I Bought 11 BROKEN PS4 Controllers for $220 - Let's Fix Them!

čas přidán 23. 08. 2020
I Bought 11 BROKEN PS4 Controllers for $220 - Let's Fix Them! These 11 DualShock PS4 Controllers had a bunch of analog stick issues which I showed fixing more in-depth than usual for those who are interested. I also fixed a couple charge port issues, fixed some controllers people took apart to fix and never put back together correctly, and replaced a bad battery.

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    • Wait, Do you Have a Twin?

    • There are a couple of things I don't buy second handed.. One of them is a semen invested used controller

    • Loser

    • can u leave a link for the analog replacements

    • I don’t think this discount is still active but I went ahead and bought the kit. Saved on shipping by using code on website.

  • Yeah so I broke the plastic piece when opening the controller.. can I just glue it back together?

  • Where did his twin go 👀

  • Does anyone know where I can find the ribbon membrane for the buttons from? Just the plastic thing

  • This video just made me real nervous after intermittent left stick drift caused Arthur Morgan to crash into a tree 😬

  • Thanks for the video =)

  • Must be so good to be this skilled, you'll basically never have to buy a new controller everytime it breaks

  • What kind of heat should I be using with the heat gun?

  • Just fixed my DS4 controller, q-tip and contact cleaner to clean the ps button contact as it wasnt going even when charged. Now good as new :)

  • i have a shorted chip named d6f near the ribbon connector on the motherboard that connects to the microusb port. Also tried charging the controller from the port near the headphone jack but didn't work (only charges for a second ) @TronicsFix

  • @TronicsFix what program did you use to view the controller faults and status on your PC?

  • No where has ps4 controllers this is sad...

  • I wish I knew soldering....I got a few controllers that need to be fixed.

  • Imagine seeing your controller in here and he fixes it by connecting everything

  • Someone needs to fix mine. Our blue controller's triggers have a mad delay. When i play Escapists 2, its so bad i cant even participate in Excercise Time

  • What are you using to keep the motherboard steady while you are removing and replacing joysticks?

  • You are doing a goood thing I’m trying to take apart my controls and swap the housing

  • I'm assuming the other battery (12:46) is for a PS3 controller.

  • I learn my lesson buying a cheap controller that was $23 off of Amazon it was so garbage I only had it for the first two days and now I’m thinking about getting the actual controller

  • Instead of replacing the analog sticks its just quicker to replace the sensors.

  • Man all my 3 controllers are broken

  • After i cleaned it. I can use my DS4 only when it’s connected to the charger or powerbank (Bluetooth works) but once I unplug it controller forgets about being synced and pairing has to be done once again… Any ideas which part on the motherboard should be checked?

  • those controls that say they won't connect, you should try them without the usb cable, sometimes they connect but won't hold a charge

  • my controller is blinking white, but my laptop cant detect it. can you help me ?

  • Where do you get your thumb sticks from?

  • My options button is not working can somebody help and tell me what to do

  • Hi, my controller works perfectly if I connect it to the steering wheel controller, I thought it could be because of the battery but unfortunately i changed it for a new and still doesn’t work, also doesn’t work if I connect it to the ps4 with the cable, the charge board shows the blue led when I connect the cable when I connect it to the steering wheel . What could be the problem?

  • I full on thought he had a twin

  • Love the content Would it be possible for you to make a video on how to replace the audio port on a PS4 controller ?

  • i just replace the analog stick and notice that it still had the drift.. do i need to re-calibrate after changing the analog stick or i just change in another defective component?

  • Anybody else’s controller just turn into a vibrator

  • sir, when push any button on board such as X or circle or L3 or R3 or up down pad, R2 and L2 triggers act as their own. what issue can be?

  • Hey, what if only L2 isn't working some time it work sometime it don't. I still can't understand the issue

  • i thought fixing analogs was a lil bit easier 😭 didnt know its a process and i aint willing to be that delicate or have all the lil tools.. im now wondering why they suck tho.. i bought 2 brand new out the box ones and they right away had drift... like playstation tf yall doing...

  • I've got a PS4 controller, that when I plug it in to console it has a quick continuous flashing orange light and only works when it's connected via wire, as soon as I unplug it, it stops working any help please?

  • ez profit

  • Is it possible to use parts of PS4 controller one xbox one controller, parts like wiper or joystick?

  • Nice to see your twin brother helping you out. 😉

  • Can u try and fix my controller

  • “Fix analog” proceeds to completely replace it

  • Question where did you buy the parts of the sticks cause i dont see the sticks on the link you gave

  • If got a question about thumbsticks replacement .. it is possible to use a thumbstick from another code platine to replace one ? please answer me greats

  • ༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ

  • Somehow my brother jammed the r2 button to where it's barely sticking out of the frame but it's still attached to the controller, and i can't fix it XDDD

  • Hey! My PS and some of other buttons suddenly decided not to work, ive seen your videos. Will you think that cleaning will help? Wich product can i use.

  • rich :/

  • The first mother board looks a little toasted from the hot air

  • i have a problem with my ps4 controller , the X,O, and triangle button don't work can you please help!

  • What is that clamp?

  • Wtf? In Uk 20£ is a brand new dualshock 4 v2 controller. Why are these so expensive in US?

  • My issue is all my.buttons work except my r1 button. It's the only one that doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated

  • Can you fix mine lmao it got down terrible controller drift and i already opened it cleaned it

  • Gòod day ... wanna know what you used to clean the motherboard

  • Keep up the hard work, I make the same kind of videos and would love your opinion on how I can improve them.

