I bought EVERY Nintendo Wii U & 3DS game before the Nintendo eShop closes

čas přidán 17. 03. 2023
I bought EVERY available game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on the Nintendo eShop before it shut down. It was costly, time-consuming, and absolutely worth it.
If you want to learn more about video game preservation, check out the Video Game History Foundation, and we'll see you at our charity event Preserved Play April 15 & 16, 2023
Check out the Video Game History Foundation: gamehistory.org/
Written by Jirard Khalil, Cameron Daxon, and Michael Barryte
Edited by Jirard Khalil and Michael Barryte
Thumbnail by Jimmy Champane
Thanks to the my friends for their passion for the Nintendo 3DS eShop:
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Barry Kramer: www.twitch.tv/barryisstreaming
Elspeth: www.twitch.tv/elspeth
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I you enjoyed my I bought every Nintendo 3ds game ever video, then check out my channel for weekly game reviews. I hope to see you at our event for video game preservation so your favorite gaming memories don't end up as lost media!
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  • What's some of your favorite Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games?

    • Super Mario 3d land for 3ds and Splatoon for the Wii u!

    • I never owned a wii u but my cousin owns one. I would say mario 3d world because I have the switch version and I have beat it. My favorite 3ds games are Mario 3d land and pokemon x. Also if you can, get rhythm heaven. It's very good.

    • Dr. Luigi

    • Wii U-probably Xenoblade X 3ds-probably Zelda Link Between Worlds

    • I absolutely adore the Yokai Watch series, and it's one of the many examples of hidden gems on the 3ds that don't get the attention they deserve.

  • I can 100% appreciate this. Smart idea, fun execution and most of all preservation. Make sure you claim this on your taxes 😉

    • Ah yes , taxes , my favorite 3ds game

    • bro said smart idea

    • If you create some kind of museum with these files, that would certainly help with those pesky taxes.

    • Business expenses, write it off…

    • @jalc2 If it were only that easy... it's not like writing them off usually just means that the government doesn't tax you on it...

  • Pirating Nintendo games is always morally correct.

    • Thank you Harold.

    • I’m watching this while waiting for my roms to download

    • @MrLump Where do I download all the games of nintendo DS and 3DS?

    • ​​@bokutounoryuoriginalVimm's lair maybe, slow download speed but overall pretty safe

    • @MrLump Niceee

  • I can’t imagine how many times you guys wanted to just give up and “f**k this, it’s not worth it.” But Being so deep in the process and having so much money, time, and energy spent to this project, you can’t just stop. Respect for your guys tenacity.

    • Lol but it really wasn’t worth it. The games are already preserved. This was nothing but a financial flex for clout.

    • @cjmaverick_ not all of them.

    • ​@Eduardo NotReferenceToAnythingLikeItsANameYouCanGetso buy the ones that don't have roms online and dump them. that would be actual preservation, not just blindly consuming for a youtube video

    • @WellDone Baku the video probably wouldn'tve broke 1 million views if they went that route

    • @genblinko right, so the real objective here was clout and not “preservation”. And given how much people are ignorantly eating this up, it worked.

  • you guys deserve an effing medal for this work. I think it is wild how companies can just basically erase entire artforms from a generation because it is no longer financially sustainable, and YET, not allow those who wish to preserve this art to do so in a legal and straightforward manner.

  • I was born in 2004, so I haven't had many opportunities to play some of the original GBA Gameboy games. Before the e-shop closed, I got pokemon yellow, silver, and crystal and I am so grateful that I did. Turns out, Crystal is my new favorite pokemon game! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to play it legitimately on my comfy childhood handheld :)

    • 2004 was a great year to be born

    • @Cody5501 haha kinda! I sorta wish I was a 90s kid so I could have experienced the 90s-early 2000s era of music. So many concerts I missed! :p

    • Nice, I was born in the same year. Luckily, my siblings all liked older games and music, so I was fortunate enough to be able to experience that era of games and music, as well as more modern consoles later on. I never realized how fortunate I was to be able to experience that era of media firsthand during my childhood until recently.

