I Bought 3 Broken Nintendo Switches From eBay - I'm Not Happy About It!

čas přidán 30. 10. 2020
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I Bought 3 Broken Nintendo Switches From eBay - Let's Fix Them! I paid $350 for 2 Switch Lites and 1 Switch. The consoles were pretty rough and someone had obviously tried to fix them already. I tried a number of repairs myself including: replacing the charge port, replacing the charge chip, and reflowing the CPU. Not a very good buy but that's the risk I take buying "for parts" consoles from eBay without knowing if someone has tried to repair it and messed it up even worse.

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About This Video: I paid $350 for 2 Switch Lites and 1 Switch from eBay. One of the Switch Lites was already mostly apart when I got it and a lot of the screws were out of the other Switch Lite. Once I started diagnosing and trying to repair them I discovered that at least two of them had bad CPUs and the other one had motherboard issues I couldn't track down but might also have been caused by a bad CPU. Looks like I'm 0 for 3 on this one. Better luck next time.


  • Buy your Satisfye Switch accessories here: bit.ly/2RzhpRe Use my code Tronics10 for 10% off your order! Ultimately I got what I paid for but at the same time the seller could have said what was done to them. BUT also, the seller may not have known what all was wrong with them. I pretty much never recommend other people buy stuff like this to try and fix...only for parts. I can do it because they make interesting videos but I would not have bought them to try and fix to resell otherwise.

    • What heat is your air gun set to?

    • what a beautifull design on the switch, mostly die because of the cpu, really nice work nintendont........

    • The second Nintendo switch lite had a bad wifi chip and you could have taken it from the first Nintendo lite board. When the wifi chip goes out it gets stuck on the boot screen. If it is the ECCM then it goes to the boot screen and shuts off. It hurt me to see you "reflow" that CPU!

    • I need your advice, Today i found out the pins in my gamecardslot are bent. Its a normal switch and this is the first time it ever happened. SInce i have seen you reacting to people. Could you tell me how to fix it on my own ? Should i try to fix the pins or buy a new one ?

    • Buy some broken ps2 then repair the ps2 and do some custom paint 😉

  • did someone just tried to insert the lite motherboard into a normal switch xD

  • Seen videos recently suggesting a reflow or replacement of the wireless chip can fix the boot freeze issue in some instances.

  • Great video. It's good to see real outcomes even if they're not always successful.

  • what kind of flux do you use? Im teaching myself how to solder, and i bought a tub of rosin flux paste. But all the videos i ever see are people using a liquid flux. Did I buy the wrong stuff?

  • @TRonicsFix Might be wothwhile to purchase something that can inject voltage to go with your Thermal cam

  • I love the channel

  • Great effort man.

  • zero of three.. first time i saw a video with no win at all.. haha.. nice try and i still enjoyed the anticipation though. :D

  • I hate eBay scammers, cuz that’s clearly what this was.

  • I feel you man. Most people think their useless non fixable junk is worth hundreds of dollars. I would not be surprised if people didn't go dumpster diving for trashed electronics just to make a few hundred buck off ebay.

  • Gotta Love People.....

  • Perfect entertainment when doing laundry :-)

  • 350 bucks for that should have been a clue, was there no photos??

  • Did someone say Newport? I needed a reason to smoke lol


  • this pop on my youtube front page and after watching you fix ps5 😍😘🥰😎😋😋😋😋 i dicied to keep watching you are awesome i learn so much and ill keep watching do more aewsome stuff you explaine vary well and have fun doing what you do i though the trade of fixing things was dead but it was me who was dead wrong keep fixing thing like this i hope others can learn from your trade so we can keep are beloved machine and not throw them in the landfill like everyone elsa. i would do the same as you with one thing wrong. the last eletronic thing i took apart stay broken so i will let those who enjoy takeing apart and putting back to together and have it work in the end work on it for me.

  • Questions before buying anything. They don’t cost you anything and can save you heaps!

