I Bought 5 BROKEN Xbox Series X's From eBay - But Can I Fix Them?!

čas přidán 23. 04. 2021
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I Bought 5 BROKEN Xbox Series X's From eBay - But Can I Fix Them?! The 5 broken Xbox Series X consoles had a variety of issues. A majority of the consoles had power issues including two that wouldn't turn on at all and two that would turn on and then turn right back off. Also, one of the consoles had a issue with nothing showing on the screen.

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    • Tronics why did you give me your number?

    • Hey pony were is your broken ps5 ? And controllers?

    • @TronicsFix hey could you say congratulations to me I got my Xbox series s yesterday and it’s delivering on Wednesday

    • you try to slide me one? fixed would be nice lol. I cant get it as im a little poor

    • Steve: Warns everybody about impersonators Me: Instantly scrolls through the full comments section in attempt to find one

  • Very satisfying when you fix something.. well done

  • If you actually feel where you plug the power lead in its extremely loose and the lead never feels secure. Maybe that has something to do with all these power issues

  • weird that it says xbox one on the chip at 15:18 even though it's a series x

  • I have a series x with a cracked chip on the board right on the opposite side of motherboard from where the HDMI port is. Could anyone help me identify what it is so I can replace it?

  • You da man .. nice fixes

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  • I can't wait til someone makes a script for the ssd so I can take my series x apart for a ssd upgrade because 1 tb is not enough storage ! And also if there can be a script for external ssd format/partitions so I can use m.2 nvme with an adapter which should be cheaper than the Seagate one

  • Can you fix the one Planrock 124 using ?

  • Here's reality if you want to have an actual gaming experience by a computer consoles are not worth it anymore you can get a gaming PC half the price of a console now

  • whats wrong whit people? I have not even broken my 30+ year old consoles jet.

  • Watching this just after ordering xbox series x inspires lot of confidence :p

  • I honestly believe that these companies deliberately make faulty goods that can't be fixed, just so you'll need to buy another new one! Double the profit!

  • 15:21 why does the chip say Xbox One?

  • There i was sat looking at my borked Series X that just stopped working one day, saw this video and took gamble, got out my tools had a tinker here a tickle there and 2 hrs later was still looking at a borked Series X ... after 3 hours though and to be honest i dont know what i did, put it all back together connected it up to my TV turned it on and ...... NOTHING !!!! realised the power socket on the wall was not switched on, tried again and .........NOTHING !!! ...... changed the power lead and ...... Nothing again !!!! Kicked the cat, kissed the wife, or was it kicked the wife and kissed the cat, i cant remember.. checked all the connections once more ... hit that X button and ............... Troncs Fix does some awsome videos ....

  • I just sent mine in to get repaired last week I kept getting a greenscreen on every game and then the console would shut off

  • My Xbox one S stopped booting and I tried everything from their website. I tried to do the restore with usb and it hangs at 50% then I get the error it failed. I used OSU1-3 . You have any videos on how to fix? I ordered a new HDD thinking the HDD went bad. Awesome videos!!!!

  • Made to fail by design! The lifetime guarantee light bulbs was invented decades ago, Unfortunately as more was sold the company and its competitors started seeing losses in profits due to a lack of repeat custom, To combat this all tech companies signed a contract/agreement/treaty to never make anything last a lifetime, This gave birth to the 10yr warranty/guarantee,, yet most products out lived the warranty, Even to this day i see working top-loader VCR's and wooden CRT tv's,,,,, these are over 40yrs old. The ability to manufacture long lasting high quality tech is there but quality has been replaced by greed, The larger the company the shorter the life of its products, but they'll be happy to fix it for you for a price, It seems the more advanced tech gets the shorter its life and this from companies that make billions, So you can be confident in the fact that your new (more expensive) device model will have a shorter life than your old one

  • When I bought my Series X, First time my disc drive was broken. Sent it back, got it back. Disc drive fixed, but the hard drive was messed up(games would play but will slow down and crash the console) sent it back one last time and finally fixed. Just leaving this here if anyone is in these situations.

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  • Thanks, I thank Im going to try this some time when I get the extra money.

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  • Enjoyed the video , but what concerns me is that these consoles are a year old and chips seem to be faulty and shorting 🥺

  • Man i bet like anything fixing it, that it feels so good when you successfully fix stuff like this. Great video!

  • Why are these sold on eBay I never understand aren’t they covered under warranty still

  • What the chips they keep blowing? And where do I get them from

  • It has not been a year, and it makes no sense someone would attempt to repair something that Microsoft can do under warranty?

  • Pretty easy to repair

  • bad power supply seems to be a trend with Microsoft I wonder if you've uncovered some kind of known defect. thanks for posting

  • How much time does it add to your repair jobs when you're recording a video while doing it?

  • I'm amazed at how many people don't use the warranty when there electronics break. Especially game consoles. I registered my Series X on Microsoft website and the warranty is until 4/2023. So instead of trying fix it yourself try to setup a repair. Especially if it just died all of a sudden.

  • 4-700 for a broken console. Where's your resale value at? That's just wicked.

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  • I know how to fix all these problems, you need to buy a kit called PS5

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  • wonder why microsoft still using battery should use lithium charging one so can save the planet a little bit

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  • Pro tip: Don't touch a power supply capacitor. Especially don't touch a power supply at all with an ESD wrist band on.

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  • It's risky buying broken consoles from eBay , you could get an empty Xbox case with nothing inside it

  • What are you putting on the board to protect it during heating/microsoldering? The clear liquid.

  • If they don't dissipate the vrms at all, it's pretty obvious that they burn out 😤

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  • Can i ask how you remove and reattach the components to the board? Looks like you are using a heat gun?

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  • I'm confused about the first Xbox you took apart. You had the power button pcb resting on the power supplies metal casing while you were trying to power it up. That could be causing a short on the pcb.

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