    • @Dexterous I'd say I mostly grew up on older stuff too, cuz I leaned towards it. But still, stuff like never being able to see system of a down or Linkin park live hurts a little

    • gba gameboy games

  • Good job!

  • Completely incredible journey; thanks Jirard for doing this for gamers everywhere!

    • What did this do for me

    • @DdariQ He has every single title. Which means said titles could be uploaded and emulated in the near future so they aren’t lost forever

    • @Jake *Every single title available on the US eShop at that time. Even they admit in this video that during their project there were titles which got removed from the store. There already have been archival projects that are complete and have all the games from all eShops around the world and have games that are not available anymore. This doesn't.

    • How the hell do you have more subscribers than me?

    • ​@MK8 Master! Maybe because you're mid

  • I'll never say again that I'm a perfectionist. This man wins all existing perfectionist awards

  • These guys are actually legends

    • Extreme glazing 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • @Name that was like 4 bucks in USD

    • Due to people like you who gives them money to buy stuff yes.

  • I don't have huge nostalgia for these games, but I love that you guys are preserving them, so much >3

  • You are a god damn saint for doing this, it was so cool to see all these games from my childhood will forever be preserved.

    • they have all been pirated and dumped years and years ago, this is a waste of time and money

    • @Radha Piracy, especially with Nintendo, is volatile as hell. Even emulators are getting hit with ban hammers and DMCAs. Having these in a non-profit will help ensure that these games can be playable.

    • @Falling Sky Media which emulator has been dmcad? (if you're thinking about dolphin on steam that wasn't a DMCA)

    • @Radha Emulators aren't an issue (they're technically legal), I'm talking about the roms. Places like EmuParadise for one.

    • ​@Falling Sky Media who EXACTLY is going to have access to these games besides him and a few of his friends? You talk as if he archived the entire library and its accessible to the masses. Get real.

  • Ten plus years of doing The Completionist really prepares you for this process. I don’t think anyone else could have pushed through.

  • The fact that you donated this to the Video Game History Foundation makes me so happy. Video games are another form of art that deserve to be preserved.

    • he better have kept a copy, as worthless as it is outside the us

    • the entire 3ds and wii u libraries have been dumped for years...

    • @trueDan Never in the hands of 1 group though. Also there is bound to have been at least a few random DLCs that were never archived.

    • ​@Ryan Fisher You underestimate pirates lol

  • I even had a tear in my eye. Good job Jirard and The Team! Sooooo, You technically just... Complete eShop. True Completionist

  • An amazing effort and an awesome cause. Thanks to Jirard and team for making this massive effort in the game of video game history and preservation.

  • Ever since the industry has started, overwhelmingly moving towards digital, along with everything else in our world, I found myself thinking a lot about how many games will be lost to that. And how many games once digital stores shut down and licenses aren’t renewed and companies decide to no longer offer them will become lost media after all the work the development team put in.

    • Used to feel weird going digital but I figured either way when you buy a physical copy you are made to download and install so there’s really no point to me in buying a physical copy it’s almost virtually the same thing in the long run unless my console gets caught in a flood or fire.

    • @Joseph I mean, those discs _do_ physically contain the game. It just triggers an install.

  • Amazing commitment to your completionist craft Jirard and Co. I hope that with enough time and legal avoidance these games can be uploaded to the web much in the same that older titles have been preserved in ROMs over the years. Much love to you and your crew and we all appreciate the hard work that you do

  • The shining knight of game preservation of the moment. Major love and kudos to the entire team! Amazing achievement! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Literally the completionist right here

    • *now he has to complete all of the games themselves*

    • ​@JacobHe'll do it.

    • What about all the regional exclusive games. I didn’t see any mention on how he got those games.

    • Yup, it’s funny how they only bought e shop cards when if you link your Nintendo account from the switch to the E Shop, you can just transfer online through one debit/credit card lol

    • @C24U I don’t think he actually did so. The Wii U and 3DS are region-locked, that would just create too much more of a problem

  • A slow descend into madness, my favourite type of video. Kudos for persevering and trying to fix problems as they came.