  • As time goes by, and more and more info is out there, buying broken electronics is stupid. People know what they have and I'm sure this seller laughed all the way to the bank

  • What's a good place to get my Nintendo 2ds XL fixed

  • Let's us know you're human

  • You should of hard reset the switch light or put it into recovery mode instead of reflowing the cpu.

  • I wish you could fix mine because it well die and when I charged it it dose work but it will take so long to trunk it on

  • Hi, I have a question, do you fix phones?

  • Don’t reflow cpu!! Stuck logo can be WiFi card problem.

  • Hey Steve, where do you get these chip's from?

  • Soo.... don't buy this product. Good to know.

  • I'm sure someone else has said this by now, but why did you reflow the CPU inside of the case?

  • whoever attempted the repairs before you clearly has no care or respect :/

  • Whenever a switch has been "worked on" or "tried to fix it" by their previous owner just assume its more trouble than its worth. Edit: i watched your recent video of fixing a switch where the previous owner tried to repair and I'm only 2 minutes in and that is what I learned in fact if its been opened up by its previous owner then its just not worth it.

    • Yes but it's not so much incompetence as it is Maliciousness

  • 0.40

  • cant believe you don't do repairs missing a big market lotta ppl want you to fix there stuff lol

    • I used to do repairs but shut down that service so I had more time for CS-tv.

  • 0:35 Ebay seller: lightly used nintendo switch light, yellow

  • Iike dyi repairs sometimes it's just a super cheap part. Glad your videos exist though or I wouldn't now how to disassemble.

  • put them back together and put them on ebay.i would

  • 13:48 One of a piece fall from the sqitch on batery on a table.

  • Switches seem waaaaayy worse to work on than the 3ds was.

  • Just a few spare parts from this outcome then

  • Oooooh man that must suck big time.... But ebays a minefield. U never know what your gonna get.

  • The title is just stupid. Your not happy about buying 3 broken switches?!?!

  • Very honest video. Love the channel!!!

  • I got a question I have a switch that got destroyed horribly would there be any way you can fix it ? If you have twitter or Instagram I’ll be glad to show you it

  • Bobby Newport

  • Well if you heat up the Die of a Processor or Chipset it will absolutely die, you need to carefully heat the PCB not the die itself. Also that switch that was stuck on Bootlogo probably also had corrupted Software or a Malfunctioning NAND, so it would've been better to check that first.

  • Oh boy, you'll love Louis Rossmann lol.

  • I don't understand how people can break their cobsole like this! Even kids..

  • Switch stuck on Switch Logo: replace wifi-chip.

  • 1

  • Tronics fix excellent video This is the very rare video we get to see from you where the repair was impossible due to damage beyond repair Incredible to see how people don’t take care of their electronics

  • Do you have any working or salvageable gpu ?

  • thats a fat rip

  • Well plus side, you have a screen that appears to work?

  • i think the switch lights was taken apart by someone who wanted a regular one

  • In situations like this, do you block the seller so you don't buy from them again?

  • Do you sell what you fix

    • He sells it on ebay, rebuy and craigslist

  • I have the exact same Yellow Nintendo Switch lite and it was working fine until it started to not boot past the logo screen as seen in your video. Not sure what the issue is as I never tampered/bricked the Nintendo. Apparently, I read somewhere that it could be the wifi chip. Im planning to send it to a certified nintendo repair outlet, and if the repair is too pricey, I think I'll let them have it for free. But yeah, please let us know if you find a solution so I can save money lol :)

  • Very poor luck. Love your videos.

  • Tbh switch sucks online play sucks hardly any ram as the xbox series x and series s has and stuff like that

  • hey man i really ennjoy your vids idk why.. im not a tech or anything i just like games but i can wath your vids on and on xD

  • I use the WiFi shield to protect the joycon connector and then place a penny ontop for good measure. Also I've only had blue screens from a unsoldered gpu. a quickgrip can make a solid connection for testing before a reflow. Reflows with a hotair gun, don't generally work on these CPUs. or atleast you need more heat in the board, before you start attempting to heat the chip directly first. just my 2cents.

