I Bought 10 Broken iPhone X's - But Are They Fixable?

čas přidán 10. 01. 2020
I Bought 10 Broken iPhone X's - But Are They Fixable? These 10 very broken iPhones were in a salvage lot I bought for $1,670. There was no way to know if most or all of them were iCloud locked so I didn't buy them to make money - I bought them to get better at repair. For these phones I diagnosed dock issues, replaced screens and back cases, found logic board issues, programed True Tone, and tried to figure out why the touch screen didn't work. Fortunately, even with my limited experience, I was able to fix a couple of them.

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About This Video: In this video I'm trying to fix 10 iPhone X's which I don't have much experience with. I've found that's one of the best ways to learn repair though - just to buy some broken stuff and try to figure it out. Some stuff I know I won't be able to fix, like logic board issues and phones that are iCloud locked. But some stuff I can fix, like replacing screens, back cases, and batteries.

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  • Hey, where can I get the iPhone parts reasonably

  • An easy way to identify if an iPhone has some kind of board damage is to check if there's warning symbol near the battery percentage in the status bar, if it even boots at all lol

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  • Checkra1n activation lock bypass.

  • I’m excited, my iFixit Repair Business toolkit and Manta driver kit are coming today!

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  • If you guys haven't known, many of the iphones that don't respond to touch also has an exclamation point, so I think they got water damaged which ruined the baseband chip and probably the soldier joints on the logic board which makes the touch faulty.

  • Send those phones that you are not able repair to Hugh Jeffery , he is great in iphone repair.

  • #2 just sounds like a bad battery. Bootlooping just means the phone can’t get enough power to turn on. The battery sounds like it isn’t charging.

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  • can the jc1000 pro unlock them? also can you read the serial frm broken screens? or is there a way to read it from the Mobo , like if it stores it maybe it can be retrieved the same way ?or even manually entered in the programmer?

  • 26:10 u said that screen was working with touch but when u showed it at testing that screen had no touch. Did u test it off camera or make mistake?

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  • the unable to activate issue is caused by a baseband issue, probably due to a slightly bent logic board

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  • If you connect the iphone to a mac you can go into quick time player and select 'movie recording' and there should be a drop down for the iphone. You'll be able to see the screen and if the digitizer is working you'll also be able to navigate the iphone.

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  • with number 2 try a new battery, when the apple logo shows then shuts off seconds later that sometimes indicates a faulty battery

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  • Question. Since you can salvage parts from other phones that don't work, could you theoretically fix more of these phones if you could successfully troubleshoot exactly which component in each phone was the root of the problem each phone and simply replace it with another, functioning component salvaged from another device? Or are there other issues with this?

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  • My first phone is the iPhone 8 I’m holding rn and the only time I ever damaged it was when I putt a small flashlight in the same pocket as it and bent over causing the flashlight to spider web the top of it but it works perfectly fine still. I’m thinking I might upgrade to an iPhone X just because why not.

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  • I have iPhone XS after fall down started to not find the network and sometimes the screen touch doesn't work, ı have tried to restore ıt from iTunes but iTunes give me this message ''the iPhone that iPhone cannot be activated because the activation information could not be obtained from the device'' discounted your phone and make sure the SIM card is inserted ......'' what can I do advise, please.

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  • Does he realize he was using a bad screen for the last couple? He kept saying it didn’t have touch but it was the one with the line through it which he noted didn’t have touch at the start????? We need updates on whether you went back to test with an actual known good screen.

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  • on iphone #9 the technical term for that level of screen damage is called liquidized

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  • For the unable to activate because of update one all you have to do is plug it in to your computer and there is an option to update it.

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  • Jessa is awesome you should go to NY and take Jessa's class!!! I did and it's totally worth it!!

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  • on 3 with the nonfunctional screen, the boards are in multiple layers, and when bent, they separate and usually digitiser issues follow

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  • I like your business model, but what do you do with all of the devices that can’t be fixed? Just trash them, or salvage for parts?

  • Still a better repair man by 99% than most of the people i encountered in my country they wouldn't even check the stuff you checked and say the main motherboard is faulty or excuse like that just to rip you off

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  • it's ridiculous that crapple lock a screen to a phone, just to stop 3rd party repair, I'm glad someone created a gadget to get around that, I love your videos but damn I hate crapple

  • Cant you see that it has a broken screen?

  • Usually with back glass repair I remove all the internals then use a heat gun and box cutter to pry the glass shards off, also highly recommend using a vise to keep it in place and safety glasses as glass shards go everywhere but saves money on the parts department

  • For the ones that are locked there is a way for bypassing it there is a lot of tutorials that would help I know a way but it's to long for me to wright