  • This is A+ content right here. Thank you for taking us on this journey.

  • What a lovely surprise to see Austin John here! Also thank you all for preserving these games. I'm looking forward to the charity stream too.

  • While I was strugguling to buy as much games as I could feeling sad I couldn't buy them all, but it makes me so happy there was someone out there willing to do the impossible to preserve these gems. Thank you!

  • He really completed the 3DS Eshop, mad props and respect to this insane and wonderful man and his equally insane and wonderful crew, holy shit.

    • The EShop was pay-to-win, and we can not support pay-to-win games

    • he just paid lots of money and downloaded them one by one. i did the same but downloaded the game and transferred it to my sd card.

  • It's amazing you've done this, I hope you can make that money back that's quite an investment! Edit: okay watching now, brand deals coming in clutch

    • nice

    • Hi Nathaniel, I’m a huge fan

    • Ain't you Nathaniel B

    • Completionist with all the 3DS and Wii U digital games and Nathaniel Bandy with all the N64 games. You both are very dedicated


  • This is the kind of manic and insane project I am here for. Love y'all for preserving some gaming history

  • Thank you, guys, for doing what I could never do. I couldn't even preserve my own collection. This is truly magnificent and will remain a legacy, and more specifically a gaming legacy. 5 × 1UPs from me!!

  • This act should go down in the history books as one of the greatest moments in video game history. We will literally have this to show our kids in the future just because of you and your teams tenacity and dedication to doing this. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • I have so much love for both the Wii U and the 3DS. Not only are both still very fun to play, but they mean a lot to me as well. Thank you so much for doing this

  • once they announced it, i thought: "I DARE someone could actually buy all the shop, my dream" and then, it has come true I admire you 110%, Congratulations

  • Completing your way to our hearts ❤

    • Generic checkmark comment spotted

    • @Oof it’s so easy to just not be an asshole you know.

    • Oh hi didyouknowgaming!

    • @Debunked It's so easy to not Comment just to get Algorithm boosts? It's clear that this comment was just made to appear high up in the Comment sections, that's how the checkmark channel comments work.

    • @Oof They're also real life friends. Of course they're gonna comment.

  • Such a great video. Great work and thank you for helping to preserve video games. Y’all are amazing!

  • Amazing work, thank you for doing this

  • I spent so much time (and way too many allowances) at the eShop. It was the last time I ever regularly played random games just because of a store page. That little animation of downloading was always so charming to me. It was just so fun to watch those little shapes blop down to the beat, and I'd watch it like a hawk eagerly awaiting my new game to play. Now that the system is officially done, I'm thinking I might want to give my little guy another go by modding it to unlock it's true potential.

  • you have done a great service for all gamers everywhere. no media should be lost media.

  • dang, this blew up 💪i hope you find more vlog style things to do, you and the crew really brought that struggle to life

  • Jesus, watching this makes me even more glad that modding and HShop exist.

    • Yeah idk why tf this guy just wasted 22k like that instead of getting them for free, and I mean I could kinda see it as a good choice if it was physical media but since it was all digital it was a massive L, but it's his money in the end ig so

    • @Benny desu did you watch the whole video? He explained why at the end

    • @Madelynnaa Yeah I got it he just wanted to preserve it all in the name of videogames and the future but it's still an L nonetheless, both for money, their time and stress with all their issues along the way

    • @Madelynnaa every single game, dlc, update, theme, etc ever documented to ever exist on 3ds is already backed up on H Shop is their point including every region, which i think completionist kinda forgot is a thing here lol

    • they probably netted money from making this video

  • Thank you for doing this. I hate when things no matter how small are lost to time

  • This is wonderful! I really hope more people learn of this amazing feat.

  • This man is the embodement of dedication, respects to you bro.

