HYBRID TURNS GOOD?! *NEW SEASON 8* (A Fortnite Short Film)

čas přidán 16. 03. 2019
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Voice Actors:
Abigail Turner - abigailturnervo.com/
Ariel Hack - twitter.com/arielhck
Adam Odeh - cs-tv.org/username-BandigoPlays
Lynx and Master Key are locked in The Prisoner's volcanic jail. One of the guards, a young Stage 1 Hybrid, is called upon to complete a ritual and turn into Stage 2. But after seeing the transformation take place, the young Hybrid runs away.
The Prisoner sends his minions after him as Hybrid frees Lynx and Master Key from their cells. The three run away only to be forced to jump off a waterfall. They have escaped The Fire King...for now...


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  • Drift x Brite Bomber

  • Key X Lynx

  • Where was all this done? Don't remember that being in the volcano

  • Is master key drifts brother

  • If your saying master key is brothers with drift then isn’t vendetta brothers with them too I mean cmon look at the resemblance

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  • Hello drift

  • Why is is lynx and master key are in the volcano?!?!?

    • Yousef Dabass watch the video before this one

  • 2 Hybirds

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  • A ninja whips out a mini gun. Never thought I’d see the day

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  • I love this keep this up I especially love Drifts and Lynxs character But if u don't mind me asking what happened to Brite?

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  • Why is no transate to the other hybrid

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  • It’s naruto and Sakura and sasuke

  • He’s a Crip not a blood

  • Woah brothers

  • But the Fire king and Hybrid were always good they were trying to fight against the Ice King


  • Can someone send me the name of the next episode?

  • fake lava king cant walk on water

  • its lava king

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  • Map?

  • Ninja

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  • 7:19 anyone else think Fire King looks like Thanos?

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  • When he used coperiao it and he kicked him back i laugh so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • In my opinion hybrid is good and awesome

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  • The prisoner cares about the hybrids

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  • I’m honestly confused at who is good or bad lmao

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  • One thing I’ve been wondering since I saw hybrid at the start of season 8, how does the dragon head fit inside the ninja suit. Love the video though.

  • Bravo 👏 excellent work my man

  • Who’s watching in season nine

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  • Wait did drift just get out of his hybrid suit and go into his drift suit in front of lynx, did he just get naked in front of lynx!! Nani?!??!?

  • As they say don’t let the mask fool you

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  • Ice king is evil btw

  • Wingman story here’s an idea he’s a army pilot forgotten by everyone till he does something with a plane

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  • Hybrid is awesome but I think he should talk with only emotes.. That would be cool

  • Who said hybrid was evil in the first place? And why are you associating red with evil? Just asking.

  • He's not even called the fire king, he's the prisoner

  • Wait in the beginning of the video is there an actual tunnel in the volcano!? If so pls tell me exactly where it is

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  • I thought the fire king was the good guy According to the game But…this is scape’s own fortnite

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