I Bought 23 BROKEN Nintendo Switches - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

čas přidán 6. 03. 2020
I Bought 23 BROKEN Nintendo Switches for $1,955 to Try and Fix Them AND Make Money! I thought I'd be able to fix almost all of these Switches...but I was wrong! I show how to fix lots of common issues like diagnosing and replacing the M92T36 charge chip, P13USB video chip, as well as liquid damage.

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About This Video:
I'm trying to fix 23 Nintendo Switches. While I wasn't nearly as successful as with some of my other salvage lots of Switches I still was able to fix a number of them. I show how to fix most common issues with Switches.


  • Thanks for watching! Any questions on these repairs?

    • @みだれさき how you to this

    • How long did it take you to do all of this?

    • ever opened a switch up to find a modchip to your surprise?

    • @Steven Gillumunhook from all power sources, brush alcohol 90% or higher with soft bristle brush or submerge until you're certain the water itself has been removed. Then let air dry. ~20 minutes. Then do a visual inspection of the board.

    • If you get water damage how should you fix it to prevent corrosion?

  • Is there somewhere I can get the schematics? of the values ​​and components thanks

  • Me: ah, that port is definitely broken Him: these two are broken and this one is fine. Me: Me: obviously.

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  • Pretty safe to say all modern consoles are made to break now.

  • I really for sorry for you. That was labor intensive. I'm not a techie, but I get lucky by watching and reading. I got a huge flat screen HDTV given to me because it was "broken" by a friend who said if you can fix it, it's yours. I just replaced the $25 power adapter and it worked.

  • not to self. don't buy broken switches on eBay. They are probably not fixable.

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  • Take the CPUs from the corodited consoles and install them into the ones that have video issue.

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  • I use my switch docked and after a week of not using it i went to use it and the tv would get no signal. Then i noticed that it was not connecting to the dock, only had 23% battery and it is not charging when being connected, cabled, docked, nothing. The other switch does work with the same dock. No apparent damage on the usb c port and no dust/build up inside the port. Any ideas?

  • cook it

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  • Hey Steve i fixes my PlayStation 4 Slim from overheating and it is never hot to the touch and it is now silent lol

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  • Just wanted to say thank you from a budding repair tech. Good console repair knowledge is so hard to come by.

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