  • Sooooo.. can I have those broke controllers you fixed? In dire need my brother!

  • just straight out replacing the analog sticks isnt a solution, even checked the white disk inside the analog sticks?

  • My PS button isn't working ......pls help.....it charges but.....PS button isn't supporting.

  • Have u tried to clean the Analogsticks? :)

  • Question, my son has banged and thrown out ps4 controller so much in his temper fits that it rattles inside when shaken, how would I fix that?

  • My controller is Broken

  • My controller will turn on and work fine as long as it is plugged in but as soon as i unplug it dies help i already tried changing the battery

  • R u selling??

  • 7:20 Different board than the one he puts back into the controller? This one has a scratch on the left side.

  • he sound like linus

  • Hello, what temperature and blowing power did you use? Regards.

  • my triangle doesnt work :/

  • Dont care xbox is better loser. Imagine not playing halo nerd

  • I'm really lucky I guess, I never had any issues with my ps4 controllers through the whole life of both being used til I sold them with the console....

  • Just used this vid to give me the confidence to open a friend's "non-working" controller. It wouldn't light up at all. Didn't notice anything obviously wrong, but re-seating the ribbon cable and unplugging the battery seems to have brought it back to life. Thanks!

  • Does anyone know what website he uses to test the controllers?

  • I have a problem where only my x button does not work and everything else looks good someone help

  • What hot air gun do you use?

  • HI TronicsFix , I was wondering if you could help me , I have a controller Thats L2 won't register , Like I've tried to fix it but it doesn't pick up the button input in the sensor, The Trigger, Spring and everything is perfect but under the rubber piece of the L1 and L2 the plastic sensor doesn't pick up the input, the only way to fix it is to get a brand new circuit Board cause all the inputs works 100% accept the l2 it's basically a brand new controller

  • You did not tell us you swapped boards on the red ps4 controller cause i noticed where you damage it then the damage was gone next time From 7:00 to 8:10

  • You can fix a controller with just a tiny screwdriver

  • What temp are you using with that heat gun when you’re removing those analog sticks?

  • Dualshock 4 is very easy to repair. Mostly modular parts. The hardest part is removing analog stick.

  • Ps4 controller cant be fixed they trash

  • hey, can you do a video about fixing a ps4 controller that constantly vibrates as soon as it's turned on or even just put to charge? I can't get the controller to stop vibrating even if I turn off the vibration setting on the ps4 so I think it might be the motor. but i don't know what to do with it

  • I’ve read that all DS4 joystick modules are calibrated in factory to each specific board and using even a genuine one might cause problem like not being centered, is it true?

  • It keep bilking

  • Love the video what analog stick replacements do you recommend? Amazon link? I see so many bad reviews about half the them working but I think its more user failure.

  • I was trying to fix my ps4 controller now i want 10 o f them

  • This Black analog stick working 100% perfect on call of duty? Analog stick Death zone

  • On my ps4 controller the R1 button stoppt working .I put new rubber under the both L1 and R1 sides but still no R1 working any ideas.

  • very nice video. I am learning English too. Thanks so much

  • Damn wish u had showed that little bored but u siasbu didn't have anymore

  • I feel like he may be wasting good thumbsticks... if thumbsticks have drift, quite often you can just pop open the green tabs and use isopropyl to clean the metal sensors and the sensor pads

  • I am wondering of how many times he wanted to throw some on the controllers and other products he fixed and couldn't find the problems with it

  • Hi I have a DS4, after longtime not use (6 month) i can not turn on for wireless connect. i check with usb cable is OK. check battery is ok, and charge is OK. So what's i can do with this case? Please help me/

  • So did you get money from them?

  • Where do you order your PS4 analog stick cap replacements? Mine are worn out and so far EBay seems like the best deal... I want to know which one you’d recommend before buying. Send a link if you can!

  • @tronicsFix i have 3 DS4's (v2's) with the same issue. When I connect them to my PS4 pro, the DS4's charge (Orange blinking light). However, they won't reach maximum capacity because they keep on charging non stop. Normally the orange light stops blinking. When I disconnect the charge cable, DS4 gives a pop up that the battery is empty, even after multiple hours of charging. 1 DS4 reaches around 1 bar in the battery screen, the other 2 are dead after disconnect. I bought replacement batterys but this did not solve the problem. Can you tell me whats wrong?? It's a camo, blue and rosé pink DS4

    • PS. I also tried charging them on the charge docking station (official Sony ) but thesame problem occurs

  • What software did you use that shows the circuit open or closed?

    • is there one for Macbook pro?

  • Question. Is there a better quality stick replacement for PS4 or Xbox controllers?

  • Could you fix my graveyard for me? Lol 10-20 controllers even if 3-5 got fixed i’d he super happy

  • I’m new to soldering but is there something other than solder that could have been used on these joysticks? I can’t get them off with hot air or the solder iron. The solder connecting the rumble motors melted super easily but every pin of the joystick won’t come loose.

  • Where do you buy the parts? See different brands online but not sure what's good and what isn't.

  • On my ps4 controller, the down button on the D pad keeps having problems registering. Every other button is fine. I've taken it apart and done everything I can think of. The wire film is fine because It registers when I press on the actual wire film without the plastic d pad button piece. Any ideas?

  • Now there's no link on where to buy those analogs from...