I Bought 7 Broken Nerf Guns - Can I Fix Them?!

čas přidán 21. 06. 2019
I Bought 7 Broken Nerf Guns - Can I Fix Them?! This is my first time trying to fix broken nerf guns but I love challenging myself to try fixing new types of things. To fix these I tackle different issues including battery, circuit board, aftermarket ammunition, and drone controller problems. Let me know in the comments if you like watching me try to fix random stuff or if I should stick to game consoles.

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About This Video: In this video I try to fix 7 broken nerf blasters: 2 Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500 blasters, 1 Rival Apollo XV-700 blaster, 2 Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K blasters, 1 N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire blaster, and 1 N-Strike Elite TerraScout drone.


  • Imma start a nerf part company on eBay now... 😭 🤑

  • Tron, you're awesome! I love that you're trying new things even though you already know so much awesome stuff! It would be great to hear more about right to repair. People need to know it affects us all. Again, you're awesome, and please keep making awesome videos!

  • Thought I’d mention this to help folks out as I don’t have a channel. So one of our dogs chewed up my sons’ Xbox controller and the battery compartment lid was pretty bent and punctured, dog is 100lbs German Shepherd. I thought if I put the lid in boiling water it might soften it up enough to press it into shape with a spoon or something. I left it in there for a couple of minutes and when I took it out it had returned about 95% to it’s original shape. I know some plastics have “memory” but didn’t expect this result. Snapped right back in place, not perfect

    • But really close for a hands off repair. Hope this helps someone.

  • The promithus battery is rechargeable

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  • So I changed the spring on the Vulcan EBF 25 I have and it fits and operates fine except for the fact that when I cock it back, the firing mechanism keeps un-priming like after you fire it without me even touching the trigger. What do I do? Also ontop of that, when I activate the automatic mode, it will turn on but nothing happens and just makes odd noises. Is it the spring?

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  • The tab is an unjamming button which allows you to prime when already primes to clear jams

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  • the orange thing is a un jamming button :)

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  • It’s a release for a stuck ball or anything not working properly , there are at least 2 safety buttons on nerf guns.

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  • Fun fact: Nerf Rival are considered a firearm and thus illegal to own in Australia.

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  • As a German, I'm shocked at how sophisticated gun toys for American children are. Like, over here it's suuuuper rare that children shoot around with anything other than water guns. Even though Soft Air guns are legal here (for people older than 14), the last time I saw someone using one was last year, and they were the only one I've seen since elementary school. Could it be that Americans' fascination for guns stems from them being so complex and sophisticated even as toys?

    • @Felina die letze z.B. sieht auch nicht gerade ungefährlich aus. Man könnte wer weiß was damit machen. Ist vielleicht etwas weit hergeholt aber man kann alles so umbauen.🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @Marleen Mensch, ich dachte schon, ich wär die einzige, die das so sieht :D Aber ja, das was dort so fetter blaster sind, sind bei uns allerhöchstens nur mit Wasser befüllbar 😅 Ich find das auch krass, dass da irgendwie niemand was gegen sagt, weil's ja "nur Spielzeuge" sind...

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