I Bought A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 And It's Worse Than You Can Imagine

čas přidán 30. 03. 2023
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  • Not many people in the world would stomach taking on something this big! You're crazy, in a wonderful way, congrats Freddy. Can't wait to see it running again!

  • This car is gonna be the stuff of legend on the Internet in 5 years. I’m genuinely gonna follow this build from start to end. And I love that it’s a McLaren so whatever he does to it, they won’t throw a fit like if it was a Ferrari.

  • I felt physical pain seeing that P1 in the drink back when that vid first surfaced. I am so happy you're gonna nurse it back to life. A true piece of art like the P1 deserves it.

  • I know that this has not been an easy time. I am glad to see Tavarish diving back into something large. Not that he needs to constantly top himself. Just that I enjoy his problem solving process, and I learn a lot form what I see here. My hat's off to you, sir.

  • this man tavarish is nuts. if he can make it through this project without: losing his hair, family and money he is a true car lover. best of luck on this project tavarish. Wow - more than anyone else would take on........

  • This is honestly some of the best content ive ever seen in my life! Informative, funny, visually stunning and this dude just oozes passion. From the editors to the camera man and everyone else involved in this. Bravo!

  • I've never been in such great awe of a CS-tv project as I am here. Flying a helicopter inside, putting an Audi A7 in rice, manual swapping a 599 in a day, driving a new Ford GT throughout America. Hell, even collapsing a building with a Toyota pickup on top of it. You beat Top Gear!

  • If anybody can make this happen, it is Tavarish! His track record speaks for itself! I shall be looking out for upcoming episodes for sure! Definitely gonna be the biggest project ever!

  • Some Jalopnik alumni really out doing amazing gearhead things. I'm super nervous and excited for you. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all! It was amazing to feel the emotion, especially that first shot in the auction lot. I felt like I needed to sit down, and I already was.

  • Handy tip - when trying to move a car (for example like at

  • I'm generally not an EV or hybrid fan, but I've loved the P1 ever since I watched Jay Leno's video about his. That said, I've also watched the series where Samcrac restored a flood car, and I really wish you the best of luck on this project, because you are surely going to need it.

  • This video was so good dude! I’m still finishing up but I’m excited to see you rebuild this. I know we talked about the risks but if anyone can do this, it’s you. With such an crazy story, this car is going to be amazing!

  • We're so excited for this Tavarish!

  • Freddy, you’ve come a long way from your first videos. This is an amazing moment for you, congratulations on getting your dream car!! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • Imagine the feeling after the car is done. What a accomplishment I can see it now . I want to be here to see the process.

  • I actually don’t really care for supercars-but I admire your work and attitude on cars. And that really gets me going even on that P1! Love your content, man!

  • Guys, let's do Tavarish a favor and share his video with everyone you know. He's putting his livelihood on the line, and I want to see him succeed. The more views he gets the more money he can put into this car.

  • It feels good when Tavarish puts out 2 videos in 2 days

  • congratulations Freddy, congratulations for the courage and stomach to do a project like this, as probably his electronics must have toasted, consider using a Fueltech FT700 in place of the original ECU. I believe the cost and capability this ECU has will surprise you. Once again congratulations on your courage. I'm a Brazilian who's a fan of this car and I love your videos.

  • Congratulations on your new purchase of the P1.hope the build will be as epic as the car. Don't think no one in the u- tube car world, would take on such a project, but watching your channel for as long as I have. I have all of the confidence and faith that you will do the car the justice, I know that what you do is a passion for you, and therefore it is not work, it is the love for the automobiles is what drive you to do what you create.and that is why I watch and love your content.