  • One of the very few youtubers that actually responded to my comments no matter hoy many numbers they had. I'm proud of you Jirard (and your team!!), so much so so that I ended up making my own channel. Pretty much to accomplish these incredible task with precision and great effort! This is the type of job that the companies itself MUST DO to preserve video games. Pay a team to download every possible game and leave on a vault or to historians. Also I really don't care if people already ripped everything through piracy, what truly matters is you got the og games and are available for preservation. Excelent video!!!! And btw, will you keep a copy of all those games?? 🤭🤭

  • Great video, and love your passion for games and preservation. Thank you for all you do for the gamers of the world

  • Jirard out here becoming the modern Library of Alexandria for videogames. You're my fucking hero, man.

    • For sending incomplete harddrives of already dumped games to a museum no one will ever actually get to play?

    • Not a library unless, y'know, the public can access it

    • Let's just hope it doesn't burn down

    • The Library of Jirardian

    • @Bitwolf thanks to him all the wii u games will be collecting dust on a hdd sitting on a shelf in a museum. What a true hero. This is a W for gamers. And take this 20k$ usd nintendo. This will teach you to shit on game preservation!

  • Thank you all for your dedication pls everyone share this to help support these kind of things goin forward and to let them know we care!

  • everyone you mentioned that was involved in this at the 2:40 mark is an absolute legend. Props to all of you for preserving video game history.

  • I just want to say thank you. Thank you for going through the hell of this to back up essentially the lifetime of multiple generations worth of games on three different consoles. Stressing the importance of video game preservation like this will hopefully make a major dent in keeping these games -- these memories -- alive. So again, thank you. You're a damn hero and I'm definitely saving some funds for that charity event!

  • Normally I’m a big-time lurker, but in this case I had to write a comment. This idea of buying every existing game on those platforms triggered my inner gatherer inside me, and the video soothed my completionism trait. I’m very glad you guys did this. So thank you!

  • This is an absolute herculean effort to pull off. Really impressive you were able to persevere through all the Nintendo bull

  • This man isn't just completing games. He's completing game stores, truly a man dedicated to his craft

  • god bless you all for doing this. my jaw literally dropped when you explained how the dlc works on 3ds

  • I knew this would be difficult but these was far worse than I expected. Really impressive you were able to complete this.

  • the $250 limit is to comply with banking regulations. if any company lets you hold more than $300 at once in an account, the us considers that to be a bank and requires the company to hold a banking license. it’s why that limit is basically on most digital game stores

  • Absolute legend. Video game preservation will become increasingly more important as we progress towards a digital only future. Keep up the great work.

  • Dude this is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on your channel thanks for preserving history. I gotta ask though what hurt the wallet more this or those ring side hall of fame seats ?

  • This St. Patrick's Day, I poured out a green beer for out fallen E-shops.

  • Thank you so much for preserving these games and showing us the infuriating hurdles Nintendo put into their systems and eShops. Game preservation is something to strive for, not throw away on the back burn of corporate issues. Hope you get to experience the hidden gems and show some of them to us!

    • He didn't preserve anything. The Eshop has had active preservation efforts for years and all of the eshop is available online.

  • coming from Friends per Second podcast, YOU DID IT GG Jirard and crew, you guys rock aaaaa ✨ Game Preservation is SO IMPORTANT as time goes, THANK YOU for what you've done~ 💖

  • I'd heard about your channel from time to time, but I would not have thought of actually checking it out without your wonderful performance in he Nontendo podcast. Thank you kindly for what you do and who you are :) Now I wish CS-tv still allowed sorting channel videos from oldest, so I could watch your library of content chronologically without having to scroll to the bottom every time I (or my stupid m$ overlords) restart my browser. Kinda feels like scrolling through the eShops :D

  • This was incredible and it was even more incredible that you donated everything to a videogame preservation organization. It's sad that some games weren't able to be backed up because they didn't renew their licenses while you were doing this. I'm also wondering, did you also download all the updates for all these games? That's kind of a big deal for some of them. Also, what about demos and apps? Like the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo or Pokemon Bank/Transporter.

  • Jirard.... thank you for your contribution to the community of videogame preservation.

