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A proof of humble youtubers along with review of /r/humblebrag reddit
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  • The one with the water cracked me up!😂😂 Wtf was he thinking! I feel bad about the homeless person that had to "choose" seriously how can you say that AND take the other bottle with you.. WTF. The way Felix said it was very funny..

  • you gave me a 2 minute long ad that i cant skip ;-; -_-

  • That moment when t series didn't exist

  • I know this is an old video and I’ve been watching videos on CS-tv since it started, but I just realized that Onision and Shane Dawson are not the same person lol

  • Dang pewds lookin like an early00's ski advert or Nick Lachet circa 2002 christmas edition

  • MatPat is actually fucking smart

  • Mmmm sarcasm makes me sex

  • I'm a very stable and humble genius

  • 8:04 mE tbhh

  • did he call trump AWESOMEEEEE

  • This is why I love pewds. He is legitimately not affected by the cancer being spread around CS-tv by rich kids who most likely dropped out or just chose CS-tv from the start, begin telling other kids that they can be successful without those things but it never works. Then you just have the other people who show off their money and tell kids that they are not worth shit if they don’t flaunt their money. Then there are actually stupid people who just brag about everything but seem to try to be humble about it when everyone knows it’s bullshit. rEEeeeeEeEeeeeeeeEeEeeEEeeeeEeEeEEe

  • Hi pewdipie

  • These sarcastic jokes about being humble are God Tier. LOL

  • HAHA! Daily mail headline xD.

  • These are actual alive people.

  • My left stroke just went viral

  • We’re was ya’all at

  • But really felix you are humble because l have never witnessed you being like “ oh look at my car look at my house” like that

  • We have so much choice in life y’all you can have any water you choose

  • Tbh i hate stuff like this, but at least the kids and homeless benefit from it... just like when i bought 1000 kids food last night😂

  • Does anyone have that little kids CS-tv? I feel so bad... I have to sub to him

  • PewDiePie please suck my toe

  • Wow...its actually so great to see that other fellow intelectuals in the comments. I'm an intelect with an iq of 180 and i am just so smart because when i tell jokes that are of my level to my fellow classmates, they just dont even get them. Seriously...i just cant get along with them...i sometimes just wished to be more dumb so you guys can communicate with me. How sad.

  • When Logan or Jake Paul was signing I honestly couldn’t understand what the fuck he was saying.

  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that the “women of the year” called her son a poor sausage???? Because that’s literally me

  • I think that onion should probably change...

  • Cool sweater pewds Did you kill a sheep? 😂👌

  • “Question I’m told” ugh his English is everything 🤣💞

  • Love u Felix !!!!

  • The thumbnail are one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen #Original


  • Always have a choice God was that brag of deed or brag of stupidity 😂

  • Почему название на русском?

  • I am a very humble commenter. Please like this comment to boost my humbleness

  • Shit on AVG hahaha

  • white looks so good on you!!!! i love u dad

  • 0:11 If you have captions on it says (Sure Pews), editing team/person you're half the comedy of this channel

  • Lol anything Trump does or says is comedy.

  • i'm so humble: the lonely island (a summary)

  • When I grow up, I want to be just like those humble youtubers!

  • why does he look pretty in this...

  • Blazendary kills me😂

  • what's with the porno backign track lol



  • Humble CS-tvrs #2?

  • M-Matpat?!?! *Nani?!?!*

  • why would you subject us to jake paul

  • But I thought that Humble by Kendrick Lamar is our anthem :(

  • u luk like a shep lool

  • King of yt? No more. T serious dethroned you

  • Best brand of water is 'clean' i think.

  • 8:47 But that's just a theory, a Game Theory. Thanks for watching. xD


  • I thought rap was supposed to let people release albums without needing to know how to sing? Why does Jake Paul sound so bad when he doesn't even have to sing?

  • Did anyone notice that pewdiepie wasn't humble in this video

    • Omg! No! Thanks for telling I was so sure he was so humble on purpose!

  • JP "dumbass" was a classic outro and then combined it with "Ninja!" Effffff both them idiots!

  • That Donald Trump clip! Dying! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • That's why I hate mat, idk why people watch him he is so toxic and gross

  • and everyone clapped

  • MATPAT MADE AN APPEARANCE!!!! I don’t think he deserved it though...

  • So tru... So humble.

  • so what did you Hear? :)

  • I really feel for MatPat here. For me, an advanced, enlightened human being with 345 IQ (did I mention i have 345 IQ), it is so frustrating to live in a society where nobody understands Rick and Morty like I understand it. References like wubbalubbadubdub have a deeper meaning about life and the mind. People just don't get it. I wish I wasn't so smart.


  • I've never heard a Jake Paul song before and I legit thought at first that it was a remix and someone messed with his voice bc nobody likes him, but after reading the comments I am quickly realizing that abomination was legit.

  • What mid roll adds did u guys get?

  • Lmao, I like thumbnail.

  • i'm so humble I gave a piece of crust to my frend

  • i'm so humble I gave a piece of crust to my frend

  • other than Pewdiepie, I dont care about these other youtubers...

  • 3:49 is that jail break

  • *humbleness intensifies*

  • This was before the war started

  • If you have to say out loud that you're a humble person, you're probably NOT humble

  • That kid actually was just celebrating something. Nothing unhumble about it

  • how dare you talk about Lord Trump

  • Had to dislike the video bc bazendary is lit but I love you pewds

  • You can't say "I've worked very hard for what I have" when you're a 16 year old kid with no talent. But if you _openly admit_ you have become The Spoiled Boi, then no harm no foul.

  • Your not the DOT_gif master

  • it does'nt matter if your humble or not, as long as your fans love you and you upload 3 videos a day.

  • Water literally at Whole Foods is like 69 cents no joke cause I work there lol

  • 9:18 i literally took my headphones out jezus christ pewds

    • 9:55 i literally jst put my headphones in....WHHHHYYYYY??!?!?

  • lol! "bought HER water. two of the best brands." .....gave her ONE. clap clap clap ...what a self-ish…*oopsie*..self-less soul. Really its all about teaching making good choices obviously.

  • This video is a big woosh

  • Laughed the entire video. Pewd’s is a living legend.

  • 6:23 I really dont get this,rich people dont have bmws or mercedes any middle class person can get them pretty easily. They are normal cars

  • I love the ricegum attire and setting😂😂 IM MORE HUMBLE THAN ANYONE YOU FUCKING KNOW!!!!!

  • Çeviriyi google çeviri yapmadıysa ağlıyorum şuan

  • I am also a humble youtuber..!!! :D

  • I am also a humble youtuber..!!! :D

  • "Humble beings get attracted to other humble characters" So they are the same with stand users huh...

  • The dragonfly one I think is a whoosh

  • ail a is ccccccoooolllllll

  • Damn, these are horrible people.

  • Bester CS-tvr

  • a wolf in sheep's clothing. baaahbaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Gei Shit

  • "Never change, Onision" I screeched. /humbleswistian

  • 5:57 the rich kid who can’t even take the time to buy the editor oh wait never mind he said he wasn’t rich 😕