I Bought 9 Broken PS Vita's - Let's FIX Them!

čas přidán 3. 04. 2020
I Bought 9 Broken PS Vita's - Let's FIX Them! 7 of the PS Vita's are 1001 models and 2 are 2001 models. Here are the repairs I did: replaced 2 charge ports, fixed a sticky X button, replaced 2 screens, and replaced the left analog sticks on the 2 2001 models. I also found that 2 of the handhelds didn't have any problems. I also was a bit stumped by one that had unresponsive select and start buttons. I tried replacing the small circuit board that controls those buttons but that didn't seem to help. I noticed some liquid damage on the motherboard but nothing seemed to be shorted or otherwise messed up because of it. Share your thoughts on this in the comments.

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About This Video: I'm trying to fix 9 PS Vita's and hope to be able to make about $50 per repaired handheld less whatever I need to spend on part. These have a variety of problems including messed up charge ports, sticky buttons, damaged screens, and faulty left analog sticks. And a couple of them are really, really dirty. But I also find that 2 of them are already in good working order which is always a nice surprise.


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    • @たかなしRikka not anymore, they reversed that decision last week! Some say cash-grab bluff, some say legit backlash. I lean towards the latter ;)

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    • @たかなしRikka Wow, yea I never thought they would be collectible, that’s SO strange. I wonder if should buy my fourth Vita or just fix my third?? I think I’ll buy my fourth and fix my third. Maybe even sell it to offset the cost (on the cheap, you want it??)

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  • I bought a referbished Vita a year or two ago. Payed around €150,- for it. A nice surprise was that it came with a 16GB memory card. That wasn't mentioned on their site. They probably weren't aware of that either :) Anyway, I still play it a lot. I love the Vita. Love it even more than the 3DS probably. Too bad Sony neglected the Vita so soon. I wish I had some of your skills, though. I wouldn't dare taking apart my Vita for fear of messing it up more. I did manage to fix a yellow light of death PS3 a long time ago, though :D

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    • Try keeping it on the charger plugged in for like an half hour and the orange light should stop blinkin and stay solid...hope it helps

  • I've just broken my charge port on my 1stgen Vita ... I miss it so much I was using it every day , you've given me the confidence repairing it ! I hope its gonna be ok ...

    • @Nicolas Bourget Happy to hear that! However phones and portable consoles are very different structurally due to the different purposes they serve and the required space and additions to fulfill those purposes. I'm sure the lack of adhesive would only make the phones way, way bulkier compromising the portability.

    • @Armands I've just finished to repair my Vita . It was a bad solder on the charge port. The PsVita is a charm to take appart , no hidden screw and no f___g glue that you need to heat like a Samsung phone as a exemple. Really well designed , everyphone brand should have a look on how the Vita is assembled and learn from that.

    • @Nicolas Bourget Wish you luck!

    • @Armands . I've just finished disassembling it . First time for me on a PsVita so I've taken the long and sure route ... I will try to solder it this weekend . They are still pricey today totaly worth trying it

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  • hey...so I need someone to fix my ps vita slim pch-2001. It was fine and I had it in my back pack for a few months since I last used it and I tried to pull it out and charge it to play last week and it's just dead. Won't charge, no charging indicator lights no nothing. I opted to try to swap the battery myself, and bought a used batt from on Ebay and they seem reputable so the used battery is supposedly tested as working etc...but nothing...same thing.... So I've heard that if it's not the batt that it could be the micro usb charging port and or the ic chip....both of which require soldering and the one local repair place that was willing to take a look said they don't have a solderer currently so all they'd be able to do is do a battery swap. I'm at my Witts end and have hardly used this and don't want the purchase to go to waste... any suggestions for me? or do you do repair work if I were to send it to you kind of thing? Would you be able to troubleshoot and repair? Pls let me know. Very serious inquiry here. And have been blown away at the lack of ps repair places around here...or places rather that would work on ps vita or playstation stuff. Let me know :-)

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