  • I’m upset that people online have been ignoring the context of you doing this. I didn’t know that you were helping to archive games until yesterday. Thank you for doing this!

    • I wanted to buy games on the eshop on my 3DS. But they are still charging full price for all the games.

    • The thing is.. the entire eShop has been pirately available since what feels like forever. There wasn't anything missing. You can already download and play anything that you desire. Right now. Even the most obscure indie ones. I just don't understand how he wants to "help archiving it" when the entire archive is already complete.

    • I'm not sure what you are referring to. After a few days, whatever context you are referring to is kind of lost. But based on the comments you have, I'm assuming it has something to do with pirating? My brother and I added the Homebrew channel to our 3DSs. I don't like the idea, but I'd rather have it as an option if I need it for patches or DLC I can't obtain now, maybe games that were only digital downloads now. That said, I'm an old-school gamer manchild and I like having the actual games themselves, so I'd still hunt them if I can find them. For me, Homebrew is only there as a last resort. I wish I could do something like this, but maybe just for the games I'm actually interested in, money being no object. And I do agree, his cause is way more "noble" (if that's the right word for it) than my own. I do think there's an awful lot of shovelware on those systems that we could probably not need to save, but then I guess equally "who gets to decide what is shovelware?"

    • ​​​​@Meister Wu He already said why - the games were donated to the Video Game History Foundation. It's worth explaining since people seem to be too shortsighted to grasp what the hell that means. The foundation's plan is to publish their archived games, IF the law gets updated so that video game preservation is taken more seriously and old media becomes public domain. Let's say in 10-20 years, a developer wants to play an obscure but unsuccessful indie title that is no longer sold, but had some neat ideas they'd like to study and improve on. The foundation would be able to provide that historian with a legal way to access and play these games (either by remote play, digital copy, or actually visiting the facility), similar to how a library lends out books. They are playing the long game and while it's not a 100% foolproof plan, it's still the best course of action that doesn't involve illegal activity. Even the pirates still appreciate having more legitimate backups around, so that's not even a strong riposte. It's also just silly to see people whining about how Jirard chooses to spend his money. $22K wasn't exactly going to build an orphanage.

    • ​@GIR177 People don't understand piracy is theft.

  • This is incredible! Great work boys!

  • The Nintendo Land theme rendition towards the end brought tears to my eyes. I kinda grew up with the Wii U; I'm 19 years of age now, and I can remember being around 10 or 11 when we got our own console. That game was one of my favorites, and I have so many memories playing it with my best friend for hours. A year or two ago, my father took the family Wii U with him when he left. I don't miss him, and frankly, I'd rather have him gone with the Wii U than both here... But when I heard about the Wii U's shop closure, it felt like a hole opening up in my chest. I knew I couldn't get a Wii U again before the EShop closed. I took some solace knowing Nintendo Land is still out there on physical, but what about all the silly little shovelware games? Are they just gone forever? Now I know they won't be. Even if I never play them again (probably for the better, some of those filler titles were pretty bad lol), it's oddly comforting knowing they still exist. So, thank you. I can't imagine how much time and effort went into this; being told about it is one thing, experiencing it is an entirely different one, lmao. I really appreciate it.

  • The insanity in this is just too much for anyone to bear but we're all incredibly grateful for it!

  • Hopefully we can archive this for or grandchildren to access one day one a 20 dollar emulator that kicks ass somehow. Actually brings a tear to my eye.

  • This is probably the most effort into videgame preservation that has ever happened and I legitimately think you should be in the history books of the future

    • I can tell you for a fact that the handful of people who have been working on the h shop for the past several years have put far more effort into 3ds preservation than the amount of effort that Girard put into this project. And they aren't profiting off of it with a CS-tv channel or sponsors.

  • This was one heck of a rollercoaster! You and the team are absolute legends. Thank you for all you do ❤ - Zion

    • Another Checkmark comment lmao

    • @Oof Yeah? They are relevant and you're not.

