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A proof of humble youtubers along with review of /r/humblebrag reddit
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  • that great Gatsby picture though :D

  • Rip onision

  • Im actually not just humble, Im way more humble than I think you can even understand

  • Been a fan for a few weeks after a friend showed me your channel. Been living the content but this made me cringe out and leave almost instantly. I'm 27 so maybe I don't get it (1st time I've commented on CS-tv too)

  • Humbleness has left the chat.

  • This is funny ah

  • 9:25 my ears died from an unholy voice and at the end.

  • what's a "cis guy"?

  • 4:01 all that paid by her husbando


  • I mean... his full description of himself at the beginning isn’t wrong.

  • Me at 08:10 Why so Sirius, buddy?

  • You think he realized the 140 IQ guy was Matpat?

  • Where WAs yAll aT


  • IQ really don’t mean shit tbh

  • "Questions I Was Told".

  • He jokes about being attractive now, but little did he know he would be the 4th most attractive face of 2018

  • It is hard to be humble when you are the best


  • 4:01 Denis aproves

  • since whenJack is a name for female? I feel scared

  • Hey bro no offense but idk how humble you're being

  • Which Felix keliberg one of the most Influential people kinda looks like pewdiepie

  • R.I.P Spain

  • Pewdz you gotta troll Onision more often

  • PEW! PEW! PEW! Sorry, my faggy lite saber fell.

  • This man gained 20 million subs in a little over 6 months

  • My favorite place to come for advanced sarcasm.

  • First time anyone has said onisions name in 3 years

  • i caught 3 dragonflies on the job site once, i guess they know i sometimes dont beat my dog

  • “I love this clip, he’s so awesome.” ~ Pewdiepie on Donald J. Trump. *MSM would like to know your location.*

  • 21 mil subs later...

  • 🔥Te suscribes🚩 🔥Y me suscribo♨ 🔥Like para confirmar👍GOOD VIDEO

  • I too am extraordinarily humble

  • “I also have extremely amount of intellects” Pewdiepie, 2018

  • 2:38 Sarcasm at its finest

  • Idk who Onision even is

  • Onision: _I'm not a celebrity but I can barely destroy any wetlands without someone reporting me to the authorities._ The struggle is real.

  • it's almost like people do stuff online solely for approval. that's why i never comment online. my opinions don't matter anymore than the next person's, even tho i've spent over a decade soul searching and helping others in secret.

  • He's so humble I had three fucking ads in this video when my pc froze AND I COULD'NT SKIP IT. That's AGONY!

  • You have a speech inspediment

  • Hun.... You actually almost have 83 million

  • Onision Ew

  • I KNOW IM NOT SUPPOSED TO GIVE MY OPINION BUT to be fair to Jake Paul as bad as that song is all he is saying is that all his hater and the press make out that he is some sort of horrible human being even tho he has done all these goods things for ppl and he is trying to tell ppl and you can't not tell ppl without sounding un humble so I don't think itsvery fair that pewdiepie is makin a joke out of him but

  • Matpat whatcha doing 😭

  • Pewds, the sisters have been here

  • This is humble content I subscribed for

  • inb4 pewdiepie has 100million subs

  • DJ Khaled suffering from success

  • Feeeeellllllliiiiixxxxxx

  • didnt you did this video already?????

  • I know Pewds is always hot but can I just say I think this is the most attractive he’s ever been? He’s gonna top himself in 2019, I know it

  • Ummm... I’m not sure about what onision just said. Because, I saw him at the mall once, and neither me or anyone else approach him. Lol, I guess just no one likes onision. (I know I don’t.)

  • So on top of bragging she decides to keep one bottle?🤔 guess tap waters just to expensive

  • Remember to subscribe

  • this video made me listen to a jake paul song! gee thanks felix, now i'm retargled

  • Nice jacket

  • hey matpat, im actually 9 with an IQ of 133

  • The word *-insufferable-* comes to mind.

  • 10/10 vid

  • My grandpa is a really quiet, humble man. But the one thing he had was a golf tee holder than said, it's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am.

  • One of my favourite pewds videos. It deserves more views

  • Damn that ending!

  • This maybe the best reddit so far

  • MatPat tweeted that?? Damn...

  • This video was 20 mil subs ago🤣

  • Thank you Donald, very cool

  • "Even with 70 IQ, i can still defeat T-series"

  • Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay 👉👤👉👤👉👤

  • the road to 100 MIl

  • thanks onision

  • i got a pewdiepie merch on a pewdiepie video in a pewdiepie channel

  • 140iq is supposed to be high?

  • my orange juice is r e a l sour

  • I am glad I watched this

  • Ninja has ligma

  • .

  • 2:42 If that is not the single most hypocritical I've ever heard in my life then I don't know what is

  • *2019 anyone?*

  • *wHo gIvEs A ShEeT*

  • Haven't we all had millions of views and get recognised by people everyday?

  • Dear Lord, Jake's voice... and I thought my voice was bad.

  • Deep down into our 9-years old souls we are ALL humble people!

  • poor sausage

  • humblebee

  • Favourite Pewds video probably

  • Wait, does Felix wear glasses? What's that tan line on the bridge of his nose

  • Just your daily reminder that onision is a scumbag predator who used to do a video series rating underage girls bodies in their underwear.

  • That woman was pretty, but not THAT pretty. Just.. don't get married

  • Being as pretty and charismatic as I am can be so difficult on CS-tv. I always get pervy replies and am never taken seriously past my looks.

  • You for got the beta Vox male that donated his kidney to a random person for humble brag

  • Onision rapes little girls.

  • You are extremely attractive.

  • I miss the CC work you/ Brad used to do! It was hilarious. In your new vids they don’t exist?! Whyyyyyyyyy!?

  • Where did your pop filter go?!

  • also, low-key where is his jumper from, kinda fun, kinda fresh, kinda swag

  • Where’s Ricegum? Oh right he doesn’t humble brag, he just brags.

  • Good ol' days

  • 1:30 sick beats