I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

čas přidán 11. 10. 2020
pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single


  • I wonder how many 9 year olds commented on this stupid vid

  • This is my final form 4:51

  • Kiryu and Majima, Jaiden referenced yakuza???

  • Jaiden does not have a world record some person beat it in 2h 33m 04s

  • meet the heavy nice :)

  • You are my favorite CS-tvr

  • PLS make a discord server or something!

  • I did the math and that 1 recipe about every 5 minutes. Good job Jaiden!

  • Mango pudding is like admin card swipe in among us.

  • FoOD waRs only for 18+

  • jaiden: i wanna do a speedrun of cooking mama mango pudding: im about to destroy this mans whole career

  • SMALL ANT!!!!!!!!!

  • could you maybe react to flamingo’s video of the BEST collab involving you? :)

  • When you remember the Artis from food wars was a hent@i Artis




  • Come to Brasil* is not Brazil ok

  • I will try to beat you in cooking mama :>

  • Me beating it in creative mode and getting 1.5 minutes:you dare oppose me mortal

  • awsome

  • Did anyone look up to see if there is a cooking mama 2 speed run or does she just want to fell good

  • Is it bad I've seen this 50 times

  • I have never wanted somebodies cooking more than after hearing them saying they got 5 stars in every dish in cooking mama 2 after 7 hours of straight training.

  • If your the first person you can just play for a few minutes bc your the first one your not battling anyone

  • Did anyone else grow up with that cursed PETA version of the game where it portrays mama as a killer and didn't realize it back then?

  • Ahhhhh food wars

  • I love how Jaiden has fallen in with me favorite gaming you tubers. Pretty EPIC

  • Can she make a “among us with Albert”

  • 0:32 is that a smallant reference

  • what do u use to animate cause i wanna use the same thing

  • Cooking mama was for me a little disapointeing because it never tells you how you can cook. Maybe how but if you want to kill your whole familly on thanksgiving... even if there is some food. And real working wirh kitchen stuff you never learn too. But this speedrun idea was so great and funny. Nobody thoughtcabout that mabe its kitchenstuff and food that some gamers fear...😅

  • She's fa sho not single. Have you seen her? Shawty a lil baddy


  • you played among us with flamango

  • Dear god

  • "Speedruns" *Dream intensifies*

  • Jaiden pls make a sword and shield Pokémon gameplay pls 😁

  • Tweet

  • I am nope

  • lol you are on last place now

  • It me nope

  • 0:32 small and pog

  • you should watch food wars on your tv. its also for kids.

  • There is legit 152 speed runs for burning the Apple Pie bc of this video and I love it.

  • I watch CS-tv because I know I will never accomplish anything😂😭

  • little-k1ng: *im about to end this girl's whole career*

  • Do you say any bad words

  • jaiden i came from another video please PLEASE make among us vids

  • Jameden >:D

  • why does this remind me of the anime food wars

  • Jaden do you remember that animal crossing character su e? Well I found her cousin Pancetti she says your enemy's name sooey!!!!

  • The most Impressive Speed Runs are the Demon Souls, Darks Souls, and Bloodborne Speed Runs. Those are INTENSE!!!

  • Ther is somebody named ari in elinor wonders why

  • U went to newest first to find this comment

  • food wars is moar of foodgasm scenes

  • lol people actually beat you

  • make a vodio abuot me

  • i love you jaiden i am 8

  • 8:46 among us PTSD

  • Don't show this to Jschlatt

  • there is a new cooking mama game

  • Jaiden you should animate an among us match you had with "le epic gamer squad" and give an introduction to all the players different tactics and psychology. It would rock really hard and be really funny.

  • Can you be my crush?

  • I just came from Albert’s video the second he said Jaiden Animations is playing *I screamed and ran here to tell you.*

  • 9:23 roronoa Zoro be like

  • you know the fase reveal you did yea i got it from a different video on mr beasts chanel so yeee

    • You do know that she shows her face quite frequently now, right?

  • hola soy español :v. bye

  • I love these videos

  • Happy 100th vid

  • /e dance yes i mean no i mean yes WAIT NO

  • Schlatt is now upset

  • I'm surprised you collaborated with flamingo/albert

  • Ight can someone tell me why food wars is bad too watch bc my little sister who is nine said she was gonnna watch it

  • Oi hi, if you somehow by luck see this, I'm tryin to make an animation channel, how do I go about it also congrats on your record.

  • If Jaiden made a live stream of her speedrunning this, I would've TOTALLY watched it >:D And I don't watch speedruns that often(I never do lol)!

  • And I love your content

  • “I Attempted A SPEEDRUN” Super Mario Odsessey SPEEDRUN: ;-;

  • I know you don't have a face reveal and don't want one but its been 3 years did you chang your mind?????

  • I can just picture Jaiden raging about the mango pudding 😂

  • I love your videos so much and look up to you a lot I have been watching your videos for like 3 years now your content is amazing

  • I will try to brake your records

  • Lets get jaiden animations to 10 million subscribers

  • I love cooking Mama but the 4th one

  • i like the part where she plays cooking mama

  • Jaiden: *post her speedrun video" IMMEDIATLY SMASHED

  • Nice game

  • You did great. Congratulations!

  • f o o d w a r s

  • She does a speed run and gets a record then everyone does it

  • i just checked cooking mama 2 dinner with friends and jaiden is 5th now

  • Burnt apple pie percent is a thing now.

  • Jaiden doesn’t remember she did a Mario Oddessey speed run with James and Adam.


  • YOU GAVE ARI A COOKIE..... Poinson

    • She didn't really give Ari a cookie, it's just a visual joke

  • 10:02 jaiden bizzare

  • I like food wars tooooooo omg :0 :)

  • I love your vids!

  • This channel is becoming an animated gaming channel and I'm perfectly fine with that.

  • Touch the bidoof + crack the egg = touch the egg