    • @Fortzon >He doesn't know

    • hi

    • ​@Oof Are they not allowed to comment something? I mean, seriously, what is with people complaining about a verified account making a comment? They're people too, just like you and me. I don't get it, do y'all get annoyed because it'll instantly get more likes than other people's comments? Because it's not like you get anything substantial from likes anyway.

  • I may not watch your videos as much since I was a kid but your character is still amazing and im glad for that, amazing job jirard you are a token for the gaming community

  • 12:16 This is so true, and I’m so glad you pointed it out! It’s messed up in so many ways. Like, I have a 3DS where the touch screen sensors gave out. I can’t even officially transfer all those years of system data to another 3DS because ALL the Settings menus and keyboard inputs are navigated entirely using the *TOUCH SCREEN.* Who thought that was a good idea?!

  • I have been trying to do this kind of project for other systems for years. NES, Sega Genesis, PS2, and Gamecube, to name a few. Thank you for finally showing the importance of preservation of e-shops and classic titles.

  • Ace Attorney Trilogy, Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, Rhythm Heaven Fever Megamix, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, all on 3DS didn't own a WiiU. Thank you for all your efforts to preserve these games! A true effort indeed.

  • i hope they end up online for anyone to enjoy, and not just a museum. they should be shared

  • This is why emulation plays an important role in game preservation.

    • i support emulation even with pirated stuff because the big companies doenst care about the old games, how many times Nintendo has shamessly charge 60 usd for the same game like Zelda Twilight Princess (which has a cube, wii and wii u version) enough already, i shouldnt pay a full price for a ported game (pokemon lets fucking go eevee and pikachu are STILL on 60 usd despite has been like 5 years) also paying 99 usd for nintendo online and shitty versions of super/nintendo/gba games? no thanks (also goes to sony, i have playstation extra but never premium because im not gonna spend my money to play CLOUD versions of PS3 games, no thankies) long live emulation

    • @Diego Hernandez for sure . Like why pay for a old game that the money isn't going to the company for on the secondary market. If you already have the games then go ahead play them but if you're unsure or just that nostalgia feel may as well pirate a rom

    • @Diego Hernandez it’s been awhile since I’ve checked, but last I recall, older Call of Duty titles are *still* full price on Xbox, Steam as well, unless they’ve changed them recently.

    • @Barloopy they are not, unless u think 30 usd or less are their original price which is not, those yearly third party games drop the price at the 6 to 9 months from release but there are several xbox/ps exclusives that u can get for free or for less than 19 usd and thats a huge difference with Nintendo

  • Legendary Effort and Grind... Hats off to you and the squad

  • Massive respect for all the efforts

  • Your hard work is very much appreciated ❤ thank you bro

  • I came here thinking I was going to get a story about spending an ungodly amount of money on Nintendo games. What I got was SO MUCH BETTER! What a wild journey. Kudos to all of you for your tenacity.

  • I appreciate what you've done so so much! 🙏🙏🙏 You are the hero we needed!

  • The fact that you guys are donating the data for preservation is amazing. Thank you all so much. You guys have single handedly preserved a complete (almost) generation of Nintendo. It may not be big now, but in decades to come, this will be indescribably important

    • It was already preserved before this.

    • @Pache Where? In a museum or a private collection? (Mostly) All of the games? Even the dinky $1 games that 1400 people paid for? Genuine question. I would love to be proven wrong because it means there are two collections out there, doubling the preservation effort. Which i love. Just saying it exists is not enough information for me to even believe you. I know you only said it try make me feel bad, I've been on the internet over two decades i know how it works but, nonetheless, where? Im interested to know.

    • ​@S A hShop

    • @S Alike NeckTie said, hShop

    • @Necktie Much appreciated,

  • Loved this. Never forget when they bought Metroid Trilogy to Wii U E shop after astronomical cost that game went for on physical. Great game to have in library to play over and over. Otherwise Steamworld dig and shovel knight some classic favourites for me and despite what people say I love Zombi U for its specific mechanics around WIi U, felt great at launch!

  • Omg my hero!!! Thank you for being the most patient and organized and entertaining project manager I've ever learned about. I'm curious, which games did you not get to grab? Can I see the final spreadsheet?

