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A proof of humble youtubers along with review of /r/humblebrag reddit
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  • Being not humble in a humble way

  • 8:43 great words btw

  • "Humbleness"

  • Duck Tonald Frump.

  • pewds: "𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓂𝒶𝓉𝒾𝒸" 9 year olds- *intensely looking up what charismatic means*

  • I like this video because I have 16inch...

  • This is my 4th time watching this video. I die laughing every time. If you are like me and anticipate on breaking the rewatch button hear is one. 0:01 The price is one like

  • "One of the most common questions I am told." Cough *asked*

  • Matpat..

  • Vaginális szél (hüvelyi szél, flatus vaginalis latin) egy emisszió vagy levegő kilövellés a hüvelyből. Ez lehet szex közben vagy után, hiszen a behatolás alkalmával a fölösleges anyagtöbblet nyomja a hüvely falát,[1] de történhet esetleg tornázás vagy lazítás közben is. A végbél szél, flatus hangjára hasonlít. Nem tartalmaz székletből származó gázokat, és gyakran szaga sincs. Szlengben a punci puki, punci fing, hüvelyi puki, nuni puki, punipú, nunipú kifejezéseket használják rá. A népnyelv pinafingként ismeri. A hüvelyi gázok, melyek szagosak vagy fekália tartalmúak, lehetnek a colovaginal fistula[2] eredménye, ami komoly probléma, egy repedés a hüvely és vastagbél között, ami lehet sebészeti beavatkozás, szülés, betegség (pl. Crohn-betegség) következménye, és okozhat húgyúti fertőzést, továbbá egyéb komoly problémákat is. Valamint lehet a belső vaginális süllyedés (?)[3] eredménye is, ami a szülés következtében alakulhat ki.[4] Levegő kerülhet a hüvelybe az orális szex közben, ami semmilyen ismert egészségügyi következménnyel nem jár, ugyanakkor az erőszakkal felfújt hüvely légembóliát okozhat: „rendkívül kis eséllyel, de előfordulhat, hogy egy légbuborék belép a nő vérkeringésébe a méhlepényen keresztül és embóliát okoz”.

  • Pewdiepie you are hilarious 😂😂😂

    • I also think do you spell ageay

  • Ppl probably just approach Onision to punch that arrogant S.O.B. in the mouth.

  • A. V. G. Did an oopsie

  • Heard humble for 1000th and still counting

  • AVG was the best bit 😂😂

  • Hmmmmmble

  • pfff. MatPat was there. I'm not even mad

  • I always come back to this video it’s so funny 🤣

  • One of Pewds best vids

  • No homo, but I love you pewds

  • *T Series TIme*

  • About the one with Matpat, his channel is all about math and science and he is pretty damn smart but i admit, i can smell the humble brag.

  • Onision is a cockroach

  • Pewds is as humble as Drax

  • are we jus gonna ignore the “poor sausage”???

  • When he had 62 Million subs and t gay was on the rise

  • 5:40 and you didn’t just give her both bottles, why?

  • A female horse ???

  • My phone was on my desk while I was watching this, somehow Felix activated Bixby and called my wife. 0.o

  • Disney let pewds go? Yet I just got an ad of Mickey Mouse falling over on Novak Djokovic’s shirt.... my life is a lie

  • Ryan toys review has more views than you tho

  • 4:58 She's going to passive aggressively guilt trip him into insanity by the time he's 18.

  • Ha Xb best mum in de world

  • Is the clapping in the beginning of meme review just to make the inset video sync with the screen recording?

  • Trey Parker as in creator of South Park?

  • yo how can pp lbe so dumb with these posts and vids XD

  • I don't know why by his jacket pisses me off... XD

  • 3:23 pews says he has 62m subs, right now, a little over 6 months later, he has 74... 5 mil on youtube in 6 months never done before... sure

  • I couldn’t help but think of South Park with the hybrid cars. ☺️ Thaaeeeeeeenks!

