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A proof of humble youtubers along with review of /r/humblebrag reddit
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  • This is still one of my most favourite video..

  • Jake paul sing like he can't breathe anymore

  • Please pls preakskse make a part 2


  • He tooooooook shots at MatPatttttttttt I’m maaaaaad

  • So....has Onision tried to copy write strike you yet for using his face?

  • amazing and special

  • 3:23 and now we are so close to 100M :')

  • Imagine if trey parker was the real spiderman

  • Here I am thinking that people asked questions.....instead of being told

  • the first 3 times I heard pewds saying 'humbleness' I was: yea, that's called humility. the next 3 times: it's a meme. the next 3 times: well, it's a word now. the next time: w8. is humility something different? Had to google it then...

  • I keep thinking pornhubs open but it’s just the fkin beat in the background

  • Somewhere, in an alternate dimension, there’s an architect named Felix Kjellburg. No one really knows who he is, aside from his clients. He hasn’t touched near as many hearts, he hasn’t entertained millions, he hasn’t inspired thousands of other youtubers, and he hasn’t said “stay awesome bros” once. Simply put, there’s a world with no Pewdiepie. Felix... you made the right choice, and don’t ever regret it.

  • Lmfao.

  • Even though I’m better than everyone, I still can’t find a 2019 video we’re pewds swore. #humblebrag

  • 6:34 Does Felix know that he was trolling, cause he obviously is

  • If you pause on 1:23, and read line 11 (paragraph 2), it says that PewDiePie is able to edit videos by himself. 🤔

    • @Mingkay Ming I know, It's just funny to think about.

    • He used to do it himself until he got big enough to hire editors. He's good at photoshop too.

  • Whose disliking these videos

  • *bEsT bRaNdS oF wAtEr*

  • 6:20 that guy was for sure trolling

  • 3:42 no ones looking at you r/thathappened

  • “I have extremely amounts of intelligent in here”

  • Blazendary is self made and he said he doesn’t take any money from his parents

  • I don't mean to brag, but I donate my blood to the dying mosquito population, so you could say I'm a big of a good person

  • Slogan for humble people: We always have a choice!


  • 8.22 its heart touching...... Yes #Pewds we see that.... some super intelligent joke u make that made us laugh like anything... thank you #Pewds we love you for that bro..... Thank you so much......

  • I love his hair

  • I am so humble that I think I should get an award for my humbleness. MOST HUMBLE MAN!

  • im so humble, in fact im humble

  • Buying a large bottle of generic brand water < buying 250 ml of Fiji water

  • Almost as hilarious as when my friend dropped a $100 bill I gave him down a drain and I had to give him another. It reminds me how friendship cannot be bought

  • You should not film or tell anyone after you helped someone in need! This could embarrass them or hurt their pride

  • How to be humble: Step 1: Sit down

  • *Good quality video.*

  • fuckin Jake Paul, man

  • ...if you can call yourself humble...are you? 😶

  • Who is the most subscribed CS-tvr with less views ??? Pewdiepie.

  • 62M in May 2018 96M in May 2018

  • Jake Paul actually sounds like he has extensive brain damage. Holy fuck!

  • Onion boy... bragging because he gets wrongly recognized as Shane Dawson every other day...

  • When I’m surrounded by my Lamborghinis and iPhone XS’ that I need to stay humble

  • Yo I just thought and now that I think about it pewdiepie is like super humble

  • person: i'm so humble i let a homeless guy choose between two bottles. choices are imortant me: if choices are so important then why not let him choose if either one of them is enough or if he wants both?

  • Hahahahahn we always have a choiCE

  • I'M ON A BINGE SPREE! And look at MatPat...

  • 😁🤣

  • MatPat deserves a humble brag. 😂

  • anyone watching this was 2019 and laughing when he says he has 62 million subs. This fool has no idea.

  • Wait trump is racist pewdiepie said that trump is awesome that mean pedipiw is racist!

  • Join My network in pewdiepie tuber simulator. its name is (ThePewdGang) We reached level 2 and could grow much bigger if someone join right now we are 3 people but we are online everyday and is donating to the network.(if someone havent bin online some days or just wont donate they will be kicked so cya)

  • Ow

  • Are u really humble when you brag about how humble you are lol

  • I took a shit and gave back to the eco system, your welcome planet earth!

  • Winston the shit is a fancy word for Winne the Pooh

  • But wait... Pewdiepie's ego has it's own planetary system....

  • 8:04 is Sander Cohen

  • 8:04 is sander cohen

  • The amount of Sarcasm in this video is actually scary 😂😂😂

  • 3:23 1 year later did you think you would be where you are now???

  • every like I yeet yeet no I wont

  • Holy S*** the camera quality is great XDD

  • 😆

  • Yu da bust

  • I love that that....purple haired person just assumes all men are cis when you know they would jump down your throat if you called them a girl or a woman. She just assumed all of those people's genders, their sexual orientation and assumed all of them were comfortable with and not question and never questioned their own genders. Isn't it kind of a compliment as well to be checked out? It means you are attractive... so I am guessing this person was also a liar :3. (sorry for rant....i just really hate this PC culture that has now looped back around to actually just become hate and assumptions and everything pc people were fighting to not have in the first place.)

  • 140 IQ really isn't **that** 3 siblings and I are well above that! We are doctors, particle physicists, nuclear engineers and psychiatrists. But most importantly, we are still *humble* (except my dickhead brother...he's filthy rich and not afraid to show it).

  • "I'm more humble than you can even imagine" Most humble sentence ever

  • Ah yes I too am humble

  • trump whooshes you dummies all the time then you riot and write articles and make videos. it's hilarious how obsessed you are with him.

  • whats the point of avoiding a paul video if you force us to watch it here

  • Pewdiepie: *Suffering from Success*

  • this video aged well...

  • Here to remember the times when Felix had high quality videos :')

  • this is some good camera quality

  • tf does cis mean?

  • "I treat fat people like they were thin, talk simple for the dumbos, I’m so humble."

  • who gives a shit?

  • we all know pewds is actually humble

  • be humble sit down 😂😂

  • This is one of the greatest pewdiepie videos 100%

  • your videos are too short! more felix please.

  • drake and future should copy strike Jake Paul

  • Whoa!! At the end I got a Tseries Ad song featuring Pitbull called slowly

  • Bravo!! This is gold

  • Jake Paul is so humble he has to take a quick breath to sing everytime, even if it means cutting it.

  • 11 months ago: 62 million Now: 93 million

  • I longed for music and this video. This is it~!

  • 62 millions subs PATHETIC

  • What is the classical composition used throughout the video? It's played at the very beginning.

  • 2:17 Pewd’s sick rapping skills on display

  • wait... what is this camera quality?! I haven't seen it in a long time xD

  • One of my fav vids pewds 👏🏻👌🏻 🤡🌍


  • This camera quality

  • egg

  • With all those youtube channels out there, I decided to subscribe to pewdiepie. We always have a choice

  • 9:20 why..

  • Damn pewds lookin fresh in this video, his hair, camera quality and that cozy sweater!

  • U look like Jesus..the most humble ever .... this why people beside you share the same humbleness. ...this why people feel comfort watching u and follow u..... The first time u caught my attention when my son was watching u playing a game when suddenly you cried because someone in that game killed someone else ....!!! This why I have great respect for u ..beside you so humble.... I think u deserve all this success .... good luck

  • pewdiepie is super humble that nobody would beat him