  • Just don't buy a Nintendo switch they are crap

  • Congratulations, I likes more your work 👍.

  • Does it feel good holding a switch ?

  • Something is abit fishy with these

  • Love you bro

  • Like SpaceX, you’re not afraid to fail and show it, love the honesty.

  • Fixed until it was broken... thats how i do it xD

  • I ever wonder how somone can crush thst usb c port, never had a issue with that.

  • too bad none of the satisfye products in amazon :/

  • When the switch is stuck on the logo you can use install new firmware using Hekate and Daybreak. I have done it twice and worked like a charm.

  • when bob the builder cant fix it

  • "I DON'T DO ANY REPAIRS", but have a microscope and an expensive ir cam LOL

  • On the mb nothing displayed even when u switched the charging chips, i think it may be a ram/cpu or gpu problem

  • so, you're saying you weren't Satisfyed with this purchase?

  • It's unfixable but people still ask a bunch of money for it because why not. Nice video though I'm sorry for the loss.

  • Some people have no business taking electronics apart (like me.) I destroyed a working PS3 just trying to disassemble to clean it and replace the thermal paste. Also destroyed a working PS3 controller just trying to replace the battery and clean. I have learned my lesson and my hats off to you sir with what you do, and the patience you have with repairs.

  • Hi, tell me omease why a you don't buy some reballing station? I thing yo dont need something best for lot of money, A cheaper option would be enough to fix such problems (cpu, ...)

  • Sometime is hang on by faulty of WiFi chip, and can't boot up, trying to replacing the chip also solve couple of problems for boot up for nintendo switches... and also great video.

  • I take things apart I don't fix them I'm trying to learn so this is a good place!

  • But good vid!

  • Nintendo switch lite sucks the games cost alot

  • Never ceases to amaze me the price they charge for broken consoles.

  • Only one to get a Switch ad before this, I'm not

  • Pls give me nintendo switch lite😥

  • Am i the only one that saw something fell off at 13:48 lol

  • this video is sponsored by satisfy and you're not satisfied.

  • what is the doohicky called that monitors current draw? would be very useful for my repairs as i use a bench power supply at the mo! Dont care how much id buy the best one going!

  • At least you made your money back from ad revenue.

  • The one you reflowed the CPU on was a software error, reloading software would of been the fix. Great videos 👍

  • Is it safe to buy a refurbished set of joy cons

  • It wouldn't surprise me if the board that almost worked has been bricked by a user trying to install modified firmware.

  • Nintendo Swiss Cheese 😂

  • I bought a lot similar to this back in December person had listed all the issues so I assumed they had open them and tested them. I open up each system only to see that someone had worked on all 3 and did really terrible patch jobs that if they where not done I could have fixed 2 out 3. In the end I open a claim as the seller had not mentioned they had done repairs to the extent of completely damage everything

  • funny how the corporation virtue signal about saving the earth but don't give schematics for repairs... ridiculous

  • 1:48 with where your fingers are, I thought you had 3-4 hands for a moment lol

  • Lol

  • Oof!!! Feels bad man. I would be so angry

  • Hi I’ve been watching your videos for almost a year and decided to take leap and bought a broken switch lite the one I bought has brocket joy sticks. Which is an easier repair but the person thrashed the L buttons and the circuit board it’s missing a component where can I find a replacement for it? Hope you also have a happy new year and happy holidays. Keep up the awesome videos.

  • "wow, that is definitely... Taken apart" Hmm... Yes.... The floor here is made out of floor

  • 17:01 - You will never heat that up evenly enough for it to all melt and settle in one using a tiny nozzle like that. You'd also be very lucky to do it without heat underneath. Nudging it like you did is also likely to mash all the solder balls together. No wonder it didn't work.

    • @Frank Hovis "Nudging it like you did is also likely to OF mashed all the solder balls together." I too went "what" when I read that.

    • @Ultimaxify What?

    • I've seen plenty of "should of made x." This is may be my first encounter with "to of made x." You're looking for "have," and they're not interchangeable... unless, "you of seen plenty have these?"