I Bought 13 BROKEN PS5's - But Can I Fix Them?!

čas přidán 12. 03. 2021
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I Bought 13 BROKEN PS5's - But How Many Can I Fix? I paid $550 for each PS5 in this lot of 13. I tested all the PS5's and found a variety of problems including a bad HDMI port, freezing while playing games, graphical issues, and PS5's that wouldn't turn on.

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  • Well... We can't find a ps5 in the UK... The only place is buying a 2nd hand one at cex .. but there charging £700..... Which is £250 over the RRP... Profiteering... I'm looking to buy one but at the normal price.. £459.99... James from Nottinghamshire UK... Keep up the good work ...

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  • For cleaning the dust I've found a soft paint brush is the best tool for the job.

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  • Could it not be that the APU has poor thermal paste/liquid metal coverage? And that they are heating up and causing issues? The second one with this issue doesn’t appear to have an issue until the console warms up.

  • Wow.. the Playstation 5 looks so much more classy on the inside. The Xbox Series X looks like it has the guts from a freakin' 60 year old radio.

  • If I do that I’ll be like “I’ll never financially recover from this”

  • I actually bought a ps5 6 months ago and i tried to turn it on recently and it won't power on at all. No beep or nothing. I push the power button and get no response. Do you have an idea what the issue could be?

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  • This just reiterates the sponge esque membrane around the chips actually do a very good job of keeping the liquid metal from going on other sections of the board. Impressive.

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  • number 13 doesn't have ssd on it

  • Just got a brand new ps5, it has major glitching but only 'in game' and only on Ps5 versions, all ps4 games work perfectly

    • Same issue I recently starting having with my ps5

  • Idk I tried looking into liquidation sales and they seem to be a little weird on prices most things seemed to be the same price as where I can find them anywhere else online and then they didn’t even have a single ps4 or ps5 in stock so idk maybe I’m just unlucky but either way until the bots stop buying them or that software finally gets outlawed I won’t be purchasing a ps5 on mark up, cuz screw making someone else money

  • “Because I’m an idiot.” Seems right.

  • Me: 🙄

  • guys its rly not hard to get a ps5 actually amazon sold some today at 9am. also ebay got a plenty of em for just a few bucks more then the listedprizing

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  • Totally agree with fixing items instead. Two problems i often encounter: 1) manufacturers plan items’ obsolescence and 2) brands that do not provide repair service or spare parts outside of warranty periods.

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  • TronicsFix: “…the perfect amount of Thermal Paste…” PlayStation: “I’ll show you…”

  • Hey. I could be wrong, but is the Ethernet port on the first PS5 broke? The second PS5 port looks different. Thanks if you respond. Edit: Nvm. Thought it looked broke.

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