I Bought 2 BROKEN SPIDERMAN PS4's - Can I Save Them?

čas přidán 11. 12. 2020
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I Bought 2 BROKEN SPIDERMAN PS4's - Can I Save Them? The first PS4 had the power cable connector ripped off the motherboard so I had to repair that issue. I also found some evidence of liquid damage. The second one had cockroaches so I was guessing it needed a new power supply. But especially with consoles bought on eBay you never really know how bad something is going to be until you open it up and try to fix it.

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    • @Mr. Goodman Hi

    • Kingdom hearts PS4 Pro and 500m editions

  • When you mention the cockroaches smell I though you were just saying that and when you opened it up I shouted out ewwww as they were literally cockroaches in it, that's so disgusting 🤮. Then I thought to myself I would have saved that one for last to! I wonder did anyone buy it from you... But I wasn't surprised to see you getting both working as I've seen you fix and repair most consoles if not bad then in worst conditions. Still props to you for getting that cockroach PS4 pro working👏

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  • They should make it so a roach cant short out ur power supply. put mesh on the vents or cover the power supply in resin, the latter would make for a more difficult repair though...

  • Get a new motherboard

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  • nail polish remover to remove super glue

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