  • Lol the song in the intro Mozart's 2nd composition ever, written when he was 5 or 6:

  • I like how he is using the same clothing as ricegum did on the lyrics explanation video.

  • The onion guy and trump completely misrepresented

    • Onision? No, he’s a massive jerk. Trump? No he was literally just quoted. I like trump but sometimes he should keep quiet.

  • I licked two pineapples today

  • never change onision, dead

  • "Where was y'all AT?!?!" I'm crying, this was too perfect, LOL LOL!! Love the dramatic fade to black there, too.

  • remember when pewdiepie wasnt completely dead inside lmao

  • Bruh if that person with the homeless woman and water really wanted to help she should've bought a package of regular water 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • I actually like that song of Jake Paul.

  • Gawwwwd he's attractive...

  • successful... emphasis on the succ.


  • I’m the most humble person I know.

  • Onision came to my friends neighborhood on Halloween last year and literally no one cared to approach him. I dunno what he means by he can’t leave the door without paparazzi

  • fuvk you for having a 1.20 ads

  • Killing it Felix 😂😂😂😂

  • I love the one where the person is complaining about being checked out by cis guys. They are assuming the guys checking them out are cis based on appearance? Doesn’t that go against their whole don’t presume my gender shtick?

  • is that fred?

  • :/ king

  • felur how d u remin so haumble?

  • pewds is hot

  • ///////////////weird flex but okay/////////////////

  • Hands down you're best video!

  • Why do I keep getting cold sore ads 😅😅😅

  • I live in New Orleans and I give money and food and clothes and blankets to homeless people ALL THE TIME. I even stop and have a brew/smoke a blunt with them and ask them about their life. And I don’t have social media so I find it appropriate to post this comment on this particular video. I love you PEWDIEPIE. I really really do.

  • When we got to the Donald Trump ones my brother started crying

  • Love the smell of roasted onion. 👌

  • you know that mom (who gives a shit) she will be the first inline for his money later on

  • blazendary really did work hard to get all that money tho

  • That loser is still doing music???

  • appears to be truly humble you have to be proud of your humility and announce that pride..

  • you are such a Hump-ble man :D

  • is this?? is this a HUMBLE man?? i have never seen a man as humble as he!!

  • Jacksfilm is DISGUSTING

  • 3:53 cis (guy) = cos (guy) + i sin (guy)

  • Notice that he is at the end of the video

  • t series has won

  • I was at McDonald's and a homeless man was getting food out of the trash so my mother told him give him ur burger to him so i did and the homeless man laughed and threw it in the trash ever since then i never gave homeless people anything

  • Why would CS-tv Demonetize such a humble guy?

  • 5:23 gucci and supreme water

  • Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are poisonous

  • Wow I didnt know donald trump is a youtuber *HOW SHOCKING*

  • I fell baby brother started screaming his lungs out as jp started singing...…

  • Why is this in my related

  • Who in the hell is Jack Monroe? And why in the hell is 'Jack' female?

  • I had 3 ads while i watched video, is that normal?

  • Sub to pewds

  • I thought this was r/thathappened

  • Oh Onision, mistaking cockiness for confidence, narcissism for self esteem and fame for infamy.

  • Trump's clip is why we should love American politics, please keep giving us memes

  • That kid with the 443, actually it's not bad for his age but it's weird that he's celebrating such a random number

  • yeah but, poor kid tho?

  • Was jake paul drunk when he recorded that song? I cant understand shit.

  • if these were ironic they would be 11/10

  • bumparoonmi

  • Why do I love him so much hahaha

  • The one where the lady wouldnt give the homeless lady both waters, is cracking me up

  • *extreamly amounts of intellect*

  • That girl who bought two bottles of water for a homeless person and drank one of them for herself....😑 WHAT THE FUDGE?!

  • Your the KIM KARDASHIAN of CS-tv

  • original content at its finest