself

  • 14:19 that disappointment hahahahaha and the robot suit case just what said at the end made this video really wholesome 😂😂😂😂😂

  • "Knowing Eric, he's probably taking a nap now on his drive" Eric: doing anything but napping

  • eric: “are you sure it’s not gonna get to your head” beans: “YES” **beans goes mental** 👇🏻

  • the way beans just dipped at the end 💀

  • Sam needs to put be more in these videos man he is hilarious and patriotic to Canada 🇨🇦🤝🇦🇺

    • Can pin just to make sure this is no scam?

  • ‏‪11:19‬‏ Arthur morgan last words 😂😂😂

  • 8:30 lol the subtitles says unsubscribe for a slice of pizza 😂

  • This man just completed his 1 million challenge last year and he's at 6 million right now. Damn bro!!!🙌

  • the "sweet nectar of canada" along with the bass boosted "NO" had me dead

  • Beans is literally one of the funniest man on Earth no cap

  • Beans to Mathew be like, “ I’m bout to end this man’s whole career”

  • Ahh yes the sweet nectar of Canada 3:18

  • Airrack is provably one of the most grateful people on CS-tv he loves his community so much and I'm so happy for him ❤😁

  • As a Canadian I can confirm that we drink maple syrup 24/7 and it is our nectar

  • The Way The Suitcase Said Destroy All Humans Beans Ran Away

  • I actually went to there, there’s a parachute thing and a space station (with a toilet that makes sounds) and alot of other stuff! I actually saw my schools basket ball team play against the bot, the team mostly won because the bot was kinda slow. I also made a huge lego tower I’m talking about the museum by the way, it even had a robot you could make say anything (I made it say among us)

  • Airrack: I think this is gonna get to your head. Beans: It's not gonna get to my head It got to his head

  • Beans is funny asf I want him back in the next videos

  • The Gan Rubik's cube robot blew my mind. I love playing with Rubik's cubes, but I would never be able to beat that robot because I average around 15 seconds. Not even close to that!

  • Airrack is just making more and more creative videos, love it

  • Funny thing is is this is the second guy that’s named Preston and his videos. I’ve never met another person in my life other than a four-year-old child. I still think it’s like the rarest name out there.

  • I love how the man in the end runs when the speaker talk destroy all humans 😂

  • 2:25 when they were in the maid dress bro caught me off guard😂

  • Beans (Sam) seems like such a fun and cool guy, FU Matthew 😂

  • I always wondered what happened to beans from even Stevens. Now he’s all grown up.

  • Airrack:sam what are you doing bro,is that maple syrup Sam:no,it's the sweet nectar of canada

  • The ending! "Destroy all humans" Imagine luggages taking over...

  • Crazy iv been to this place multiple times, twice for a fieldtrip and 5 times with my family we come here all the time cause of how awseome it is!! keep up the videos Air!!!

  • 1:06 Airrack- "We are going to fly to pennsylvania to robo world" Also Airrack- "See you on the flight" Me- You are in pennsylvania already???

  • I love how Tyler and Mac just spend the whole time breaking like thousands of dollars worth of robots. Great vid thanks.😂👍

  • The concern in bros face when he said love 💀

  • 4:10 is where headset user must be careful

    • 6:12 is where Sam is screaming as hell

  • airrak: has a robot suitcase me: can't even pick up a water bottle

  • 6:58 it's Ron's Gone Wrong!!

  • " the sweet nectar of canada" cant be more right 😂

  • Beans now is basically a og now