  • Dude, what an awesome video. Never thought I'd see ProtonJon and Ovilee in one video. All my nerd worlds are coming together

  • Came here right after the shop closed down. Thank you for doing this. For all the time, effort, and money you spent for the sake of preservation. Huge respect.

  • I never played the 3DS or wiiU, but I respect the hell out of the team for doing this.

  • I have a crippling fear of media becoming lost media. Even if I myself will probably never play all of these, seeing that someone, somewhere, has all of them saved... brings me a bit of peace.

    • Let's hope you are never living on the streets or starving, then you might realize that "lost media" is the least of your worries. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • @A Bored Viewer you're pretentious and going out of your way to be needlessly critical of a random comment on the internet that means nothing to you

    • @A Bored Viewer bro too far

    • @A Bored Viewer I can only confirm what you've written. I used to work for Islamic relief and I've seen some of the worst conditions people can live in and I can assure you that consumable media becoming lost is the LAST thing those people worry about. Worrying about games becoming lost? It's laughable and embarrassing really but then again, we should consider ourselves lucky that these are some of the few things that we, that live in the 1st world have to worry about and I'm grateful every day.

    • you do realize that all of these games have already been uploaded to rom sites

  • You're not just an average gamer and that's how you got this whole thing done! Good for you!

  • Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm checking out this video because of the Nontendo podcast you did. Amazing video! I had never heard of the completionist before then and will be checking out more of your content in the future. Thanks for what you did here!!!

  • This effort will be spoken of forever. You made history.

  • I just can’t imagine how much time you’ll need when doing this with the Switch e-shop.

  • As someone who’s battled the icon limit, I knew this was coming, and watched in horror as they spent thousands of dollars trying to accomplish the impossible

  • You’re living up to your name everyday man. That’s hardcore dedication to game preservation.

    • It's only preservation if it's uploaded for others. If not, it's like a rich guy buying all the art and then locking it away for no one to see. It's selfish and useless

    • @Joshua Jacobs You can say the same to Nintendo.

    • @Joshua Jacobs also didn’t he say he’s going to donate the stored games to Preserved Play?

    • @Ali Hamad Qabazard I'll be honest, I didn't watch the whole thing. Even if he did, money could have helped people in need. I mean, Syria just had a massive earthquake after all...

    • ​@Ali Hamad Qabazard Close! They're going to the Video Game History Foundation, Preserved Play is the charity stream he runs for donations to the foundation.

  • HELLO COMPLETIONIST! I am looking to interview someone for my college essay on video game archiving. I think that it is a commendable effort that you and everyone included put in on this quest! I appreciate what you guys are doing to archive art, history, and culture! If I may interview you or anyone else from the team, I would be INDEBTED to you guys forever! Thank you, and keep being an awesome, loving NERD that helps bring light to this world!

  • Shout out to not only you guys but all of the clerks that had to help you. You could see it on the gamestop employees face. Sacrifice is not in vain and I'm sure they had a good story to tell fellow coworkers and friends family

    • Idk mario 2 had dlc that sucks

    • And I completely understand why you did this. Gotta keep this history alive if only there was a way you could this fantastic feat with everyone without getting slapped by nintendo even though they murdered them.

  • Somehow took me this long to watch this masterpiece. Great job on this.

  • This man captured the experience of buying from Nintendo so well (going insane).

  • Very touching project, Jirard. God bless your obsessive-compulsive soul, and good luck in your future endeavours!

  • Never thought I’d see someone complete a game store

    • 😂😂😂

    • Imagine someone speed running the process

    • I wonder if there'll be a similar project for the PS3, PSP and PS Vita when those stores shut down. If we really care about game preservation, we should pitch in.

  • Thanks for doing this great service, people of future generations will be glad they have the content preserved.

  • I’m actually very happy and proud of the stores/banks/credit card providers for blocking you guys from buying all those gift card. Companies are well aware criminals use their gift cards to launder money and set up no safety measure to prevent that.